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  1. Fulfilling

    Thanks for the clarification!
  2. Fulfilling

    I got a notice a shipping label was created yesterday, but no movement with it today. Is that common? I have an estimated delivery date, but it's tomorrow, so unless the tracker still hasn't caught up with where the actual package is, I'm gonna guess that was an extra optimistic estimate?
  3. That is awesome! I want one. But uh, I don't have a 3D printer. Sadness. I need a beholder mini though. And Reaper's eyebeast just isn't imposing enough to stand in. In any case, this looks great! And I'll bet at the table the stepping isn't noticeable at all. Do you intend to game with it, or is it for display only?
  4. More folks with stylized armor that fits a theme. The crusaders add-on in Bones 3 was a cool example. I think 77094: Trista, the White Wolf could use some wolf knight friends.
  5. Pre-launch

    Sadly I'm now unsure if I'll be able to get in on Bones IV. I have a car payment I wasn't planning on having. Hurray. Maybe I can at least sneak in a core set pledge and then pick things up in the PM once it opens.
  6. More demon lords, like a certain two-headed ape creature who recently appeared on a popular Netflix show. The lords of oozes and of gnolls would be cool. Nephal, as mentioned above. Also another eyebeast that would be more appropriate on a 2" base.
  7. A pit fiend that's on the same scale as the bal--fire demon out of Bones II.
  8. A Banderhob. A hippogriff. A goblin/orc riding a worg. A knight on a pegasus. Or griffon. Or hippogriff. Or all of those! A hag/decrepit old witch. Dude angels. A flail snail. A hobgoblin ninja! More monstrous spellcasters.
  9. Fulfilling

    Yaaaaay! So excited! Fingers crossed for May/June (I understand you can't/are leery of saying anything about a date for reasons, just letting myself get my hopes up)!
  10. Thank you for all of the responses and insights! I'm glad to know that I'm definitely not alone in my approach.
  11. I'm not necessarily looking for advice (which might make this the wrong board, but I wasn't sure where else to go), but I sat down to paint tonight for the first time in too long. I have a habit of having several minis going at once. My girlfriend teases me about it, which is fine, but it did get me to wondering if I'm weird in that regard. What about you folks? Do you tend to paint a mini to completion before you move on to the next one (or finish one group that obviously goes together), or do you have a haphazard mix of WIPs at various stages of completion?
  12. Stellar work. I wish I'd been able to pick this guy up! I'll be eager to see what you do with the rest!
  13. Goblins/hobgoblins on warg mounts! Dark elves on giant lizards or spiders! Elves on horses! Or a stag, that'd be pretty rad. Gnomes/halflings on riding dogs. Orcs on.. uh. What do orcs ride? Wargs again! Or horses, dire wolves, whatever. More mounted things, that's what I'm after.
  14. Hi all! I've been a fan of Matt Colville for awhile and his Running the Game series for awhile now and thought I'd spread the goodness here. For the uninitiated, this series of YouTube videos is aimed at newer DMs who are looking to start running D&D for the first time (especially at the beginning of the series), but there's plenty of good stuff for DMs of any experience level to mine. I've found them incredibly instructive for how I run and think about my game to be sure. And, while there's a focus on D&D, there's certainly material that is transferable to any game you're running. Anyway, have a gander (note: this isn't the first of the series, but rather the first of his I saw, which is about railroad campaigns vs the sandbox)!
  15. Fulfilling

    Early birthday present from Reaper (my birthday is in July), all good with me. I still have 20 minis to paint anyway. And at my glacial pace, still will by the time my Bones arrive. I'm just excited to open it! This was my first Bones Kickstarter!