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  1. viking_hank

    Wereboar with axe speedpaint

    I like the axe it seems to fit. I just finished this guy and now I wish I had put a weapon in his hand. awesome.
  2. viking_hank

    Frog Troll (Ice Troll 77344)

    Love it. I have a bunch of these in lots of colors, for all occasions. Nicely done!
  3. viking_hank

    GW 51-08 Tyranid Hive Tyrant

  4. viking_hank

    Mimic (or mocking beast)

    thanks I will try that.
  5. viking_hank

    Mimic (or mocking beast)

    citadel hard coat on the front, and earth shade on everything else. last year a game shop stopped carrying GW products and I bought a lot of their paints and shades. I love the shades but most of the paints are drying up and the layers are turning into bases and the bases are turning into paint pellets. Reaper paints are the way to go.
  6. viking_hank

    Mimic (or mocking beast)

    This little beastie is just about done. May put gold coins around the base as a lure for would be adventurers but who knows. This is probably one of the minis that I will never finish and always add something too. Critical suggestions are welcome
  7. viking_hank


    Yep wotc preprimed
  8. viking_hank


    Just finished my new Beholder. Hope this mini isn’t sold out trying to do a lot of them. Critique welcomed. I think I might brush the inside of the mouth with gloss, but other than that I think it is done.
  9. viking_hank

    Guthrie's Temple Dragon (03720)

    awesome love the wings.
  10. viking_hank

    Tiik Champion plus Deep One High Priest

    awesome, I think the wizard should turn around and have roast fish for dinner!
  11. viking_hank

    Reaper Bones lll demon reading a book

    love the soft and subtle shading, wish I could do that.
  12. viking_hank

    Bones 3 savage avatars: Rhino

    nothing new to add just great job on the eye.
  13. viking_hank

    Corim the Kestrel, Gnome Sorcerer- 03433

    I like the lighting, may try this with mine.