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  1. viking_hank

    Father Dagon

    Thanks but I got to tell you the pattern on the tail is not original. I kept thinking I had seen it somewhere else, and then it hit me. It’s straight off the Reaper bones advert.
  2. viking_hank

    Demon Pegasus

    I wish I had done that.
  3. viking_hank

    Shub Niggurath

    Not a bad idea will keep you updated.
  4. viking_hank

    Heeeere's Goremaw

    Thanks this gives me a direction to follow.
  5. viking_hank

    Maledrakh's Mudgullet the Froghemoth

    makes me wish I had gotten one of those minis.
  6. viking_hank

    Snail Cartagropher - DSM 7967

    when he sets up camp does he just retreat into his shell?
  7. viking_hank

    Shub Niggurath

    after doing this one I am looking for another, I want to try doing the skin in soft blue tones and the tentacles in darker blue fading into purple.
  8. viking_hank

    Citrine paints Wizkids mushroom men

    fantastic shading and tones. very well done
  9. viking_hank

    happy new year succubus

    Nicely done ✅
  10. viking_hank

    Father Dagon

    After much thought and deliberation I will keep it as is and look on Evilbay for a cheap replacement. Thanks everyone
  11. viking_hank

    77541: carrion worm

    Wonderful creature, fantastic job on the slobber
  12. viking_hank

    Father Dagon

    Thanks maybe I won’t repaint it after all.
  13. viking_hank

    Father Dagon

    Another monster from the deep. Wish I had the talent to do this justice, oh well I guess I will keep practicing. Just a quick preview before it goes into the scrub bucket.
  14. viking_hank

    Shub Niggurath

    I used blonde highlights and coated it with clear red. A little hard coat and bam creepy eyes.
  15. viking_hank

    77580: Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant

    This is my next project, I hope I do as well as you did.