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  1. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Just a follow up. This is Moggy (we couldn't come up with a decent name). He is the destroyer of all vermin, terrorizer of dogs, first one to the food bowls and all around lord of the house. He makes all his stealth rolls and delights in the misery of others. When he was a kitten he would sneak up on me, grab the back of my neck or arm, dig in all his claws, bite down as hard as possible, and then hang on for dear life while I flailed around madly. Last night he walked up to my wife and bit her, then walked off purring. He's 18 pounds of feline evil and is one of the most bloodthirsty little fur balls I've ever had the pleasure of living with. He's a great cat and I love him.
  2. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Both, all mutts and strays are welcome in my home. Currently at 3 cats and 2 dogs (I vacuum a lot). The cats are quite useful, actually. I bought a 100+ year old house about 6 years ago to fix up and it was full of vermin. Threw the biggest, meanest cat in there for a couple of days, have not seen any evidence of a mouse since. Well, I mean other than some cleaning up body parts and such after the first few days. The dogs are pretty useless though. And despite being 100 pounds versus 15, they are terrified of the cats.
  3. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    International crime fighting, jungle exploring, polar bear wrestling, scotch taster. But barring that, my current job with better pay.
  4. Thoramel


    This guy has been rattling around in a cigar box full of old metal minis, half painted, for a long time now. I think, based on some internet searching, that he is a "Digga Yoof." I've never played Warhammer before though, and I can't remember where i got this, so I'm not 100% sure. If the photos I've found online are correct it appears he may have had a gun at some point instead of that odd looking, one fingered stump. Anyways, he's an imp now and that's one less mini on the shelf of shame.
  5. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Vacation: right now, it's a canoe trip for a couple of weeks in the boundary waters. Also, I've got plans for taking my time and meandering up the Hoh River trail in Olympic National Park and then heading up to the glaciers a bit after the trail ends over about 3 or 4 days. And I've a long term goal of canoeing out to Isle Royale National Park and spending a week or so exploring. Basically, the dream is going somewhere where I see the fewest possible people. Historical figure: tough one... John Muir maybe? I mean, I bet that guy knew of some places a person could go to get away from it all.
  6. Thoramel

    Snow emergency miniatures

    Been under a winter weather warning since about 2AM Saturday morning (midwest, US). About a half inch of ice, under 6 or so inches of snow, with single digit temperatures, and 40 mph gusts. Pretty tame by regional possibilities, but good enough to justify sitting indoors painting a bunch of minis. Tried some finger painting for the RP Challenge. Here's some skeleton gnomes from OSM. And the orc bruisers from bones 3 Looks like it may be another of those hang out indoors days tomorrow, so maybe I'll have the time to get something else finished.
  7. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    I'm a coffee addict. I get my beans from a second generation Eritrean immigrant who lives in my neighborhood. He travels to new coffee plantations every year or so to arrange for the purchase of beans from the best slopes. He roasts it all in house in a small Turkish roaster he imported (particularly during rush hour because he discovered more people stopped if they could smell the roaster). And he's cheaper than major chains. I don't understand coffee with milk, sugar, etc... I love it black. I brew a pot of coffee or espresso any time guests drop by. I homebrew beer and have added coffee to everything from pale ales to imperial stouts. I have a deal with a local roaster to trade homebrew beer for beans. He says it's "for science." Seriously, I really love coffee.
  8. Thoramel

    77060: Dragonman Warrior

    Quick painted this just to get it off my shelf tonight. Pretty cool miniature though. Gave me a couple of ideas for an encounter in a game I'm starting soon.
  9. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Community Colleges are a great, and often overlooked, resource for young professionals. I get a fresh faced batch of interns every spring who are typically in their last years of undergrad or just starting their grad school work. Most of them are from ecology or natural resource programs and it is astounding the amount of applicable math and computer skills they never received getting their bachelors. By the end of every summer I've typically convinced one or more of them to enroll at their local CC for a course in basic GIS, data management, or pre calculus. It really improves their desirability to employers in our field. And on more than one occasion I've been informed that by taking those extra classes it gave them some needed skill to get into a competitive grad school program. Love community colleges!
  10. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Yep. BS in both Biology and Environmental Science. MS in Applied Microeconomic Theory (environmental economics). I use the first 2 in my day job on a regular basis. Unfortunately I don't get to use the last one at work too often, but I've stayed close with my advisor from grad school and will occasionally coauthor a paper with him and one of his current grad students. I still audit the occasional class just because I'm always interested in learning new stuff. I'm considering a class on field identification of fungi this spring and one of our local community colleges has a class on getting your FAA drone certification that I'm looking at taking after that. If I won the lottery I'd be a permanent student.
  11. Thoramel

    77460: Dwarf Butcher

    This little fellow is a quick job I painted a week or so ago. He's intended to be a piece of "guerilla art" to be placed around the odd little neighborhood I call home. What I typically do is quick paint something weird and then glue it down somewhere and lurk off before I get caught. I've done trolls perched on the edge of storm sewer openings, police in the corners of windows, one time someone tore the urinal off the wall at one of my favorite dive bars so I put an elf way back in the open pipe where you could only see it if you were sitting on the toilet. Fun stuff. Recently a cocktail bar with a whole bunch of potted plants opened around the corner from me and the intention is to slip it into one of them when no one is looking. Unfortunately it's been too crowded recently for me to get it placed and then slip away unseen. So I thought I'd go ahead and share it here while waiting for it to debut over there. It's not incredibly detailed, because these things don't tend to stay put for very long. But I did put a little makeup on the pig and some lip prints on the dwarf for the weird factor.
  12. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    A New Hope. Saw it when it first came out in the 70's at the Kon-Tiki movie theater in Dayton, Ohio - a Polynesian themed theater, no longer exists. I was taken to it by my dad and uncle. I was quite little, maybe 4 or 5, so I don't remember a lot from then. But I do remember my uncle losing it and laughing out loud every time R2D2 made noise. Which I thought was hilarious.
  13. Thoramel

    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Heck, I've still got a crush on Debbie Harry.
  14. Thoramel


    Here's a group of kobolds from Rebel Miniatures' Dark Hold line that I recently picked up during a kickstarter. They are fantastically tiny. They're about the size I picture a kobold to be when compared to a 28mm mini. I quick painted these guys while painting something large. Whenever I paint a really big piece I also like to be working on something in the opposite direction. And these are about the smallest things I've got.