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  1. Thx! I have enough booze to bribe anyone!
  2. I wish you well..don't poke too much...
  3. Good for you! A copycat
  4. Live

    Or riders without weapons. Just add a sprue..
  5. I have acquired many fridge magnets and statuettes here in Greece today...I kept seeing them as terrain pieces and stuff to put on plinths for busts. Of course I also bought columns to use as plinths. As well as a bust and a giant cobra...lots of Greek booze too....
  6. RIP
  7. Bought more souvenirs that will be used for the hobby. I got another smaller Greek Column I can use as a plinth for busts. Also several magnets in terra cotta I can use as scenery. And...ehhh. a statuette large...a giant Cobra...made from albaster stone. I will paint it up for my Lost World. One can never have enough later this week.
  8. Happy Burst Day Alien Queen. *** hides behind platypus ***
  9. Tomorrow we fly back home. Tonight out for dinner in Ialyssos Rhodos for the last time. At least dreaded work starts no sooner than sept 4th. Day after tomorrow retrieving Brutus first thing in the morning from the doggy hotel.
  10. Dutch on vacation in Greece Rhodos...sun sun and sun. The darkness was all yours
  11. Live

    There were many requests for a displacer beast so the phase cat will get a lot of interest. I see it as two minis. A jaguar and some nice the funghi. Nothing I really want yet. But don't mind me. I'm in it for big stuff and things that can be used for my Lost World Project. No small stuff that doesn't fit for me. I love the dragon turtle. Will get the terrapin and catfish in retail. Zombie dragon and Roc. Giant Cobra if it shows up...and I will get those paints...
  12. Great conversion! A Dragolf!
  13. That's a vicious opponent!
  14. Live

    Those would go well with the giant Snaggletooth and Bomber. And of course the huge lifesize Lemmy statue.