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  1. Yay! :D Thanks, Kate!
  2. Just wondering if someone more familiar with how ReaperCon works knew the answer to this: I was checking on the ReaperCon website to see about adding some more classes (I'd already signed up for 4 or 5). When I looked at my itinerary on the site, however, there are no classes listed -- just the meals and such. Are the classes normally there? If so, does anybody have any idea as to why they might have disappeared?
  3. Thanks, guys -- especially @haldir for having the forethought to post the actual TSA rules! Good to know about the superglue issues. I wasn't planning on using any or bringing any, but still something I'll want to keep in mind.
  4. Live

    LOL! "That blonde one" is the young'un, affectionately known as "The Baby Monster." You know how to read your dogs, my friend! :D
  5. Live

    D'oh! You definitely win. The Border Collies bark, "All hail the Mighty Fenris!" "Can we have your sheep??"
  6. Live

    The entire Thunderpuppy Household says, "Border Collies! The farmers need sheep, and the sheep need Border Collies!"
  7. As the title suggests, this will be my first trip to ReaperCon! Very excited. While I've traveled plenty in my **cough cough** years of life, I've never traveled with minis, paints, and supplies. So some things occur to me: What's the best way to transport paint, given TSA restrictions on liquids? I'm assuming I'll have to pack things into my checked baggage. But then doesn't temperature / pressure in the cargo hold become an issue? Is there an ideal way to pack up paints for travel? Conversely, is there a an absolutely HORRIBLE way to do so? My current plan is to bring just a few colors, plus some of the townsfolk for light, easy painting when / if I get the chance. (I'm planning to feel inspired.) It seems like using the Reaper paint travel case would work well, since I could use holes not being taken up by paint bottles to hold little people. (Most of these are Bones, so I'm not worried about breakage.) It is not lost on me that the black Reaper paint travel case could be mistaken for a handgun case. So pack that into checked baggage, too? Is there something really obvious I'm not thinking of?? Thanks, oh, great and generous group mind!
  8. Hey, fellow yinzer! :) I guess I knew I couldn't be the only mini painter in SW PA, but it feels like it sometimes. :) Thanks for the tip. So far, I've just looked at flights going to DFW, but am glad to know there might be another option. You guys all rock, BTW.
  9. Live

    Got my confirmation email at 3 minutes after -- and was still backer #282. Hee! :)
  10. Am I correct that the best airport to use to fly in for ReaperCon is Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)?
  11. I used it (unpainted) in a game just this past weekend to stand in for a brazier. My players kept calling it "the ice cream sundae." :/
  12. Does it make me a complete dork that I never considered that Bones would float? :P Re: MOAR POWER. I'm not really planning to do any sort of mass boiling -- like everybody else, I've been using the microwave and a pyrex dish up to now. But now that I've got both Tianot and Dragons Don't Share, I thought I might need a bigger boat pot...
  13. I finally broke down and got an old pot from the thrift store to use as a dedicated Bones boiling pot. I don't want the models to lay on the bottom -- or touch the sides, really -- for fear of unwanted melting. How do people address that? I'm thinking about using a screen colander suspended inside the pot, but am not sure if that will have the same issues as the hot metal sides. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks, Mehman. When I've seen them used (in YouTube videos), they looked kind of shiny and...I dunno, heavy? I was just wondering if they were something other than thinned down paint.
  15. Pretty much what the title says. Are the various GW / Citadel "shades" just inks? If not, what are they?