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  1. Glitterwolf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

  2. Glitterwolf

    03801 & 03802, two kitsunes (foxy lady and fellow!)

    Got her! It will take a while and I will never be able to paint it as beautifully as yours, but I have an idea. Soon...
  3. Glitterwolf

    Happy Birthday Green Eyed Monster IGEM)

    You're not wrong!
  4. Glitterwolf

    Happy Birthday Paedia

    Happy Birthday!
  5. @WhiteWulfe my Kitsune arrived! @TaleSpinner purchased your Komodo Dragon! Also a resupply of Scale 75 Decay Black.
  6. Glitterwolf

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    If Brutus could age with me and stay with me till the end, I would love that. And if he could talk a little, well could be fun, although I'm afraid it will be sometime like this all day long: Wanna play? Huh? huh? Play? Can I have a treat? Play? Wanna? Play?
  7. Glitterwolf

    New Pumpkinhead Folk in the Works

    One big bundle of joy terror!
  8. Bigger than I expected! Leo Sizecheck must be a capable of winning a marathon by now..