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  1. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Working on these:
  2. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Half way done!
  3. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Finished up the 12 Trederrans I was working on. Photos later.
  4. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    On second thought I may not be able to do the hellfire witch this month. She is topless but has no nipples so it's questionable. If I do her I will link to somewhere else. Or just show the back of her. I have to think on it. In other news, I'm still plugging away at the Trederrans. Hoping to be done with them today so I'm up to today's deadline.
  5. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Painted a bit yesterday. Got gloves, boots, and mask hoses painted black. Hoping to make a good chunk of progress today.
  6. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Ran errands all day and now have a massive headache. So no painting today, hoping to get a bunch done tomorrow.
  7. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    They're Hobby Holders. I'll PM you their website. They do work with bottle caps.
  8. SparrowMarie

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Oh! Yesterday FIL gave me an opal that was his mother's before she passed. She got it from his dad who got three of them during a poker (?)game in Australia/New Zealand whole he was stationed there during WWII. It's super pretty, I need to find somewhere that will put it in some sort of pendant setting for me.
  9. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Back to the green! I've got an uneven base coat because of the other paint I started with. Most of the stuff with white showing through is going to be not green. I had originally painted the pants green but it was too much so I painted a yellow/tan over it. You can still see the green through it but I think it looks neat.
  10. SparrowMarie

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I've gotten messages on Instagram before without it bouncing to my Facebook but could be something new they're doing. Doesn't make sense but what does with Facebook anymore. Definitely being cautious, I'm not usually worried about things like this but this one weirded me out enough to take extra caution with it.
  11. SparrowMarie

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Had an...interesting? thing happen to me last night. I'm not sure interesting is the word I want but I'm gonna roll with it. So I get a message on my personal FB from some guy I don't know. I decided to check it. It's a guy that I follow/he follows me on IG. He wants to do a painted mini exchange. On one hand I'm super touched that a stranger wants something that I've done to the point of reaching out to me. I'm confused as to why he messaged me on FB instead of IG or my FB page. After some thought I agreed to it. Then I realized he lives in Portland, OR. This is not terribly far of a drive from where I am so the thought of giving him my address was unsettling. I've given people from the internet my address before but they've (for the most part) been multiple states away. Thankfully, my Mom just opened a mailbox at the UPS store that gives a physical address without having to give out your real address. So she's agreed to let me use it for that and possibly other things if I want to pay for half of it after this cycle ends. So I very well may do that for things so that packages don't go missing. I have not given the guy an address yet, we're going to exchange them later when it's closer to time to mail them to each other. It was strange to say the least but it sounds like he's messaging at least a couple other people to do the same thing with but still weird that he'd message me through my personal FB account.
  12. Ordered: Two Fallout 4 adult coloring books (one for myself and one for Sibling.) A TARDIS mug for my mom for xmas. A purse/wallet of holding for myself. All from ThinkGeek, this is what I get for not having an adblocker on my phone.
  13. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    I can't stare at green anymore so I started the next set of minis for a break but now a nap.
  14. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    Definitely, some of the turn off had to do with the first wave of minis (mostly in the base game). They had soft details and whatnot. I've backed their second KS that expands the game even more (about 300+ more minis plus game content), still taking a long time but at least I know that they'll deliver now. I spent the last hour converting and finding MSP paints that were more or less matches to the AP sets I have. I've got a couple of the AP paints/washes in the box for comparisons sake.
  15. SparrowMarie

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    So, I may have mentioned this already but a lot of what I'm painting come with rough color/paint guides. So I've been fighting with the AP paints that came in the games paint sets. I'm really tired of fighting with the paint so I need to go through all my reaper stuff and find comparable paints.