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  1. Yeah, that is what I thought too until I looked at photos of lightsabers. It has the darker color next to the white light in the center with the light diffusing and getting lighter at the edges. So you think the lightsaber in the first photos of Leia look better than the lightsaber after I redid it in the group photo? I haven't started on the lightsabers for the twins because I just can't figure out how to make it look right.
  2. That's awesome! The burlap looks wonderful!
  3. A few more WIP pictures. I have not started the lightsabers on the twins. Other than that, unless anyone sees any issues, I think the twins are done. I am still not sure if I like where Leia is. I did redo her lightsaber, not NMM, but I do like it a little better now. C&C welcome!
  4. It looks so good and you have made the base so cool!
  5. Ok, so I worked on the tiny Leia. I painted her robes P3 Menoth White and shaded with Menoth White Base. It was way too yellow. So I painted over all of it with Army Painter White and then shaded with Menoth White and for the darkest lines I mixed Menoth White and Menoth Base. I think this looks better. I highlighted her hair with P3 colors Umbral Umber, a mix of Umbral Umber and Bootstrap Leather, Bootstrap Leather, and then a mix of Bootstrap Leather and Menoth White Base. I painted the belt the same way and then used Vallejo Metal Medium to paint a little shimmer on the belt. The belt decoration is blue metallic with silver painted over it. I used P3 Arcane Blue to work on the lightsaber and the OSL. I hate the lightsaber. It is flat so doesn't really look like a lightsaber. My husband doesn't mind it and says he thinks it looks good. I could try and use the same colors and try and do NMM but I have never done that before and not sure I could pull it off. I am not sure if I have gone too heavy on the OSL. I didn't bring it around the front too much because I didn't think the light would be reaching around too much. Any thoughts, opinions, critiques, all are welcome. I didn't set up my lights and everything so the photos aren't great.
  6. Just make a fb account. You don't have to really do anything. Just use it to look at the Reaper contests.
  7. Here are photos of the winners 1-4. There were 86 very awesome dragons entered. Mine got an honorable mention along with a couple others. Mine is the last one with the spots.
  8. @Metalchaos used this product on his Kaladrax's base. Maybe he has some insight since his looked great!
  9. That is so good! Does that little dino have a wrench? It's a really nice little scene and you should be proud of it!
  10. Thank you! I'll have a look! I hate basing but am still a sucker for basing materials!
  11. Awesome! I like your colors and he has such a dynamic pose. I have to ask, where did the purple flowers come from? I have been looking for wisteria and I think I could make that work for what I want. It's gorgeous!
  12. I think she has been hanging out with the Hobbits and has been having second breakfasts, elevensies, and afternoon tea.
  13. The wings really have the sunset vibe. The colors are great!
  14. Can we get a side angle of the flames? From top down it looks very dark but of course, we are seeing the darkest part when we look from the top. The pillars look so good! The doors and walls look worn and gritty. The smoke stains from the torches and the OSL look nice. I am not convinced by the red splotch on the floor though. It looks too...monotone or something. However, I think you would lose the effect if you darkened it. Plus, once you get the figures in the scene, I don't think it will draw the eye as much as it does now. Can't wait to see how it looks with everyone in there!
  15. Love her "Joker" vibe. The shield is amazing. Her colors really make her pop. Well done!