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  1. Hey everyone, Late notice, I know, this Saturday (February 16th), we're at the Longmont HobbyTown instead of Total Escape. We've been bumped by WOTC's MTG release schedule again. :( Time is from 11-4. Anyway... we'll be in the back, upstairs. Address is HobbyTown Longmont Store. 1935 Main St. Longmont, CO 80501. If you've painted a Rumbleguts, bring it along.
  2. SirLarpsAlot

    WIP: Dreamy Blue Lion Bust by Cyr

    He's looking pensive.
  3. Thanks for taking those pictures @skippen. Great to everyone there. We're back to 3rd Saturday next month. No Derek to interrupt our schedule. :) Don't forget, we're Busting a Move in March so if you want to join us in our busting, please do. If not, we'd still love to see your smiling faces.
  4. We just kind of assume that at this point.
  5. That's not until March and you don't have to participate if you still want to show up in March. It's just a thing we're doing for fun.
  6. SirLarpsAlot

    An Angry Beard and Two Axes

    Painted this guy up to act as our dwarven barbarian for some Adventurers League gaming at an upcoming con. Messing around with skin tones. I may go back and add some tattoos before I finish coating him with varnish (he's got one coat of gloss right now). Am not sure what to put on him, other than maybe the rune for anger.
  7. I said what I said, okay! Actually I didn't notice that. Sigh.
  8. To those of you who only digitally interact with CMPA via this forum: For 3rd Saturday in March, we're planning to get busted. Some people (not everyone, but enough to make this fun and interesting) are painting busts with a quasi-deadline of March 17th. We're doing this for fun and motivation (I've got a number of busts sitting on my shelf of shame). The sort of rule (we're being loose on rules cuz why bother) is that it would best if this were a new piece (assembled and primed is okay). So hope to see some of you there with a bust in hand, regardless of how much work you got done on it. Here's what I'm working on. I got all this done yesterday since it was nice enough to use my airbrush. Got her glued, primed, and skin-toned while my computer was crashing every 5 minutes (yay windows!).
  9. SirLarpsAlot

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    This is what worries me the most. That an my wife's bday. :)
  10. Trying to keep people up to date. Luckily we have a couple weeks of lead time for this change.
  11. Hello CMPA forumites! For the month of January, we're moving 3rd Saturday (the 20th) to 4th Saturday (the 27th). Location and time will be the same. We're doing this to accommodate a special guest. And avoid a MTG tournament. Of special interest to @Doug Sundseth,
  12. SirLarpsAlot

    Val Fails at Painting KDM

    You could mask the LED if you wanted a dimmer light.
  13. SirLarpsAlot

    Val Fails at Painting KDM

    The skin is a good tone and the hair is nice. I like the white. It's bright and the shading is clean. There's not a lot of shade over the white which is important for keeping white nice and bright. OSL is a pretty advanced technique so kudos to you for trying it. You need to thin the paint a little bit more. The light on the arm stops in a very sharp line that could either be a tide mark or an intentional choice, I can't tell. The thing that drew my attention to it is that the light is going to diffuse as it goes around the curved object. Also, the light isn't going to end on her thigh. I'd recommend finding an LED or a flashlight (if you have a maglight, you can pull off the reflector and turn it on) and put the light where the figure's light is (right under the lantern would work) and then try to copy where that light falls. If you dim all the lights and take a black and white photograph it's easier to see where the light will fall. Kingdom Death does seem to lend itself to OSL so I"m sure you'll get lots of practice. :)
  14. Well, hopefully we'll see you in January, back at Total Escape
  15. @Doug Sundseth, I will have camera related questions for you this time. I'll make sure to bring my camera.
  16. Remember for those of you who check our meetup status here that this is happening at Schiller Reed on Saturday, and not at Total Escape Games. We'll be back at TEG in January.
  17. SirLarpsAlot

    What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I have that book. I guess I need to re-re-read it for the compositional elements.
  18. SirLarpsAlot

    What would YOU like to see taught next year

    Yes. And/or display base composition. I've gotten dinged on it in some aspect all three years I've gone to ReaperCon so I know i need to improve it, there are just precious few resources out there. I've got a couple of "how to build diorama" type books but they're largely concerned with the how to and not the what and why.
  19. SirLarpsAlot

    What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I would like to see a class about composition.
  20. QFT. I would stick to playing with basecoats on your metals and working on blending and enjoying your painting. Going whole hog on TMM right now would have discouraged me. Also, too: the whole point of ReaperCon seems to be to be humbled and then learn from the experience. The last year for me has been working on Rhonda Bender's highlighting with texturing. I think this next year is going to be basing and weathering. We'll see what the new year brings.
  21. The other thing about gold being yellow is that while pure gold is rather yellow, worked gold is generally alloyed with something else for durability. https://blog.brilliance.com/diamonds/white-gold-vs-yellow-gold-vs-rose-gold-rings The nice thing, at least from my perspective, is this allows us to play around with colors to make the metals look more interesting. In the case of this minotaur, because I"m lazy, I probably would have base coated the gold at the same time I basecoated the skin. Then gone over that with an antique gold or an old bronze.
  22. If you want more excitement in the metals, I'd put some brown wash into the gold and some black, brown, or blue wash into the silver, depending on what effect you're looking for. A simple way to improve the depth of metal is to basecoat with some other color first and then paint the metals over that. The Reaper metallics are all a bit translucent so you don't even have to thin them before slathering them all over your shaded portion. Quick guide for me is browns go under golds, blacks go under silvers (especially with chain mail), greens go under bronze, orange under copper. This is, essentially, the first step for true metallic metals (TMM), but before you get caught up in that, you should consider just a quick colored basecoat under your metallics.
  23. That might be a useful detail... Saturday, December 16 at 10:30 AM - 4 PM Schiller Reed 800 S. Jason Street, Denver, Colorado 80223 We're moving our usual third Saturday meetup down to Schiller Reed in Denver. It's a lunch potluck so bring something tasty to eat or drink. Bring your painting supplies and we'll all have a jolly good time. There was some talk about doing the 3 color challenge at the meetup. I'll offer that as an option on Facebook as well, I guess. Pick a figure, get assigned 3 colors, best one wins a prize of some sort?
  24. SirLarpsAlot

    Paint Track Apps?

    @Cyradis, my randomizer was just a simple javascript function. I broke the paints into three categories and then selected one paint from each category.
  25. So we'll be at Schiller Reed at 800 Jason Street on December 16th. Bring something tasty to eat or drink.