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  1. fulfilling

    Good to hear! Finally. Now you can join Bones Four after us the loot
  2. RIP.
  3. Roc till you drop (the victim) still think I will paint it as a phoenix. Oldest stepvixen an my girl stayed at the beach for swimming. Youngest and me went to see ruins and to the harbour. Had lunch and icecream. Just two more days. Actually one real one. the wednesday is travelday. Thursdaymorning I will retrieve Brutus. Days off till sept 4th. So far so good. Had a few brainweasels due to job and changes. But it's ok now.
  4. Still vacationing in Rhodos. This weekend we shopped for souvenirs. Swam. Ate Greek food. Absorbed sunlight.
  5. Happy birthday!!!
  6. Great! From the look of it one could easily turn it into a phoenix as well.
  7. Live

    Isn't that the greenland shark that can live up to 450 years if left alone?
  8. ***Brps*** I'm innocent I swear! *** Spits some wool out*** The Dreadmere expansion has some very promising stuff in there for my project. I just can't use most of the humans or I should make them look as pirates.
  9. Awesome warband! I like chaos especially when it got that vintage vibe. These look the part. Great paintjob!
  10. Nice packs. Congrats on id.
  11. I like the green one.
  12. Fenryll has some nice stuff but some sculpts are a bit goofy. They have a nice coral dragon.
  13. There is a nice metal fiveheaded one from Grenadier now available from Mirlinton. I always liked it and it's reasonably priced as well.
  14. You fiend!!!! I need that phoenix!!! love the witch