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  1. viking_hank

    Mash up

    I don’t know who that is but welcome the opportunity to find out.
  2. viking_hank

    Mash up

    Games workshop head with reaper body and an old plaster base.
  3. viking_hank

    Female Efreeti

    The swords are from games workshop (parts bin comic shop). Yep she leans, a little. Painting another one, will do a better job.
  4. viking_hank

    Female Efreeti

    Painted this one Saturday, standard table top paint job. Harder to paint than I thought it would be. Hard to get the legs smooth and not chalky. Critiques welcome. Oh forgot to mention slightly modified.
  5. viking_hank

    Faceless horror

    Thanks the orange eyed one is my favorite. I am going to try to reproduce the same thing on the green one. Wish me luck.
  6. viking_hank

    Faceless horror

    I bought 4 faceless horrors painted OD green. After soaking them in SG for three days I still couldn’t get the paint off. So I decided to leave one green and repaint the other 3. One is done in purple/pink/white, one purple/brown/pale flesh, the other is purple/pinks/flesh. All the teeth are polished bone and linen white. Eyes are either clear red, fire orange, or sun yellow. Every one got clear coat to look slimy. Pic heavy.
  7. viking_hank

    77048 Mocking Beast

    Nicely done
  8. viking_hank

    Ma’al Drakar

    Thanks mine too Do it!
  9. viking_hank

    Ma’al Drakar

    Finally I think it’s done. I have to say I enjoyed painting this beast. If you have one of these and have been putting it off don’t. Make a plan. Gather your supplies. Go slow. Drink booze. Admire your work. Enjoy the ride.
  10. viking_hank

    Ma’al Drakar

    Posted this in the show off area earlier. Forgot there was a wip section. Sorry. Coming along nicely.
  11. viking_hank

    Ma’al Drakar

    Coming along nicely. Still a ton of work to do, but I am enjoying it.
  12. viking_hank

    Father Dagon

    Thanks but I got to tell you the pattern on the tail is not original. I kept thinking I had seen it somewhere else, and then it hit me. It’s straight off the Reaper bones advert.
  13. viking_hank

    Demon Pegasus

    I wish I had done that.
  14. viking_hank

    Shub Niggurath

    Not a bad idea will keep you updated.
  15. viking_hank

    Heeeere's Goremaw

    Thanks this gives me a direction to follow.