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  1. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a beholder

    Thank you! I wanted to try and practice some blending and work with a glaze. Still a newbie, but I like how it turned out.
  2. sirgourls

    Gourls paints a beholder

    So, not a Reaper mini, but I got my hands on one of these. I wanted to try painting one up differently than I typically see, where they're largely blue, red, or brown, since the Monster Manual mentions no two beholders are alike. That said, sometime I'd like to get another one to paint up more "traditionally," despite likely never needing to have two beholders on the board at once.
  3. In no particular order: Bullywogs A multi-headed snake monster that TOTALLY ISN'T a yuan-ti anathema Astral raiders A terrifying little thing with stretchy arms and a penchant for asphyxiating foes Demogorgon A gray render A 3-headed undead wizard More tieflings More dragonborn A fallen angel
  4. sirgourls


    These look great! A nice, diverse warband.
  5. sirgourls

    DSM7981, Robin Hood the Fox

    Oodalalee, what a great take on this!
  6. sirgourls

    Knight Moves

    I had some time to paint over my spring break. Said time may have come at the expense of lesson planning, but whatever. It's been awhile, unfortunately. There's plenty I'm not thrilled with here, but I wouldn't die of embarrassment from him hitting the tabletop, so that's something. I haven't had time to practice consistently, so I'm think he looks decent considering.
  7. sirgourls

    77334 Dragon Tortoise

    You did a great job with it. I love how you nailed it looking like it's being encountered underwater. You don't see that much, or I haven't.
  8. sirgourls

    77553: Crusader Ardent

    This makes me want to pick up (another) whole set of them and paint them all as if they're charging up their weapons to smite the bejeezus out of some evil. Awesome job on the OSL, the cloak/canard, armor, all of it.
  9. sirgourls

    77399 Sigurd, Viking

    This looks like a definitive take on this figure. Great job!
  10. sirgourls

    Kev!'s 77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss

    I really like this sculpt anyway, and your rendition of him is killer. A fearsome leader indeed!
  11. sirgourls

    Holy vindicator

    I get a very Judge Dredd vibe from this. Looks good. I wouldn't mess with that dude.
  12. sirgourls

    Gourls Ruins Christmas

    Thanks everyone. For the beard, I did that with my frost giants and liked it, and figured with Father Christmas being a magical creature himself that it fit. Best of all mom liked it (it was a surprise gift)!
  13. An elder brain A few more troglodyte sculpts People mounted on cool stuff/fantastical creatures with a saddle we can mod with a rider ourselves Banderhobb/bandersnatch A stereotypical "old crone" witch (I know we're getting Baba Yaga, but having a hag who is just standing would be good too) A set of tiefling and dragonborn adventurers similar to the elf set coming in Bones 4 More hobgoblins (a ninja would be neat) Hairstyle diversity (undercuts, bobs, shaved sides, mohawks, etc).. maybe this isn't very feasible, I dunno.
  14. sirgourls


    Is this the WotC pre-primed one? Looks good!
  15. sirgourls

    02725 Alaine, Female Paladin

    That sword. Great job with this!