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  1. Gloss removed. Now, following Sorrastro's tutorial, I'm adding initial highlight layer of Kislev Flesh and Cadian Fleshtone. This is much harder than anything I've done before. Was tempted just to leave it be with the quickshade wash, but I agree this looks much better.
  2. Not the best pic, but if you look, you can see Finari's sword hilt is bent around and attached to her gauntlet. I didn't notice this initially and the figure is already primed if that matters. I'm trying to decide whether to try to separate the hilt with an Xacto knife or just bite the bullet and accept the flaw. Having not done this before, I can't think of any tricks or advice other than to be careful. Just thought I'd put out a shout here in case there was something I was missing.
  3. Base coat and then Army Painter quickshade. Still need to remove the gloss and then highlight.
  4. Now that summer is here and I'm not teaching anymore, I'm finally poised to finally finish my Black Plague zombies. Did three sets of seven and the abomination that I'm about to post. Fatties, male walkers, female walkers. Here are the fatties first with their base coats, then with Army Painter quick shade applied. Matte varnish to come and then highlighting.
  5. Thanks, all. I bought pink soap, brush cleaner, and brush restorer at Michael's over the weekend.
  6. So, I'm guessing if I don't store my brushes with the brush up, nor with the brush down, they should be stored on their sides, yes? I'll look for the Vallejo Brush Restorer. Thanks. Good tip about not getting paint up by the ferrule and only using the lower half. Did not know that.
  7. So I'm gradually gaining some confidence with this hobby, but I'm abusing and ruining my brushes. I just broke out a 1-Reaper Pro Paint brush that I got at my FLGS and was painting some more Zombicide figures. I was dipping and painting, and dipping and painting, and basically never rinsing since I was using the same color. Now, I've lost my point. The brush separates at the end which makes it next to useless. Was this from my failure to rinse? How often do you need to, particularly when you're not switching colors? Also, I thought I read someone talk about brush soap, preservatives, etc. Would they have this at my FLGS? Please tell me what I need and some brand names so I can stop going through brushes. Thanks.
  8. My strategy is to paint them without any original thought on my part whatsoever, but to steal shamelessly from Sorrastro as much as possible. Maybe after I've finished painting all my Black Plague figures, I'll start to gain enough confidence to start making some painting decisions on my own.
  9. Quickshader done. Hampered by my ability to apply the Testor's DullCote to remove the shininess because it's so cold outside. I'm hoping it will hit 50 at least one day and I'll be able to get them as well as my walkers and runners who also need the same treatment. I'm just guessing on the temp. If anybody knows how warm it needs to be outside to apply the spray, please let me know.
  10. Hmm. Thanks. I'll have to consider that. I didn't realize that could be use to remove shine.
  11. Quickshader applied. Now I need to apply the anti-matte spray to remove the shininess, but not sure how to do that given that it's below zero outside. If necessary, I'll wait until spring, I guess. Or I could try it in my garage and potentially blow myself up from the fumes reaching the furnace. Wonder how warm it needs to be outside...
  12. Few touch ups to make and then applying the Quickshader.
  13. I've got some Army Painter spray primer and I need to prime a couple figures, but the temperature has plunged here in Indiana. It was 41 this morning, though I think it's up to 51 now. Is that warm enough to prime?
  14. Completed

    Got mine. Haven't even opened it yet, though. Holding it for the day I start my daughter on D&D, but the first two were great. I also pledged another KS that gave me transparent gridded overlays.
  15. Woo. While Ann is back in the Simple Green for another week, CMoN answered my support ticket and are sending me a new figure for $3, so that's a relief.