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  1. @Auberon I normally like Matthew Colville's videos, but that particular video strikes me as an inadvertent indictment of both 4e and 5e. "5th edition is great! Except the combat; that's kind of dull. I know, I'll take combat inspiration from 4th edition! I loved 4th edition! Not enough to keep playing it now that 5th edition is out, mind you. But the interrupts!"
  2. I've often said that if I make it to 90+ I'm giving opium and/or heroin a whirl. Because, at that point, why not? Related to that, at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City, there's this huge display, complete with animated movie, about the adventure of ancient people discovering peyote and how frikkin' awesome peyote trips are. Like, seriously, once they discover peyote, the rains come, crops grow, and everything is wonderful. It was kind of hilarious, as I was remembering school trips of my youth and trying to imagine the teacher reaction if we came across a huge "drugs are awesome" display.
  3. Black Goat (of the Woods)
  4. See, I'd attribute fault to the system in that case. If the system encourages a rational player to disengage because their participation is actively detrimental, then the fault is with the system and not with the player that doesn't want to metaphorically slam their hand in the car door.
  5. Last move was July 2001. Next move is unknown.
  6. Did my taxes almost 2 months ago. I rarely do anything with refunds aside from sticking them back into the general account. Besides, I balance my withholding throughout the year, so my refund is typically fairly small. I don't mind taxes at all. I purchase civilization with them. I would happily pay more taxes if it meant more useful civilization.
  7. I slightly prefer the notion of HP as real physical damage and that heroes and monsters can just suffer wounds and recover from injuries that would outright kill mortal folk. Some video games actually express this pretty well, what with your character getting festooned with arrows or impaled on spikes or whatnot and just walking it off. "It's the hardest working liver in the galaxy, Morty. <hurk> And now it has a hole in it."
  8. I look forward to true self-driving cars. I will be disappointed if it only ever exists as a supplement to a driver's ability, because I want to be able to take a nap during the 3 hour drive to Miami. As far as hackers and computer errors killing people, I don't see that as a whole lot different from impaired or inept drivers. I'll take 10 thousand murders over 30 thousand "accidental" killings. I also look forward to self-driving fleets putting millions of drivers out of work. Simply because that may be a large enough and sudden enough system shock to force us to rethink the relationship between work and basic survival.
  9. I'm to the point now where I tell people not to get me anything for my birthday. I don't need, or particularly want, more stuff. That said, one of my ex-wives was pretty good about organizing our families to get me one awesome birthday or Christmas gift from the group of them. One year she got me and her a helicopter tour of Hoover Dam and part of the Grand Canyon, for when we were in Vegas for my sister's wedding, and another year she got me a 14" Grizzly band saw for my wood shop. The best gift is a harder question to answer without devolving into humblebrag BS. Besides, the best gift is determined by the recipient, not the giver.
  10. Happy Birthday!
  11. Scrap scintillator crystals from PET detector modules.
  12. I've heard those sorts of things referred to as "uni-taskers".
  13. Most used: Microwave, coffee maker, and corkscrew are all in the running. I don't drink a whole lot of wine, personally, but my house is one of the social hubs. Least used: I think I have a dehydrator and a Foreman grill gathering dust in the back of the pantry.
  14. Yes. Like Dilvish, I prefer stouts, porters, and ales. I don't really have a particular favorite, as I tend to like variety.
  15. Unless they just retire or suicide the character. They're 4th level, right? I'd have to reeeeeealllly like my character to not do one of those two things at the first opportunity, if it appeared this disability was going to persist for more than a session or so. If I thought I was going to get blow-back from the DM for doing that; I'd also have to desperately want to play, for some reason, to not go ahead and do it anyway. I'm not into misery simulators, as a personal preference, though. I'd rather just have my characters killed outright.