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    Dogs, horses, reading, painting, art, cupcakes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, history, gaming, board games (not Monopoly or Risk!), flowers, butterflies, movies, tattoos and lots of other stuff!

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  1. Pochi

    77306, Translucent Slimes

    I really like both of them. With the metal one, it would be fun to have to make it look slimy while with the translucent one, it just looks slimy from the start!
  2. Pochi

    77306, Translucent Slimes

    Nice colors, especially on the yellow!
  3. Pochi

    77428, Vermin Tick

    So gross! It definitely needs to be stepped on or burned! So great job!
  4. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Thank you! The beholder was a lot of fun and so hard to decide on colors! I am happy with the colors I chose. Shocker, it had to have purple! I finished the first sorceress, I should take her photo and post it here. The second one is sitting on the table. She got pushed aside when I wanted to paint the gypsy wagon. I will go ahead and finish her up. I seriously wish I could figure out something to strip the primer off of them. They would be so much better without the primer! I actually think the collars are probably on there but the primer is so thick, it has completely covered any detail that would indicate the collars are there. I would love to get several of the gypsy wagons but I don't really want 3 or 4 of the rest of the set. And not sure what they cost in the states, they are $50 a set here. Kind of steep when I mainly want just the wagons! But yeah, I would paint up a whole caravan. I would also like one that has the wood showing through the paint and looks more worn. I am considering chopping the horn off the Bones unicorn and see if I can reposition him a little and paint him as a gypsy vanner horse to go with the wagon. And thanks! Glad you like the colors. I was hoping it wasn't too "Candyland", especially with the striped curtains.
  5. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Here are a couple WIP pictures of the gypsy vardo. You can see the sign I am talking about. I am not sure with everything else being painted so brightly that the sign would be regular wood. I think once I decide what the sign should say, then I can decide what color the plank should be. I know it is super bright colors but I figured I wanted to paint it my favorite colors, especially if I ever get to play my d&d gypsy bard.
  6. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    I have still been painting. I missed Sunday because it was my D&D day and I was tired after the game. Still pretty good, only missed one day. Anyway, I am currently painting a gypsy wagon. It's really pretty and bright colors. The back door is chained shut with a padlock. There is a sign. What should the sign say? Some ideas so far are: "Back in 5" "Baby on board" A picture of an eye like a gypsy fortune teller. Any other suggestions?
  7. Pochi


    Yes, I am kicking myself for not picking up at least one more but I was trying to be nice and leave some for others. The store did get in some more of the camping sets with the wagon after I asked but said that "they" were out of stock on beholders. I don't know if "they" meant their distributor or Wizkids. I hope you post yours after you get it painted. It is pretty fun to paint.
  8. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Oh boy. So I looked to see if there were any painted examples of these two ladies and um.... Not really any painted examples but pictures from I guess Wizkids. Yeah, these minis do not look like the photo. They are supposed to have collars. I guess maybe that explains why the one's head looks so little. Seriously though, there is no texture on their necks. I doubt I do much tinkering with the one that is mostly painted. Not sure what I will do with the other one. Here is the picture for comparison. Oh yeah, I snapped off that spell effect so I could paint the figure.
  9. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Well, these photos definitely show the issues I was talking about with the primer and messiness. Good thing they are for table! Still a WIP but here are photos of the sorceresses. Edit: Ok wow, the photos look like total garbage. They don't look as bad as the photos make them look! Wow! The photos super suck. Sorry about that! I guess you can get the gist but seriously, they don't look this bad!
  10. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Haha, so true! I mean, I started them off locked in separate cells in a dungeon wearing burlap sacks and none of their equipment and they still like me! Thanks! I painted up the whole fence, I just didn't take very good photos. Tweaked those photos with a filter to brighten it up. Too lazy to reset up my stuff to take better photos. (I forgot to change the position of my lights so all of my pictures were too dark.) Anyway, still working on the drow sorceresses. Their faces have turned out nice so that is a bonus. The primer on them was/is HORRIBLE! I tried soaking them in Simple Green and after 3 days, none of the primer had budged. So, I just cleaned up mold lines and tried to scrape off the blobbiest spots of primer. One of the sorceresses has an abnormally small head. But yeah, the fact that their faces look nice at least gives me some hope. I am using Reaper's dusky skin triad on them and it's great. I hadn't used this particular triad before and am very pleased with the colors. I will snap a few photos later of their faces and post them up. I have a few more Wizkids things to paint up because I do like some of the models but dang, that pre-prime primer is absolute garbage!
  11. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Thanks, I wanted the fence to look old, rusty, and overgrown. I think it turned out ok. Started a couple Wizkids sorceresses last night. One og my players gave them to me for "being a good DM". I am painting them as drow that they will run into later.We'll see if they still think I'm a good DM then!
  12. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    I have still painted every day so far. I finished the cemetery fences and got them all flocked. My game store also got in the Wizkuds camping set. I wanted the gypsy wagon do much and now I have one! Add it to the painting queue.
  13. Pochi


    It's the standard base except I added this sandy putty stuff in the recesses to give it some texture to look like dirt. The regular base is like smooth rock. So the regular base I painted grey like rocks, painted the putty brown and then added the shield, goblet, book, and sword and the grass.
  14. Pochi

    Ratpunzel - 77286 - Summer echange

    Glad you like it! It was fun to make and paint.
  15. Pochi

    Saturated September!

    Ugh, it is taking longer to paint these fences than I anticipated. I have everything finished except some rust and then moss and vines. Should be able to finish them up tomorrow.