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  1. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I've been doing the same. I was out of town when my box arrived and have been slowly going through each set to make sure everything is there and sort them. So far just one arm is missing!
  2. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I was considering offering my box at ReaperCon too, but that depends on if both get painted first. I know my husband won't be in a rush to paint his, so I doubt it'll be available by then.
  3. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    It was the biggest item in the box. 33lbs of minis and it took up a good portion of the box. It seems like they just put in whatever fits best.
  4. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Please share it! Mine is so close to fitting back in the box. I ordered two and got one in a brown box and one in retail packaging.
  5. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I'm really wishing I could pick up my box on the way through Denton this afternoon, though I completely understand why it's not an option. It will likely be packed today and arrive tomorrow!
  6. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I'm sure looking forward to the surprise of what I ordered.
  7. Myth: Journeyman

    Here's a list I found on BGG of all the cards in the base game. There are 10 merchant and 10 darkness cards to keep. The others I set aside labeled 1.0. I believe not all the 2.0 quests will line up with the base game quests. They moved some between expansion packs to make 2.0 not have partial quest lines.
  8. Arcadia Quest: Inferno

    I wonder if they'll do sculpts for the poison tokens. It would be awesome for them to match all the other tokens.
  9. Zombicide: Black Plague

    Pretty excited about this news! I wonder if Black Plague and B-Sieged will be shipping at the same time.
  10. Ninja All Stars

    Since none of the minis are kickstarter exclusive, you could still get all of it later!
  11. Ninja All Stars

    Sounds like we should have this in hand mid to late January!
  12. Myth: Journeyman

    It's possible Mercs originally stated that all 2.0 material would ship now. They tend to change their mind about things. At first they claimed all items from the first kickstarter would be shipping with this wave, but now it's shipping last.
  13. Myth: Journeyman

    Not sure why you'd want to do that. You're just going to open yourself up to rule conflicts this way. A big part of the re-write was condensing the book so that things were more concise and easier to find. In the kickstarter comments Mercs stated the following about the rule books. I'm not sure what all is only in 1.0. Nikki Guiney "You should keep both around for some original content. The glossary of symbols and things like that. With both being online, you can certainly ditch the first and if a question arrises just load it up." Not sure what expansions you're talking about? Lots of people have quest and item expansions. They probably won't want to toss those cards until the 2.0 ones show up next year.
  14. Myth: Journeyman

    It looks like nearly every card in the base game is replaced with 2.0 cards. I wish Mercs made it more clear which cards to replace, since I had to hunt it down in the kickstarter comments. It's fortunate that I just got the base game, because I wouldn't want to have to separate out the expansion cards. Cards - Get rid of everything in the base game except Merchant and Darkness cards. I wish the rule book was just one book, but we have to keep 1.0 and 2.0 since 2.0 is half the size of the old one. I wonder if the hardback rule book will include everything. How many players can reasonably be in a game? The base game comes with 5, but when you mix in add ons does the game work with 5+?
  15. Myth: Journeyman

    USPS I didn't receive a shipping notification. The box came from Fairfield, OH.