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  1. That's what I was going to ask.
  2. I really loved that project.
  3. I last went the last Saturday in April, 2017. My wife and I attend the black tie fundraiser, The Beastly Ball, at the MN Zoo every year. We used to be members too and went every week or so, but have let that lapse as the kids have grown up and no longer want to go. I have that bust of an Amur Tiger in the works that I plan on finishing and casting in bronze or silver for their silent auction at the Ball some year (if I ever get the time to finish it, that is).

    Yes No
  5. YES! Love them. My favorite show is Chopped! I love watching the pros have to improvise on the fly. I have learned many new techniques and tips watching that show. I also like Cut-Throat Kitchen, Good Eats, Restaurant Impossible, Bizarre Foods, Worst Cook in America, and Beat Bobby Flay. My mom tells me that my favorite show when I was little was Julia Childs' show, so, I guess it is a life long thing.

    I've been a bit myopic lately.

    So this is on Facebook: or was this already known here and I'm late to the party as usual?
  8. So, with the advice and aid of a few others, (mostly Mori with her excellent design skills), I've been contemplating a personal project, that if it works could be very fun come this autumn, but it is for now a secret. As you can tell though by this post, I'm not very good at keeping my own secrets. I thought it would be a fun adventure to sculpt it and post my progress here, allowing you to figure out what it is as it takes shape. I only ask that those of you in the know (Mori and the the Hangout crew) not spill the beans just yet. So here is the first installment.
  9. Depends on the butts. The time I used myself as a model really sucked.
  10. I've gotten to judge the results before. It is pretty awesome.
  11. Now that's thinking. Great idea.
  12. I don't want to charge for them as that would break the spirit of the forums and such. I don't think it will be a problem though. They are very small.
  13. Finished: Well, actually it still needs a few minor touch-ups. The iPad button needs to be scraped, and I need to shore up the brush and knife so they will be strong through casting. Oh, and I think I now officially qualify as crazy after having sculpted a 4mm miniature of a miniature. OK, so "What is it?" This all started about 6 months ago when I was looking for a small project to do in which I could try out some of my new jewelry skills. I was reading a political site and saw a picture of a congressman wearing a Member of Congress pin. I thought, how cool would it be if all of us forumites had pins on our ReaperCon lanyards identifying us all at a glance as members of this community. I contacted @Morihalda and we put our heads together and came up with several designs. This is a slightly altered version of one of Mori's concepts. Once cured, I'll make a mold of it to make wax copies. Then I will use my foundry to cast them up as lapel pins. If (and this is still a big IF) all that works and they turn out, I will make them for all of us going to the con. I will be posting a Topic in the ReaperCon section when I am ready, asking who wants them. I should note that this is my own endeavor and I am not affiliated with Reaper in this. I am considering making two versions, bronze and pewter. The bronze ones will be for people with forum reputations over 10,000. That way we can at a glance know that someone is a frequent/long-time poster. I might even consider doing polished silver for the mods and admins, but we'll see if I can afford that (it really depends on how much metal they need; silver is currently at about $30 an oz.; pewter and bronze by contrast are $15 to 20 a pound, so...). Thoughts, questions, etc... Oh, and as a second thought, I am considering adding a raised '17 between the U and the paintbrush handle. The down side of that is it would make this a yearly thing (which might not be a downside; though I really do not know what I am getting into with this yet, labor-wise). Thoughts?
  14. Pelvises suck! 2-D representations never look like they should make a 3-D object. I hate pelvises.
  15. Correct
  16. More progress:
  17. It works great! Thank you very much!
  18. I know that one, having spent the better part of the day tracking down a code bug in my stylesheet that should have been a straight-forward tweak.
  19. Oh, weird, I just assumed we all did. Thanks Bryan.
  20. Scraped it to smooth it and harden the lines and started the tools: Not sure why but the color went really wonky on my phone with this picture, sorry.
  21. @Reaperbryan: I'm not sure how hard this would be and maybe this should just be a future improvement suggestion, but it would be really nice for us instructors if our itineraries listed the classes we are teaching as well as all our other engagements. It would be a nice one stop schedule for us at that point. Andy
  22. Hey LT! Nice to see you again. Whatcha been up to?
  23. My hands, followed closely by my stirrup hoe.
  24. Completed, although a bit sloppier than I like, I may rework it a bit to be more accurate.
  25. With every KS release our community here has grown considerably with many new faces. Bones III seems to be following suit with many new people posting great art and starting to chat, learn, share, and be part of the community. I just wanted to say "Welcome" to all you new faces. I also thought it would be nice if we had a thread where we can all introduce ourselves a bit, old and new alike, so the new comers get to know who we are and we them. I'll start: My real name is Andy Pieper. I've been a member here since the forums opened in the early 2000's. I've been gaming for 35 years, painting minis for 25, and sculpting for 7. In the real world, I'm an XML Information Architect, living in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. I also sculpt minis professionally, having sculpts in Reaper's line as well as several others. I tend to sculpt a lot of animals and natural things, as well as a lot of decor and such. I also really like sculpting monsters and creatures. My painting style tends toward a lot of natural tones. I also love teaching and helping others, so let me know if I can help in any way. OK, enough about me, we want to get to know you. Please share whatever information you feel comfortable sharing (names are certainly not necessary; I only share mine because it is already printed on Reaper's packaging ).