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  1. Depends on the event. For pool parties, bonfires, and bbqs I travel. For board game nights or drinking and talking evenings, I frequently host. Arts and Crafts evenings are a toss up.
  2. Ah, this is the same guy that made Pixel Dungeon, which is a great little rogue-like for Android (and maybe iPhone).
  3. Finishing it and having my friends ogle it. edit: also, assembly and modding it.
  4. Weekends usually get scheduled in some fashion because playing it by ear often winds up with doing nothing or getting left out. For example, last minute hiking doesn't generally happen as most of my friends won't be up at 7 am unless they plan on it. I'll sometimes plan a day to do something house/yard work related too.
  5. Ok, that caracal is the cutest thing I've seen so far this morning.
  6. Rick and Morty season 3 and Preacher season 2. Because both of those things are awesome.
  7. I think the idea is that you both go to ReaperCon; then you both go do [her thing here]. Together, not separately.
  8. What are we counting as a project? I just disassembled my compound miter saw workbench last night in preparation for rebuilding it onto a mobile base. But that's all part of the larger "clean up the garage workshop" project. I finished painting a bedroom last Saturday, but haven't moved my friend's things in there yet. So, I guess I'm in the middle of a variable number of projects; depending on how you count them.
  9. Yeah, what @Baldur8762 said. We have fireworks and burn bans in Seminole county right now. And NPR was saying the other week that we aren't projected to get meaningful rain until (I think they said at least) July. You can already smell the fires some days. So, yeah, if y'all can pass along some of that rain, that'd be great.
  10. I think it'd be fun to attend Burning Man or Holi.
  11. Ah yeah, that's right. And the Moon, too.
  12. I feel it necessary to point out that the Kingdom of Trimaris also includes Antarctica.
  13. I'm largely good where I'm at. I'm not a foodie but, from what I'm told, many cuisines are represented well in the area. It's just a matter of finding the place.
  14. Ugh. Just, ugh.
  15. I don't remember anything that comes across as objectively terrible.
  16. First job that wasn't mowing lawns or walking/feeding animals for people in the neighborhood was at car wash place. I was around 14, and I was only there for a month before I quit. At the time, it was a bad experience, but in retrospect it was good because it was my first real "hands on" experience with an employer engaging in shady behavior.
  17. Last RPG was a mess of an attempt at a 5e DnD campaign almost a year ago. I (and a few of my friends) have been burned out on RPGs since. Last video game was Conan on the Xbox 360, played last night. My roommate and I picked it up last week for $5, and it is a game that is simply fun. Last party game was either Coup, Resistance, or Secret Hitler. Last board game was probably Power Grid. All within the past week or two. Good times in all cases there.
  18. I pledged Bones II and III. I am not ready for their arrival at all. I was recently cleaning and rearranging things in my house to make room for a new roommate and discovered a bunch of stuff I should probably just sell off.
  19. @TheAuldGrump @Jokemeister I can dig where you guys are coming from with your responses. What do you guys do with plot hooks that your players dislike and want deleted? Not, "oh we're putting off the ogre bandits to deal with another day." Rather, "We are (for whatever reason) uncomfortable with, or otherwise strongly opposed to, the presentation of these ogre bandits, and would rather not have them featured in the game. We don't want to be forced to deal with them in any capacity, period. Come up with something else."
  20. @TheAuldGrump I apparently have to stop being brief in my replies here; though I recognize that the way I phrased "Some DMs threaten to advance the plot" would lead you to believe that I am against that sort of thing in entirety. My comment was more directed at the idea that sometimes a GM with throw out a plot hook or something and, when the players don't bite or are not interested or whatever, will continue to develop that plot in the background to spring on the players at some point. Rather than just saying, "Oh, I guess the players aren't interested in the haunted tomb" and either dropping it or letting that thing hang undeveloped until they maybe are interested. Worse is when a DM throws out a half-dozen and then decides that there is literally no opposition to bad guy plots for the 5 things the players don't select to get involved in. Hence my comment about "being the only justice league in the world." Basically, if we're down for the Minotaur pirates adventure, don't pull some scold-y schoolmarm bull-stuff about how we should have been paying attention to the rumors you were dropping about the haunted tomb (and gnoll raiders, and hungry giants, and so on) and how now everything is terrible because we didn't. The minotaur pirates can sack towns and carry off prisoners if we're screwing around enchanting stuff. But also realize that sometimes the players don't care about those consequences, or calculate them as acceptable losses. Seaside village be damned, I'm enchanting this wand. This sort of thing was what I was referencing when I said "depending on the campaign or adventure, we wait for the spellcasters to make stuff." In the Ogre bandits burning down the town scenario, the GM probably wants us to avenge the town folk or something. We may just decide to move on, adventure elsewhere and let the Ogre bandits have this neck of the woods. (That's the feet-based version of "screw this, we planeshift to the beastlands.") All of this really boils down to how you, as a GM, handle the players, unwittingly or intentionally, rejecting an adventure that you spent a bunch of time working on. Cause sometimes we don't know that you spent 20 hours designing the traps and puzzles and denizens of the haunted tomb and just don't want to go there and aren't trying to deliberately spite you. Lastly, you never commission someone to make a magic item if you can avoid it. That's just an invitation for certain types of GMs to screw with you.
  21. I also hiked this weekend with some friends. We did around 18 km (11+ miles), but part of that was frolicking in a meadow we came across. I'm trying to get better about this, as I have too much stuff.
  22. I love the look on the serpent's face. That, with the outstretched fin, just looks like it's saying, "No. Just, no. Get back, fool."
  23. Same as others have mentioned, there's no real seasonal dish for me.
  24. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.
  25. It is good to spend one's summer under beautiful things.