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  1. Finished the last mini in the Bones 3 Ogre Command set. Here is the Ogre Chieftain. He doesn't have a squire to polish his armor and the goblins use spit and their loincloths so....his armor isn't in the best of shape. The shield on the back probably needs some battle damage but I hated to mess it up after I spent so much time getting it to look nice! Maybe he "found" it. So here are pictures of the Ogre Chieftain and a group shot at the end. (I need a large photo background!)
  2. There are lots of heavy minis in metal already that would transition to Bones well. Of course, I am finishing up the Egyptian part of my campaign. Doesn't mean I wouldn't goo in for more Egyptian themed stuff. Well, when I wake up, I play catch up because you guys do 95% of the chatting while I am asleep. It told me this morning there were 85+ new comments to read!
  3. The shading/highlighting on the green is so nice! Great looking minis!
  4. Wow! Beautiful work! The scarf is amazing and love his little pimp hat. The red was a nice choice and all of the colors you added for his accessories pop nicely with the deep red. So cute!
  5. The Dreadmere expansion is pretty cool. Lots of "biggies" in the 3rd part reveal. I was kind of meh about the kobolds but blowing up the picture, they are pretty cute! Using the turtle pack animal slows the party's travel speed....haha! Nice reveal! Hopefully they will make the pack removable like they did on the camel.
  6. I am late to the party! You guys are too blabby while I sleep! I think Willow aged better than Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. Man, there were some great movies in the 80's! You beat me me to it! Ladyhawke was one of my favorites! Ok, back on topic of Bones 4....CAT DRAGON!!!!! Please!
  7. @JGF Those look fantastic and I love the brightness of Goremaw!
  8. Yes, let the hate flow through you! She looks awesome!
  9. More Dreadmere! Nice! Another cart, a raft, fisherman and fishwife, brainsquid thingie....some cool stuff in Part 2. Ah! There are also bandits for coreset! I know some people who are going to be happy with these unlocks!
  10. Next stretch goal is.......? Made it to 1,250,000!
  11. @Metalchaos Yep, like everyone else has said, your first one (even without washes) still shows the promise of what was to come.Shading on the face, EYES! You started strong and your stuff now is gorgeous!
  12. Very nice, crisp paint job. These look great!
  13. Thank you! You rock! That is true, once I get the last ogre done and put them all together, there will be more orange! Thanks for noticing the rust! Haha! I was afraid I had gone too dark with the horns but I wanted to differentiate it from the skulls and banner color.
  14. Awesome! Love the colors you used! Very mossy looking.