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  1. Thoramel

    Dark Hold Kobold Horde

    21 kobolds (a the time of backing) and a goblin for $20? I'm in.
  2. Thoramel


    Gave her a quick paint up over the weekend. Looking forward to the reaction I get when it swallows a PC whole.
  3. I would very much like to see a group of goblin musicians. Specifically with percussion instruments. Drums of all sizes, cymbals, tambourines, maracas, maybe even a triangle would be cool. Goblins need marching music too.
  4. Thoramel

    72233: CAV Wardens

    Thanks. At first I wasn't too enthused about the blue pattern but then tried it on something bigger. I liked the second result much better.
  5. Thoramel

    72233: CAV Wardens

    I picked these up to use as proxies for drones in a Shadowrun game. Tried out some camoflauge patterns for some bigger stuff. Fun models.
  6. Thoramel

    01441 and 77573, Pugs

    Space Pug and his loyal minions. My players already think something is wrong with me, this will likely confirm it.
  7. Thoramel

    THE FANTASY TRIP is back...

    My wife played this at Origins this summer with Mr. Jackson. She said it was pretty fun and quick to learn. But I think it cost her all of $6 to have him run a game. After that I was a bit shocked to see one of the levels was $500 to do essentially the same thing at next year's Origins (plus all the loot, but still).
  8. Thoramel

    Random Tuesday Mousling

    Present for the wife, and we don't really do Valentine's Day. So I present to you the Random Tuesday in July Mousling.
  9. Thoramel

    Shadowrun Troll

    Here's an Iron Winds casting of a 1991 (I'm assuming) Shadowrun Troll I grabbed from a bin of random metal miniatures at Origins. Thought I'd share.
  10. Thoramel

    50025, 50030, 77444, 77445, and 89002...

    I don't know... tiny little grenades seem kind of hard to get on them. And seem like a good recipe for blowing my guys up before the fight starts. Maybe I'll just arm more goblins. That should even things out.
  11. ...And bits of 80008 and 80033. I've been working on a little project to give guns to goblins for a while now. And these quick and dirty guys (not just talking about the paint jobs) are the result. Evil DM notes: "Some of the goblins immediately took to the guns, some were alright after a little training, and some just couldn't grasp the concept but were enthusiastic nonetheless."
  12. Thoramel

    77445 Goblin Skirmisher

    This little guy is something I cranked out over the weekend as part of my Evil DM Plan to give guns to a horde of goblins. He's barely table top quality. But he's part of a big group of the little guys that are going to make my players hate me even more.
  13. Thoramel

    50299 Post Apocalyptic Hunter

    Thanks all, there's some great advice given. I'm currently working on a project to give guns to goblins so I should have a chance to try a few MMM techniques in the near future.
  14. Thoramel

    50299 Post Apocalyptic Hunter

    Posted this over the weekend on the Reaper Facebook group and thought I'd share it here as well. Its my first time painting camo and I was fairly happy with that result. Any tips on making modern metal, like the gun, more realistic are appreciated.
  15. Thoramel

    77399 Sigurd, Viking

    That sounds like what I need, thanks.