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  1. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

  2. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    Looks like this guy is also going to be coming out by the end of June. It just hit the Preview gallery. (Can't remember if you like these or not.) It still has the B on it in the Preview gallery, but I assume at $11.99 it will be metal (the bones version is not due until Feb anyway). I'll be supper pumped to get one in metal as it is going to be my next year's ReaperCon Open div entry.
  3. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    I would think so, yes, unless the production house is waiting on a mini for a special event or something. KS production is much different, especially for something like Bones and other plastic. The lead times for plastic are much, much longer. That said, some of the metal KS's I have been a part of have made my sculpts in as little as 2 months, so it can really vary.
  4. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Semi-Final Checks I am finished with the main portion of the sculpting. I sent pictures to my client for final checks. I'll let them sit for a week, make any changes that come as a result ofhis feedback or this post, then add the slot tabs and call them done. Let me know if you see anything that needs addressing. Fighter 1: Fighter 2: Monk:
  5. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    I have 3 sculpts that were purchased by clients and never produced. Typically, I see a lag of about 6 months for metal minis from me finishing them to production. This one is my longest, but that isn't surprising as it had some issues that needed to be worked out for it to fit a mold. Honestly, I thought it wasn't ever going to be published, which is why I am so excited now. Good thing you can buy it right now then.
  6. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    I found my photos of it. And I was wrong, it is 4" long, but fits a 2" base so it meets D&D and PF requirements for a Giant Lizard.
  7. TaleSpinner

    03884: Komodo Dragon

    Squee! I had thought that Ron had decided against producing this one. I sculpted it several years ago. I'm not sure why it made the list now, but am happy it is out! It is quite large, being over 3" long, IIRC. I'll see if I can dig up more pictures tonight!
  8. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    42 (Aww, others beat me to it...)
  9. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Yeah, that is my fear. I don't want it to end up being too busy either.
  10. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    So, should I do a dragon head for a helmet, similar to the one on it's belt or like the one I did on my ring: I just had a great idea for a diorama some day. Have these turtles fighting these guys: as they try to enter the world though this: Essentially, the turtles are the guardians of the portal. Hmmm...coming to some future ReaperCon I think.
  11. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I got the straps done on the single sword fighter. I forgot to take pictures of that though. I spent all my sculpting time last night sculpting the pauldrons for the two sword fighter. Chinese armor often had the upper parts of the head of a foo dog, lion, ogre, or demon sculpted as pauldrons. I wanted something that would look good, but not say "evil". Pauldrons in a lot of fantasy art are used to declare the alignment of a character (i.e., skulls for Anti-paladins, etc...). So I wanted to follow the Chinese custom, but not be too evil looking. So I turned to Jim Henson for inspiration and created something that is somewhere between Ludo (not @Ludo) and the goblins from the movie Labyrinth. I hope I did my hero justice. Oh, I guess I also sculpted the sword hangers. I didn't focus on them in the pictures, but you can see them on her hips. All I have left on these is to add her helmet and armor straps. Hopefully, I can get that done tonight.
  12. TaleSpinner

    Getting to Know You, June 2018

    I don't know that I really have a bucket list, but it has been a long goal to be under 250 lb. I'm now down 28 lb and will likely reach this goal before ReaperCon at the current rate of loss. CIDM (Center for Information Development Management) Curriculum Avisory Board Member for the Technical Communication Program and MN State University, Mankato Founder of the SRA I also started a small FB group: Mini Sculptors Critique and Help Group Fishing. No. Here, DeviantArt, Arkive, Internet searches, the World
  13. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    I have the mowing covered, but you could sleep in the wood shop. Plus, in many turtle species the females are naturally larger and stronger any way. Great minds think alike. This is exactly the conclusion I came to yesterday. Thanks for the validation. I didn't get as far as I wanted to yesterday, mostly because I went down a fairly time intensive road to make the scaled warrior's belt more ornate and detailed than the other one. I essentially ended up sculpting a small dragon head. The bar in the center of the side rosettes is prepped to have another band of putty added to it today. This will be the loop for the swords as Kristof mentioned. I'll sculpt that today.
  14. TaleSpinner

    Boxer Rebellion: Box-Turtle Folk, WIP

    Then I guess it will be an all female army.
  15. TaleSpinner

    Billy's Bad Day (03719: Goats and Dark Fable Basilisk)

    I did a bit of work on this. Billy is back together and both he and Alice are underpinned and ready for final sculpting.