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  1. Obsessively. Usually I use an X-acto blade, followed by a file if necessary.
  2. This afternoon will be donating some stuff to the thrift store and then video games with friends this evening. Saturday is going to be some yard work and cleanup, then a Havana themed pool party over at a friend's place. Sunday will likely be recovery.
  3. Speed-paint is any paint job fully completed in less than 45 minutes to an hour. Table-top quality is anything better than you can buy as a cheap, mass-market pre-paint. Show quality is anything someone would pay to put in their company catalog.
  4. Forgetting right afterwards is the more difficult situation to smoothly cover. It was tougher in the days before cellphones though. Now, if necessary, you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and reference your texts for a reminder.
  5. I'll echo what others have mentioned about spacing out on people's names. I have, at times, blanked on the names of family members, long-time friends, and lovers.
  6. My struggle recently has been the feelings of pointlessness in regards to mini painting. I can paint something on canvas, or build a piece of furniture, and that will be appreciated by people who come to my house or request/commission it's creation. Plus, now I (or they) have a new thing to use and/or admire. I can go work out and do active things. Those things are their own reward, aside from the added benefit of anyone else being appreciative of the results. I can sit down and play games, or go out, and actively engage with my friends. Or I can paint a mini. Which will inspire momentary admiration and a sense of personal satisfaction, at best. I mean, it's relaxing when I get into it, but I can't shake the feeling that there are just way more productive or entertaining uses of my free time.
  7. I'll say they can go ahead and do this if they play up the "magic force-fields make it okay" aspect. I've played and run many games where the wizards and clerics casually attained AC scores that the fighters could only dream of. I'm cool with physical weapon strikes against someone being turned aside in a shower of golden sparks if someone gets most of their AC from magic rings, deflection spells, and the stunning force of their Charisma. If you don't need to wear plate armor to get equivalent or better protection, why would you? There should totally be some character with outlandish (un)dress or mannerisms and an attitude of "I am near-invulnerable to swords and can set people on fire with my mind; I will wear what I want." Adventurers aren't average joes; they're super heroes, rock stars, and professional athletes. Sure, some of them can actually be good role models, but you're definitely going to get more than a few Dennis Rodmans, Axel Roses, and Russel Crowes in the mix. This is especially likely in D&D land where you are one of a countable number of people that can bind demons or raise the dead or whatever. There's a lot of behavior people will just have to put up with if you're the only one in the region that can punch a dragon in half.
  8. It probably has to have the gonzo, kitchen sink, hodge-podge approach to fantasy that makes up D&D, along with the sense that the world is built on the ruins of an advanced civilization similar to our own. I mean, I don't know if it's possible for a movie to be both good and Dungeons & Dragons, as D&D is super weird, but you're not going to capture the feel of D&D with a low-stakes version of GoT or a derivative Tolkien knock-off. D&D is as much Thundarr the Barbarian, Xardoz, and the parts of Heavy Metal focused on Den and Taarna, as it is Robin Hood with pointy ears.
  9. I don't have one. But I generally like dogs, even though I'm more of a cat person.
  10. I am doing my best to skip it, as I am coming to the realization that it would just be pointless acquisition on my part. I haven't had the time or inclination to paint minis in a little over a year, few of my friends particularly care about painted pieces for board games or RPGs, and none of them are really interested in picking it up as a hobby.
  11. Maybe 2ish years? Does Busch Gardens count?
  12. Nothing wrong with a derailment, especially if it's interesting. We have a TV, but no cable subscription. We have internet (obviously) and so the TV gets used for Netflix, YouTube, and video games. All that is primarily on weeknights when you aren't necessarily going to go out and do things all the time though. There are weekends where the TV never gets switched on in my household. I do find that, in my case, less screen time doesn't translate into more productive endeavors. It typically just means more social time.
  13. I haven't really. But I have a sense that this is one of those things that, when I eventually do and if it makes economic sense, I am going to go all-in on. I have tried the Amazon same-day and 2-hour delivery services for last-minute things before (we needed a handful of things to finish making Thanksgiving dinner one year), and that that feels decadent and amazing. It would have only been more awesome had it been delivered by drone.