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  1. Looks great! Especially for your 3rd mini. You captured a lot of small details and did a very clean job separating things like the bare metal on the shield and armor from the blue sections.
  2. Very good reason for that! Yellow is a hateful color that sucks up all of your time and still doesn't look right when you finally surrender and call it done.
  3. I haven't posted anything here in awhile, so I thought I would fix that. I've had Aviriel since the first kickstarter, and finally decided to paint her as a gift for a friend. The shield was definitely my favorite part to paint, though I didn't get the blends quite as smooth as I would have liked on the gold there.
  4. I painted this guy as a commission for a friend a few weeks ago. Apologies for the poor lighting and background in the pictures - I finished it away from my usual setup before handing it over. I was told to make the clothing a bit off for an adventurer to showcase the character's inexperience.
  5. I like to keep a stock of painted miniatures available for the D&D crowd at my local game shop, but I always struggle to keep enough male adventurers on the shelf before people snatch them up. Logrim here was a fairly quick project intended to fill the ranks somewhat. I decided to stick on true metallic paints for him to save time, and didn't do anything crazy with the tabard. Still, I'm happy with him and I'm hopeful that he'll be smiting evil on a tabletop soon!
  6. I painted a metal version of this guy awhile ago but decided to toss some paint on my Bones version. It's got a few flaws that I didn't spend time on correcting too much, but I've already had a friend ask to buy it for a D&D character so I don't feel so bad about them.
  7. A quick paint job I threw together sometime last week. I avoided NMM and decided to invest the time I would have spent there into making her cloak pop out a bit instead.
  8. It has been awhile since I posted a mini here, and have been forgetting to take pictures before leaving the figure elsewhere. I painted Bailey here on a whim, since female dwarves are rare and rogues even rarer. I tried a new idea on the cloak's trim, and I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. Love the glow and the blue highlights on black. Makes for a great contrast against the red.
  10. Another model from Bones I that I have had sitting on a shelf for far too long. I decided to cut off the standard Bones base and painted on a stone floor pattern rather than sculpt one. I'm fairly happy with how it all came out.
  11. I had been meaning to paint this one for awhile now, and finally got around to it over the holiday.
  12. Thanks! They don't show up that great in the pictures - much better in person.
  13. I picked up this model the other day on a whim and decided to give her a shot. So far I'm pretty happy with how she turned out.
  14. Yeah, I'm not happy with the hair either. I considered going back and trying some darker glazes to bring the white highlights down, but ultimately I wasn't willing to much more time into the commission and used my time on the NMM instead. The woodgrain was just quick strokes with thinned down light brown from my smallest brush (size 000 windsor & newton series 7). I then did some edge highlighting on it before hitting it with an auburn glaze to soften the grain some. The actual blue lines on the pants only took about 10 minutes. I had base coated them tan and then did the stripes with a relatively thin (but non-runny) lines of dark blue. I only had to trim them back down with tan in a couple places, so it didn't eat up too much time. Afterward, I did some highlighting on the tan parts only. When that dried, I did a quick glaze over all the stripes with the same tan basecoat, being careful to soak up any places on the blue section that obscurred the lines too much. The whole process on the pants probably took 45 minutes.
  15. Love it! Great color choices, highlighting, and shading. Especially on the face and boots. The bow string is also a great touch.