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  1. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/27/asia/dinosaur-discovery-australia/index.html
  2. And Otherworld, Dark Sword, Zenith, Iron Kingdoms, Ral Partha Europe, Battlefield Berlin, El Greco Miniatures, And...and.... Yeah...I'm helping!!!
  3. I like to think I stimulate the Economy!!!!
  4. March 27: On the subject of office/workplace/friend pranks/practical jokes have any good stories? A few decades ago, I was a Sergeant and I was Floormanager of an Air Force Warehouse. I had a few civilian youngsters working as temps, and one of them was a real Pain in the Elf. So.. when I discovered a dried flat almost mummified mouse...I put it in his working shoes... I learned he could jump quite high!
  5. Another Snek arrived, Converting will happen soon.
  6. Cool! And as far as I know that is a Gorkamorka Wheel. http://gorkamorka.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/monowheel_thumb2.png
  7. Thank you! I never played that game...maybe I saw a screenshot once? Anyway happy you like it!
  8. He is! Let's face it someone who thinks he is a Drow is better off with one of those than a Doctor. Being a Technicoloured Wolf or a Frostdragon is perfectly normal of course!
  9. **** RRRROOOO???****
  10. WOOF Medical Unit at your service!!!
  11. I love that big Dino thing.. The rank and file are not really my thing, odd since I'm building the Lost World with any Reptilian Mini except GW at the moment. Hmm I do have an OOP Stegadon and Metal Terradons though. I think I will one day pick up one of those Troglodons, maybe the New Stegadon and a Carnosaur. I also like the Forgeworld Kroxigor and the OOP Kroxigors and Salamanders ( the Dimetrodon like ones).
  12. YES!!! Maybe it was the sheer thought of goat milk?
  13. Strange huh? I get that feeling from the new Lizardmen, I do like the bigger Dino thingies, but the rank and file are somehow not really my cup of tea. Odd, since I'm basically creating Lustria... Oh... This slithered in today. His head is slightly smaller than that of the Anaconda, but maybe if I include a part of the neck it would be believable. A "Sneckccident" is waiting to happen.
  14. Welcome! He looks good! Remember, with Bones, you need to wash them ( lukewarm water and dishwasher soap) then dry. Also, first coat of paint..do NOT dilute it with water as you normally do. Bones repell water. After the first coat, you can dilute as normal. Some people use a Liner from Reaper as a primer for Bones. Hope this is useful to you! Have fun and keep showing your work!