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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    You Blinked?
  2. Thanks for letting us know. I was worried as well, she didn't respond to my PM. Maybe too much for her. I hope she returns to us soon.
  3. Glitterwolf

    Stegadon with Aztec Crew by Glitterwolf

    Thank you! The Conquistadores were less happy to see this, I had to convince them I would paint a cannon for them soon. ( as soon as it arrives, I backed a KS for that one)
  4. Glitterwolf

    Stegadon with Aztec Crew by Glitterwolf

    I painted an OOP GW metal Stegadon for my Lost World Project and added Foundry Aztec Crew. WIP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=123 First some pics against neutral background And then some against my Jungle Photo Board.
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    77267: Kallaguk, Troll King

    Love it!
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    ONI OGRE CLAN WARS, by Glitterwolf

    Another Clan Wars mini I got from @Jasper_the_2nd for my Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon project. This time an ONI OGRE. WIP HERE: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/ When asked for their allegiance the Oni joined forces with the murdered Toda Clan and the last survivors. Due to the family ties they swore to annihilate the Kenmu Clan for their foul deeds. In battle these Oni terrified the enemy, larger than men and wielding huge weapons they cut their way through the Kenmu ranks.
  7. Glitterwolf

    ONI OGRE CLAN WARS, by Glitterwolf

    Thanks! Somebody woke him up early! Thanks! I have more and to add to that I also have a lot of Zenith Undead Samurai ( more are coming since I backed their KS) and some Reaper minis. A Ral Partha Kirinn and two Grenadier Asian Dragons one medium and one gargantuan sized. Stay tuned for more!
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    80071: Hillbilly

    Looks great!
  9. Glitterwolf

    Games Workshop, Genestealer Patriarch

    Awesome colours!
  10. Glitterwolf

    Diorama, Little Cthulhu Rising

  11. Glitterwolf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I will come to your aid as soon as I finish this turn of Galactic Civilizations II, wait..one more turn..
  12. Allies? **************** A scout came running into the camp, COLONEL! COLONEL!!! Alvarez turned his head to see what the commotion was all about. The young soldier was almost exhausted from running in the damp heat of the jungle. SIR! He yelled when he noticed that Alvarez looked in his direction. What is it? The Colonel asked. We were scouting the area Sir! Walking around the Citadel, it is a huge place Sir! Anyway, when we reached the other side we saw there is a large gate there as well. We were just about to return to report this to you when they showed up! They? Alvarez asked, Speak up Man! Yes Sir! Another Army Sir! More reptiles? Reinforcements? Alvarez asked. No Sir! They seem to be enemies of the reptiles as well. A lot of them are natives, some sort of rebellion I guess. Sounds good, Tomas said, he had been listening as well. If the natives can be persuaded to fight on our side we might be able to properly besiege this city! Alvarez nodded in agreement. That army is not only made up of natives, the soldier continued. What do you mean? Alvarez asked. Well Sir, this might sound crazy. Tomas laughed, we're besieging a city where snakes and lizards walk on two legs and speak. There are monsters from the beginning of time in this jungle and their King is a huge speaking frog! What can be more crazy than that? Alvarez smiled despite the situation they were in, it sounded so strange. Alright Sir! The soldier said. Besides the natives there are beastmen, some look like goats, some like fish and some I can't recognize. And then there are others, a sort of reptilemen as well, but different, larger than the average lizardman we have seen. Some of them ride on strange creatures. And then there is their General, the young soldier hesitated again. Come on! We don't have all day, the Colonel grumbled. SIR! Their General is one of us! A Conquistadore riding a huge monster and he has a native woman with him. Alvarez looked at the soldier as if he saw water burning. Then he turned to Tomas, a Conquistadore? Tomas shrugged, maybe a survivor of the last expedition? Who knows? Alright, Alvarez said. We must make contact, maybe they will aid us, we are both attacking this city, so if we work together then we will surely win this fight! Escolano had been listening and protested. Forming an alliance with beastmen? Savage natives and witches? HERESY I SAY! We shall not sell our souls to conquer this city, I tell you...SILENCE! Alvarez shouted. Escolano looked bewildered at the Colonel. Sorry Father, Alvarez spoke, but we need these "men" and when we are done with them we can convert them as you like. Or maybe kill them if they are witches an heretics after all. Escolano seemed to agree with this. Tomas mounted his horse, get me a white flag! I will go! ***************************
  13. I will paint and create a Reptilian Army pure for fun. It will consists of many different kind of Reptiles and Amphibians. Mostly Snakemen, Lizardmen, Frogmen, Dragonmen, Turtlemen, Fishmen, Dinosaurs and Insects. I will happily include any monster I think will fit. Khanjira will be the centrepiece at some sort as the Living Lizard God. I do not play any games, so this will be pure for my own and (I hope your) fun to create. EDIT: The above was my original plan, over time and thanks to the comments made by other Forumites, this has developed into a story. This resulted in more Factions I wanted to build and paint, so this Project now also includes Pirates, Conquistadores, Native Warriors based on Inca/Aztec/Maya cultures. EDIT: And now it will also include Undead! *********** Captain Luigiano and his army had been travelling through the jungle for weeks now. The sunlight was blocked by the dense canopy of trees. Some of the men had contracted fever, and those darn mosquitos were a big nuisance! He looked at the golden plaque he had obtained. Gold, with a snakeman made out of gems on it. With this he had convinced the men to follow him. Somewhere in this accursed jungle there was a city made of gold, he was sure of it. They would conquer this city and become rich beyond belief. He looked at his army, they even had a few cannons. Nothing would stop them! Finally they reached a clearance. The men were pleased, at least they could see the sun again. They took a rest and a drink, tended to the sick. Suddenly they heard a loud roar from the other side of the clearing. Birds flew away, trees where falling! Some poison darts flew and two soldiers fell, they died before they hit the ground. A loud roar and an enormous terrifying Lizard appeared. One soldier died out of fear from just looking at it. Then the Reptilian Horde emerged from the Jungle. **************************
  14. Glitterwolf

    Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Thank you! The army grows. I have lots 20 minis to paint.
  15. This will be yet another Undead /Demon Army. ( what can I say? I love evil miniatures). This army has an Asian theme. Undead Samurai Oni Asian Dragons Some living Asian Allies. Kirin Hope you will enjoy it. I created a background story for it, it is on page 2. Have fun reading! I will paint slowly and it may take a while, but I'm putting this out here to start. Since I backed Zentih's Kensei Undead KS I have a few of the Undead Samurai and Demons waiting I also have the Grenadier Wind Dragon ( alas without the two humans) and the Grenadier Imperial Dragon of the Eleven Celestial Dynasties And some Living Samurai. Also a nice Asian Graveyard Set. Some stuff that has to get painted soon..
  16. Glitterwolf

    Stegadon with Aztec Crew by Glitterwolf

    Thank you Al! That trip might be induced by your Shrooms! Not my fault people start to see colourful Dinos and warriors in pyamas and feathers.
  17. Finished the Stegadon with Aztec Crew. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81127-stegadon-with-aztec-crew-by-glitterwolf/
  18. Glitterwolf

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    It's awesome weather here so I'm painting in the garden. Finished a few minis. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81125-three-samurai-zombies-clan-wars-by-glitterwolf/ http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81126-oni-ogre-clan-wars-by-glitterwolf/ Still working on other stuff as well.
  19. Glitterwolf

    Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    FINISHED: SHOW OFF's HERE: SAMURAI ZOMBIES ONI OGRE And a group shot of the Toda Army so far. Thanks to @Jasper_the_2nd this army is growing rapidly. Master Nurin leading an attack on unsuspecting Kenmu settlements.
  20. Here are three more Samurai Zombies from Clan Wars, I got them from @Jasper_the_2nd They are very nice sculpts and I had a lot of fun with these. WIP is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79416-nippon-land-of-the-rising-moon-by-glitterwolf/ The Undead Samurai slowly advanced, nothing could stop them, arrows just got stuck in their flesh or armor and they kept going. Another volley, nothing stopped them! The now undead Toda Clan sought revenge to those who had wronged them. They kept coming, determined to slaughter their enemies.
  21. Glitterwolf

    Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

    Reaper Surf Aqua, Dark Skin Highlights, Yellowed Bone. Scale 75 Undead Flesh, Decay Black, Vallejo Dried Blood
  22. Glitterwolf

    Crowley's Blightfang

    Wow! Love the head!
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    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Well, as you all know by now, I'm more the quiet type, don't talk that much at all. So I think I couldn't. Well maybe a little about Military History, like did you know the Germans and Soviets inspected each other's facilities during their non-aggression pact? And that the Russians were very angry when the Germans showed them their new PZKFW II Tank.. They didn't believe it was their heaviest tank and got upset. Of course this triggered the Germans who now made haste to build better and heavier panzers. But like I said, I don't like to talk that much. Maybe a little about animals both present day and extinct animals are awesome and I could talk a little about that. Like if you touch a Great White Shark on exactly the right spot on the nose, it gets catatonic for a few moments and you can swim away without any problem. Luckily I'm the quiet type, hate those people who keep yapping...Else I might talk about food as well. Another hobby. Here is an easy but delicious recipe for green beans. Take enough green beans for 4 persons ( in Dutch 500 grams) Sliced Bacon ( 250 grams) Unsalted Cashews ( 150 grams) 1 part of fresh garlic, 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil and 4 sliced sundried tomatoes. Break or cut the green beans in halves, cook them for three minutes. Get them out of the water and let them cool off. Heat the oil. Ad the sliced garlic, then after a minute or two add the bacon, let the bacon fry for three minutes. Add the green beans, stir fry for 8 minutes. Add the cashews and the sliced sundried tomatoes. Stirf fry for another two minutes. Serve with a nice piece of meat and some fries or rice. Glad that I'm not the talkative kind or I would talk about my love for music. Especially Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Rock and Roll in all it's forms. Did you know Lemmy from Motörhead ( Rock In Peace, Lemmy!) has been a roadie for Jimi Hendrix before he joined Hawkwind and wrote the hit single Silver Machine? Nobody needs that one guy who talks too much.. So glad I'm not him. And then we have the miniature hobby. I started out painting military model kits, like planes, ships and tanks. Then I made dioramas with panzers and infantry. Also loved the Napoleonic and Roman period. But I was too much of a perfectionist and lost my fun, needing to paint a mini in exactly the right shade of Field Grau or Prussian Blue. So it was a relief when I discovered the first Fantasy miniatures from Prince August/Grenadier and Early Citadel. Loved painting something from my imagination. Still do. I do paint the occassional Historical mini now and then. And nowadays I realise that a lot is unknown. So painting a Roman Centurion or a Greek Hoplite is almost like painting a fantasy mini since nobody really knew what their tunic or shield really looked like. Did I tell you I love dogs? No I didn't because I don't talk that much. I grew up with a Boxer Dog, my parents continued to keep Boxer Dogs when I left home and I did too. I have fond memories of my former furry friends and am very happy that we now have our Brutus. Already 5 yrs old..mostly they reach 10 to 11 yrs old very rarely 12 or more. Time goes too fast. I could talk about my love of movies and books. Especially scifi and fantasy. I can't watch war movies though. Most of them annoy me when I spot stuff that's wrong. Like US. Patton tanks starring as WW II German Panzers...Ugh! I could smash a TV for that! So I won't look at those anymore, only documentaries about wars interest me for that reason. I practiced martial arts for decades, Judo, Kick-Boxing, Wu Shu ( Kung Fu ) and Sanda, Jeet Kune Do, MMA. Won quite a few matches as an amateur, lost some of course as well, but was never K.O.ed! Still pretty proud of that. Love to hike in nature, preferably with my girl. The things you see when walking through forests and mountains and deserts, awesome! Also like to go on vacation, and yes I'm a real tourist then, a hotel, restaurants and just doing nothing, maybe visit a museum or some ruins. Ahhhhh just doing nothing and eat well.. So nice! I do love this forum, it helped me improve my painting, motivates me to do so and show my work. Also made some online friends who happen to be real. You see most people think online friendship isn't real, but I've seen otherwise here. Thank you all for that! I could talk about other stuff, but like I said I don't like to talk that much.