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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    No it isn't fair! Poor Vamps! You need to paint more Vampires and respect the Undead! Keep those thugs in check please! I'm taking the afternoon off. Got a severe case of brainweasels mostly fears for what my hospital appointment will bring. Rationally..there should be no problem or just a minor thing. My brain keeps telling me I'm doomed... Stupid brain..
  2. Reaper figures for Legends of Andor

  3. Crowley's Stone Giant

    Nice! So eehh how does PUI works out for you? Painting Under Influence?
  4. Stucco color?

    Something like Creamy Ivory and maybe mix in a little brown? Depending on how Yellow or White you want it. Look at Scale 75 Iroko and Mojave White
  5. cracks in paint appearing on models

    Are these soft plastics? I remember this happening in my youth to old Airfix plastic soldiers as well. Did you use a brush on sealer? This might help.
  6. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    Vallejo has metallic medium to mix with normal paints. Also keep in mind to pierce the tip of the Scale 75 bottles, these come closed. This is also true for any Andrea paints.
  7. 77156 Owlbear

    Great paintjob! His facial expression is maniacal! Did he eat some magic mushrooms?
  8. Kaladrax Reborn

    The background is very distracting as Cyradis said, a plain one will work better. That being said. Great job! I love the stoneworks and bones. Good colour on the wingmembranes as well.
  9. Bad Squiddo Female Vampire Hunter

    Wow! The way you painted her makes me think she would make a fine female Conquistadore as well! Unlife matters! Stop this!
  10. Bad Squiddo Games Vampire Hunters (4)

    Great paintjobs! You are taking a wrong turn here, you know that, don't you? The Countess is not pleased with all these thugs hunting her kin!
  11. 60164: Female Vampire Hunter, Pathfinder

    Great paintjob! You have been listening to that bigot van Helsing, haven't you? There is no reason to hunt us, we are just like you. The only thing that is different is our diet. You wouldn't kill a man because he ate a peanutbutter sandwich, now would you? Shall we discuss us this further at a candlelight dinner and some "wine" ?
  12. 50189: Abraham Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter

    Great paintjob! Of course he is being a speciesist!! Leave the poor bloodsuckers alone! They can't help that they need a special diet to survive!
  13. 77484: Mrs. Bones

    I like it! Cool idea!