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  1. Yes! I got home yesterday. Glad to be here again! And now..I'm going to bed...See ya all tomorrow.
  2. fulfilling

    I just read the update. Thx Bryan! I'm looking forward to receive my 20 minis. Soooo many ideas.
  3. Cheering you on!!! AAARRRROOOOO!!!!!
  4. Good progress! I wish both of you well.
  5. Interim question for Friday June 23 What's something you hatred as a kid, but like as an adult? Specifically thinking about food/drink, but whatever... Going to bed early...
  6. The one with the Torpedoes is a 2 person Seehund / Seal. Actually on this Wiki site, the bottom pic is the same sub in Brest.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seehund Thx all for the welcome home. Glad to be back. It was, and I did attend some great parties, sadly I can't post pics from that because we are in uniform with name tags and all..
  7. Great !!! Very nice job!
  8. It works very well!!! Good thinking!
  9. Incredible! I love the new citizens!