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  1. TaleSpinner


    Frankie is light tan with a dark (and graying) face and dark ears. Enzo (the new puppy) is a black and chestnut brindle.
  2. Me too. Of course I bought other things as well, because I really NEED more miniatures.
  3. https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/johan/latest/01633
  4. I just did for the Jason Wiebe event.
  5. TaleSpinner


    Yeah, I'll pay $50+ for a resin, planning on it actually.
  6. TaleSpinner


    I just ordered mine! We totally need a Paint Jason contest once we all get our minis!
  7. TaleSpinner


    Photo from Rhonda Bender's ( @Wren) ReaperCon photo post.
  8. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    On Tuesday night, I worked to prep the stuff I needed my shop tools for. I cut out a blank for the rogue's fan, I sanded down and shaped the sorcerer's hat, and I used my new toy to make a wire square. I got my self a professional rolling mill. It is very awesome. Anyway, I used it to make a wire square and then twisted it to make a twisty wand for the Sorcerer. I also preped a sword for the bard and soldered a peg onto it and drilled a hole for the peg into the bard (the sword will be a separate part). New toy: Wand and sword with peg: Sorcerer with shaped hat (still needs more items added to the hat) and wand: Today at lunch, I sculpted a button for the Bard's belt-pouch to match the medallions on his back. I also sculpted the sword pommel and hanger. The bard is now done, save for making a slot base tab and cutting it up. Expect final pictures by the end of the weekend.
  9. I would like to play ___games____but it would take too much __time___ to _________ _________ ____ ______
  10. TaleSpinner

    80's Kids

    How did they get a picture of me from middle school; they obviously had one as reference for this:
  11. TaleSpinner

    Kristof65's A-Team 2083

    I'd tuck them in in that case.
  12. I just saw this now. I'm sad I missed it.
  13. To be honest, I don't play much anymore. The sculpting has become nearly all-consuming of my available free time. Does that mean I'm prepping for other people's games?
  14. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    YES!!! Uh oh, does that mean your rates are going up. Normal, I release all fish over a certain size on our lake, especially the bass and northerns. The big ones are the breeding stock. That said, we ended up having to keep her, since there was a malfunction with the tip-up and it never flagged. By the time I realized she was there, she'd swallowed everything and been fully played out. There was no way I could save her, so I dispatched her quickly, and we filleted her. My wife's parents took the two huge fillets home for dinner Monday night. I haven't heard how she tasted yet. We also kept a bunch of panfish and two medium sized (21 to 22 inches) northerns. We ate the pan fish for breakfast the next morning. They were amazing. I am pickling the northerns for Christmas. We'll have those instead of the usual herring.
  15. TaleSpinner

    Kristof65's A-Team 2083

    Murdock's Cap Use a diamond wheel on your dremel or a jeweler's saw and cut a slit in his forehead where you want the bib of the cap. Cut the bib out of thin brass sheet, making it a little long as a tab to fit into the slit you cut. Glue the bib into the slit; since it won't be cast, super glue is fine. Add a bit of curve to the bib's outer portion. Use a thin layer of GS to add thickness and texture to the bib (if needed) . Sculpt the cap over his head (I don't think you need instruction on this part, yes?). Note: If you check out some of my recent posts in the Boxer Rebellion WIP, you will see that I did this very thing with the scorcerer's high collar. B.A.'s Chains This a a bit tougher to explain. You could do it in a couple of ways. First you could find real chains and glue them on. They do make some amazingly tiny chains, but still too big for a mini. To sculpt it, I'd approach it as follows: Roll out a cylinder (snake) of GS to the approximate thickness of the mass of chains. Apply it around the neck and to his chest, sealing the ends together. Looking at your reference art, shape the whole mass, sealing it to him, paying attention to how the mass lays on him and the way gravity affects it. You may need to remove or add putty to get it right. Take time here and really study the mass from all angles. Clay Shapers are the right tool for this step. Start cutting in the individual strains of chains using a blade. Pay attention to you reference art and the way they twist and flow. Don't worry about making them look "Chain-like" now, just concentrate of getting the strands cut in and flowing right. Very lightly, with a touch lighter than a butterfly's fart*, dab at each chain strand to texture its surface, giving it a chain like appearance. Note that steps 3 through 5 will take a long time and probably won't be done until the putty is starting to set up. This would take me about 30 to 40 minutes; when I was learning to sculpt, it would have taken one to two hours. * Butterfly's Fart is copyright Gene VanHorne