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  1. *** Pops up from his mountain of unpainted minis*** We use Goblin Math on this forum. That means one can never have more ( or less) than 20 minis. So it's just 20! When Bones III arrive ( no matter how many you got) there will be only 20 minis to paint. *** Sinks back into the mountain of unpainted minis***
  2. Scale is 1/9. The bust itself is roughly 10cm / 4,5 inch tall.
  3. Good job! Love the eyes and the cloak!
  4. You did a great job on it! As for mold lines on plastic, I usually use an exacto knife to cut those away, on metal minis I use a little file.
  5. Excellent work!
  6. You are aware that this purple kitten is vewy vewy dangerous aren't you? I suggest we discuss the matter in a secret place, so we can plan our countermove...since our HQ is secret we better meet at your HQ, agreed?
  7. Of Course!!! She is the main inspiration for this! But she doesn't have an account here..maybe her father could correct that situation?
  8. Looks nice so far. I get reasonable good results with my cell phone. Some cell phones make better pics than older cameras. Keep up the good work.
  9. Very nice!
  10. Looking good! I'm not going to guess, cause I might be wrong..
  11. Looks nice from what I can see. Could you post a bigger pic? And rotate it...
  12. Well in that case credits go to: @knarthex @Pezler the Polychromatic @malefactus Also thx to @Chaoswolf @Jasper_the_2nd @ub3r_n3rd You're input, and even providing minis/flock etc... is well appreciated. As is your following and commenting.. All others who follow and like and comment, you also have my gratitude.
  13. Nice! Use a little brush on sealer.
  14. THX CW! Not much to add anymore. Alsnia of course, the Lizard skull and I want to put a tropical bird on top somewhere. And of course Tanith's crown of flowers. Maybe a little more flock.. I think I'm close to getting it finished, but it will have to wait till I have more free time. Yes it is, and a lot of fun. Of course I know there are some people I can blame for this...