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  1. There is going to be a video play through tomorrow from Guerilla Miniatures Games, which will give you lots of details. Until then - each player plays a ranger and it can handle up to four players. Each player has a number of companions based on the number of players (1 player will have up to 7 companions, if 4 players, they have a max of 1 each). For the most part I've tried to keep the monsters pretty generic. For mission 1 (2 scenarios) you'll need zombies, giant rats, and giant spiders (or any proxies that make you happy). Mission 2 (3 scenarios) mostly features gnolls (although orcs will work fine). The first 3 missions (so 8 scenarios) have nothing to 'spoil'. The final mission, with a potential 9 scenarios does. So if you want to give a try, play the first three missions solo, but save the big one for the group.
  2. Hey guys, Need a new excuse to use some of those great reaper bones minis? Then this might be of interest. Now available on RPG Now [Moderator removed commerce link.]
  3. Many thanks - black-lining is as close as I can claim to a 'style' of painting.
  4. I had so much fun painting up this guy, that I just had to create stats so I could use him in Frostgrave. https://therenaissancetroll.blogspot.com/2018/11/eye-demons-in-frostgrave.html
  5. joe5mc

    Armoured Skeletons by North Star [Frostgrave]

    Good looking paint job, I love the little random snow effects.
  6. joe5mc

    Frostgrave Campaign 2016

    No doubt about it, you know how to set up a Frostgrave table!
  7. joe5mc

    Frostgrave at ReaperCon

    If you get something organised, make sure to contact Osprey Games, they have a few freebies they send out for organised play.
  8. joe5mc


    This one is for you guys - rules for Arachno Assassins in Frostgrave: http://therenaissancetroll.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/arachno-assassins-in-frostgrave.html
  9. joe5mc


    Sorry, I missed the other question about group activation. This may have to do with the slight confusion between group and normal activation. In normal activation a wizard can activate himself and up to three soldiers. These figures then activate one at a time. In this situation, a figure with one activation may take any action it wishes. Group activation is a special case where all figures must move as their first action, they they all perform their second actions one at a time. In that situation, a figure with one action must move, if it wishes to be part of the Group Activation. For those that don't have anyone to play with - might I suggest picking up the Dark Alchemy ebook: http://amzn.to/29lAF2k This includes three solo scenarios!
  10. joe5mc


    It is the one year anniversary of Frostgrave! In celebration, I have written a 'State of Play' report and am holding a contest on my blog. Stop on by for a chance to win! http://bit.ly/29ILR4U Chris, good thinking with those poker chips! It probably makes the initiative spells more useful as well.
  11. joe5mc


    Yup, it's amazing what leaving one little detail out of a spell description can do....ooops....
  12. joe5mc

    Frostgrave Treasure/Zombie Marker

    That came out really well!
  13. joe5mc


    Hey guys, I've assembled a complete list of everything I have written for Frostgrave, both for anyone who might be interested, and so I don't forget! You can view it here: https://therenaissancetroll.blogspot.co.uk/p/frostgrave.html
  14. joe5mc


    Hey guys - Osprey are aware that there was a binding problem with some of the copies from one of the early print runs, and they have been replacing those bad copies. Just send a photograph of the book damage to wargames@ospreypublishing.com and they will sort you out.