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  1. Love these!!!
  2. Awesome! That one Shroom is holding a head! Creepy!
  3. If you got a police report, you might use it to convince the bank that it is really a case of identity fraud. Good luck!
  4. Wow that is bad! I do hope you can do anything about it. File a report with the Police about Identity Theft?
  5. I like that idea! Very cool!
  6. *** AH! Found you!!!*** *** Runs to the Sabretooth to tag him, doesn't slow down in time and knocks the Sabretooth down from Mount Grayskull*** *** Looks down at @Grayfax who seemed to have fallen in what must be @ub3r_n3rd's pile of dirty laundry*** *** Sees the sabretooth rising from the pile with a especially dirty piece of loincloth on his head, eemmmm are you okay buddy? ***
  7. fulfilling

    Erm...yeah..that's ehhh great!!! Enjoy @Beagle!!!!
  8. Congrats!!!! **** Runs through the cave searching for the Sabretooth*** *** Knocks over some statuettes and a Coffeemachine***
  9. *** Peeks around corner*** *** Can we start demolishing things now?***
  10. @ub3r_n3rd sent me a gift. A nice magnet from Las Vegas, a Bombshell Pirate Girl and a few Rackham Confrontation Minis. Besides that ( an awesome gift already) he sent me a painted version of my avatar. Many thanks Paul! I love it. It has a special place in my display cabinet ( next to George's @knarthex who had sent me a little wolf painted in the colours of my avatar a while ago) Thanks! I wanted to show it to the Forum, it deserves a Show Off.
  11. *** Comes Running*** *** Is it time yet ?**
  12. I do! Thanks again!
  13. I like that colour!
  14. It's fantasy, I think you decide where any colour will be !!!
  15. Tonight youngest stepvixen returns from her boozefest hellraising vacation in Spain with friends. Don't tell her I missed her ...she will use it against me.
  16. @canuckotter go for it!! PAINT!!!!!
  17. We hiked on the Mookerheide last week, and today we went to Helenaveen. Ended up eating an icecream Some pics:
  18. My girl and me like to hike, stroll, walk... We often follow trails that lead through rural areas, nature, forest or historical sites. I would like to share a few pics, so I can show you what the Netherlands look like aside from the big cities and harbour. Yes...we do have tulips and windmills...but not everywhere. I hope you guys and girls and creatures like it. These were made today, due to Liberation Day I had the day off ( not everyone has a free day but the Military does). An Anthill, A Windmill and Tulips, some nice mushrooms attached to a tree and a statue of BACON.
  19. My girl and me went for a little hike about 11 km. Also I received a surprise package from B.A.R.F. Ub3r sent me an awesome gift, you can see it here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75733-xherman1964-wolf-avatar-a-gift-from-ub3r_n3rd/
  20. I will paint and create a Reptilian Army pure for fun. It will consists of many different kind of Reptiles and Amphibians. Mostly Snakemen, Lizardmen, Frogmen, Dragonmen, Turtlemen, Fishmen, Dinosaurs and Insects. I will happily include any monster I think will fit. Khanjira will be the centrepiece at some sort as the Living Lizard God. I do not play any games, so this will be pure for my own and (I hope your) fun to create. EDIT: The above was my original plan, over time and thanks to the comments made by other Forumites, this has developed into a story. This resulted in more Factions I wanted to build and paint, so this Project now also includes Pirates, Conquistadores, Native Warriors based on Inca/Aztec/Maya cultures. EDIT: And now it will also include some Undead! *********** Captain Luigiano and his army had been travelling through the jungle for weeks now. The sunlight was blocked by the dense canopy of trees. Some of the men had contracted fever, and those darn mosquitos were a big nuisance! He looked at the golden plaque he had obtained. Gold, with a snakeman made out of gems on it. With this he had convinced the men to follow him. Somewhere in this accursed jungle there was a city made of gold, he was sure of it. They would conquer this city and become rich beyond belief. He looked at his army, they even had a few cannons. Nothing would stop them! Finally they reached a clearance. The men were pleased, at least they could see the sun again. They took a rest and a drink, tended to the sick. Suddenly they heard a loud roar from the other side of the clearing. Birds flew away, trees where falling! Some poison darts flew and two soldiers fell, they died before they hit the ground. A loud roar and an enormous terrifying Lizard appeared. One soldier died out of fear from just looking at it. Then the Reptilian Horde emerged from the Jungle. **************************

    I need Prehistoric Monsters, Meso American Myhtologic Monsters, Reptiles , Carts, Wagons, Siege Weapons and such. A large Phoenix might be awesome too. I'm not sure if I will back. On the one hand, good value for awesome minis, but it is very soon, I received Bones III yesterday! And I'm still a bit cranky over some stuff. I'm also concerned about the situation in that part of the world.
  22. fulfilling

    Didn't get those. Aside from Dagon and Masha'af I don't have many more, As a matter a fact, I gave Cthulhu to my son. The sphinx is awesome, I really wanted her. Kyra and Lavarath are a bit dissapointing to me, the Dragon is great, but Kyra is very small, it seems like a child. I might sell that one together with some stuff I didn't care for from skullhaven expansion. I don't need thugs and kobolds. The Plants, The Naga, The Jungle Titan, the Armadillo man and the Iron Golem and Behir where what I really wanted from that one.
  23. Cool start!