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  1. As I mentioned in your other thread, I love this! Great cheerful character.
  2. 77172: Malek

  3. DSM3103 Glenraven female rogue with sword and dagger

    Just put some brush on sealer on the base as well. It will protect it
  4. Happy Birthday Rogue1138 !

    Happy Birthday @Rogue1138 !!! Have a wonderful day!
  5. Happy Birthday Lt. Coldfire !

    Happy Birthday @Lt. Coldfire !! Have a wonderful day!
  6. Happy Birthday Viking_hank !

    Happy Birthday @viking_hank !!! Hope you have a great day!
  7. Pond Wars Minis are awesome. @malefactus has provided me with a few a while ago which I painted or my Lost World project. Any idea where those Iguanas came from? I have Toads as mounts.
  8. House Figmentius Common Room, All Are Welcome

    They have these weekly deals. This week ( till 24th) you get the small townhouse when ordering a Noble Townhouse or a Mansion. Last week you could get a free Tower when ordering a Gatehouse. So I'm looking at it, and I really liked the Noble Townhouse. If they make another deal including a Blacksmith/Merchant/Watermill or Inn I might be in trouble again.
  9. House Figmentius Common Room, All Are Welcome

    Pfft I iz too smartz to fall into traps!! Oopsie!!! Ordered, I mean I get the smaller house for free... How could I resist?
  10. So I won't buy anymore minis for a while... Nobody said anything about buildings right? So I ordered the Noble Townhouse and a Water well and I'm getting a Townhouse for free!! Now to wait for delivery.
  11. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Thx First Hospital visit, next Tuesday.Next one April 16th. When I get good news on these two occassions I will be fine. And indeed, I do know, I probably AM fine... But these little nagging voices tell me otherwise. I should relax and wait, since I can't do anything about it, so why worry? Well..that's a thing..Why worry? Oops I just did...
  12. Confrontation "Spirits of the Forest"

  13. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Fun and Display. Bust - Kabuki Anne Bonnie Pirate Queen Reaper Nagendra Warrior for my Lost World Project Samurai Zombie from Clan Wars for my Nippon Land of the Rising Moon Project.
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    No it isn't fair! Poor Vamps! You need to paint more Vampires and respect the Undead! Keep those thugs in check please! I'm taking the afternoon off. Got a severe case of brainweasels mostly fears for what my hospital appointment will bring. Rationally..there should be no problem or just a minor thing. My brain keeps telling me I'm doomed... Stupid brain..
  15. Reaper figures for Legends of Andor

  16. Crowley's Stone Giant

    Nice! So eehh how does PUI works out for you? Painting Under Influence?
  17. Stucco color?

    Something like Creamy Ivory and maybe mix in a little brown? Depending on how Yellow or White you want it. Look at Scale 75 Iroko and Mojave White
  18. cracks in paint appearing on models

    Are these soft plastics? I remember this happening in my youth to old Airfix plastic soldiers as well. Did you use a brush on sealer? This might help.
  19. OneBoot Experiments with SHINY Paints!

    Vallejo has metallic medium to mix with normal paints. Also keep in mind to pierce the tip of the Scale 75 bottles, these come closed. This is also true for any Andrea paints.