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  1. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I soldered the sword in place. Then I sculpted it's legs.
  2. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I have the first one assembled and ready for sculpting: I'll add the sword later; it will be in the hand above the head.
  3. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    The answer is that is depends on the pendant. If you want to sand/carve it, then milliput (I personally hate Milliput, so I'd actually use a blend of Apoxie Sculpt and GS). For most of my detail work, I prefer the GS.
  4. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    And looks just like you too. I'm not sure who the guy you are wrapped around is though.
  5. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I invested, did the burn-out, and cast the bronze on Saturday. Here is the result: All pieces filled well. I then clipped them off and brushed them clean with a brass brush. They will still need a bit of file work, but on the whole, I am very pleased.
  6. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Joined Omada and got a FitBit. I am changing what I eat, the way I think about food, and how I exercise. 5, I think. I've been here since the beginning, so I really can't remember the early years stuff any more. It's been like 15 to 16 years or so.
  7. OneBoot's Lost ALL Her Marbles! DDS2 in 7 Days!

    Wow, just found this. You be crazy my friend, but you are one of the good kinds of crazy. Just one note, the gem on that staff is fantastic. I will strive to be extra vigilant on the forums this week so you can focus your efforts on the dragon better. One way or another, you'll kick this challenge's butt; you've got the BOOT after all.
  8. My Journey into Lost-Wax Metal Casting

    Thanks. This round, I'll probably leave them as they are, as I haven't yet obtained any LoS. I thought about it, but for now am happy with them. Maybe that will be a goal for the next casting of them. :) Have you ever tried playing with a torch on silver to purposefully induce firescale as a darkener?
  9. Hummingbird Swarm....miniature

    I'm trying to wrap my head around what a swarm of mini humming birds would look like. First, you can't really see their wings when flying. Second, a large hummingbird would be 2mm long and the beak would be tiny. I was considering doing this one pro-bono as I like helping kids get into the hobby, but I'm not sure where I would even start. Check out this scale shot: Now look at a mini and realize that each one would be smaller than a human mini's thumb. And I thought I was nuts doing the meerkats. How many hummingbirds = a swarm?
  10. Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Got the heads cast in wax. I used my scalpel and some heat to open the mouths of 3 of them. The lower jaws on those will need re-sculpting after casting, but this gives me a good armature to work from. Last night, I made the tree of turtle heads and weapons. I'll invest and cast these on Saturday. I think I'll try bronze again.
  11. My Journey into Lost-Wax Metal Casting

    The shank is way too thin and one eye is a bit too small. Both are the result of not knowing what I was doing while filing away imperfections and having to correct filing errors with more filing. My wife's version, which I finished last night, turned out a lot better as I was far more aware of the consequences of over working the metal, and had better file control. Shaping a ring with a file is surprisingly different than removing flash lines on a mini, and yet the skill from the minis applied, I just needed to understand the differences.
  12. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    Just the calendar. Supposedly it is spring. Photo taken yesterday here in MN:
  13. Getting to Know You, April 2018

    I had an Araucana when I was growing up. I hand reared her, and she liked to be held when I got home from school. She laid the prettiest light blue-green eggs.
  14. Fishnjeeps Exciting Announcement!

    Woot! Congratulations! You guys look so happy and excited. Seeing your happiness make me happy, thanks!