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  1. Shenannigans!!!! Sorry I do not hangout...
  2. @David Brawley I will try to paint tomorrow!! My Lost World / Tanith's Awakening needs more attention, and I'm still working on that Beastman Bust. It would be fun if Brutus could play with the Corgis. He loves to play with other doggies.
  3. Goblins are great and I love Gnomes and Fairies. Especially the twisted psycho ones from you world. I do like the paintjobs on dwarfs and elves, I just like the evil races more. The odd thing is I love the LOTR movies and there I'm cheering for the stunties and pointy ears..oh well...
  4. Behold the graceful Boxer!!! I do not hang out.. Are you ok???
  5. That's a lot to think about.
  6. Nice !!!
  7. I love all painted minis! Especially yours. But I consider Dwarfs and Elves to be meat for my Reptiles and Chaos Beasts, and maybe as new recruits for my Undead.. Dwarfs are sturdy meat, marinated in beer and smoke...Yummie! Elves are more tender, more like an appetizer...
  8. Tomorrow the Netherlands celebrate Kingsday, so I got the day off. Hoping to get some hobby time
  9. Nope, but I prefer firearms over blades. Also a big fan of the Avengers in my youth so a bulletproof bowler hat is also a possibility. Ask me again when I finished Tanith's Awakening.
  10. As for the Swordcanes...I'd rather have a gun umbrella..
  11. Mooving through the thread. I'm glad we kept it on track this time...
  12. *** Calls exterminator, yeah, we seem to have a Dwarf problem!*** *** It seems they're breeding and they look dangerous!***
  13. Nice progress!
  14. Dwarfs!!! *** Files teeth and claws, dinner is served!!!*** looking forward to see them marinated painted!
  15. Awesome! *** Wir sind am Ostfront???? Deswegen ist es so kalt!!!*** *** Sind das die Russen? Bitte mach das Panzer fertig!!!***