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  1. I can wait, lol. They are all so good!
  2. You can do a Show Off thread and post photos there. Would love to see what you painted!
  3. That green is so awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with the next one!
  4. Is there any of them that you are more looking forward to painting than the others? Do you already have a color scheme in mind for any? Do you game with yours and there is an adventure coming up where they will be needed? Is there a new technique you want to try out and one of the minis is perfect for it? Those questions are how I choose what to paint next. Looks like all of your choices are pretty cool and will be fun to paint!
  5. Have you done a group photo yet? He is awesome and I am a fan of the ginger hair!
  6. Cool! I like the skin and think his clothing/armor looks great! I too am a base procrastinator!
  7. For minis I game with, I do a coat of gloss, let that dry completely then do a coat of matte. I pick out any areas I want to be shiny/wet - eyes, mouths, etc - with gloss. For large minis and terrain I use Dulcote which is a spray on. You have to be careful and shake it well and not use it in high humidity. Even with your brush on sealers, shake them well! As for your eye beast, he is awesome. I like your colors and the scene you set with his base. Nicely done and welcome to the forums!
  8. Cool mini. I also like the acorn trick and am wondering if there are any oak trees nearby.
  9. Well, for being "new" I would say you are doing great! Nice skintones and the fur on the loincloth is very well done! Welcome to the forums! I hope you share more of your work!
  10. 89032

    Wonderful colors! That shield is so cool! Really great mini and cool idea for the base!
  11. Nice job and welcome to the forums!
  12. So fun!
  13. These look wonderful!
  14. Thank you! Thank you! Well, I have tried using water effects before and it did not go well. I talked to Meg to find out what kind of tape to use and she told me to get the jewelers' resin and what kind of tape, etc. Then I followed the tutorial I linked and after much frustration, it turned out pretty good. The first time I tried using water effects (not this project), it seeped out under the tape I used and made a huge mess! I did use the real water effects on this as a gloss coat. I would still use the water effect stuff for puddles and things like that but anything where you can see the sides like this I wouldn't hesitate to use the resin again. It is super scary though because you have to paint everything first and then hope the resin doesn't mess up and ruin everything! Welcome back to the forums!
  15. Thank you! "Lily's" player received her today at game time and loved her!