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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    WOOF will track the shipment with our superior Submarine Force!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM2O-7bu1n8 I'm really looking forward to receiving the pledge! After all that talk about Gauth I now want to paint him first. He will be converted. I will give him Aztec style jewelry and weapons and maybe a loincloth or something. He will be a Reptilian Giant instead of a Dragon. His wings will be donated to another project. Maybe a flying barge. Ooohhh...so many ideas, so little time.
  3. Awesome! Your conversions really enhanced his looks. He looks like he has a real mean streak. Imagine an adventurer passing by some shrooms, suddenly the earth moves and the Troll who was sleeping there stands up, looking at the adventurer his first thought is Breakfast!
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I've had to do this a few decades ago. We hired temps to help us out in our Warehouse (Military Depot) some were really slacking and bad at their job. I told them to pick up their game or it would be over. They didn't so I escorted them off the base and said farewell. Not fun to do. I also once had to call the Military Police on a civilian coworker who had damaged and stolen goods. Also not my favorite thing. Basically I agree with @Pegazus if people don't care do to their job right, show no improvement or do bad stuff, it's on them. They're making our lives worse and it's one bad day for us to make the call, either that or dealing with them for a longer period. Don't feel bad. You spared the rest of the crew a lot of trouble and maybe even dangerous situations in the end by letting this person go. Sounds like you're doing good. Keep it up! We have it here as well. Heel Holland Bakt. ( All of Holland Bakes)
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    44002 Rock Troll somewhat modified...somewhat.

    You have painted/converted/sculpted many great minis and bases. This Troll is one of your best conversions, I love all those shrooms growing on his body, good loincloth and a wonderful base. The paintjob looks awesome and overall this is a great piece of work! He looks like a vicious creature, he will destroy anything on a whim.
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    Goblin Henchman

    Good job! First they ate the donkey, then he lost the game and was promoted to pack animal, now he wonders what will happen at dinner time if the Horde doesn't find more food.
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    Problems with Bones Kraken

    Hm, maybe drill a hole in it and insert a metal rod.
  8. Important files are given a three way save: On the PC itself On an External Hard Drive On an USB stick
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    Lidless Eye Hobbies: The Skyless Realms

    That's a cool collection! A very depressing scene, those poor prisoners!
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    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    About a month when I needed to go someplace for the Air Force where I can't browse the Forum.
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    Happy Birthday K2h2m3

    Happy Birthday!
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    El Gecko - lizardmen inspired by El Greco

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    Fire Giant Dreadnought GaleForce 9 GF971057

    I love the armor and those eyes!
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    *** Brps*** No Lieutenants or other animals were harmed because of my lunch. I had an omelet and Bruine Bonen Soep Brown Bean Soup with smoked sausauge.
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    For all you Metal Fans out there: https://www.listchallenges.com/only-the-strong
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    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    GGGRRRRROOOOOOAAARRRRRRR!!!! Excuse me, that was my stomach. I will have lunch now.
  17. I love all those shrooms he grows on his back! I know bases are your thing, and it shows, an excellent base again!
  18. No spoons for painting at the moment. A little more storytelling then to distract myself and bore you all.. ************************* Aftermath. Sssllthr looked at the chaos before him, turtlemen were fighting against the Transmuthor’s creatures, some were confused and had retreated, just wondering what was actually happening. Sssllthr shouted, STOP THIS MADNESS AT ONCE! For a few seconds the warriors stopped fighting each other and Sssllthr took advantage of that moment. STOP THIS! We’re all brothers! One of the turtlemen turned to him and pointed his sword at him , but you killed our Mayor! Yesss I did! But he confessed to being a traitor! He wanted to take the throne for himself, surely you’re all loyal warriors of the Empire? Uzacapalli deserved to die for his crime, there is no need for you to keep fighting for a traitor! The turtlemen looked at each other, a traitor? While we have been fighting, the true enemy has escaped! Sssllthr continued, we must stop fighting each other, those of you who are loyal to the Frogking and the Empire will now step down! Those of you who keep fighting will be considered traitors as Uzcapalli was and follow his fate! NOW! WHAT SAY YOU? The turtle warrior who had confronted Sssllthr lowered his weapon. We’re all loyal to the Empire! It’s hard to believe our leader was a traitor, what happened? Sssllthr told the turtlemen of Uzcapalli’s claims to the throne and waited for their reaction. The Transmuthor’s creatures stood firm and ready to attack again. Discussing the situation among themselves, the turtles agreed. It saddens us that Uzcapalli wanted to betray the true Emperor! We’re all loyal and will follow you. Sssllthr nodded , that’s settled then. He looked at the beach, the paleskins had left their heavy weapons. Turning to the Transmuthor he asked, can you figure out how those big guns work? Flailing his tentacle beard, the Transmuthor clapped his hands in excitement, oh I know! I have been attending the training of our warriors who work with the captured weapons of the paleskins! Good! Sssllthr grinned, he looked at the sea were the ships were still battling. Collect the weapons! The turtles and the mutant creatures got to work. Sssllthr’s attention turned to the naval battle again, what do you think? He asked the Transmuthor, any idea who is winning and why they’re fighting in the first place? His friend shook his head, causing his tentacles to flail about, I have no idea why they’re fighting, but it looks like the biggest ship is in trouble now! He pointed at the Barracuda, see? there are three ships fighting that one, surely she can’t win! I’m not so sure of that, Sssllthr responded, that ship is better armed and on top of that your girl is now aboard of the one with the red sails. So that one might be taken out soon he grinned. Oh yes! The Transmuthor replied, Bonita will have some fun! I do hope she gets back though, I’ve grown quite fond of her, it would be a shame to lose her. He looked at the jungle, the paleskins are gone, they fled into the jungle, shall we pursue them? Sssllthr shook his head, no it is tempting, but there are only a few left, the jungle will take care of them, they left their heavy weapons behind. I don’t think they’re a threat anymore. He pointed at the sea, they could still be dangerous. We need to wait and see who will win and then take out the victors! Let’s position those guns and distribute the other weapons among our troops. You can show them how they work. If the victors set foot ashore we will kill them with their own weapons! Happily the Transmuthor gave the order. He looked at the ship with the red sails, how was Bonita doing? He thought. *******************
  19. I will paint and create a Reptilian Army pure for fun. It will consists of many different kind of Reptiles and Amphibians. Mostly Snakemen, Lizardmen, Frogmen, Dragonmen, Turtlemen, Fishmen, Dinosaurs and Insects. I will happily include any monster I think will fit. Khanjira will be the centrepiece at some sort as the Living Lizard God. I do not play any games, so this will be pure for my own and (I hope your) fun to create. EDIT: The above was my original plan, over time and thanks to the comments made by other Forumites, this has developed into a story. This resulted in more Factions I wanted to build and paint, so this Project now also includes Pirates, Conquistadores, Native Warriors based on Inca/Aztec/Maya cultures. EDIT: And now it will also include Undead! *********** Captain Luigiano and his army had been travelling through the jungle for weeks now. The sunlight was blocked by the dense canopy of trees. Some of the men had contracted fever, and those darn mosquitos were a big nuisance! He looked at the golden plaque he had obtained. Gold, with a snakeman made out of gems on it. With this he had convinced the men to follow him. Somewhere in this accursed jungle there was a city made of gold, he was sure of it. They would conquer this city and become rich beyond belief. He looked at his army, they even had a few cannons. Nothing would stop them! Finally they reached a clearance. The men were pleased, at least they could see the sun again. They took a rest and a drink, tended to the sick. Suddenly they heard a loud roar from the other side of the clearing. Birds flew away, trees where falling! Some poison darts flew and two soldiers fell, they died before they hit the ground. A loud roar and an enormous terrifying Lizard appeared. One soldier died out of fear from just looking at it. Then the Reptilian Horde emerged from the Jungle. **************************
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    44002 Rock Troll somewhat modified...somewhat.

    I love it so far! Great base as well.
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    Johan Rumbleguts

    Great job!