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  1. I finished the Obsidian Crypt from the Bones 3 kickstarter. I looked at lots of photos of old mausoleums for inspiration. Now, I just need to finish the fence and all of the main cemetery parts will be finished. Then just ghouls, golems, worms, etc to do to complete the entire expansion. I had fun flocking the crypt. I resembled Oscar the Grouch by the time I was finished! I put a couple flickering LED candles inside the crypt to emulate torchlight/candlelight and thought it turned out pretty cool!
  2. Pochi

    Winter Wolf (In White) - 77437

    I found one more wolf in my "hoard of unpainted things". He must have been in the Halloween goodies or the Christmas stocking. Oh well, I wanted a white wolf for my pack and now I have one! I would take more poses of wolves (hint, hint, Reaper!)
  3. Pochi

    Foo on You

    Love it! Love the highlighting on the face and the eyes are awesome!
  4. Pochi

    Flail Snail

    I think the shell looks great!
  5. Pochi

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    Awesome! Really well done!
  6. Pochi

    A journey into rust (pic heavy)

    Very cool! Thanks for the visual step-by-step.
  7. Pochi

    Sleeping Beauty

    This is so cool! Just keeps looking better and better! The diorama will be amazing but this would be fun gaming terrain just like this!
  8. Pochi

    Gravestones and Pillars

    Thanks! I suck at drybrushing and these were seriously easy! I wanted some variety in stone color so went with 3 different. Black, dark grey, light grey - tan, offwhite, white - dark grey, light grey, white. I used a wash after the first drybrush, let it dry, then repeated with the first drybrush color then finish with a drybrush of the lightest color. If you mess anything up, flock it! Thank you! Go for it! Different colors and textures of flock mixed in a Parmesan cheese shaker. Different colors and lengths of tufts and lots of glue! We did joke about putting my husband's old character's name on there with birth and death year and cross out the death year and put a new one and cross it out with another new one. He came close to dying many times, really died once and was resurrected and there was a prophecy that he would greet Death 4 times but bid him farewell thrice. Poor Finn! Thanks! Seriously fun but so messy! I was working on it late at night and getting sleepy and dumb...I forgot about the giant pile of flock I had tapped off all of the excess from the minis onto a piece of paper on the table. (Hadn't poured it back in the shaker yet.) Holding the one mini and see a little extra floof so blew on it....in the direction of the table..... Green flocking everywhere! I looked like Oscar the Grouch!
  9. Pochi

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter (planned start date 18th July)

    These are adorable. We occasionally play Pugmire and these might work for characters. Other than that, I just want to paint them!
  10. Pochi

    Gravestones and Pillars

    Thanks! My main inspiration was the Protestant Cemetery in Rome.
  11. Pochi

    Gravestones and Pillars

    Painted up most of the gravestones from the Bones 3 Graveyard expansion. A few others are primed and waiting. Here is what I finished so far. I thought about putting my players' characters' names on a few but thought that was mean!
  12. Pochi

    Sparrow paints a Sphinx

    Very Cleopatra! Pretty face!
  13. Pochi

    Golden dragon of chaos in blue

    What a great face! Nicely done!
  14. Pochi


    I'm in! Filling out my survey and sending it in!
  15. Pochi

    Werewolf (There wolf!) - 77464

    Has anyone seen a little girl wearing a red hood and carrying a picnic basket? Asking for a friend! Here is my version of the Bones werewolf. He is a very beefy guy and was fun to paint. Since I was painting all of my wolfish figures, I tried to give them a mix of colors. This guy got the same fur treatment that I did on my warg. I need a few more "normal" wolves for my pack and will probably do at least one white. For now, I have finished all of the ones that I own. I had a good time painting them but am ready to paint something that doesn't have fur!