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  1. I'm a pretty good shot actually. And why they're here I can't tell. Anyway, when is the BBQ? That's it for is done.. No kittens or puppies were hurt in the process! Going home for dinner!
  2. I resent that! We are perfectly willing to attend a BBQ!!!!
  3. Actually...we have Army too on my base because of reasons..
  4. I have Friday off, so that means I'm already at half of the workweek.. This makes me feel good... *** Kicks random soldier***
  5. Fantasy Tolkien, Leiber. Scifi Jack Vance Non -Fiction Shogun.
  6. Funded

    the price tag on these paints are great though. I got both sets.
  7. Good start!
  8. *** WOOF announces a succesful strike!!!*** You're welcome, Hopjes are coffee flavoured candy. Take good care of Ambassador Lupus!
  9. Looking forward to see them painted. Animals are fun to paint!
  10. Awesome diorama so far! Patience, the water will cure!
  11. I like the new species! Impressive creatures!
  12. Happy Birthday @Generic Fighter!!! Have a wonderful day!
  13. Happy Birthday @Evilbob !!! Have a great day!
  14. Great composition! Cards look better now. Some ideas: Maybe a purse or little bag? How about adding a cat or dog? A piece of cloth. Awesome idea.