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  1. Thx, I'll be back in 8 days if all goes well. See you!
  2. One hour left before we leave for vacation destination. Have fun all! Don't burn the place down or start a glitterwar without me. And just for fun
  3. Link is broken now. But nevermind. As soon as the boat from that Dreadmere expansion hits retail ( and I hope it will be available in metal even sooner) I will recreate something like that. My Explorers need a landing site diorama /terrain piece. One day, when I have painted and built enough I will do a photosession with all the armies and terrain I've done. Adding more later of course. I doubt this will ever truly stop. I already have been thinking, that when the story is concluded, I might open a new thread ...the adventures of the survivors..working title else you know who is going to survive... They will then visit other continents and regions...
  4. The Dreadmere expansion now also has a raft. If that comes out in retail or in metal I will certainly get those. I need a landing site for my Conquistadores...
  5. Maybe useful
  6. @Unruly it is known that people who work nightshifts can get sleep troubles. That rythm isn't natural for us. I hope you will find a way to cope and sleep better.
  7. Happy Birthday @Tarsemina
  8. George, You can beat this!, Maybe not alone, get help if it lasts. no shame in that. We're here for you too, but we're not professionals. I advice you to talk to someone. We need you around buddy! as for now.
  9. Thx guys! When I get back I think I can finish him. Note to self..( in case I forget during the vacation) paint his scar..dried blood and highlight heavy warm grey)
  10. Thx! Well, at least he is still walking... See you all in 8 days..
  11. I like that skintone!
  12. Bones 3

    Welcome to the Forum! Have fun! Very good job on the Dragon/Behir!