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  1. I'm also still waiting. I ordered 2 of the Whole Court sets and didn't get any of the add-ons so I don't know why there is a hold up. I haven't received a request for shipping or anything. I think this one has bypassed how late Bones 3 was for a lot fewer minis. Glad to hear that the minis are nice from those of you that have yours. I guess I will console myself with my Harry Potter minis I had sent to my parents in the states and they sent them to me and I just got them and sorted through them!
  2. Frost Giant Queen Edit: It merged my two posts...grrr!
  3. Just over 6 weeks to go and we are light on entries in all categories except non-Reaper. Get your minis painted and submit your entries to the correct category! Also, if anyone wants to donate prizes for the non-Reaper category, get in touch with me. I will be donating something (as yet to be determined!) so there will be at least a little something for prizes. For the Reaper categories, we have wonderful prize support from Reaper! Who wouldn't like to place an order for new minis in the new year? With the holiday season nearly upon us, don't procrastinate and get caught up in the holiday mayhem and forget to submit your entries!
  4. Pochi

    77631: Vorvorlaka

    Another monster for my Dungeons & Dragons games. I used the Olive Skin Triad with a bit of the Dark Skin triad for shadows. I used Army Painter Chaotic Red mixed with skintones for the back of the wings. I used Reaper Clear Yellow on the underside of the wings, Clear Purple in the shadows, and Clear red to do a glaze on the back of the wings. I love the clear paints! They are getting to be about as invaluable to me as Nightshade Purple!
  5. Pochi

    Frost Giant Queen

    I may or may not have a problem. Purple and green are my favorite colors and it seems no matter how hard I try, I use those colors in almost all of my paint jobs! With this one, I wanted her to look cold without going lots of blue as I see so many frost giants. I chose Reaper's Deep Ocean which is a kind of dark teal as my base color for her dress. So...what looks nice with that color? Purple! Oh well. I love her! Thank you so much! I was heavily inspired by @Bathoryand her frost giant queen. She went a bit more goth with hers but I loved the dramatic eyes that she did. The hair was the last thing I did. I was so undecided on what color her hair should be. My painting friend was encouraging blue but I just didn't think that would look right with the rest of the colors. So I basecoated her hair with nightshade purple and just started highlighting up until I liked where it ended up. And thank you for the comment on her lips! I always struggle to get lips to look nice. The giants are so nice to practice on with their larger features! Can't go wrong with purple!
  6. Pochi

    77536: Female Wraith

    I did a quick paint job on a female wraith for my D&D games. I didn't do a lot of detail on her. I wanted her to look a little glowy and creepy. I think she turned out pretty well and will be adequately scary!
  7. Pochi

    Frost Giant Queen

    Here is a picture with her next to a regular sized Reaper mini. I don't have Sir Forscale. I should get one!
  8. Pochi

    DSM8006, Scottish Wildcat Warrior

    The orange and green look great together. The tartan is well done. He is very cute. They missed their chance though to make the cat a Scottish Fold!
  9. Pochi

    Vanja, Fire Giant Queen

    Thank you! I never really liked her either until I saw the one painted by @Kuche for last year's Reaper Forum Contest. That one is the other (old?) pose but is similar. So I know what you mean!
  10. Pochi

    Frost Giant Queen

    Thank you! Well, she's a giant so.... She is probably scaled like the rest of Reaper's mini to be roughly 32mm heroic scale but since she is a giant, she is maybe 3 inches tall. I don't have her right in front of me and I can't tell from the metal B in the Reaper store photo. (I miss the little triangles!) I will try and take a photo of her tomorrow next to a regular Reaper mini to give you an idea. I really enjoyed painting her and Vanja. Nice, big eyes! Haha!
  11. Pochi

    Frost Giant Queen

    I did no such thing. I only painted a wolf pelt. I am sure he was finished with it and didn't need it any longer....
  12. Pochi

    DSM7999, King Richard the Lion

    I love this! The blue and gold are so rich!
  13. Pochi

    77636, Death Shroud

    Nice! I like the subtle blue. It gives it just a touch more dimension to it.
  14. Pochi

    02769, Woody the Halfling Ranger

    Very nice! He is the mini my husband chose for his character, Tobias Brambleburr. You did a nice job on him and I like the deep red coat.