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  1. I have other ways to deal with Clowns.
  2. I like the new additions! The new large cap is my favorite!
  3. Given my own experience with Reaper Customerservice, you can keep it. Also I wonder if you will get the head, you might get a whole new dragon... It happened to me with Bones III, a chimeara missed his snakehead and the Undead Tyrant missed his cape. I got both completely new!
  4. *** Leans back in comfy chair, folds paws, smiles evilly....**** *** Gooooddd gooodddd gooooddd****
  5. I love nature and am not easily scared by an animal. The only animal that would scare me to death is one of the deadly sharks when I would be in the same water. ( Great White, Tigershark, Hammerhead or Bullshark would freak me out.) I did encounter an Angelshark young once, loved to see it, when I noticed a larger shadow approaching I got out of the water. Clowns? These days chances are I will kick a clown in the balloons if I spot one..
  6. Go for it Mori!!!
  7. He has a stern look in his eye! Great work so far! I love the colours on this one, very cool!
  8. That red head is awesome, great eyes!
  9. There are many painted versions of this. Look around for inspiration. I did one too years ago and gave her anime style look.
  10. We have a Dutch saying that translates as "Shared pain is half the pain" so I'll take this as moral support. Also today and tomorrow training course in another city and Friday Yay!!! I hope your brother will come to his senses soon. You don't need that right now! WOOF scientists have studied this proposal. Conclusion: Sounds like a good plan! Advice: Do it!
  11. Really? Hmm Odd... Great new stuff!!! Care to share which hosting program you use? Photobucket has gone evil..
  12. I was thinking a bit like Snotlings compared to Orcs/Goblins. You would find the little critters everywhere in a Greenskin camp/army. They could use the large shroom as a weapon platform. Or not... You're not the only one who can get carried away...
  13. I used a plastic container ( had cookies in it..brps..) Foam, baking paper and water. Has been ok for me for years now..
  14. That Demonic Elephant? Looks awesome!
  15. *** Brps*** Aaaarrr!!! I wouldn't know las!
  16. WOOF ANNOUNCEMENT. Three WOOF Bombers are on their way to their target!!!! WOOF OUT!
  17. I can see the larger ones of this species carrying sporelings on their cap. ( smaller ones..spores...babies...young...)