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  1. @Gadgetman! No, I've never read either of those. You're still prioritizing a knowledge about horses and their real world behaviors over what the mechanics in the game system might allow. I don't know what a horse is going to do in a mine, in an elevator, or on the elemental plane of fire. All I know is that my character has horse-related powers and abilities, that I would like to leverage them against our enemies in this adventure, and that I don't see any immediate reason why I might not be able to bring my pony along. If you're going to pull out secret horse rules, based on real-world horse knowledge, that I can't bypass or overcome with my character's abilities; how is that any different from saying that Shy Susan over there doesn't get to put points in diplomacy and play the party face? Or that she can put the points in, but she doesn't actually get to use those abilities without possessing the smooth social interaction skills that someone nicknamed "Shy Susan" clearly doesn't possess? Or saying that Wheezy William doesn't get to play the barbarian because he's never run a mile or swung an axe in his life?
  2. Ok, so I know nothing about horses, but why can't you bring a horse into a dungeon (assuming there is actual space for it to fit, not dragon-in-a-broom-closet situation) or get it to ride in an elevator? In either case, even if that's impossible in the real world, couldn't you just hand-wave the impossible things through some combination of character abilities? e.g. "I rolled a 48 on my Handle Animal check--this horse can now do Trigonometry." Or, "My druid/ranger/paladin abilities let me make this animal do things it would never do in the real world." This just seems like an extension of the tired old "ROLEplay, not ROLLplay" canard. "You can't bring a horse into a dungeon, stupid! My real world experience with horses blah, blah, blah...." "Yeah, well, my character's Make Animal Do A Thing power is more relevant to the situation at hand than your anecdata, so pass me the d20 and let's move on. I'm sorry that it offends your sensibilities that I didn't grow up on a farm." Nobody ever insists that a footrace, arm-wrestling match, or real world attractiveness be relevant to anything characters can do; why is real world horse behavior knowledge held to a higher standard?
  3. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Not betraying my initial assumption that they will do what they said they would do. That's pretty much the only requirement.
  4. Song of Blades and Heroes?

    We were playing standard SoBaH.
  5. Song of Blades and Heroes?

    I tried this game a few times with some primarily board gamer friends of mine and the results were underwhelming. It's been a year or two since we played, but IIRC nobody in my group liked the initiative rule. It disengaged people from the game in a "I've failed to meaningfully activate my forces for 3 turns in a row now...you win, I concede" sort of way. This, combined with how few dice are rolled when something does get to act, leads to a lot of whiff--tastic turns where nothing happens and you just feel like you're pointlessly rolling dice. This game would have been a great beer-n- pretzels, 30-minute war game if it had been, y'know, fun. It actually worked as a mild turn-off to miniature war games in our case.
  6. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    I have a neighbor that is fond of clowns and collects clown-related memorabilia. That's not really weird in and of itself. What is weird is how angry he gets when people mention that they don't like clowns and the tirade about John Wayne Gacy and Stephen King that almost always follows. Like, if you don't personally find clowns charming, whimsical, and entertaining, then you are just contributing to cultural clown oppression. Or something.
  7. I watched Trailer Park of Terror this past weekend. It has the coolest redneck-demon-zombie-guitarist I've ever seen on film. I also appreciated that he provided the soundtrack for the movie. Most of the time when you hear music, it's happening in-universe because he's rocking out atop his trailer. Though parts of the movie are legit uncomfortable to watch and almost torture-porn-ish; so stay away if gore squicks you out.
  8. I got to climb the pyramids at Teotihuacan, hike in Alaska, and raft in Denali.
  9. Condolences; condolences; congratulations?
  10. I dunno. Get into fistfights maybe? I mean, I wasn't exactly gleeful about them then and I'm not repulsed or terrified by the idea now; but I definitely prefer not to have to fight anyone.
  11. @TGP @Chaoswolf @Crowley @redambrosia @Thes Hunter Set in the cyberpunk dystopian near-future, these 5 are a group of 'runners given a series of time-sensitive and somewhat unrelated tasks. Some are innocuous, others are blatantly criminal; but the pay is good and you know not to ask too many questions, right?
  12. Bonfires Crisp, cold air Various incense the "beach bouquet" (salty sea breeze, warm sun, sunscreen, etc) Sawn lumber The general scent of "being outside and not next to a water treatment plant, garbage mound, or dumpster fire" Spicy food
  13. Somehow, I am not surprised by the (currently) 14 dog : 6 human ratio in the responses to this question. Hat's off to @Cyradis for coming up with an interesting and illuminating question.
  14. I'd take the random human. Not that I don't love dogs, mind you; just that a human comrade would be way more valuable to me in this situation.
  15. Maybe 6 to 12. It's tough for me to count since, even when I'm actively painting minis, I'll rarely do anything in a single sitting. More often, I'll prep 5 (cleaned, primed, etc) and block in some color, then I'll grab a different 5 that I did that to in a previous session and maybe finish them off. Or I'll get bored and start modding something, or building terrain.