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  1. Beautiful, Siri! I love her! I finished Coraline this morning (woke up at 4 and couldn't stop thinking about her so I got up and finished her). I just finished packing all my sculpting and painting stuff. Now to clean the car and pack the clothes.
  2. Well, Coraline decided to throw one last (I hope) trick my way. I glued her to the base and realized afterward that her train was about .5 mm above the floor. The rest of her dress seated well. So instead of being done, I broke out the putty and extended the train until it looked natural on the floor. Now tomorrow I have to repaint the train. Thankfully, I took the day off tomorrow to pack and finish last minute stuff. Really? :)
  3. Brilliant! And it doesn't waste batteries. The tip on my wax pen is getting old. I may have to try this with a wood burner I have.
  4. Either will suffice.
  5. Wow, you do know me. Probably not though. That sounds like the sort of thing I could get in trouble for Do it!!!!!
  6. Yes. I had a dream about you and the platypi. In it I went to the Con and was looking around the contest. Behind every mini you had placed a painted platypus peeking out. Amphisbaena, Dark Fable Miniatures, and I already saw it so you are pre-qualified.
  7. I don't think I'm setting the bar too high though, considering the following count as some of mine:
  8. LOL, nope. He's in college now and can't afford to miss a whole week of classes.
  9. So the last two years, I gave a TaleSpun ribbon to anyone who talked to me. Well, the supply is starting to get a bit low, ~100 left, so this year I thought I'd make it a bit harder to get one. This year you get one in one of 2 ways: 1. Show me one of my sculpts painted by you (pictures are fine). 2. Attend one of my classes. I had a third method, but can't think of it now. If I do, I'll add that later. Andy
  10. I am. I expect to be done tonight or tomorrow night. Might start another one if time permits. Last year I was painting mine at the con up to about an hour before the deadline on Friday. (Is the deadline still on Friday this year?) Only 2.5 hours of work before my RCon vacation begins. Woot!
  11. Molly Ringwald
  12. Probably because it hales from the days of actual alchemists.
  13. Been watching it. Not bad so far; music is horrible. <cringe>
  14. Sweet, I will have to watch those when I get the time. Liver of Sulfur is a time-tested (like thousands of years) material for putting a patina on silver, bronze and other copper alloys. It is not as fast as some of the modern chemicals, but still works fantastic. You can get it from Jewelry supply shops like Rio Grande. From Wikipedia:
  15. Well, I have my entry 80% done. I just pulled off some of the most complex freehand work I've done to date. I finally have a good feeling about this entry. Just have her final skintones, darklining, touch-ups, and basing left. Woot!