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  1. Bards & Beasts

    Just done that - You get the 3 for a tenner.
  2. Bards & Beasts

    I have a 7 month old with a huge appetite mate. :--)
  3. Bards & Beasts

    Monster and people only pledges have been added. :--)
  4. Bards & Beasts

    Thanks fr the suport! And alright, monster only option coming up.
  5. Bards & Beasts

    We have a new mini KS online. Monsters by Fancagne Didier and minis by Paul Hicks. Link

    Funded! Many thanks. :--)

    Something got unlocked. :--)

    Bring me my cross of gold, as a talisman. :--)

    After many sleepless nights... this is now live on Kickstarter. Thanks for having a look!

    I like the realistic style of these a lot. 1 printed mini cast in resin a few times and possibly painted would've helped a lot tho. It's not too expensive either to do a prototype nowadays.
  11. This is now live. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-second-breakfast/comments Thanks for looking. :--)
  12. Westfalia's Halfling Army Kickstarter

    Maybe it's worth mentioning that all parcels have been sent to the backers (and they seem pretty happy too). KS Nr. 4 fulfilled. \o/
  13. We usually have all the casting and mastering done before the campaign really starts. So it's really 'only' the actual production (which in case of the Halfmen came with a few surprises) that needs financing. And re Resin: The caster does a roundof QA and we do a round of QA. If there's still a little bubble or mistcast bit that one finds inacceptable, then we simply replace the mini.
  14. I am planning one for 10K. A really small one. :--)