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  1. DSM8045, Hamster Bard with Harp

    I can hear his song ... "Neverending whe-e-eel..." Apologies to Limahl.
  2. Hydra - an ub3r Showoff

    Hail Hydra. (Which means very nice)
  3. DSM8047, Hamster Swashbuckler

    Beautiful stuff. Do hamster swashbucklers run around inside the ship's wheel?
  4. 14553: Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant

    Love it. You did a very similar colour scheme to my Arthrand, but you did it much better, IMO. :)
  5. Bones 3 Crusaders

    Nice job. A morningstar guy would round out that squad nicely. I see you did them to stovetop quality.
  6. Very cool. And my guess is a blanket. Probably too obvious, I know.
  7. 77579 Goremaw - Bones 3

    Very cool. That looks just like I imagined they would.
  8. My last custom order!

    Look out behind you! There's a big gnoll (or something like it) coming for you!
  9. Arcadia Quest Finished

    Carved from the tree of awesome.
  10. 77320 Galadanoth, Elf Sniper - Bones 3

    All mine do. And nice cloak. I did a similar green on my Arthrand a while back and you got the blending much better.
  11. 77321 Giant Cobra - Bones 3

    That last pic made me think it was going to spit at me. Super cool.
  12. That face, though. The eyes and the teeth and the overall colour scheme makes him really expressive. Love it.
  13. 02469: Bugbear Warriors

    Nasty looking bugbear! Nice use of a NWN avatar ;)
  14. 60187: Koya Mvashti

    This was one sitting job over the course of a few hours. I re-imagined Koya as younger. The way she is lifting her skirts spoke of walking through the grass, hence the base. The fringe around the hood was my first real go at freehanding something onto clothes. Any feedback appreciated :)
  15. Qesnef, Ogre Mage and Halfling Form

    Absolutely beautiful stuff.