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  1. I love the lighting you are doing. The eyes are much better. I think my favorite part is her hair. Really beautiful!
  2. Mother Nature Bust

    I actually prefer her with nothing on that shoulder. That way, that side of her body is where the "corruption" is growing while the other side flows upwards with the "nature". This is a really beautiful piece and I love watching it all come together.
  3. Guard of the Ancestors chambers

    He is so cute! Love his beard and face!
  4. 02721, Thora, gnome bard

    Love the little patches on her coat and she has such a cute expression! Welcome!
  5. 01576, Gulp the Chibi Deep One

    Love the stippling and how you used the green for the upper dots and the orange for the bottom. He looks startled with those big eyes! Very cute!
  6. 77637: Obsidian Crypt

    Thank you! I'll have to have a look at the stores around here and see what they have. I didn't know such a thing existed! It looks great on your crypt!
  7. 01573, Mel the Chibi Bathalian

    I love red and purple together! I really like the colors you used for his head and the stippling looks great! Yet another super cool Bonesylvanian from you!
  8. Chibi Vampiress (Reaper 77595: Tish)

    Love the dress colors and the spider web pattern on the cape. The hair is also so well done. Cute face with the mask design and mismatched eyes. She's awesome!
  9. 77408: Athak, Undead Knight

    He looks great and I really like your color choices. I think one easy, quick thing that will improve your photos, is a different background. If you go to Massive Voodoo, they have some free printable backgrounds. You'll be amazed at how much better your mini will look. You've done such a nice job painting him!
  10. 77637: Obsidian Crypt

    Very nice! I am planning on doing mine either black or dark green marble. What is this "marbling spray" you speak of? Your crypt looks very impressive. Well done!
  11. 77043 Eye Beast

    I did mine very silly and named him F-eye-do because that made me laugh. Mine has a big green eye because he is also the green eyed monster! He is a fun one to paint and I like your color scheme. Also, when you are having fun, that makes the mini even more enjoyable and you get in the painting zone!
  12. RIP Stephen Hawking

    So sad. Such a brilliant man.
  13. Sphinx - 77576

    Thank you! To be fair, her face is sculpted beautifully, very soft and feminine with nice, large eyes. Makes it easier to paint! I used the Reaper Olive Skin Triad. I always add a little darker brown to the shadow color for the darkest shadows and a little ivory to the highlight color for the highest highlights. When I do skin, I usually have seven little blobs of paint on my palette - highlight/ivory - highlight - highlight/midtone - midtone - midtone/shadow - shadow - shadow/darker brown.