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  1. Yes, a couple of times. And everything I can think of has been disappointing and didn't work as advertised.
  2. Morning all! I have a ton to do this week. I'm headed over to my mom's today to help out around the house. Now that my step-dad is getting older it's hard for him to maintain everything like he used to. If weather permits this may include yard work. I'll be there until Saturday so hopefully a lot will get accomplished. And hopefully I'll have some down time to paint some things, if nothing else paint day is Saturday afternoon. I am now reminded that I should probably make an optometrist appointment.
  3. I realize now that there is an error in my initial post for the month. It was supposed to be 5 not 4 fire giants. I did the first 2 and I do hope to finish the last 3 before the end of the month. They're mostly done, just have a few things on each to do left since. The PC minis probably aren't going to get touched until next month.
  4. Thanks everyone for the gardening tips! I'll probably end up starting it up next year since it's pretty late in the season for a lot of things I'd like to do. Also, it's like 20 degrees cooler outside than it is in side. I highly dislike this.
  5. I've decided that I want to start a garden out on our balcony but have no idea how to go about it. I'm sure this will involve lots of trial and error and googling.
  6. Went to Michael's this morning and picked up a few things. Settled for some Golden Fluid Retarder over the Slo-Dri because they didn't have it. Then went to Target to get sunscreen and printer ink and then went and had tacos for lunch. The sunscreen was much needed, even though we were in the sun for a very short time I think I'm a little burned. It is currently in the mid-80's and it's supposed to get hotter. Let's hope I don't melt.
  7. Went by Michael's this morning. I picked up 3 cheap plastic palettes with lids, some Pink Soap, and some Golden Fluid Retarder. I was looking for the Liquitex Slo-Dri but they didn't have the one I wanted. Also acquired some sunscreen and printer ink.
  8. I've been slacking, this heat is killing my motivation, I only finished the two by my deadline but that was all that were really needed apparently. I'll post a better update with pictures tomorrow when I get back to my desk.
  9. I don't have pictures but I did have hot dogs today. I put sweet & hot mustard on them for something new. It wasn't bad but I'm not sure I'd do it all the time.
  10. Husband is on his way home. His 13th Age game came to it's conclusion today. They fought the giants that I've been painting and they were very impressed, apparently it was hard to get them to focus on fighting them which I'll call a win, then they fought a couple of dragons, and lastly Khanjira. The players "won" so no one died and all the loose ends were tied up. This is the first campaign Husband has played through to completion that didn't end in a TPK. The group even bought him a Battlefoam bag for running the game for them, it'll also be nice to have a dedicated bag for minis, not that the bigger ones will fit in it but at least he won't have to carry them around in ice cream containers anymore.
  11. I have a couple of the Reaper brushes but I have yet to use them(they came in the first learn to paint kit). I used to use synthetic brushes for a few years before I finally got comfortable enough with my painting and brush care to spring for some good brushes. I got a selection of them from Rosemary&Co. The series 33 0s are by far my favorite for rounds. For flats and filberts I like the Eclipse line.
  12. As far as I'm aware cheese dogs are filled with little pockets of cheese. They are less than pleasant.
  13. I feel your pain, even with all of our fans the apartment is currently 80F. Living on the top floor doesn't help things either.
  14. I really should take advantage of my alone time this weekend to get things done. But the video games and paint area are calling to me. It may turn out to be a very lazy weekend.
  15. I really want to get some painting done today but it's supposed to be in the 80s which means it's going to be hotter in the apartment. It's only 9 and it's already almost 70F. If I wake up more in the next 30ish minutes I might get some done before it gets too hot.