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  1. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I am going to list my phone, because part of this is I was curious at what phones and such people out there are using. I have a iPhone 6s, and iPad Air, and a Nexus I7 Laptop. As for other indispensable electronics, I'm really pretty manual. I use the iPad for holding and researching all of my sculpting references. The iPhone has become my primary business communication vehicle as well as taking most of my mini pictures, though I still break out the canon camera if I want more control over color and the like.
  2. TaleSpinner

    Owl Coin

    My father is one of those people who is always really hard to buy for. This year I drew his name for Christmas. He is an amazing woodworker and craftsman. I wanted to get him something he didn't have and wouldn't buy for himself. I was perusing Wood magazine, and saw an add for ID coins; essentially they are laser engraved metal coins that you countersink into the bottom of your woodwork to identify it as having come from your shop. The design is yours and they make the coins for you. I can do that, even better! So I started designing it. My dad loves owls; they are kind of his symbol already. Also, our last name is Pieper (pronounced Peeper), so every guy in my family going back at least 4 generations has been known by the nickname "Peeps" at some point in his life; it's kind of a family right of passage when your friends start calling you Peeps. So I am designing a 3/4 inch coin with a barred owl (his favorite) on it and the words "PEEPS WOODCRAFT". I will then mold it and cast a bunch of copies in bronze for him for Christmas. Last night, I sculpted the owl:
  3. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Oct 23: What kind of electronics do you use daily?
  4. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Has to read oriental though.
  5. TaleSpinner

    TaleSpinner Hallmark/Trademark

    Not yet. I intend to sculpt it into a stamp that I can cast and just press into the putty. I will also need to have a version made into a steel ring stamp for hallmarking. Hmm, I played with about 30 different iterations before arriving at this. Actually, I came up with the first concept of it when you were across the room from me in @Rainbow Sculptor's design class. I was playing with the shapes like she told us to do with the lion. I was playing with the letters TS and the look of my scalpel and tools and eventually came up with this. The 5 is something I saw in my early attempts. I guess I never saw a 9 in there. Hmmm.
  6. TaleSpinner

    TaleSpinner Hallmark/Trademark

    I'm not certain how much I've discussed this, but I operate my sculpting and soon my jewelry under the brand TaleSpinnerTM Minis or Jewelry respectively. Legally in the US, I am required to stamp all gold and silver jewelry I make with both a purity stamp and a hallmark. In the past, I have marked most of the minis I have sculpted with AP where the A is leaning against the P, but as I go forward I want to strengthen and embrace the TaleSpinner brand, so I am having TaleSpinner registered as a trademark. Along with it, I am creating a logo/hallmark that I can stamp into jewelry and inscribe on the bottom of my sculpts, which I will also register. Here is my preliminary mark, being a stylized TS. What do you think of it?
  7. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Over the weekend I built another wax tree of shell and head armatures and cast them: As you can see, the investment cracked and I got a web of flash again. I'm not entirely certain why that is happening. It only seems to happen when I cast in pewter. The high temp metals do not do this. I suspect that it happens during the cooling of the flask down to the temperatures needed for pewter casting. It isn't a big deal as the flash webbing is very thin and easily removed with a hobby knife. Here are the rough blanks I got from this casting: From these, I made the following armature sketches. I call them sketches as they are preliminaries that I have submitted to my client to see if he likes the poses before i start sculpting them. Cleric: Posed after the manner of the Happy Buddha. I felt that the rotundness of the turtles lent themselves well to this pose. Bard: Playing the long necked string that @Ulfheathen recommended. His one foot will be on a rock with the body of the instrument resting on his knee. I have to replace the left arm as it broke off as I was working it. I plan on having him wearing the traditional Chinese wide-brimmed, conical field hat. Sorcerer: As discussed several pages back, inspired by BTiLC. I still have to figure out a Ranger and a Rogue. For the former I am thinking of something mongol inspired. For the latter, I'm drawing a blank. These guys just don't seem sneaking to me.
  8. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Oct 22: What is the most difficult encounter you have ever faced in a game?
  9. TaleSpinner

    Darksword Wolf

    You do realize that I am personally targeting you with EVERYTHING I sculpt these days, right?
  10. TaleSpinner

    Darksword Wolf

    I sculpted this wolf for Darksword last spring. I got a couple copies of it last week. Friday night, I decided to paint a version of it for a friend's 11 year-old girl who is crazy about wolves. When asked how she wanted it painted, she said tan with black stripes and spots. That took me a bit to get my head around, but I took the challenge and here is what I painted. It took me about 3 hours.
  11. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    In my defense, I was on vacation and almost forgot about the question all together, so... Fine, lift all restrictions and go for it!
  12. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Oct 19-21: Weekend Quest (brought to you by TGP) Which fictional Earth would you most want to live on? The rules: Whatever day and year it is in the real world. That's the date in the fictional world. It has to be Earth-like. You cannot go to Westeros. You are the same person. You have the same job. You have the same post count on the forums. You have the option to move to a very similar place to where you live. You can move from a big American city to a fictional city based on an supposedly archetypal American city. You don't get super powers. If you are in the Harry Potter universe you are a Muggle. If you are in the Marvel universe you don't get to be a mutant or Inhuman.
  13. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    I just decided to take an extra 1/2 day off today, starting right now. As a result extra painting/sculpting may happen! WOOT!
  14. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know Each Other, October 2018

    Oct 18: The world is too negative lately; post something positive to make us smile today.