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    Dogs, horses, reading, painting, art, cupcakes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, history, gaming, board games (not Monopoly or Risk!), flowers, butterflies, movies, tattoos and lots of other stuff!

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  1. Pochi

    Mouseling Druid - 77290

    I love it!
  2. Interesting question. Since there is not a separate category for busts/single figures, not sure if it would matter if dioramas were included as well. Let me look back through previous years and see if this has ever come up. Also, if people have any opinions/objections/comments on if dioramas should or should not be included in the non-Reaper category, feel free to chime in. Update: Upon looking back through previous years' contests, I couldn't find where this particular question has been addressed. Busts were added to the non-Reaper group by forumite discussion so I say if forumites would like non-Reaper dioramas to be added to the non-Reaper group, we can do that. What does everyone think?
  3. Pochi

    Mouseling Druid - 77290

    Thank you! I did the galaxy robes on Dumble Doormouse so decided to try it on the orb on this little guy. Just something a little different. The frog is so tiny! I have many more mouselings to paint! Thank you! The tail (ears & toes) are a skin triad. So basecoated the tail, then highlighted and shaded. I used the shade color to make the stripes. Super easy and I think it adds a little visual interest to the mouse.
  4. Pochi

    Mouseling Druid - 77290

    I painted another little mouseling druid. I went with a darker, grumpier scheme with this one. I love painting the mouselings!
  5. Pochi

    77169: Flesh Golem to Earth Golem

    The flocking really adds to him. I second that he would also double nicely as a swamp thing. Great job!
  6. Pochi

    77379: Dracolisk

    I really like how he turned out. The pop of red really sets him off!
  7. Pochi

    77194: Cthulhu

    He looks awesome! Great work! Welcome to the forums!
  8. Pochi

    Forum CSS change? Search bar wackiness

    Uploading is working. Yay and thank you! Any word on if the navigation buttons will return?
  9. Pochi

    DSM8024, Fox Knight

    Gorgeous! I like the dark armor and the shield is beautiful!
  10. Thanks everyone! It was fun to paint. The cartoon makes me laugh every time I see it so I had to make it in mini form!
  11. Well, he lives with Jasper now so.....
  12. I "borrowed" from the cartoon so why not! The lemon is greenstuff with paperclip legs. The candles are greenstuff and the "melted wax" is blobs of super glue gel.