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  1. Wow, a half century old! Happy Birthday CAVBOSS!

  2. More Massive. More Darkness.

    Stunning. The best rainbow effects I think I have ever seen.
  3. Dwarf Brewer 77461

    Love that beard!
  4. Repainted Mage Knight Tree Spirit

    Looks great! i have a few Mageknight minis that I have considered repainting; how do you prep for repainting?
  5. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    Beautiful. I'm scared to do any sort of blending on CAVs because of the large number of flat panels; what do you use for blending? Lots of thinned layers? Wet Palette?
  6. Mystic Circle

    You are seriously on a roll!
  7. Bregol Jagstone, Dwarf Ranger

    NMM Stands for Non-Metallic Metals. It's a challenging way to paint where you mimic metallic surfaces using only non-metallic paints. I am still working up to it, but it creates the most awesome looking minis.
  8. Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf Hero

    Wow- prolific!
  9. Hi all, I just finished a CAV dictator and went to put him on his standard hex base, when I realized his "bones" base is too large. I have already painted and sealed it and was wondering what the best way to remove the base was to minimize damage?
  10. CAV secret santa Dictator

    Hi all, Been working on a CAV Dictator for the secret santa exchange, and wanted to use it to not only explore rach color schemes, but also to continue to develop my skills with edge highlighting and blending (canopy). I am really happy with how it came out, though I still need a lot of practice. Brush control is getting better but is still far from perfect! Obviously still needs a base; C&C welcome!
  11. CAV forum Secret Santa...?

    I absolutely love the fire Drake but didn't go to reapercon so didn't get one. What's the timeline on those becoming available? I use either a "redder" red if my underlying color is like a burgundy, or mix bright orange and red if the underlying color is a brighter red. Pretty much done; just requires basing and sealing!
  12. We were jumped by three Light Cruisers

    These are awesome; any plans to design any more or to distribute?
  13. 01609: Lysette, Elf Wizard, attempt 2

    Great blending.
  14. Dark Heaven Cave Troll painted as Lava Troll - 77004 - Painted by noob!

    This is a great piece. Have you only been painting a month?
  15. Fire giant jailor with suspect OSL

    Fantastic work. I agree with what the others have said regarding OSL. It looks like you blocked the steel with gray, lined around the recesses, and highlighted. Any other steps I'm missing? It looks great!