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  1. Very informative. I think I've got it mostly straight. Will probably have to take a craft stick to it to fix the very tip but otherwise he looks pretty good now.
  2. Once I opened it I realized the bow is bent over as well.
  3. Finally got my Reaper package from the post office. It contained a lot of paint and the Elanter mini. It does however have a very bent spear and bow. I'm not sure if it's fixable or not.
  4. Finally got my Reaper package from the post office. They didn't give me an explanation as to why they didn't actually deliver it. While I'm happy I got it I'm sad to report that Elanter's spear is bent totally backwards and I'm not sure if it's reparable or not.
  5. Today we're doing a bunch of running around. The next couple of days we'll be at the in-laws since the girls go home next week and we won't see them until Christmas.
  6. Neil Gaiman's Sandman characters would be amazing.
  7. Fate of the Elder Gods (and expansion) arrived on Tuesday but just opened it up last night. The first picture is the box art. The second is the art on the BACK of the board. It's got beautiful art everywhere. I can't wait to actually play it.
  8. Hi all, hope y'all are well. It's been a long couple of days. Yesterday we went to NW Trek with the family. We saw lots of baby animals, a lot of animals close up, and even some baby animal making... It was definitely an interesting tram ride this time around. We ended up leaving early because I wore the wrong shoes and ate too much. I think had I not eaten so much I would have been fine. Got lots of walking in. Went to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. That was fun. Nothing new to us but the younger niece had no memory of going when they lived here. Again, got lots of walking in. I was dying by the time we got back to the car because climbing hills and my lungs don't agree. So I'm not having too much trouble doing distance walking, I think, but my lungs are not happy about it. Need to talk to my doctor again but I won't be able to do it until we get back from vacation because she'll probably have to refer me to a specialist. I also picked up the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman again after I had misplaced two of them and thankfully I remember things that are going on and don't have to restart the series. I have to do this a lot because I misplace books and then can't remember things that happen.
  9. Hope all of you are well. I've got so much to do so here's a list: Retrieve Reaper package from post office. (hopefully they actually have it) Get all this identity theft stuff taken care of. (the bank has been closed due to construction blocking the street) Go spend time with the nieces. Go to doctor's appointment Friday. Get some rest?
  10. Received our KS copy of Fate of the Elder Gods. I'm excited to get into it. Still have not received my Reaper order for August. I suspect we have a lazy mail person who does not like climbing stairs and so the post office is holding it hostage.
  11. I define them as Speed paint: something I can do in under 2 hours. Table-top: something I am happy to show off to the players and others. Show quality: something that I've never done and may never attain.
  12. Do you have a My USPS account? I've found it helpful since anytime I get a package coming to my address, even one that is transferred from USP/FedEx, gets a tracking number assigned to it. It helps hold at least someone accountable when I've had issues with them.
  13. Morning all! I'm currently binging iZombie since the 3rd season came out on Netflix. I plan on priming a bunch of minis as soon as the mail comes. I'm waiting for my Reaper order. Our mail man is hit or miss with whether or not they want/can climb the stairs to the apartment to deliver packages. In this case I think it's just a lazy mail man. If it keeps happening I'll be having a nice long talk with the post office.
  14. Got these yesterday at the Jim Henson exhibit in Seattle.
  15. I'm hoping I can send some home with them and that they will keep it up or at least keep it up when they come to visit. Oldest niece told me that her dad used to paint and put together minis so maybe they can do it together too.