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  1. Dragons Don't Share, Dragon Edition

    Go back and hit the ends of each scale with your golden color. That way you are leaving the soft tone wash in the crevices as shadow but bringing the golden color back on each scale.
  2. Wrapping Dragon - WIP

    I also don't like the real dark lined look. However, recently, I have been using a darker shade of whatever color I am painting to put a very thin line next to an area where I think it needs to be separated a bit. It has helped define areas and accentuate without looking cartoony or comic bookish. So you could maybe try that or just deepen shadows between the questionable areas.
  3. Ilva, The Syren of Kaldeth Strait

    Love the color you achieved for the water and the waves are very cool. I like your color choices for the figure and you did a really nice job blending the purpley color into the blue on the tentacles. Also, nice job on the rocks. This is a pretty cool little diorama.
  4. Jedi kids for Christmas Ornaments

    So it's been a couple weeks but I finally worked on the bases and made some progress! Leia is getting a base inspired by Naboo. I don't know what Alderaan looked like so I decided to go with a Naboo vibe. Hers is the one that I have not finished. There will be a stone wall behind her with vines and there will be little grass tufts and flowers and maybe a cute critter or two. The twins' bases are finished....I think. Boy twin will be standing on the rock. He has flowers and grass and a little snake in the grass. The twins' bases are roughly based on Degobah. Since these are going inside orbs, trees didn't really work. I tried. The girl twin has a couple rocks, some little puffball mushrooms and an alien plant. There is a little butterfly as well. I thought about putting a little bit of still water in the open part of the plant with a little frog. Would that be noticeable? Any thoughts on that idea one way or another? I did a test fit with all of the kids so I could do a little OSL on the bases. The twins' bases are ready to be sprayed with Dulcote and then have the kids pinned in. I need to figure out the best way to attach them in the orbs as well. C&C welcome and appreciated.
  5. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    In Australia, I get free shipping at $100 AUD.
  6. Bones 3 graveyard expansion custom version

    That's gorgeous!
  7. Wow! I could barely make a dragon's egg with greenstuff! The turkey looks great! Can't wait to see the slippers and turkey painted!
  8. Awesome! I love it! I was going to suggest a bunny suit token. You could also have a big fruit basket like Ralphie gave his teacher. Or a Little Orphan Annie decoder. lol 'Tis the season to rewatch this movie!
  9. Iridescence Ideas

    I did an iridescent raven feather on my little mouseling's staff. I used Reaper's Amethyst, Emerald, and Sapphire paints which are all kind of metallic. I then glazed black over that and then lightly dry brushed the colors over that. I think it looks nice. The picture is showing mostly the greenish color.
  10. Dragons Don't Share, Dragon Edition

    Not sure if you have seen it or are interested but Guindyloo did a tutorial for dragon eyes that is seriously awesome. It can be found here: Second post on page 5 hidden in the spoiler links. If you do a search for Ma'al, she has different colors for the dragons' eyes using the same technique. I liked the technique so much that I printed it and keep it in my paint case! Anyway.... I like the yellow and it will go nicely with the red stonework.
  11. She is the cutest! Will definitely be getting her!
  12. My Dragons don't share

    Love the variation on the stonework. The greenery is also awesome. What did you use for the fluffy hanging vines? Very nicely done!
  13. 77363: Deva

    I am really liking those wings and the base is also very good. Enjoying watching your progress!
  14. I like the color and think it goes nicely with the terrain. It also looks like your inspiration photo. Can't wait to see it all done up. Looking really nice!