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  1. He looks super cool!!! I love the cloak, all very creative!
  2. Fulfilling

    My stuff got postage, it's supposed to be here tomorrow!!!!!! I'll finally get my dragons!!!!!!! Yay!
  3. That base is super cool! It's certainly a very neat and imaginative idea!
  4. Well, today's been wonderful. I realized I either left or lost most of my brushes at the last paint day my group had... Absolutely great, now I have to order new brushes *sigh*
  5. Barefoot, I hate shoes. If I have to wear shoes, my Converse. A bit, I'm not allowed to wear flip flops in the winter and boots really aren't a summer thing. My teal pair of hightop Converse, or maybe my hiking shoes. Converse really aren't great for hiking, learned that the hard way.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Fulfilling

    We're in wave 6, my order is in wave 8.... *sigh* I live so close to Reaper, yet my order is so very far away. Just gotta remember patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue. Oh, and it'd be super great if someone could post a close-up of Marthrangle, or repost I may have just missed it.
  8. I got mine a few days ago It's WONDERFUL and funny and the gremlins are painted perfectly! I just don't know who sent it....
  9. Mine's done & sent. Yay!
  10. I really like the bat style, ribbed is okay, butterfly is only appropriate for fairy dragons, and don't even get me started on feathered....
  11. Most likely... And no, no oscars for me, too much anime to watch.
  12. I'm gonna be ordering in March, I just really need that figure.
  13. I'm haphazard I think I have like 10-ish projects going now in various stages of completion... I just find it really hard to concentrate on one.
  14. Yep, but I don't think I overuse it. Wear - Grey, Black, Teal, Red Look at - Green, Blue Cars - I, for some reason, really want a pumpkin orange jeep. Paint - Teal, Purple, Red, Green, Black There's quite a bit of overlap, I'm very set in my ways.
  15. Neat! Nice work they look good! To bad it's cryx...