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  1. I took out the BBQ and some stuff I bought. Used styrofoam for the base and a Styrofoam Ball ( half of it). Applied some snow an grass flock, glued some trees and figurines in place and done. The houses will light up at night and I added a string of Led lights. Put it in the garden in front of our window/door. So in the evening we can see it from our room. Just a silly idea, maybe you guys like it, because you know...most of you are silly too...
  2. I have another BBQ actually.. And a oven with grill and a stove... Added some pics with the lights on, excuse the glare.
  3. Happy Birthday Magicalgenie !

    Happy Birthday @magicalgenie !!! Have a great day!
  4. Happy Birthday Lady Tam !

    Happy Birthday @Lady Tam !!! Have a great day!!!
  5. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    I kinda like them.
  6. I placed an order with CMON on November 29th. Got a confirmation of order and payment. No shipping notice yet...
  7. Reapercon BoGW?

    @Sanael pretty cool haul! *** A Lonely Glitterwolf has been waiting on the porch for a long time..*** *** Spiderwebs are slowly forming between the door and his body*** *** Not eating, not sleeping, he is ever vigilant, the mailman will come!*** *** One day, he will come!!!*** *** Snow starts to fall ***
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I dediced to create something for Christmas just for fun. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78394-christmas-scenery-in-a-bbq-by-glitterwolf/&tab=comments#comment-1664405 All Christmas presents bought.
  9. 01621 Winter Elf

  10. Great job!
  11. Ichabarr, the Headless Stallion-Lord

    Very cool idea!
  12. male cat man/men

    If you can find them Grenadier had a Lion man. There was also a cat person in a boxed set. 100 Kingdoms Miniatures had a Feline Race Panthera Tribe http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Hundred_Kingdoms#Panthera_Tribe
  13. FAKE Star Wars spoilers

    I missed that part! Now I get it!
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Alas poor Platypus, I knew him well...
  15. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I'm terrfied to do so...I value my chest..
  16. She fits well in that world!
  17. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    Which is a dangerous path with GW. I bought the Warmaster Rulebook ( 10mm fantasy Warfare) when they released it. A year of churning out army after army and then when they juuusssttt released the Araby and the Skaven Army they just dropped support and went on to the next shiny new thing. After you spend a lot of money, you could be stranded halfway when they pull the plug. Same with Gorkamorka etc... I stopped trusting GW a long time ago. I will buy nice minis from them, but no way I'm ever going to buy a gamesystem or something again. Yeah I know, I don't game, and did rarely so in the past, but I liked to collect it all. Stopping in the midst while promising more first, aggravated me, a real gamer would have been furious or very sad at the least.
  18. Sweet/candy exchange

    To enjoy yhe Stroopwafels ( the ones without the chocolate) best, warm them over a cup of tea / coffee or coco. Beware the Zwart Wit Balls, they have Sal Ammoniac Powder inside, very salty, but when you get used to them they are addictive. You got some different Licorice mixes, Old Dutch Candy. The yellow waffle candy is butter flavour, Hopjes are Coffee flavor. Roze Koeken are sweet cakes with pink frosting ( I just ate one myself actually) Kruidnoten are Gingerbread nuts from our Sinterklaas fest. Chocolate Kanjers are cookies. Koetjes Reep is Chocolate. Wilhemina is peppermints. You got some Bones a Container and to be honest I forgot what was in the palstic baggie, was it a troll or something? I do hope you like it all!
  19. Boardgames - suggestions please

    Your British...how about Darts?
  20. FAKE Star Wars spoilers

    Wasn't it weird when they cloned Jabba for future use?