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  1. Teased in the Bones 4 livestream, here's a screen cap.
  2. Live

    By pure coincidence my current campaign involves multiple factions trying to get their hands on a dead dragon for various purposes. One of them plans to reanimate it. Unfortunately all of us work full time and the campaign is moving pretty slowly, so I might have the dragon painted by the time I need it...
  3. Live

    The cat dragon makes the most sense to me as a mousling villain, and can be decently scary for that purpose. Mouslings aren't chibis though.
  4. Live

    Confuse me if I'm wrong, but I think that means the currently revealed expansions won't be further expanded but an additional expansion is likely still coming. (Also there's nothing stopping them adding more Chrono/Dreadmere themed stuff as their own things even if they aren't included in the expansion itself.)
  5. Live

    I am going find a way to make a PC out of Bufo some day.
  6. Live

    If you are painting Baba Yaga's hut you better be cooking up a big pot of shchi.
  7. Live

    The illiterate Philistines in my campaign don't know it, but there is a ton of Leiber in my campaigns, and I want the hut for exactly this reason. Yeah, I was the weird kid who took the list out of the original DMG and skulked used book stores for years afterward. Seeing the reading list in the 5E DMG makes me so happy even if I have opinions about what should have been on it.
  8. Live

    With Reaper using the Fat Dragon maps I was thinking they should do a fat dragon mini....
  9. Live

    Yeah, but then I'm gonna need another tree for the legs. "What's the other tree doing?" "Running away. With all the treasure."
  10. Live

    If the tree and hut are part of an expansion I'm all in for that one, but I'd rather the tree wasn't - I don't anticipate a need for more than one hut but I could definitely see more than one tree.
  11. Live

    Oooooh Tree of Despair in the latest update's preview video, cool. Evil trees are a somewhat frequent feature of campaigns of mine...
  12. Live

    Cat 1 Dragon 0
  13. Sounds like a clear case of self defense then.
  14. What, you mean, like, just walk up and, uh, talk to people? What did I get myself into
  15. Does ReaperCon host any panel discussions or Q&A type events (vs classes), on subjects that are informative or interesting but not directly related to techniques?