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  1. We went for a little stroll today. ( 10 KM) Visited the little village of Lottum and it's surroundings. This is famous for the roses and the blueberries. So we ended the trip in a little teahouse with a piece of Blueberry pie for my girl and a waffle with icecream, cream and warm blueberry compote. I also brought home a few bottles of Blueberry Beer and Liqueuer.
  2. Question the 25th of May: What tabletop miniature games do you play currently? What games would you like to play? None, I paint for display. I have played Warhammer and 40K a few times in my youth. I did play Heroquest a lot when it came out. That's it..I play on PC these days.
  3. I saw it! *** Waves paws*** *** The Glitterwolf is very young and attractive, he has not aged at all!!!***
  4. Good work on the shrooms and the flying wizard. That Goblin will fit in somehow..he looks eager enough to earn a place among the madness. Keep it up Al! I love your world.
  6. Very creepy and cool work! Love the little rat! That corpse looks like it is terrified of the rodent!
  7. Nice work. As for the socalled sandpaper look, I once had that happening due to a bad spray can of primer. I mostly use brush on primer these days, works well.
  8. Very cool bunch of Gobbos!
  9. WOOF APPROVES!!!! It's a Holiday today so we will go for a hike. Work tomorrow then weekend. Monday last instructions and then tuesday I'll be off to France for almost a month for manouvres. I will not or very rarely post or visit during that time. Going to miss that a lot.... Now hoping all will be well. We will have to drive to the destination, more than 1000 KM. I didn't join the Air Force to have to drive to these things...!!!! What's the world coming to?
  10. Awesome!
  11. Nice!
  12. Undead Dragon!!! Yes! Go for it!
  13. Very cool job!
  14. Happy B-Day Doggy!!! *** Comes running with cans filled with gasoline*** *** Wolves to the rescue!*** From the sound of things, he is not alone...no need to rush..