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    Going Native: From out of the Mists

    How are the Makah harpooners going to compare to the regular PNW harpooners? Are they fairly similar or is the Makah model fancier or different poses or ? I'm terrible at imagining models from concept art.
  2. lazylich

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    For what its worth my Ebonwrath has the same flaw. I did not boil mine, I used an sous vide immersion cooker to heat it longer at somewhat below boiling so it didn't get totally floppy. That's a nice job. :)
  3. lazylich

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    UPS indeed... As I feared, my shipment finally got a scan in the middle of the night... and updated the delivery schedule from Friday to Monday. Well I guess I'm painting OLD Bones this weekend. Private carrier just aren't allowed to deliver to PO boxes by the post office unfortunately.
  4. lazylich

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Yeah, I knew I was after the truck on Friday and didn't expect anything over the long weekend... but I have my patience issues. :)
  5. lazylich

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Any idea what time UPS usually starts scanning packages at the hub after the day's truck arrives? I've been waiting since Friday afternoon for signs of life on package tracking...
  6. lazylich

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Ah yes, now swells the inevitable chorus of "why didn't I buy the ..."
  7. lazylich

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Got my email/tracking number today. 1:30 PDT which is after the truck leaves, right? So it'll be sitting on a pallet on Reaper's outbound dock until Tuesday? (I'm not actually in the biggest rush since I'll be out of town on business all week... but it would be nice if it was waiting when I got back.)
  8. lazylich

    I felt the earth move tonight

    Hmm, the news said it was felt in Seattle, but not by me I guess. Glad everyone's ok.
  9. I'm a 3D printing newbie, but I have a printrbot simple that I've been using with the Dragonlock models (the Dwarven Forge-like KS that ran a couple months ago). Making a single corner piece with that takes 5-6 hours. I could probably squeeze that down some by tweaking settings but I don't want to compromise the quality too far (I'm still kind of getting the quality dialed in first). The tower and wall components in this KS look substantially larger than that, I could imagine them taking twice as long to print. I did back this one as well, I like the idea of 3D printed terrain.
  10. lazylich

    Orc skintone

    I also used the olive triad, plus an Army Painter green tone. One of these days I'm going to try a couple purple orcs, though.
  11. lazylich

    Dwarven Forge Caverns Tabletop Paint Job

    Very nice. I got a couple prepainted sets from the DF kickstarter(s) but I'm going to be painting a bunch of 3D printed stuff later on (the Fat Dragon stuff which should be decent once I get all my temperatures dialed in).
  12. lazylich

    Giant Slug

    Well that earns Thunderbolt Mountain a mention in my Evernote list of sources of cool minis. Where I live slugs are basically the state bird...
  13. Started working on my first Bones dragon project today (it's been a busy December, so a little free time for painting is sort of a Christmas present). This is the first time I've tried doing any shading or gradient sort of thing with an airbrush, mostly in the past I've just used it for priming, base coats and varnish. It's a little patchy in spots but I'm pretty happy with the overall result and it went on quick. Vallejo black primer with Reaper Ruddy Leather/Oiled Leather/Burnt Orange triad on the wings. I'll do the rest with a paintbrush, but it was a nice start.
  14. lazylich

    Ebonwrath 77102 with an airbrush

    A little bit of progress, adding the leathery colors to the dorsal frill and ventral plating, as well as touching up some black areas that got a bit of overspray, particularly the bones in the wings. Being still a learner, I'm a little unsure what to do about bringing out the details in the scales. Maybe I should have started with a brown base coat and washed it black or something. Individually highlighting scales probably exceeds my limited capacity for focus... (Somewhere on my list of lessons-to-be-learned is "plan ahead" but there are so many more fun-sounding things...)
  15. lazylich

    Ebonwrath 77102 with an airbrush

    I did learn those lessons the hard way, and I think the smaller nozzle is a less forgiving of underthinning. There's also air pressure, thinning being more important at lower pressures, like I used to do the gradient here. I'm not having so many clogging problems any more, fortunately, but I still have a lot to learn.
  16. lazylich

    Ebonwrath 77102 with an airbrush

    Iwata HP-B. I maybe should have started with a larger nozzle (especially when I clog it and have to clean it out) but I did eventually want to try finer stuff on both minis and scale models (hey, where did those goblins get a T-34?). That demon is great.
  17. lazylich

    Photoshop Questions

    With your lighting setup with 5850K lights, I would set the camera on Outdoor, it's in the range for daylight color temperature (around 5300K-6500K depending). The problem with auto is that it will try to guess from the mix of colors in the frame, and may be wrong for a colorful subject (i.e. a brightly painted mini). I usually use aperture priority (occasionally manual) so I can control depth of field (and keep an eye on shutter speed if it gets too slow for a handheld shot).
  18. lazylich

    miniature related gifts

    Got some Vallejo Black Lava texture paint.
  19. lazylich

    I'm ReaperBryan. AMA (Ask Me Anything)*! Part II

    If I remember correctly isn't he a collector of miniature knights?
  20. lazylich

    Cavern Gray Scale

    That's quite nice, I can already picture dwarves running for their lives through it.
  21. lazylich

    "How Did You Come Across Reaper Miniatures" Stories

    I can't remember which happened first - either some friends and I discovered Reaper at a PAX paint-and-take event, or one of said friends was a Bones 1 backer and then we went to PAX later. Either way, I have a terrible but colorfully painted knight that's my first Reaper mini from PAX.
  22. lazylich

    77377 Frog Demon

    My Bones Frog Demon. Demons should be attention-grabbing so I (loosely) based the color scheme on poison dart frogs. Also, I've tended to end up with drab minis in the past so I'm trying out some more aggressive colors. Gloss varnish to hopefully look damp and slimy.
  23. lazylich

    77377 Frog Demon

    I didn't intend for this to be a WIP thread, but I got some advice in another thread about doing better basing. So here is a first attempt. Since I'd done the dart frog I went for a rainforest terrain look instead of something more abyssal. It's an upside-down 3" base (so that the rim holds the water) with green-stuff ground and boulders (they're pretty big for 28mm scale; I didn't find any actual gravel that I liked for this one). Rocks and underwater shading with an airbrush. Model railroad tree of no particular scale. Turns out I have a couple pretty good model train stores nearby, although I haven't found a miniatures game store with more than a few random GW leftovers for basing yet.
  24. lazylich

    03725: Moandain, Arch Lich

    Color scheme works for me.
  25. A Bones Orc Berserker. I'm trying to learn to paint shading on skin, primarily, although I decided to do this orc in green with the olive greens triad. I also decided to try a rust effect for the armor (inspired by somebody's verdegris post). I started with a Ruddy Brown base, heavy drybrushed steel over it, and then dabbed bits of the lava triad oranges on it with my most goofed up drybrush brush. I should make my players save against tetanus with this guy. I see from the zoomed up image that I seemed to have left some gaps in his armpits which is really frustrating, and I'm starting to get bummed out about my lack of basing ability...