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  1. Wlp. The things /I/ miss because I am taking classes and painting on a deadline... But, hey! I got entries in. :p And did stuff! And learned stuff! And bumped into all kinds of people (not Buglips, not today. That was yesterday. >.> ) Whee!
  2. Nakos? I think? It all happened very fast. I mistook... was it Terminalmancer? for somebody else (Knarthex pointed me at somebody in a green shirt, and I wasn't close enough to get more info than 'green shirt, on phone', or unencumbered enough to run them down at the time), and I now can't recall exactly who I mistook him for, but I got him, Colonel Kane and Nakos in more or less the same jumble of being tossed out of the space. ^^; *eyes card* ... holy pants. I have double bingo; Terminalmancer made up the last square of the vertical line. o.O Note that I'm still hunting! But! Bingo. ^^;
  3. ... Bingo! I has it! Hey, @Pegazus ! Bring a ribbon tomorrow, I will show you! Got it on my way out the door while trying to track down Mr. Thorne. ^^;
  4. *rampages through thread, flinging cinnamon candy and hot peppers indiscriminately* The things I still can't do in real life. However, anyone who finds me tomorrow? May be fireballed. ^^;
  5. I saw you someplace yesterday.. a class? Faces? I'll be wearing another Lootcrate shirt today; light blue, w/ Optimus Prime on it, and may or may not be accompanied by a large, grumpy German man in a tan Acubra. >.>
  6. I .. might be able to remember what you look like..? I'll be out Friday; look for the short person with the black fedora; there shouldn't be more than one of me around (at least, I've seen no other short people with fedoras; other hats, yes... ... .. ... ) I'd say 'should be easy' but I wasn't that easy to pick out today, apparently... ^^; Bein' short takes gumption! And a certain amount of willingness to ROAR. If all else fails, I may be adoring the kittens; they are tiny and sweet and at least one of them seems to think it needs to come home with us (ain't happenin', kid).
  7. I want one! Pleeze? . ... of course, I have no useful idea what anybody looks like ... but I'm easy to find. ^^;
  8. I remain dubious that 'good' is the proper descriptor; but... I am awake. ^^;
  9. You and me both; although not for damage, in my case. Forgot mine, and poor tiefling has been disarmed... well, dis-handed... going to be painting tomorrow, I know it .....
  10. This sounds more or less like the way I do rice; only difference is the chicken broth, herbs and strand or two of saffron that goes in with the rice. We don't eat a lot of rice anymore; throws Mr. Thorne's carb-count into the stratosphere. My mother's birthstone was opal, and she was determined to find a good, single black opal. Not sure she ever found one; lots of doubles and some decent synthetics. I've got a whole bunch of random bits of amber, opal and several baggies of random stashed... um.. somewhere, that I inherited from her hunts. Probably. I suspect video of fire-pit shenanigans could be used as blackmail material, if properly timed... o.O Especially after a bottle of Kraken has been consumed. More so, after the next bottle... Also, you guys are crazy infectious; it usually takes a little more than two or so shots of whatever for me to notice I was drinking after the burn wore off. ;p
  11. Made it, as the crowd at the firepit can - maybe - attest. Am less fizzy than @Reaperbryan, but probably not as funny ... Presently curled up in a chair with a slice of something caramel and a cup of rapidly cooling tea.
  12. This is an unholy hour, and I decree it should not exist. *grump* On the flip side, no major emergencies......
  13. Might be on tonight; have misc panting and sculpting I am doing at the last minute 'cause I'm smart and stuff. Panic is done best with an audience, or something ...
  14. Hm. That might be a good compromise..
  15. *mutter* Trying to tell myself I don't need to bring my copy of Takhisamat along; I can get good advice on fixing her broken leg when I actually get around to stripping and painting her... but, it's really difficult not to want to do it anyway. :/