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  1. TaleSpinner

    03655: Iron Cobra

    Painted over the weekend and got the gems done. I have since finished painting the floor and done some touch-ups, but no pictures of that yet. I also got the display base cut and polished, though I might reduce it a bit yet, not sure on that. Things left to do: - Go over everything again for touch ups - Add a bit more "Pop" to a couple areas. - Do a bit more darklining here and there - Glue the chest in place - Add magnets to the bottom of the display base - Glue it all to the display base
  2. TaleSpinner

    Getting To Know You August

    "It will kill." Fruity Pebbles Granola I don't know the name, but I just heard a country song at the dentist yesterday where the singer spent the whole song romantically comparing his girlfriend to a cigarette. Sculpting tools and a Tilly Hat Anything where I would have to color the truth to flatter others. I'm the world's worst brown-noser/salesman.
  3. TaleSpinner

    Ittie Bittie Kitties...Again

    Face Time I really struggle with cats. I guess I am more of a dog person, because I have never really gotten a cat face right on the first shot to date. I started working on the loaf's face earlier in the week. I worked for about 45 minutes and ended up scrapping the whole face and walked away in disgust with myself. Today, I tried again. This time I took it more systematically, breaking the face down to its components in my mind. I started out rather rough and kept refining things until I had the shapes right, then added the details. Here it is with the basic shapes blocked in: Here it is with details: They always look a big off until I get the ears on face ruff on, but I think it turned out pretty good. Thoughts?
  4. TaleSpinner

    03655: Iron Cobra

    I'm confused
  5. TaleSpinner

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    Your underpinning is looking good, nice and smooth this time. Well done!
  6. TaleSpinner

    03655: Iron Cobra

    I had all day yesterday to spend painting this project in my studio, so I painted...a chest. Seriously, I spent about half a day painting a chest (I may or may not have spent a bunch of that time laughing and joking with the boys ; it was a good day). I'll let you judge if my time was well spent. This is a chest I sculpted for one of the Bones Kickstarters (II, I think). I want it to be warm with golden browns to play nicely with the orange and blue on the cobra. The chest will be positioned behind the cobra. Brown Liner: Sienna liner: "Something" Leather: Polished Leather: Tanned Leather and a bunch of touch-ups and dark lining: An entire TMM process that I completely forgot to document: So after that my lovely wife took us all out for my birthday sushi (mmmmmmmm...Spider Roll for the win!). When I got back, I finished the cloth (orange) parts of the hood. They still need darklining and I slopped onto the metal a bit here and there which still needs to be fixed, but this is what I was able to get done last night. Colors here included Cinnamon Red, Volcanic Orange, Sunrise Orange (the base color), Lantern Yellow, Candlelight Yellow, and Canary Yellow. (The transition in shade from the upper set of spines to the second seems abrupt in the photo of the back, but it looks totally natural in person; strange.)
  7. TaleSpinner

    Happy Birthday Talespiner!

    I busted my and my boys' butts on Saturday and we got the whole house clean, the shopping done, and went to church. Then yesterday, I was able to spend the entire day in self indulgence; I spent the whole day in my studio painting my RCon entries and talking to/laughing with my boys. The only time I went out at all was when my wife took us out to our favorite sushi restaurant. It was pretty close to the perfect day.
  8. TaleSpinner

    Getting To Know You August

    But in your case Guindy, the whole nurturing thing gets a little scary, considering the body count necessary to "nurture" a xeno-brood.
  9. TaleSpinner

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    A little critique though. Right now, your teeth look cut in. You wan to take a tool and work the edges of each tooth, rounding them and smoothing them. Also cut in a gum socket where they meet the gums. Don't think in the terms of all the teeth, but in terms of sculpting each tooth, and making it as real as possible.
  10. TaleSpinner

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    I would ask @Rainbow Sculptor about the baking of it. I'm not a polymer clay person, so I'm not the best person to answer that question. I'll ping her on FB so she knows to come here. Andy
  11. TaleSpinner

    Getting To Know You August

    Full time Miniature Sculptor/Jeweler. I'm not done with the career I currently have though (I've only been doing it full time for two years, so it hasn't lost the excitement yet, and it makes a lot more than I'd ever be able to do as a sculptor or jeweler), but I am working on developing my sculpting/jewelry business as my third (retirement) career. Oh, and I'd like to welcome @Glitterwolf as our newest Quisitor. He'll be questioning you in November.
  12. TaleSpinner

    MiniCrate #1 - Swamp Siren (Try #2)

    That is several levels of fantastic right there. Your highlights on the hands and hips are spot on, as are your color choices. The only possible nit I could add would be to consider bumping the highlights on her head crest a notch or two, as it is not quite as bright as the hand which is lower. That said, it is only a suggestion and the piece is fantastic as is.
  13. TaleSpinner

    03655: Iron Cobra

    I cleaned up the fabric portions of the hood using a coat or two of creamy ivory. Then I base coated them with Sunset Orange. I had expected to get further than this, but it took 5-6 coats of the orange to get full coverage. That paint is going on my list as an excellent glaze color. I'll start the shading and highlighting tonight. I really love the way the complimentary orange makes the blue steel look more real.
  14. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I cut off the arm and finished it last night. Here is a picture of all of the finished parts:
  15. TaleSpinner

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    Great start. I look forward to where you take it. What king of clay are you using?