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  1. The subject of faces, and where to place highlights / shadows, has come up in the forum a couple times recently. Of course, this has led me to staring at faces at the store, on YouTube, in magazine ads, trying to get a feel for where said highlights / shadows are falling in real life and photographs. This morning, however,I ran across an unexpected -- but surprisingly useful -- set of examples: court drawings. While a newscaster was talking about some court proceedings, illustrations by a court artist were being displayed full-screen as part of the presentation. Just like I've been doing for everything else, I found myself looking at the faces, noticing where the illustrator had placed highlights / shadows -- and I came to the realization that the quick simplicity of court art is actually a great place to see this! There's really minimal fussy details in these works, but things like shape contour and lighting are used extensively to quickly capture a sense of the scene. By definition, court artists are working quickly, so have to distill what they're seeing into the most minimal (yet still realistic) depiction of events. All the pictures, then, boiled down to just about nothing but the use of highlight / shadow for defining a face and an expression. I've now watched (but not really listened to) the same news report three times; studying the court artwork is proving really interesting and useful. I pass this along for the good of the many.
  2. Painting Dog

    Impromptu classes/ get togethers

    Last year was my first ReaperCon, so I can't speak with 100% certainty. But there were a lot of free-use tables around all weekend that people used to paint, socialize, etc. That kind of impromptu gathering seems to be one of the favored activities at ReaperCon. :)
  3. Painting Dog

    Cape Buffalo Bull Bust

    This is truly beautiful! I'm inspired by your attention to detail and color. Great job!
  4. Painting Dog

    Travelling with minis

    Has anybody tried putting a couple of those tiny rare earth magnets on the bottom of a slot base, instead of a single sheet of the self-adhesive stuff?
  5. Inara box on its way to Gamingdog!
  6. Thanks, guys. I'll pick up a Medium for the repacking. :)
  7. Getting ready to box up and ship out the Gaming Dog! Quick question: As I mentioned above, the box which arrived at my house was looking very "well-loved," so I got a new flat-rate box. However, I was working from memory while at the P.O., and got a Large Flat Rate box (the original is a Medium). Is this an issue? Should I go back and get a Medium before sending out? Pictures of my treasures to follow. :)
  8. My first Box o' Goodwill arrived today! Very good timing, as I had a really long, stressful week; this was a pleasure to come home to. This is the Marvin Box, and it looks...well-loved. Is there any objection to my re-packing things in a different box? (Being just a tad OCD, the idea of organizing and repacking the contents is also something that makes me happy.)
  9. Marvin Box has landed safe and sound in Western PA!
  10. I swear, I don't remember having this problem in the past. But for the last six months or so, I've been unable to reliably glue things with CA glue. I'm most frustrated by not being able to affix minis to bases (although I've had trouble with things like arms and weapons, too). Even with pins in the feet, the mini either doesn't stick to the surface of the base, comes off the pins, pins come out of base. It doesn't seem to matter if the base is plastic or metal, painted or bare. (Although, thinking about it, I think I've had this problem primarily with metal minis, FWIW.) Things I have tried: Tiny bits of glue Bigger bits of glue Letting glue dry a smidge and get tacky before putting pieces together Adding a little baking soda Letting pins in the feet dry overnight (or longer), then trying to attach mini to base. Corollary to above: Leave the pinned mini to dry on the base overnight (or longer) Longer pins No pins Buying more "gel-like" glue Buying new Bones CA glue Buying ANOTHER new Bones CA glue Using many broccoli-like words and scaring my dogs Even when it seems like I've got a good attachment, the slightest bit of manipulation (for touch-up or varnishing) is half-likely to disconnect mini from base. Even just falling onto its side on my painting desk -- not from a height, just from standing to on its side -- can be enough. Have I passed over into a parallel universe where I suddenly don't understand superglue anymore??
  11. Painting Dog

    Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Just beautiful! You're inspiring me to finally get brave enough to face down the big girl.
  12. I'd love to participate! Pittsburgh, PA. Could do international if necessary, or (as someone said above) toss in a couple bucks for a box that needs to international eventually.
  13. Painting Dog

    02974: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer

    Love the blue cloak!
  14. Painting Dog

    Stripping Bones with Simple Green

    Thanks, @MojoBob! I was pretty sure I was ok, but this is the first Bones I've stripped, so was second-guessing.
  15. I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but it never hurts to get confirmation. . When stripping paint from a mini (in this case a Bones that I completely screwed up the paint job on), is it necessary to get every molecule of paint off? Or is it okay if there's some bits left in some of the crenalations and under bits? Thanks!