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  1. Fulfilling

    Weird, my copy arrived in a box that was exactly the size of the game box. They must have had issues with their shipping supplies I've played two games, one with 3 players and the second with 4. From those two I can say that it plays quite well. It is VERY true to Dark Souls, which is going to determine if you enjoy it or not. Basic enemies can and will kill you if you make a mistake, or luck turns against you. Bosses are by far the high point of the game, learning their attack patterns is rewarding when you get it right. One issue I have seen is that the most basic rooms get pointlessly easy once a few upgrades are gained, but you have to run through them every time you die and respawn. Still looking forward to playing it more; interestingly I suspect it will work quite well single player, and a campaign might be fun to play through.
  2. Silly Sir ForScale, you should not go to Dark Souls. Unless you are prepared to die... and die... and die... Looks great though!
  3. Completed

    Mine all arrived (via aforementioned courier from the UK) last Friday! Thanks to Lovejoy and the rest of the Oathsworn team!
  4. For what its worth, Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG is good. Like really, really good. Don't let the weird dice be a detractor, they mean every roll has a 3-axis resolution (success/fail, advantage/disadvantage, and triumph/despair) which is just enough meat to let even new players quickly grasp narrative gaming and engage with the story. I have played in a campaign of WotC's d20 Future, which... well. Lets just say that porting D&D 3rd edition to sci-fi was awkward and leave it at that. Still was a great campaign though, and had the side effect of teaching me that ignoring rules sometimes to improve fun is important. Eclipse Phase by Posthuman Studios is an excellent RPG, though all-in on exploring transhuman weirdness. The PDFs can be legally obtained for free online, as well. Not a light system, but there is nothing else which covers "hard" sci-fi as thoroughly as it does. I also have to point out that the (now defunct, but rulebooks are available) Fantasy Flight Warhammer 40k RPG line is technically sci-fi. They nailed the grimdark, and while the system can get in its own way at times it was rather decent.
  5. Completed

    Mine is coming to South Africa via a third-party courier after arriving at their UK depot on Monday. I no longer trust the SA national post service with models (haven't lost anything yet, but have waited months for things to arrive before ) Should be here soon though!
  6. It looks very cool. How did you end up using the interference paint? Just as an upper-surfaces highlight?
  7. Completed

    Thanks for the help Orlando! Wow, that is featherweight. They always look imposing enough that I expected them to be dense, but I guess not. Hurray, cheap shipping for me then.
  8. Completed

    A question to people who have already gotten things from Mierce: How heavy are Mierce resin models? I've only worked with Bones and PP "restic" models thus far, and both materials are fairly heavy. I'm getting mine shipped to South Africa via a third party courier to avoid the very unreliable local postal service, and was wondering how much things were going to weigh. Anyone have these models and can give me a ballpark on weights? Crom of Carn Wrach, War-Drune on Foot Cæna, Slēanbera Scecchus, Servile Fiend of Dis Aradae Mawr, Pencawrdraig of Dugadw
  9. Got mine! Not risking SA's ailing postal service, I sprang for a specialist courier. Jo was great in the last-minute shuffling of addresses to make that happen, yay! More minis to paint, and terrain for Malifaux...
  10. You have managed to get a great finish on the Rattler! It looks great. I have an unfinished one sitting on my desk right now. Like you, I went with washes, but despite the textured scales they aren't defined enough to make the job as easy as it looks. Yours is so inspiring though, I should get mine finished up.
  11. A query about the shipping- is it possible for you to ship via Fedex or another courier-type mail service if specially requested and paid for? In the last kickstarter, my package to South Africa got all tangled up in our horrendous customs. I got it in the end, but I'm at the point where paying extra for a dedicated shipping option is worth it for me. I realise that asking for special treatment makes it much more of a pain on Oathsworn's end, but just wanted to ask.
  12. Completed

    I picked up my reward yesterday. As it turns out, it had gotten stuck at customs and I had to take along a proof of purchase. The miniatures are gorgeously cute. Definitely pushing themselves pretty high on the painting list!
  13. I really should have included a link to a picture of the model. Here is one: Thanks for the feedback, all! I'm a complete beginner at sculpting, so this looks like it could be outside my grasp. I'll probably mock the idea up using blu-tac (I think its called poster putty in the US) and see what it looks like.
  14. Wyrd Games occasionally does gender-swapped versions of characters for their game Malifaux. They use the same rules and for the most part they are pretty awesome. I was struck however when looking at the difference between "Johan" and "Johana" at the size difference (see comparisons here:, and thought that a Johana with Johan's proportions would be really cool. First off, is this a reasonable idea? I don't know enough about physiology to tell if I will be able to get the miniature to look like a woman at all, or if the underlying body shape is too different. Malifaux as a game already has a few women (never enough, but certainly >0) with non-standard body shapes so I am not worried about that. If it is possible, what can I do to give the miniature more female aspects? I'm expecting to have to reshape the head and sculpt on breasts, taking direction from Borderlands' Ellie. ( If i'd be better served by sourcing a different head I could do that.
  15. Completed

    Thanks Lovejoy! I didn't know that was how the UK postal service worked now. Perhaps in future Kickstarters, letting people know about and pay the extra fee for tracking would be cool; though I understand that adding anything like that to a Kickstarter could exponentially add to the workload. Hopefully I see my reward soon anyway. I'm sure it is in the system, the probable holdup is (or hopefully was) with our customs, which tend to be pretty inefficient.