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  1. As I was painting up some skeletons last night I realized I could use some skeletons with modern weapons. I'm assuming necromancers occur all throughout history, therefore I'd like to see some skeletons with assault rifles and body armor. Barring that, maybe some modern weapon sprues in the harder Bones plastic, similar to the weapons packs from Bones 3.
  2. Thoramel

    77448: Werebat

    I wanted to paint this to look more "human with bat features" than the other way around. Not entirely sure I got the look I was going for. But enjoyed painting this up regardless.
  3. Monkey sprues. I could really use these. My group gets attacked by monkeys way more often than is normal.
  4. Thoramel

    07005: Cairn Wraith

    Thanks, it's actually 4 colors. Base coat of Vallejo Blue Grey, then drybush on a medium layer of Reaper Concrete Grey and a thin layer of Reaper Bleached White, then multiple applications of Army Painter Blue Tone.
  5. Thoramel

    07005: Cairn Wraith

    The weather in my neck of the woods is still acting like the middle of summer and it's been preventing me from getting into the Halloween spirit. So I've been painting nothing but spooky stuff lately to try and get me in the October mindset. Here's Reaper's Cairn Wraith.
  6. Thoramel

    89003: Pathfinder Goblin Warriors, sort of

    Darn it. Now I'm starting to think of him as "Kev."
  7. My latest group of time travelling goblins, they didn't all go for guns this time around. My motto: "You can never have too many goblins and they can never be too weird."
  8. Thoramel

    77486: Female Oni

    Annoyed enough. Definitely.
  9. Thoramel

    77486: Female Oni

    This mini was pretty fun in that it forced me out of my normal color range, and genre. Still not sure what to think of it. But I definitely enjoyed it.
  10. Thoramel

    Dark Hold Kobold Horde

    21 kobolds (a the time of backing) and a goblin for $20? I'm in.
  11. Thoramel


    Gave her a quick paint up over the weekend. Looking forward to the reaction I get when it swallows a PC whole.
  12. I would very much like to see a group of goblin musicians. Specifically with percussion instruments. Drums of all sizes, cymbals, tambourines, maracas, maybe even a triangle would be cool. Goblins need marching music too.
  13. Thoramel

    72233: CAV Wardens

    Thanks. At first I wasn't too enthused about the blue pattern but then tried it on something bigger. I liked the second result much better.
  14. Thoramel

    72233: CAV Wardens

    I picked these up to use as proxies for drones in a Shadowrun game. Tried out some camoflauge patterns for some bigger stuff. Fun models.
  15. Thoramel

    01441 and 77573, Pugs

    Space Pug and his loyal minions. My players already think something is wrong with me, this will likely confirm it.