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  1. Glitterwolf

    44001 Owlbear ( Bones Black) By Glitterwolf

    Thanks! And I agree about that last part!
  2. I love that shield! Is it a magic one? Does it tell the owner what to do? *** Stop dragging me around like that! Hold me up like a real warrior!***
  3. Glitterwolf

    The Year of The Goblin...maybe

    Hero? Being a Goblin does that mean the rest of the group took a step back when a volunteer was asked for a dangerous mission? Did he survive said mission by pretending to have done it while in fact he was hiding all the time? Great work so far! Love that face!
  4. Glitterwolf

    SisterMaryNapalm and Buglips paint German Infantry

    Cool! Go for it !
  5. Glitterwolf

    Getting to Know You for April 2019

    Tom Baker K-9
  6. Glitterwolf

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Thank you, Have a great one yourself! And a happy Easter to all of you. Chocolate can be donated at your local WOOF Agency. WOOF Security update. It seems one of M.E.O.W's top leaders is nothing more than a mere KITTEN!
  7. Glitterwolf

    Budoc Bloodybones by Magnificent Egos

    Very cool!
  8. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    This time I didn't take the core set, I was already picky and went for the add ons the big monsters and some sets like the Nagendra and Ghost Pirates because those I can use for my projects. I pledged for Argent to sell it ( but shrinking it has reduced it's value already) and I did want those frost giants at first and pledged for them, I have to see those in real life, I didn; t care much for the changes they got and the wolf went from a favorite to a "wished I didn't get it" . But I'm very very anxious to get Lost Valley, Darkreach and the Fan Favorite Pack, I also went in for the Roc, two Barges ( I might either convert or sell the second one) Nyarly will become a plant monster and I went for Gauth who will become a Lizardman Giant. Also got the Zombie Dragon, Baba Yaga's Hut,the Dragon Turtle and the Dire Beasts and some Braziers for the Graveyard fence. The Core set is awesome value, but it contained too much I didn't need. I do have a lot of minis already, I backed for Bones II and III and got a lot from Bones I through retail, and I backed several other KS from Kensei and Lost KIngdoms. So I'm getting more selective about what I buy. Next time I will be aware of concept art. I don't mind selling some stuff it's good value, but I try to buy most of it to keep and some extra to recoup some money. As of now I have to wait till I get it for real, I'm looking at the pics you people put up and I find most of it awesome, with a few minor disapppointments and one big one... All in all, still worth it.
  9. Glitterwolf

    Katai The Chinese Army Kensei Kickstarter

  10. Glitterwolf

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    The Wolf is probably my biggest dissapointment, somebody sculpted this thing without looking at real wolves, the concept art was much better and promising. When they made changes to the Frost Giant girls, I wasn't that pleased with them, but I kept thinking about that cool wolf, it was my main reason for getting this set. One set for the bay of evil I guess. This is my first thought as well. However even then you can't always be certain, the detail on the raptor's claws, the changes on Yaga's hut, the shrinking of Argent, the change of the Wolf, all of these were all only seen after delivery. So yes, a 1$ pledge giving access to the pledge manager will give some more certainty about it, but it won't cover all. For that one should wait for retail. All in all I think the value of a kickstarter like this is still too good to pass up. I only hope our Reaper friends will learn to communicate a bit better about upcoming changes and reasons why. The communicaton part is lacking, and not just with the KS, they changed their site making some people's store accounts invalid, I would like to know if my account got deleted from a store instead of thinking that the problem was on my part or maybe somebody hacked my account ? Communicate!!!
  11. Glitterwolf

    Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Thanks! I think I know which article you're referring to. So for the green one a wash, maybe several with the black green, I only did one so far. Maybe more black in there. And for the Purple one, maybe Nightshade Purple washes, then highlight again and go further up to a lighter spectrum.
  12. Glitterwolf

    Dwarven Forge’s living snake god, Sysuul

    Great work! I agree on the jade, very cool!
  13. Glitterwolf

    DSM1128 Castle of Deception - Male Bard

    Good job! He's going to seduce all those monsters while the party steals their loot, isn't he?
  14. Glitterwolf

    DSM7455 Dragonkin Rogue

    Good job, I like the purple with the trim.
  15. Glitterwolf

    DSM7436 Female Mage

    Very good!