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  1. Funded! Many thanks. :--)
  2. Something got unlocked. :--)
  3. Bring me my cross of gold, as a talisman. :--)
  4. After many sleepless nights... this is now live on Kickstarter. Thanks for having a look!
  5. The KS has been successfully delivered. :--)
  6. Cancelled

    I like the realistic style of these a lot. 1 printed mini cast in resin a few times and possibly painted would've helped a lot tho. It's not too expensive either to do a prototype nowadays.
  7. This is now live. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-second-breakfast/comments Thanks for looking. :--)
  8. Completed

    Maybe it's worth mentioning that all parcels have been sent to the backers (and they seem pretty happy too). KS Nr. 4 fulfilled. \o/
  9. We usually have all the casting and mastering done before the campaign really starts. So it's really 'only' the actual production (which in case of the Halfmen came with a few surprises) that needs financing. And re Resin: The caster does a roundof QA and we do a round of QA. If there's still a little bubble or mistcast bit that one finds inacceptable, then we simply replace the mini.
  10. I am planning one for 10K. A really small one. :--)
  11. Thank you - the English language is still full of secrets for me. :--)
  12. Hi there, The woman with the spear indeed got a helmet with nose protection. That and we decided to make a very small run with resin miniatures to allow people to buy single miniatures they like.
  13. Completed

    The project owner on Resin: Why Resin?We are well aware that among resin miniatures producers, the quality of the resin varies. For this reason we have chosen to partner with DB Creative Moulds. Their work is clean, crisp and of a consistently high quality. The resin we're using has some serious advantages: Sturdy - behaves much like hard plastic Workable - can be cut with a knife to make head and weapon swaps Leighweight - helps to keep postage in check Here's some feeback on the miniatures in this Kickstarter from those who recieved early production samples: Mark aka Midaski / United Kingdom:"I was really impressed with the sample Halfmen infantry I received - Not a great fan of resin in the past, but these are really sharp and detailed and the flash and mould lines are virtually non-existent." Tim aka Timbor / Canada: "Regarding the resin, I have been pretty impressed with the samples I got. The swords and such seem relatively rigid but flexible, and the detail is great. The figures have withstood some light handling by 4 and 2 year old boys, and nothing has broken off so far. Its not like the figures have been stomped on, but they may have been clashed against some other miniatures in a 'pew pew' fashion a few times." Thomas aka Tomrommel / Germany: "I am very impressed by the Westfalia miniatures Halfmen. I particularly like the real Halfmen size in comparison with other 28mm ranges. The sculpting is exceptional and detail on the figures is very crisp. They paint up very easily (I was lucky to get some models in advance). For pictures of a painted sample have a look here: www.wargamesgazette.com . The figures are very highly recommended." Thomas aka ZeroTwentythree / USA: "I've not had any problems with the resin. In fact, I've usually got mixed feelings on resin, but the sample figures were great & easy to work with. There was minimal flash, and it cleaned up quickly with a hobby knife. I washed the figures with soap & water and had no problems painting them."
  14. Completed

    £20 for order up to and above £150 £10 for order up to £70 £8 for orders up to £30 That's Royal Mail rates and it includes a very basic insurance.
  15. Bruiser Cruiser apparently.