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  1. The bone looks great!
  2. Hopefully I can get one of my Bones 3 dragons painted up in time!
  3. I am partial to bugbears. I think there are a few that are both Bones and metal. I am really liking how this guy is turning out. I didn't like the green at first but am pleasantly surprised how it is all coming together.
  4. I just love that color!
  5. Just like bombed the bejeebus out of this WIP! I love the purple mushroom's staff! They are all such fun guys! Get it? Fungis? (GROAN! Sorry! lol) Your diorama explanation was cracking me up! I love getting inspired like that and it is fun reading about someone else's inspiration. It is looking very cute. Are you going to use any flock or tufts on Trunky? I have one that I have yet to paint up. Great figure! Love how the squirrel looks, very cute!
  6. For bone, I usually basecoat with an offwhite with a yellow undertone (which you have done). I then use Soft Tone wash from Army painter. Then I drybrush with a lighter offwhite. Depends on how "fresh" you want your skeleton to look. The cloak looks good. Old and dirty! Coming along nicely!
  7. They look really great! The dwarf is my favorite.
  8. Love the vibrant colors! Very nicely done!
  9. So pretty!
  10. Really beautifully done! Love the cloak and staff especially!
  11. Nice! I have mostly seen him painted black so it is nice to see your version. I like how you tied warm colors on the mini with your autumn leaves on the base. Very nice. I think he makes a great ranger!
  12. I really wish there was a painted version of each Bones model (well, all of the models actually) in the store. Sometimes it is just too difficult to see what they look like and the details. I have passed over many before because I couldn't tell what it was or it didn't look interesting and then I see someone's Show Off photos and have to have the mini! After painting more Bones, I have learned that if it looks somewhat interesting, it is probably more detailed and will be fun to paint. I like Bones because of the inexpensive factor combined with the fact that when we play with them, I never feel like they are going to chip. I am pretty hesitant to play with my metal minis because they seem to be prone to chipping if handled at all roughly, or heaven forbid, dropped. When I DM, I am more than happy to put minis on the table and have the players knock them over when they die, or pile them up, or whatever. I have yet to have paint chip off a Bones mini. I have only recently started painting anything larger than Kalaguk in Bones and that is my DDS2. I have done all of the terrain bits and had an absolute ball! There was a little warpage but that was fixed with hot water and clamps. For display, I prefer metal. I have purchased a few resin but have yet to paint them so I can't say how I feel about that yet. I do feel like metal minis are crisper and "nicer" but I still love the Bones line. Good thing considering how much Bones 3 I have coming!
  13. The Massive Voodoo website is a good resource as it has step by step tutorials on how to make different bases and techniques. Your local game store may have basing materials or stores that have model railroad supplies.
  14. Your fourth? Fourth? As in 4? Wow! Really nicely done and welcome to the forums!
  15. Gives a whole new meaning to "green-eyed monster". Very nice!