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    Weight Loss Support Thread

    OK, after some searching, the last time we did a weight loss support thread was over five years ago. It didn't seem to make sense to threadomancy that since it is long out of date. Anyway, I need to lose weight. I'm at my highest point since 2000, I'm out of shape, I'm struggling to do some of the things I love like fencing and backpacking, and I am unhappy about it. My plan for losing weight it to track my calories using the Tap&Track app on my iPod. I also want to increase my aerobic exercise. Now I know from experience that I do way better at this sort of thing, if I know that other's are holding me accountable, essentially I will disappoint myself but hate disappointing others, which is why I am starting this thread. My intention will be to post my weekly progress or lack there-of in this post, editing it as I go. If you wish, I'd like to invite you to start your own tracking post in this topic. Maybe if we stand together, we can help each other succeed. If you have no issues with weight, please through your support to those who need it. I've been yo-yo'ing my whole life and i am sick of it. My goal is to weigh 225 lb (102 Kg)* by ReaperCon 2015. That gives me 43 weeks to lose 51 pounds, which means I need to do between 1 and 1.5 pounds a week. I haven't been that low since I was 24 years old. * This is a weight that my doctor and I decided would be best for me given my barrel chest build. So here goes: Start date: June 20 (I already started but am just now having issues keeping it going alone) Height: 6' 3" Age: 43 Gender: Male Goal Weight: 225 lb (102 Kg) Initial Weight: 276 lb (125 Kg) Progress: - 6/30/2014: 274 lb (124.28 Kg) (-2 net lb) - 7/8/2014: 272.5 lb (123.6 Kg) (-3.5 net lb) - 7/22/2014: 276 lb (0 net lb) - 729/2014: 274 lb (-2 net lb) - 8/5/2014: 270 lb (-6 net lb)
  2. TaleSpinner

    Tell me about your favourite spooky place

    When I was a kid there was an old, late 1800's farm house that had been abandoned many years prior to my time on Earth. It was a American Foursquare style, 2-story house. It wasn't very large, maybe 25 feet on a side. It stood alone in a field, no trees or anything, set back from the road by about 75 yards. There was no driveway, the land around it having been reclaimed as farmland. The porch had fallen off years ago, so the front door was a few feet above the ground and the door was missing. There was a window on either side of the door and matching windows above them on the second floor. It hadn't seen life for years, but typically no one went there at all. There was no graffiti or anything you'd expect. The place always seemed menacing, and sad, very, very sad for some reason. I'd often ride my bike past it and it always scared me a bit. Almost everyone in the area had a ghost story about the old place, though few had actually been the original people in the story, so I always took that with a grain of salt. Also I never met anyone who knew why it had been abandoned in the first place. Anyway, one night when I was in HS, my buddy and I were driving along the road by the old house when he suddenly stopped the car. "Someone's in there." he said pointing to the house. Through one of the upper floor windows we could see a faint light like candle light and it was moving, like someone was walking around in one of the upstairs rooms carrying a candle. The light could only be seen in the upper left window, the other three were dark, so we figured someone was messing around in one of the upstairs rooms. Still, we were pretty unnerved, I mean, who was it, how had they gotten there, where was their car, why were they in the house with seemingly only a candle? It was the middle of the night (like 2:00 am) and a 1/3 mile to the next nearest farm. We were a bit freaked out and left. The next day my buddy and another friend sneaked up to the house in the morning to see if they could see anything (I didn't go with because I had church; it was Sunday). When they got to the door they were shocked at what they found in the house; the upper floor had collapsed years ago, with only some of the staircase remaining. Even the attic had fallen and some of the roof in the back too. So what had we seen? No one could have been walking on a floor that didn't exist with a candle whose light didn't travel to the lower or right windows, even though there were in truth no walls or floor to block the light. It remains one of the unsolved things in my life. I suppose my buddies could have been pulling my leg about the collapsed internal structures, since I never verified it for myself, but I don't think so. They were really freaked out by it.
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    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I have this covered; the only problem is that since I am sending it to work anyway, if it gets over a certain size the mail-room people won't deliver it, and I'll need to remember to bring in a dolly and go down to the docks to pick it up myself. I should probably put the fold-able dolly in the car next week, just in case.
  4. TaleSpinner

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ooo, I love drop bears. I had at one time planned to sculpt one. I even made reference art (excuse my horrible 2D drawing skills). it never happened though. I have all of my packages sent to my work, as we have had theft issues in our neighborhood.
  5. TaleSpinner

    Giant bug of some sort

    One trick for this is to make a putty ribbon, really thin (less than 1/2 mm). Lay one edge of the ribbon along the length of the wire and use a burnishing metal tool to press the edge onto the metal, adhering it. Then running your tool up and down the ribbon where it meets the metal, slowly work your way around the wire adhering a layer of putty to the wire as you go. When you get all the way around the wire and the putty meets the original edge, seal them together as normal.
  6. They are just a species of carp. They are actually kind of hard to kill, compared to most other aquarium fish. after a few generations in the wild they revert to their natural form which is this: As invasives got though, they aren't nearly as big of a problem as the larger common carp (at least here in MN) as they are almost perfect size for Northern Pike food.
  7. I think all invasive species should be redubbed to something more fitting for the damage/role they play in their new home. Pigeons = Sky Rats House Sparrows = Sky Roaches Carp = Muck Fish That's all I have time for now.
  8. TaleSpinner

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    <mod hat> Please have a care to limit the rampant speculation. Things get said in fun, then repeated elsewhere as truth. Please try to keep to data and what we know so that Reaper doesn't have to waste time answering emails questioning why they haven't started this or that based on rumors started here. Thanks </mod hat>
  9. TaleSpinner

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    No pressure.
  10. Ramsey: "Now put an F___ing little tree, f---ing right, f---ing there. F___ing little tree, F__ yeah!" Ross: "Now simmer the happy little soup gently for an hour. Smell the relaxing scent of it. Meanwhille, slice the garnishes like so, and if your cuts aren't perfect, well those are just the happy little accidents that make the soup yours." Thanks for the spit take and laugh @Pezler the Polychromatic
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    How to mount tiny bits for painting?

    I always drill and pin. Arms and the like won't hold up to gaming pressure unless they are pinned. Sorry.
  12. TaleSpinner

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Guess I'll have to make that saddle after all.
  13. TaleSpinner

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Wow, ego boost much. I like your scale. On mine, I'm a 10, maybe 12 on a good day, with 20 being Ms. Guthrie, Mr. Ridolfi, et. al...
  14. colligo vivere in aeternum Come one and all to House Figmentius. Everyone welcome! Relax, chat, and be merry here in the house where we rest on the piles of pewter and bone like the dragons of old.
  15. Honestly, a stick. I lived in a woods and would spend hours making swords, guns, lean-tos, traps (which never worked), etc from the bounty of the forest. My pocket knife came in at a close second, since it allowed me to cut and carve the sticks. If we have to go with a manufactured toy, I'd say a set of dinosaur toys I got from my grandparents.
  16. TaleSpinner

    77392 peryton -- a WIP by DKS

    I've always pronounced it "pear-EE-ton"; I have no idea if I am right. An internet search comes up with a few results, mostly "pEAr-i-ton" I am very much looking forward to your WIP progressing.
  17. Which ever of my sculpts was most recently posted in Show-off; always makes my day, as did @WhiteWulfe right now.
  18. TaleSpinner

    My Journey into Lost-Wax Metal Casting

    So, after a lot of thought, research, and discussion, my wife and I have decided to purchase a lost-wax casting system. Essentially this is a system for casting any metal with a melting point below 2000 deg F into jewelry, minis, etc. Unlike the spin casting used by companies like Reaper, this will be low volume with only 10 to 50 pieces a day possible. I should note right away, that I do not intend at this time to go into minis production/sales on my own. So what do I intend to do with it: Make jewelry for my wife and our business. Eventually (10+ years), we would like to get into producing our own line of gold and silver jewelry and become seasonal vendors at various Ren Fairs as a retirement career once the kids are out of college. Of course this is a long term goal and won't happen for a long time yet. I'll practice on copper and pewter first. Make rings for our sister parish in Haiti. Due to various cultural reasons, most Haitians won't get married until they have a pair of rings. This can be very hard for some of the poorer people, so they just stay apart and don't get married. My wife can by old jewelry under value and I'll be able to melt them down and make them new rings and send them down to them as they need it. (We've been giving them the rings she finds, but this way we will be able to cast them in the shapes and sizes they actually need/want.) Make armatures for my sculpts. I spend a lot of time resculpting skulls and basic forms because I have to start from scratch. This will allow me to make a library of animal armatures and other stuff to speed up my sculpting. Also, I will be able to produce better sculpts by being able to control how much and what type of metal is in the armature. I don't ever want to send Reaper another piece of furniture that warps on the mold again (bookcase, I'm looking at you). For sculpts I can't/don't want to sell, I'll be able to make copies for my friends and I (maybe even some goodies for things like the BOGW ). I'm sure I'll think up other uses as I get more skilled at it. I started reading, studying, and taking some classes on the subject in the past few years. I'm at a point where the only way forward is to take the plunge and buy the equipment so I can begin practicing and learning for real. My finances are at a good spot for it now, so I took the plunge and ordered a kit from Gesswein. The following equipment is on its way: Rubber mold vulcanizer (small single figure version of what Reaper uses) Wax injector (for making wax copies in the rubber molds) Burnout oven (for baking the wax copies out of the molds before casting) Vacuum casting machine (for removing air from the molds and later pulling the metal into the molds during casting) Flasks, investment, wax bits, rubber, and lots of other materials needed. Here is a picture of the kit I bought: I won't be able to just jump in and start casting right away. I still will need to get a method of melting the metal (either a torch or an electric furnace). I'll also need to rework my basement studio with new benches, electrical outlets, and venting to make it safe, which is where this thread comes in, as I thought you all might be interested in this, so I plan on documenting everything here, from the unboxing, to the building, to the first cast piece. I'm very very excited! Andy
  19. TaleSpinner

    Character Design Blue Caterpillar

    Wow. IMHO this is your best sculpture yet. Everything from composition to execution is spot on. Heck, I want to paint him and I seldom paint any more.
  20. TaleSpinner

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I don't know yet.
  21. TaleSpinner

    A special anniversary for me

    I had a blast doing Sophie says with you last year. I knew you had some issues, but hadn't expected this. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you again (I hope you are coming again this year). :)
  22. TaleSpinner

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Or a minotaur day care with a full grown one in the middle of a swarm of minitaur kids wrecking the place.
  23. But there are also Baseball display cases and if you really needed it model car and football cases.
  24. TaleSpinner

    77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin

    I hit a wall with my painting on my basilisk for ReaperCon. Frankly, I somehow got bubbles in the cracks between its scales that I didn't notice, and they dried in place. As I have been progressing with it, they are getting more pronounced. I'll need to either hand scrape away all the bubbles and repaint those areas, or strip the whole thing again and start over. I thought I could cover them, but it isn't working. I realized this 2 days ago and got really down about it. I was really questioning whether I even can paint at the levels I was performing at only 6 months ago. So then I stepped back and decided that I am trying too hard and not having fun. I have never created something I was proud of if it was a chore to do it. I also figured that maybe I should just paint for fun and get the painting reflexes back after the 6 months of solid sculpting that I have been doing. I put the basilisk under glass (I'll come back to it someday), and then dug through my Bones box looking for something that called to me, something I could just paint for no reason other than having some fun slinging paint and working on recalling my brush control muscle memories. So I am painting Tre's ettin. As a Bones model goes, it isn't the best detail wise. Some of the crisp details that were in the metal version just aren't there in this early Bones model. For instance, two of the the skulls on his belt are bit shapeless, pitted, and squashed. The third skull is only recognizable as a skull because I went on the Reaper website and looked at the metal version to figure out what that shapeless blob was supposed to be. Seriously, it looks like someone shot a giant spit ball onto his hip. I could cut it off and resculpt it, but honestly, I just don't care enough to bother. I'll just paint it ambiguously and move on; no one is going to even notice on the gaming table, and that is what is in this mini's future. I'm going to paint it with golden skin as a 2 headed ogre. I started by air brushing it with Brown Liner then Tanned Shadow. After that, I began glazing in my shadows and highlights on the skin. I got a lot of that done, but is still needs to go further in both directions, but first I decided that I should block in the other colors, and that is what I started last night. Here is the current state of the mini: