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  1. 01-129 Celestial Dragon

    That face though. You made a really good sculpt come alive with more expression.
  2. 01566, Jacques the Fly

    You are smashing all these chibis. :)
  3. T'Raukzul, Great Wyrm Red Dragon & Treasure Hoard (Really Picture Heavy)

    Some characters are in for a world of hurt. That's really cool. :)
  4. Hasslefree Miniatures: Zuun Akos and Old Wolf

    Sun's out, guns out! Gorgeous work. I agree that the NMM and the skin tone are very cool, but must add some praise for the furs on the boots and belt.
  5. Frog Heavy Cavalry on Toads, Eureka Miniatures by Glitterwolf

    Oh. This is what an amphibious assault looks like. Very cool btw.
  6. 03477, Brain Horror

    Disgusting. I love it.
  7. 01546, Tut the Chibi Pharaoh

    Very, very nice. His face is very expressive.
  8. 77437 Winter Wolf, by Sandra Garrity

    Fierce in every sense.
  9. Hackmaster/Ral Partha ranger and female fighter

    I bet the ranger sings "Stayin' Alive" when he goes into battle.
  10. RAFM Hartha the Death Machine, Orc War Triceratops, by Glitterwolf

    Gives a whole new meaning to getting out on the trike. Really cool GW.
  11. 02806, Badger-Wolf

    I love it. It looks really like the thylacine, the (probably) extinct Tasmanian Tiger.
  12. Dub Bullock, Thorvald and Baeldrinahr

    A very cool party. It would have a great backstory I think. I really like the first mini. Might have to chase that one down.
  13. Marthrangul - 77542

    This is superb. I'm working on the dracolisk at the moment and I'm going to have to back and revisit it after seeing all these awesome ideas in the last few days.