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  1. Maybe 6 to 12. It's tough for me to count since, even when I'm actively painting minis, I'll rarely do anything in a single sitting. More often, I'll prep 5 (cleaned, primed, etc) and block in some color, then I'll grab a different 5 that I did that to in a previous session and maybe finish them off. Or I'll get bored and start modding something, or building terrain.
  2. I can't think of anything in particular. Then again, any kindness I might perform is usually a side effect of whatever I'm doing.
  3. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I don't know why, but this phrase fills me with dread and loathing. It is akin to uncovering some blasphemous iconography while plumbing the Archean depths of R'lyeh.
  4. What is this "cold weather" you speak of?
  5. A phucket list.
  6. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    @Reaperbryan I value your efforts to combat both randomness and the proliferation of Reddit-style AMAs around here. That is my thing to tell you.
  7. Best Version of DnD?

    You've got to be careful with this idea in ways other than avoiding a TPK. Not every player is keen on the idea that there is a requisite quantity of abuse they have to take in order to move things along. I've seen DMs get trapped in the "this has been too easy for them" mentality and ruin games, even if the players were all otherwise having a good time.
  8. Ain't No Such Thang

    How did a 16th century pirate befriend a 19th century queen?
  9. Personally, I prefer the Xmas. It feels weird writing out "Christmas." Especially since the season has nothing to do with Jesus for me. But I also grab-bag holiday benedictions at this time of year. So a "Merry Christmas" might get returned with "and a Sanguine Saturnalia/Righteous Ramadan/Merry New Year/Spectacular Solstice/Happy Hanukkah/Festive Festivus etc to you!" edit: and I learned something new from @Doug Sundseth I was using the X as a placeholder and saying it as "Ecks-mas."
  10. Yes we have candy left. No I am not going bargain hunting for more.
  11. I didn't put up anything beyond a carved pumpkin this year. Personally, when I do decorate, I'll take the decorations down before Thanksgiving. Usually in the 1st or 2nd weekend after Halloween.
  12. I didn't know the club had a convention.
  13. I had a buddy that wore a giant genitalia costume one year, complete with big floppy balls, and he wandered into the wrong house party (1st time over to a different friend's place) and mingled for a half hour or so before he realized he didn't know any of these people. They, on the other hand, were clearly our people as they didn't bat an eye at someone showing up to their party dressed as a penis.
  14. No real seasonal traditions. Went to a pumpkin patch for the first time in many, many years last night though. Tonight will be carving. The last movie I watched was the 2013 Evil Dead, which I don't think would end well. I'm in the middle of reading A Happy Death by Camus; I am not sure how that would turn out.
  15. I don't remember where I got this guy

    I have that Rakshasa! Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got him either.
  16. Nobody. That would feel weird and vaguely voodoo doll-ish to me. Like, I wouldn't relish trying to explain that to someone that came over to my house. Actually, now that I mention it, I don't know if it would be creepier to display it prominently or keep it tucked away.
  17. Best Version of DnD?

    I tend towards using the standard array, plus 3 to 6 additional stat points (not following the point buy system, purchased 1:1). That way there's enough to buy a stat up to 18 or buy off the 8, whichever the player prefers. I remember reading about one rolling scheme that I really liked: All players roll 1-3 sets of stats (4d6) and picks one to keep, the other is discarded. Then, everyone compares what was kept and anyone can use any of those arrays to make their character. It allows you have the variety of rolling without having anyone get stuck playing the village doofus. If the set of numbers you rolled was trash, you can just take the array your friend rolled with the 3 16's. Or you can take an overall slightly worse array because it's the only one that someone rolled an 18 in, or was the only array without a stat below 11, or whatever.
  18. Best Version of DnD?

    Because, if we're ignoring all the modifiers as you did, the new system is: Roll a d20. That's the AC you hit. edit to add: Plus, bigger numbers = better numbers is a pretty basic concept to grasp. Pre-3E D&D mixed up whether rolling high was good or bad; like Gygax was paranoid that someone was going to show up with loaded dice or something.
  19. I feel like a lot of the responses are missing the point of the Friday the 13th movies. You're not supposed to watch them because they are "smart" or "good" or anything like that, and you don't watch them as a critical-thinking adult. You watch those movies when you're 11 or 12 and spending the night at a friend's house whose parents don't pay a whole lot of attention. The reasons you watch those movies are: 1. They are rated R; you are 12; and you're definitely not supposed to be doing this. 2. You are 12 and gnarly, gross-out, movie murders are the best. You may have a friend that's really into the practical special effects. 3. You are 12 and there are likely to be plot-relevant boobs. 4. Adults think these movies are dumb, which automatically makes them better. Growing up, we had a video store within biking distance, staffed by a clerk that never even imagined the concept of an "age-restricted rental".
  20. Embarrassing Crushes

    Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama)
  21. I saw some of the movies. They were not scary. I only vaguely remember the TV show...it was about cursed artifacts or something?
  22. Maybe it's just me, but I never saw Carrie as the monster. Granted, it's been decades since I've seen the movie or read the book; but I always viewed it as a tragic tale, or maybe a cautionary tale about religious nutjob parents.
  23. Best Version of DnD?

    Maybe I misinterpreted the original comment, but I thought they meant to say that, if someone cast Detect Evil at you, your weapon would give off an evil aura if it was a Bane weapon keyed to the Detect Evil caster's race. So an elf would see a human carrying an elf-bane weapon as evil, whereas an orc or another human would not.
  24. I can't believe no one has said Rick & Morty yet. If you don't think that show is horror, you haven't been paying attention.
  25. Bad Decisions In Horror Movies

    Stuff like this is why I tend to prefer horror monsters of the supernatural spirit variety. Like, nobody imagines they can actually shotgun their way out of a confrontation with the creatures from Pulse or the ghost from The Ring or The Grudge. I did appreciate the scene in Monster Squad where the werewolf regenerated after being blown to smithereens with a stick of dynamite, showing that you can't necessarily laterally think your way around some creatures' arbitrary mystical vulnerabilities. I think I also like ghost stories because the ghosts are often operating by rules that are just wholly and completely unfair to the protagonists. There's no "smart" or "dumb" thing to really do, except avoid whatever mysterious trigger gets you targeted in the first place.