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  1. Yes! These were the exact ones. Thanks dude! I'm sure I was on the store page, ah well. Those Dregs are pretty cool though, thanks for sharing I'm not all that up to date with Reaper's release schedule on bones, since I didn't pay much attention to the kickstarters. Do you think you would be able to give me a rough estimate on when these beauties will be available for purchase? I just realized it says "April Releases".
  2. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I remember that there were some new models available on the bones page, some of which I took a particular liking to: there were two fat zombie creatures which I can only think of comparing to Warhammer 40k's Nurgle Great Unclean One (only much much smaller). Among these models which vanished was the Dragon's Don't Share set, which has reappeared. I was just wondering if anyone knew why these models were removed or when they will return and be available for purchase?