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  1. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    This makes me want to pick up (another) whole set of them and paint them all as if they're charging up their weapons to smite the bejeezus out of some evil. Awesome job on the OSL, the cloak/canard, armor, all of it.
  2. 77399 Sigurd, Viking

    This looks like a definitive take on this figure. Great job!
  3. Kev!'s 77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    I really like this sculpt anyway, and your rendition of him is killer. A fearsome leader indeed!
  4. Holy vindicator

    I get a very Judge Dredd vibe from this. Looks good. I wouldn't mess with that dude.
  5. Gourls Ruins Christmas

    Thanks everyone. For the beard, I did that with my frost giants and liked it, and figured with Father Christmas being a magical creature himself that it fit. Best of all mom liked it (it was a surprise gift)!
  6. An elder brain A few more troglodyte sculpts People mounted on cool stuff/fantastical creatures with a saddle we can mod with a rider ourselves Banderhobb/bandersnatch A stereotypical "old crone" witch (I know we're getting Baba Yaga, but having a hag who is just standing would be good too) A set of tiefling and dragonborn adventurers similar to the elf set coming in Bones 4 More hobgoblins (a ninja would be neat) Hairstyle diversity (undercuts, bobs, shaved sides, mohawks, etc).. maybe this isn't very feasible, I dunno.
  7. Beholder

    Is this the WotC pre-primed one? Looks good!
  8. 02725 Alaine, Female Paladin

    That sword. Great job with this!
  9. Ebonwrath Dragon - Bones

    The effect you achieved of light/power leaking out of its eyes is very striking. Well done!
  10. Gourls Ruins Christmas

    That was the other way I justified it to myself.
  11. Gourls Ruins Christmas

    I actually bought 01589: Father Christmas two years ago, but I hadn't thought to slap paint on him until now. As I'm done teaching this semester, I had time to prime and paint this guy earlier this afternoon. Took me maybe three hours, which has gotta be some kind of personal best. I did chicken out on his eyes though. My brushes aren't super great and I didn't trust myself not to screw up the eyes/his face, so I didn't try them.
  12. Bones 3 Ogres (77454 / 77455 / 77456)

    I dig these! And your cel-shaded style.
  13. Salamanders, a new male efreeti, dwarves with fiery beards (azir), bird people, an orc or two who could work as a caster/priest, a hobgoblin ninja, a hobgoblin spellcaster, maybe a big (like 3" base size), 3-headed hellhound.
  14. Samurai

    Beautiful work here.
  15. I'd like to see a coatl, preferably one that would fit well on a 2" base. A catoblepas would be neat too More dinosaurs. Female dark dwarves, including an enlarged one Male efreeti and djinn, as well as a dao and marid of either/both genders