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  1. lazylich

    60149 Winter Witch 03490 Warg

    Those are impressive figures individually, and the terrain is great. (Also the weasel rules.)
  2. lazylich

    Oh Rats! WIP

    Cool... I got 2 of these from the B2 KS although I haven't finished painting them yet... I don't think I've run a campaign yet that didn't have a ratmen conspiracy in it somewhere, so I'm gonna need to get these done.
  3. lazylich

    77059: Orc Berserker (Two Handed Sword)

    Thanks for the feedback and basing tips. Always more to learn (and shop for). Don't worry too much about me being too hard on myself - I have a self-critical nature, but I'm pretty happy with how this guy turned out overall.
  4. lazylich

    An Elf About Town

    That's a great mini, that's quite a base too.
  5. lazylich

    Well of Chaos (03569)

    I might be outing myself as a hopeless noob here, but how do you do the water effect? (It's great btw.)
  6. lazylich


    As I understand it, their airbrush paints do not contain cadmium pigments, but a few Model/Game Color (non-Air) paints do. MSDS page for Vallejo (hope its ok to link it here): http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/en_US/securityIt confirms Cd in Game Color and none in Model Air, but they don't have an MSDS for Game Air specifically.
  7. lazylich

    Longevity in the Reaper Offering of Paints

    Ok, I'll just keep looking/waiting then. I did find one old sku that isn't listed in the online store at all so I assume that's one of the discontinued ones.
  8. lazylich

    Longevity in the Reaper Offering of Paints

    I basically have the same question. There's a few things I'd like to get that seem to be out of stock, and at least one retailer has said they can't order (but I don't know if that just means they don't order things when they're out of stock on the Reaper site).
  9. lazylich

    Going Native: New World Monsters

    Oh man, I just discovered this, and I already feel like I've been burning money on gaming stuff lately. The models are great and I'm happy to see more variety beyond the D&D standards. Growing up in the PNW I want all those guys and a Sasquatch for sure. I was fascinated by those bird masks when I was a kid. That's only the start of the list but I'm really going to have to find out whether there's any more change in the couch now or if I'll have to wait for the general release (I hope they will be available after KS fulfillment...)
  10. lazylich

    The Monday Miniature: 2015

    Cool mole.
  11. lazylich

    Airbrush compressor

    I would have done this, but I know myself: I would have happily airbrushed away until the tank emptied, and then it would take me frustrating weeks to get around to getting the thing refilled. So, I bought a Sparmax (with a small tank on it, so it doesn't run continuously) and have been happy with it - it doesn't make more noise than a TV, vacuum, or neighbors grandchildren.
  12. lazylich

    So who is excited about ReaperCon 2016?

    Hmm, this is the same weekend as the US Grand Prix in Austin next year...
  13. Is there an airbrush-able sealer similar to Testor's Dullcote spray that anyone can recommend? Because of condo living/neighbors and weather I'd prefer not to spray stuff outside if I can find an alternative that I can airbrush inside (yes, fan/filter hood and mask).
  14. lazylich

    Airbrushable sealer like Dullcote?

    Thanks, I'll give those a try. I might have the Reaper sealer around already.
  15. I tried that palette and didn't really like it, it was too big to fit into my workspace. Ended up using just the paper with a small, shallow storage container and a sponge. Guess it depends on how you work and arrange your stuff.
  16. lazylich

    August 2015 Goals

    Finish painting a set of Bones 2 Oh Rats!
  17. lazylich

    Expected Dates for 2016 Reapercon...

    Came up in Kickstarter comments and I think Reaper said they'd be back at Prime and South but not East (and didn't comment on Aus).
  18. I backed the 2nd kickstarter, but when ordering add-ons made a mistake and ordered paint set 1 instead of paint set 2 which contained the new colors. I don't see this set or any of the colors in it in the online store. Is it possible to get these, are they coming later, or were they a KS exclusive? ("Is KS stuff in the store" has got to be a faq but I couldn't find an answer.)