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  1. Last night. I accidentally started going out of turn at a stop sign due to my own stupidity. No accident happened.
  2. Actually, you get this if you don't have vaseline on your fingers while mixing the putty. A small amount of vaseline mixed into the putty allows it to adhere to putty with vaseline on/in it.
  3. Don't expect blades to not break. JS blades break, it is a part of using them. I buy them in bulk.
  4. An artist guide, not a bad idea, especially with how many new artists Reaper has added over the past few years.
  5. Good idea. It will play well with the craziness that is forming in my mind now. So I've been thinking on this in the past few minutes. One thing I realized is that I have no emotional stake in the mini; I like it, sure, but I'm not invested in its outcome. Really, I am painting this guy as an encounter for the table and maybe something cool to look at, but mostly to advance my skills. To fulfill the later, I think I am going to get a bit crazy with color theory on this guy and also work on learning to use glazes for nearly everything. If it turns out looking weird, so be it. If it turns out amazing, well then I'll give it a killer base and throw it on the Painter table at the RC Open.
  6. Paint Has Happened! Last night I got to a stopping spot on my current sculpt and broke out the paint. When painting Bones, I typically prime them with one of the MSP liners. They stick to the bones material extremely well, and other paint sticks to them. Just a thin coat is all it takes. My only problem is that I do not really like starting with a dark primer, so I was excited to see Reaper produce the new liner colors that came with Bones III. I primed this guy in Sepia Liner on most of it, and a blend of Sepia Liner, Green Liner on the back scales, and Brown Liner on the furry arms: Originally, I wasn't planning on having him be gold and green, instead I was going to go more grey tones; I was mostly using the Sepia because it wasn't so dark. Then after having done so, I decided I really like this color combo, so I am sticking with it. To that end, I began base coating the fine scaled areas of it with MSP Rattlesnake Leather (no pictures yet as it needs another coat). At this point, I'm not sure what I am going to do with the belly scales, color-wise. Thoughts and ideas welcome, Andy
  7. One note, to make your sculpt better and more sturdy, instead of using wire for the wing armatures, use brass sheet or aluminum wire mesh (the mesh lets you do more 3d wings over the 2d brass) and cut and form the wing shape out of that. That gives you a good base on which to sculpt the wing.
  8. No
  9. Yes
  10. Click on the gray Follow button above Reply to this topic at the beginning of the topic:
  11. LOL. Yeah, I guess it is second nature now. So here's some more sculpting: I finished the head crest, added the scales to the neck sides, enlarged the eyes and added eye lids, and fleshed out the lips a bit more. The sculpting is now done, unless I see something else that needs work. I cleaned up the scales on the side of the neck a bit more after taking the picture. The picture showed me that they still needed to be more organic.
  12. Now I don't want to alarm anyone or cause shock or anything, but I am actually going to paint something. (I know, weird right?) I'm not really taking a break from sculpting so much as I am making time to paint to keep my painting skills intact. I'm afraid that if I don't start doing a figure here and there, I might get too rusty with the brush. I have a really cool idea that I want to do for ReaperCon this year, but it will challenge me considerably from a painting perspective. This WIP is not that project. This WIP is the project where-in I attempt to remember which end of the paint brush to put into the paint so that I have a hope of pulling off the real projects for ReaperCon. That said, I will approach this mini as a possible Painters entry and we'll see where it goes. I chose the Jungle Titan from Bones III, because the figure will come in handy as a boss in one of my PF campaigns. To be honest, I like a lot about this mini, but I'm not crazy about the feathers or the skull head, so my first step is to cut it up and resculpt the parts I want different. Right now I am using this guy as a putty catcher for my other sculpting projects (i.e., sculpt on which I can use up left over putty). Here are the results of the first sculpting session I did last night: Comments welcome. Andy
  13. This
  14. No, I'd never play if that were the case.
  15. This