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  1. Getting to know each other, October edition

    Hmm... Corporea would be kinda neat. Maybe?
  2. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Can't wait for tomorrow!!! I'll get to be where the people are!
  3. Getting to know each other, October edition

    Corpse Bride and the Summer camp episode of Psych. I've already watched corpse bride once this month and I'm having a psych party soon and we'll watch that episode then.
  4. September Hobby Gooooooooals!!!!!

    - Finish my reapercon pieces, that I started last year..... - Start on the Christmas presents for family and dnd friends - Start on my faction diorama which I planned last year.... - Make time for more painting - Paint a couple of the bones 3 things I got
  5. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Convinced the boyfriend to come with me to Reapercon, must induct him into the madness!!! Mwhwhahaha!!!!!!
  6. Getting to Know Each Other, August 2017

    My friends and my puppies!
  7. Getting to Know Each Other, August 2017

    Went to Oklahoma saw about 85% it was neat, but I can't wait for 100% in 2024.
  8. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    2 months is enough time to finish all my pieces, buy tickets for my friends, and still get sleep... Right?
  9. Went to Reaper yesterday. They had a half off bin, may have gone temporarily insane... Picked up a few bottles of red paint, 2 gelationus cubes, some giants, an elemental, deva, a deathdog, and the 25th anniversary august figure.
  10. 3D printed "Stag Berserker"

    He looks super cool!!! I love the cloak, all very creative!
  11. Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    My stuff got postage, it's supposed to be here tomorrow!!!!!! I'll finally get my dragons!!!!!!! Yay!
  12. 50308: Vermina

    That base is super cool! It's certainly a very neat and imaginative idea!
  13. Randomness XI: Rampant Randomness Randomly Rampaging

    Well, today's been wonderful. I realized I either left or lost most of my brushes at the last paint day my group had... Absolutely great, now I have to order new brushes *sigh*
  14. Getting to Know Each Other - June

    Barefoot, I hate shoes. If I have to wear shoes, my Converse. A bit, I'm not allowed to wear flip flops in the winter and boots really aren't a summer thing. My teal pair of hightop Converse, or maybe my hiking shoes. Converse really aren't great for hiking, learned that the hard way.
  15. Happy Birthday Pingo

    Happy Birthday!!!