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  1. He's a sea elf.
  2. Would be cool too to rework the smaller set of arms so that they are bent, elbows up and palms on the floor as if he's pushing himself up.
  3. So it looks like it is going to be Hakuna Matata, first. That was where I was leaning myself. Of course that means I'll be painting the meerkat 2 years in a row, but this time he'll have friends. I've got some awesome plans for this. I'll start a new topic when I start. Thanks all!
  4. A long time client of mine recently requested a set of 4 bunnies. Each is to be about 10mm at the shoulder. He sent me 4 pose photos and I created armatures. Here they are, each with it's respective photo: Today, I underpinned the sculpts, fleshing out he bodies: Have a great day, Andy
  5. It is everything that shows up for sale on their website. I believe that it no longer includes the older CAVs as they now fall into the contractually removed category.
  6. Or, you could send them to Reaper's Retailer page on the main Website.
  7. Live

    Dracolich: Dracolich's Sidekick:
  8. Yeah, unfortunately, I have to miss it. My son is going to college soon, so tomorrow is our last chance this year of getting to the Ren Fest with him before he goes. I'll just have to watch it from the recording when I get home.
  9. Hopefully, I'll finish painting the Jungle Titan tonight. Tomorrow we are attending the MN Ren Fest. Then on Sunday I'll probably cut the grass and work on mini projects.
  10. Thanks Doug. Sorry about that guys, was in meetings yesterday and totally forgot. Weekend Aug 18-20: What'cha doing this weekend? Share, do, and share pictures of the highlights if you can?
  11. BMPC F4U Corsair for me. Just look at that sexy beast:
  12. Anyone ever tell you that you are really bad at keeping secrets.
  13. Live

    Subtlety and keeping silent longer than necessary are not my strong points, so yeah.
  14. Live

    Something that has yet to be revealed, if it makes it (crosses fingers), because, first and foremost, I sculpted it because I wanted it.
  15. Also, note that at your high skill level, there may not be many if any of the advanced instructors that you will want by the time of the con. Many of the classes are already sold out (like Jess Rich's). Getting what you want early, ensures that you get something you want.