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  1. I tend to get more annoyed at stupid fantasy names, or trendy common names, than coined names. Despite my gut reaction to the "popular" names, there's no point in being an elf-hole to someone about their given name; they had nothing to do with selecting it. I have a friend named Dyamond (pronounced Diamond) and she's told me that she never got crap about her name from other kids growing up, only from "adults" that insisted on correcting her or pronouncing it the way they thought was appropriate to how it's spelled.
  2. There is no fluff in the 'verse that can cause me to do this.
  3. It mostly only annoys me when the fluff is inconsistent, either in respect to the rules or general narrative.
  4. @Pingo Whelp, I know what I'm doing this afternoon now. Thanks.
  5. I'm taking this question to imply whether you'd rather find yourself in Star Trek's future, or Star Wars' past. I'll take the phaser.
  6. What did deCamp's edits do to Conan, and how do I know whether I have the edited or unedited versions?
  7. I think a better idea than the weekend quests (which are "do-a-thing") would be to have a larger or more involved question posted on Friday, along with the "Saturday/Sunday" follow-up. So, as an example: Question for Friday Month Day :: What experience do you consider your first exposure to geek/nerd culture (movie, rpgs, minis, video games, music, whatever)? Saturday follow up: Were you hooked immediately, or did the experience "prime" you for later involvement? Sunday follow up: Has your interest waxed and waned over the years, or remained constant? This is maybe not the best example, but it's what I've got off the cuff. I personally enjoy reading the questions, and I'm more likely to answer a big one on Friday (or Monday) than I am to ever go out and do whatever quest is put forth. Unless it happened to coincide with whatever I was already doing.
  8. I don't personally care for them, especially since it feels like a lot of them involve cooking. Like @redambrosia my weekends are usually spoken for in advance. If I have time enough for cooking experiments, the weekend has been wasted.
  9. I like that Master Chief is apparently the crazy cat person.
  10. Alcohol Onions Crab
  11. I have desk that is personalized via piles of mostly work related stuff and mostly not work related sticky notes on the wall behind it.
  12. Is it Rogue Ale's Voodoo Doughnut Maple Bacon Ale?
  13. Afternoon storms, sandy beaches, sunscreen, grilling, the ocean, pineapple and watermelon, sea breezes on hot days, keeping an extra swimsuit and beach towel stashed in the car (just in case), skipping out on work/school because the day is too beautiful for responsibilities, hurricane parties. Mind you, summer is at least 8 months long here. Winter is about 2 weeks, Spring and Autumn divide the remaining time as they see fit.
  14. That totally looks like Thor, as portrayed in Kung Fury.
  15. Not really, no. Then again, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the major ones anymore either.