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    You're not wrong
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    I would have loved resculpts and new minis in the Rackham style in Metal. As it is...JAMAIS!
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    Welcome to the Forum! GLITTERDRAGON What a way to introduce yourself! I love it!
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  5. Getting to Know You, April 2018

  6. Thx, but no...Leatherwing is a Pterodactyl not a dragon. I have one waiting!
  7. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    How many pages to kill this thread?
  8. Indeed ! Go for it! At least it's not a crazy idea like waiting for Bones IV and have either the Zombie Shark or the Dragon Turtle draw it. And I might want one!
  9. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    just putting this out here for @Crowley
  10. Good use of those chains! Good use of those chains!
  11. 77565 Kyphrixis, Copper Dragon

    Very cool!
  12. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Really? She always dropped to her elbows due to the weight of her abdomen. Oh well, I will use the parts for other things. No biggie. I have purchased a resin Spider from Heresy and a Reaper Drow to create another and better Spider Queen.
  13. Storytime ************************ Bloody Sky Draghor looked over his shoulder to see if his passengers were doing alright. Talpa, Leon and Achik all sat behind him on Furnach's back. The dragon flew slow so he wouldn't scare them. Leon and Achik seemed to enjoy the flight,Talpa the Moleman however was clearly afraid. Being used to caverns, flying was a new and thrilling sensation, he wasn't feeling comfortable with it. One time he had looked down and he almost lost his grip in anxiety. Leon had grabbed him and he had not looked down since. Draghor asked if they were alright. They all nodded. Leon wondered if they would find new allies soon. There were rumours about a tribe deep in the jungle that might be willing to assist them. Talpa's people had seen them, but they had not encountered them. Now was the time to see if they could persuade them to help in the fight against the reptilians. Furnach picked up the speed a little. Achik felt the wind in her hair and laughed. Leon comforted Talpa who tried to keep his fears in check. Suddenly a loud shrieking sound was heard. Draghor looked at his left and he could see a large silhouette against the sky quickly coming closer. He yelled a warning at his passengers. Achik took a poisoned dart from her pouch, hoping it would be enough. The creature came closer and Achik yelled, ANCIENT ONE! Leatherwing flew right at them. The enormous creature circled around Furnach and then flew right over the heads of his passengers. Leon tried to draw his pistol, but needed to hold on while Furnach evaded the attack. A second time Leatherwing flew at them, this time his mighty beak tried to grab Talpa. Achik threw her dart but missed. Furnach could roll in time to prevent Talpa being taken, but in doing so, Talpa lost his grip. With a cry he fell of Furnach's back and plummeted towards the ground. HOLD ON! Draghor yelled. Leon and Achik held tight, Furnach made a sharp dive at full speed. He managed to get under Talpa and caught him on the back of his wings. Achik reached out and grabbed the moleman by his tunic. Shaking like a leaf Talpa sat before her. Furnach was close to the ground now and he made a sharp turn. Get ready to get off! Draghor shouted. As Furnach touched the ground he spread his wings and rolled, his passengers let go, and rolled on the ground. Even Draghor let go and jumped off. Just in time Furnach climbed up again and turned to face Leatherwing. Everybody alright? Draghor asked. Achik nodded, a bit bruised, Leon replied. Talpa sat on the ground terrified. They looked up and saw how Furnach and the Ancient One collided mid air. Leatherwing snapped at the dragon who evaded the sharp beak. In flying past the creature, Furnach lashed out with his tail, knocking Leatherwing off course. The creature turned around for another attack run. Furnach dove under him and again evaded the sharp beak and talons. Leatherwing looked down and with a vicious gleam in his eyes he dove straight at the party on the ground. Leon had drawn his pistol and fired, the bullet tore a small hole in one of the creature's wings, but it didn't seemed to be bothered by that. Achik held her bow ready, waiting for the right moment. Talpa frantically dug a hole into the ground to escape. Draghor held his shield up and his sword ready. There he comes! He yelled. As Leatherwing flew straight at them, Furnach tried to catch up with the monster. Achik fired, the arrow bounced off Leatherwing's boney forehead. The creature shrieked triumphantly when it grabbed Leon in itś beak. Leon kept his wits and rammed his sword into the creature's throat. Twitching in pain it dropped Leon who tumbled to the ground. Lucky for him he only fell a short distance, and aching and bruised he got up on his feet again. Leatherwing flew up and tried to shake off the sword. Furnach had now reached him and he opened his mouth. A roaring sound, a burst of fire and Leatherwing was engulfed in flames. Shrieking and tumbling he fell down as a ball of fire. The party scattered to avoid being hit by the falling monster. With a sickening thud the creature hit the ground. The smell of burning meat filled the air. Furnach landed with his wings spread and inspected his work. Leatherwing's smoldering remains were all that was left of the mighty creature. Draghor thanked Furnach and then turned to his friends. Achik was tending to Leon who was bruised and he had fractured his left arm. The ground moved and Talpa stuck his head out of the hole, is it safe yet? The look of the moleman with earth on his nose emerging from the ground made them laugh, despite what they had just experienced. A bit grumpy Talpa asked, can't we just walk from now on? This made the party laugh even louder. Talpa himself couldn't resist anymore and laughed with them. Come on ! Draghor said. We better get moving! We need to find that tribe! In the Palace the Frogking sat on his throne. His colour was darker than ever, he had felt the death of his pet. He turned to a priest. GET ME Sssllthr! he shouted in a booming voice. **************************************