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  1. Volunteering to dig holes for my mom's garden. We had no idea that there was that little dirt and so many rocks underneath. I ended up digging most of them with a crowbar. Luckily most of the holes were not bad but the ones for the rose bushes were an absolute pain.
  2. I'm slowly creating 2 characters for this L5R play-by-post campaign Husband is running. Mechanically they're all done, it's just a matter of backgrounds at this point. I'm terrible at this part.
  3. I'm following art from the Pathfinder books so there's not a whole lot of wiggle room on these two and I've got a very specific recipe that I came up with for linen that I like. I may have the recipe written down somewhere else I just haven't gone searching yet. I do usually make things up on the fly most days, I'm just being stubborn on this one. I've got tons of other things I could be painting that wouldn't require any planned anything but I don't want to add more to my to-do list yet.
  4. I got a mini painted up today. I was going to do more but I can't find where I put my recipe book. I've only got a few minis on my to-do list left but without that notebook I can't do anything. Maybe I'll find it tonight and get the rest of my bones list done this week which is down to 4 minis at this point. I'm having dental surgery next week so I probably won't get much done and then I'm hoping that soon after we'll hear something about Bones 3 and I can start planning for what I need to paint in that.
  5. I'd probably have to think on that one a while. I've not read either of the two you mentioned but I have heard good things about Ender's Game.
  6. Kid: Bridge to Terabithia by Kathrine Paterson Teen: I'm not so sure about this one since I pretty much skipped to adult literature by the time I was in the 5th grade. Adult: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
  7. Unicorn. They could probably get in there with their horns pretty well and do some damage fairly easily.
  8. Thanks! Nope, didn't get too fancy with the freehand on any of them, those are sculpted there.
  9. Thank you! For now I'm not doing anything to the bases, I plan on in the future going back and putting sand and maybe some small rocks on them if possible.
  10. I'm /finally/ done with my resin minis project. I took photos and posted them on my blog, not all of them are great photos but I followed through unlike several of my projects that need photographing.
  11. show off thread that links to my blog because so many photos:
  12. Here is a link to my blog where I posted all the photos. I didn't want to just stick them all here since there are quite a few and didn't want to overload people with photos. The photography and lighting definitely isn't the best but I'm working on that. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome.
  13. About 6 years ago next month. Not sure about the next.
  14. It felt like forever but I finally finished all my resin minis. Now to wait an indeterminate amount of time before wave 2 of the Kickstarter comes and gives me another 100+ models to paint for the game. Pretty sure Bones will be here first though.
  15. Finished! I decided against eyes, you can't see most of them because of hats/hair anyway. Now to figure out what else to do this month.