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  1. My sympathies
  2. Lovely! Something is wrong in the forest!!!! Wriggly tentacles from that pool, and did something just look at me?
  3. Very nice!
  4. I love it! Great job and awesome tree/flower !
  5. They're on missions.. Agent Garou is harrassing Knarthex Agent Midas Is at your place. Agent Lupus is at Grafax's Others are preparing for more missions. Ooohhh...I love that Dragon Bust. The little Cat Dragon is also awesome. I need a teleporter so I can attend ..
  6. *** Hello Officer? *** *** Yeah I would like to report a case of stolen identity*** *** I'm Glitterwolf, wut? Yeah a wolf covered in see someone...hello? hello?*** **Hrmph! Why did he hang up?***
  7. Awesome~!
  8. Does this help?
  9. You're welcome!
  10. That's a positive side effect then!
  11. But Cowboys are Colonials...right? *** Confused Wolf tilts head***
  12. Hey! I'm not even there!! *** Hmmm...let me make up a bill for every time my name is used...royalties...and all that..***
  13. *** NOW he tells me!!!*** *** Runs around ..spots the perfect cure***
  14. *** FETCH!!!*** *** Runs through the thread trying to catch the Hairbrush, the Cinnamon Candy and Hot Peppers*** *** Tumbles and rolls while snapping furiously at the goodies*** *** Catches a hot pepper, swallows it whole*** *** Turns red, steam coming from ears, runs to a lake an jumps in to drink and drink and drink*** **** Aaaahhhhh!!!!**** *** Brps***
  15. I thought those Undead/Chaos guys looked like Harlequin Minis. They are the Drakul Knights
  16. I love Hard Rock
  17. Those Undead/Chaos Warriors...can you get one out and see what's on the tab?