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    Dragon sizes

    I haven't got around to assembling Deathsleet yet but it looks like it would fit on its back legs on a 3" base, but dragon parts would be hanging out in all directions. Ebonwrath is four on the floor in a 2"x4" footprint, again with tail/head/wings everywhere.
  2. lazylich

    Just ruined a Ghast.

    Ghasts were one of the first Bones minis I painted and ... they were also my first go at using Simple Green. It's a good thing ghasts are kind of gnarly looking anyway.
  3. lazylich

    Reaper MSP HD... washes?

    As far as I know Reaper paints sold by Amazon all come from third party sellers, even if it's fulfilled by Amazon, so Amazon doesn't necessarily know where the paint came from or how long its been sitting. As a rule Amazon is pretty good about making it right, so if you buy something from Amazon and its possible to check the paint and contact their customer service in a reasonable time, do so. Though its only partial consolation if you were planning to paint all weekend...
  4. Although I'm pretty busy with work most of the time and have at least double the hobbies I really ought to, my real problem is motivation and time management, not hours in the day.
  5. lazylich

    Reaper Online Store Revision

    Reaper gonna need more Bryans the way things are looking.
  6. lazylich

    Boiling Bones: Hardware

    This is possibly the silliest solution, but I've used my sous vide cooker instead of boiling on a stove.
  7. Ratmen minions/troops (also from the discussion of new hordes of minions in that B4 thread).
  8. lazylich

    Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    There was a decent ratmen set in Bones 2 but I could use a little horde of rattie mooks.
  9. lazylich

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    I ended the campaign with a pledge in but still in considerable uncertainty about what I'll actually pick in the pledge manager. DF KS's have way too many moving parts.
  10. lazylich

    [SPLIT] RC2017 Rooms thread

    What's going on at the hotel(s) that one would want to be near? I thought the con itself was happening at the event center a ways away (and HGI was bent out of shape about that). (I haven't been to an RC so if this is obvious to everybody else sorry to be dense)
  11. lazylich

    [SPLIT] RC2017 Rides thread

    It looks like the block hotels are a fair distance from the event venue itself. Are there any group transportation arrangements or is it every nerd for themselves (rental/rideshare/bus)? Is there anything going on in the "hotel" area that you want to be nearby for?
  12. I'd probably prime with Vallejo airbrush primers, and I haven't had trouble with that stuff on Bones. FWIW I have tried Army Painter spray primers with good results, and I haven't heard of troubles with that brand specifically, although I wouldn't trust a random hardware store spray can and I'll probably stick with the airbrush stuff.
  13. This feels like a dumb newbie question but: is there any issues or gotchas with mixing materials when modifying or converting minis and making bases? (Other than a light plastic mini falling over thanks to its big metal weapon I guess.) Obviously I'd need a primer that works on all of them, and it seems like CA glue ought to keep them all together, anything else?
  14. lazylich

    Weta Workshop uses Reaper paints!

    Hmm, I've always thought of it (when used non-technically) as describing something metaphorically analogous to living processes, as in "The English language evolves organically." I wouldn't use it to describe rust broadly, personally. (Although I am strongly on the descriptivist side of linguistics, I do wish programmers would stop using "entropy" for not-thermodynamics in cryptography.)
  15. lazylich

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    There's a DF forum thread on retrofitting magnets to KS1/2; I'd like to try it but haven't got around to it yet. I know there aren't allowances for magnets in the KS3 sewer set, but maaaaybe that's when they first started doing a couple wall doodads? Not for sticking to metal bases though.
  16. Ok, I really got my start with Bones 2, so far I have mostly been dealing with gluing Bones bits together. I'll keep the epoxy in mind if I run into problems with some Frankenstein creation...
  17. lazylich

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    Yes; also yes and definitely in general yes. I find each DF KS more confusing than the last because there's so much different stuff and so many different combinations to buy it in. I actually bought ONLY the sewers from KS 3, partly as a cost-saving measure and partly because that what I knew I could use the most, but also because I just couldn't figure out what I needed from the "main" KS. I am probably going to end up cherry-picking from the current KS as well, although mainly I've realized I just don't need tons of the stuff.
  18. lazylich

    Crazy Lady from Wyrd

    Great stuff... Those mushrooms could stand on their own, let alone be someone else's base.
  19. This was mentioned in another thread: Sprues of freaky, mutant, and otherwise dubious body parts seems like a handy thing for modifications, in addition to things like weapons and spell effects. It would also be cool to have other detritus that would be useful for modding or basing: skulls, books, packs and bedrolls, bits of gear, etc.
  20. lazylich

    Zenithal Priming

    If you have a can of grey, try an intermediate grey layer so you get a nice black-grey-gradient. With that approach you will probably only need a little bit of white. I think the perfect angle will depend on the model and how you want it to look - I tend to emphasize the face and front of the model more than the back. Definitely experiment. If you want the priming to show through you will want some transparency to your paint obviously, but you can also just take a picture and use it as a lighting reference for later.
  21. lazylich

    Top Secret Espionage RPG

    It looks that way - the description in the campaign page describes rolling 3 dice of varying size where you are always trying to beat 13. Not sure how that will work in play, sounds a bit clunky. But whatever, spies are cool. (Spycraft was always on my list of stuff to try but never got a quorum for a group.) Was the TSR trademark up for grabs at some point? I would have assumed it went with D&D and all the rest of their IP to WotC.
  22. lazylich

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    My group almost always uses DF at some point in the game, although we do not build a dungeon out in advance, we set up encounter areas as needed on the fly. Consequently, we don't use a lot of the special decorative pieces - if we had 2 or 3 classic basic sets we'd probably be fine. It's just our group's play style however, partly improvised, and tolerant of the slight delay while the dungeon master plays with the toys. I would like to do a big, immersive pre-built dungeon with all the fancy bits (I do have some of them), I just haven't really had a chance to properly set up like that because it takes time. I'm planning to try out the magnetic trays and a couple other ideas to see if that helps me set up and transport pre-built areas more easily, because it would be fun to do the big immersive thing once in a while. (I DM but we play at a friend's house, and that also impacts how much pre-setup I can do.) Look at how prepared you can be, how much you can set up in advance, and what pace you want to set in the game, whether your players will tolerate in-game setup time. That might help you decide how much you'd really put to use in actual play. I do think it helps players visualize and use more creative terrain tactics during play. It definitely adds value if you can deal with the setup.
  23. lazylich

    Dwarven Forge KS5 Back to the dungeon

    Yeah, the magnetic base seems like a cool idea and I've wanted to try DIYing a solution for a while anyway. Maybe I'll try epoxying some magnets on a couple of existing pieces and see how it goes; there's a DF forum thread on it. As with several others, though, I'll probably just get a few extras to enhance the collection I have - decorative trove, an elevated platform or two, magnetic stuff, and maybe a couple daises.
  24. lazylich

    Bones IV pre-launch & news

    Wasn't part of the reason DF decided to go ahead with their latest KS that they didn't want to compete with holiday toy manufacturing for factory capacity?
  25. lazylich

    03595: Mini Monsters

    Ooh those look useful.