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  1. Sure...sure....*** draws gun***
  2. Get pro-active and call them??? I wanted to paint tonight, but I'm out of spoons to do so.. This makes me sad. 3 day weekend, not one brushstroke...
  3. Thx! I still want to make a little adjustments to the OSL again. I wanted to paint tonight, but I have no spoons...
  4. Barbaric Splendor!! Welcome to the Forums, have fun!!!!
  5. Awesome! Bones are so versitale for such projects! Very cool!!!
  6. You're sure painting a lot of Wolfy characters lately. I approve!!!!
  7. It's from a now OOP comapny..Centre Stage Miniatures, I don't have one, but I'm searching for one. It's big though:
  8. And he is frothing at the mouth! I'm sure you don't want to mess with that Hamster!
  9. Question for Monday, April 24 Sunday was World Book Day. What is one book you would recommend: to a kid? to a teen? to an adult? To a kid, I agree with The Hobbit. To a teen - Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series. To an adult - Tanith Lee's Birthgrave Trilogy.
  10. Probably not... @David Brawley I found your ancestor!!!
  11. Thx Al! It's late afternoon now on this side of the pond. Glad you like the siege! More to come, and maybe I can paint a little this evening. Oh...I also may have clicked on the "buy now button" when I surfed the bay of evil and noticed a GW Bastiladon for a reasonable price. I will use the serpents from the Arch of Sotek for Tanith's Altar, the Bastiladon itself will be another one of the huge Ancient Ones...( I got quite a few now..I wonder how I got them) the skinks are always useful and the devices might make good terrain or rubble...
  12. Car problem solved, Yay! Clean windows again..! Also did some groceries, bought a new toaster, last one stopped working after 25yrs.. crappy manufacturing! I might paint a little tonight, my girl is going to visit her friends ( all female, so I'll stay home and be safe...) youngest vixen has a party... Oldest will be home, but I'll just utter the magic phrase and I will be able to paint. Magic phrase: