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  1. Fortunately, one does not have to slaughter the opposition, merely deal with them in some long-lasting fashion, in order to get experience. And for PbP games, avoiding combat is practically necessary for avoiding game slowdowns... This is why characters have that nifty 'Diplomacy' skill - and hopefully, players are quick on their verbal feet. You can't count on that, sadly, but it helps keep things moving. Although considering I've had live combats run for hours, quite literally... it's not just PbP that suffers combat slowdown. :/
  2. Live

    Oooh. Gorrafuzzypants. I didn't need to know... but I know some people that might. Heh.
  3. *sigh* Leave it to WotC to un-dragon dragons to the point where somebody has to retrofit stuff from old systems onto the 'current' builds. I'm not sure you gain anything with the d6 thing either; even if you don't have my luck with the dice. .... Y'know, I think I will stick with Pathfinder, and continue to avoid WotC's products. I really am not hearing anything that makes me want to spend money on their stuff. >.<
  4. Thank you, I think. I'll take a look... and we have crash and burn in the first five minutes. First, anybody who says that dragons are a bag of fire-breathing and hit points is ... not playing them well. They're centuries-old, flying armored spellcasters, and if they manage to live to Great Wyrm status, they've seen most of the tricks. Leaving aside that IIRC, dragons that old either have built in, or can get a fire aura (depends on setting, in some cases). Second, any party that goes up against a red dragon without fire resistances/immunities deserves to become barbeque. I didn't get past that, because listening to that guy made my brain hurt. That having been said, and while I do appreciate your desire to help, I'm getting the impression you're pushing me to play a system I'm largely uninterested in, and that bugs the crap out of me. Please stop.
  5. Last moved a couple years ago. Intend to move again? NOPE. Will it happen? Maybe. And feh to that. ... Well, now I have a line from a Simon and Garfunkle song in my head, and I don't know if I hate you guys right now or not. Given the medicinal value of the stuff, I'd probably call it something like 'Miracle Green', and be amused. (Apparently, it is effective against some forms of arthritis; the medicinal stuff really can work wonders)
  6. I've never been good at geography ... at the same time, I've never pretended to be good at it, either. I've always been from 'here', and most everyone else from 'over there somewhere'. Goblin geography is easy! Of course, helping to moderate a site on the globe-spanning interwebz means I am slightly better at specifics... ^_~
  7. Mrehhhh... I really don't like the four-part party concept; never have. Having a guy run the 'four food groups' theory into the ground didn't make me like it better. Either side of the screen, I prefer six-person parties, with the Anvil/Hammer/Arm party theory in play... less game down time and more space for interpretation. My preference, allowances for others cheerfully made. The paladin was just an example of poorly built premades; I don't /think/ she was specifically built for 4e. I'm not sure what she was built for, but it wasn't being a functional paladin. :/ (although at least she was functional in the sense that she wasn't dangling 30' in the air over a vat of boiling hand- wait. derailing. Loading..) It was a while ago. I saved the concept. I might still have the sheet around here somewhere, but the concept is what survived. I see a lot of very ... let us say, very interesting premade characters, and very few of them are what I would term useful, although very few had that level of Interesting. :/ The premade character I recall playing with who was built for 4e was a rogue, and I admit, she was fun (give me d8s for SA damage ALL THE TIME!), but she had other issues. I think I still have the sheet somewhere... um.. *eyes file* .. it might be pretty well buried. The only thing that stuck - and remember, my recall may be faulty here - she still had a lot more solo potential than I really thought she needed (... I am a rogue. Why do I have the ability to heal myself and others that isn't a potion/scroll/wand? Why is this BAKED IN?!). It was just weird for me, and felt like I was playing an MMO, rather than an RPG. They may have changed that, that may have been a table rule ... I haven't been keeping up with the system.
  8. *ded on the floor, laughing* ... well done, you guys, you won the Ded GM Award. *snork*
  9. Mostly, I had the impression you were trying to convince me I was doing it wrong just because I'm not super-enthusiastic; that rubs me an assortment of wrong ways and occasionally results in a desire to rub hot peppers in people's eye sockets. ^^; I don't generally like to argue about stuff; if I don't like a thing, I generally have a good reason. Without evidence, the reasons don't change, and for something like a rule system for a game, the evidence usually involves actually getting in and messing with it. ... which, dangit, I want to do. Messing with systems is fun, even when the character build and the arguing about rules makes me .. want to rub hot peppers in people's eye sockets... yes, I /do/ hate arguments about applying the rules, why do you ask .... There was a /really interesting game/ running 4e on the Portal for a while, but the GM vanished and it stopped. :/ I wasn't playing. But it was interesting to read. I want to muck about with the character I built using The Dark Eye rules. I wanna mess with Cortex! AUGH! Not enough time, or games. :\
  10. If I see a set going for cheap next I'm in Powells.. or some other place that sells used books.. Honestly, if someone came up to me and said, 'I'm starting a game using 4e, this is what I'm doing, do you want to play?!' I'd probably tell them, 'sure', borrow their rulebook, abuse Hero Lab's 4e generator and do my best to find all the corner cases, the way I do with Pathfinder (only, I don't do it deliberately, with Pathfinder). As far as I can tell, it's a good system, it works and it appears to be consistent. It's just not really my jam. I'd appreciate it if you took a slightly different tone; the way this reads to me is not giving me a lot of confidence in your arguments. :/ My dislike of the way WotC has been running and reluctance to give them money has nothing to do with my lack of interest in the system. What I have seen of the system implies a game that doesn't appeal to me. Without actually playing it, I am not likely to change that opinion. That's not something unique to 4e, or WotC's products. There are a number of systems and editions that I am equally 'meh' about.
  11. Without so much as a paws for thought, even ...
  12. Live

    I wonder how much of it is the sculpts and how much is less than stellar photography. Some of it isn't bad (I get very tired of 'pretty orcs'), and some of it is ... unflattering. I'mma keep an eye on it; there might be some useful stuff in.
  13. I'm .. torn. On the one hand, self-driving cars sound like awesome. On the other hand... well, pretty much everything that everyone mentioned already. It will need a good deal more looking over and tweaking before I'm willing to trust it. At least if I screw up, I can take responsibility. If an AI screws up ... uh .. well. Murphy's Law? O_O I'd actually rather, particularly here in the US, that they stop looking at cars and start re-thinking public transit. A couple of trips to Germany were very interesting, as much as they shone an uncomfortable light on just how inefficient the local systems really are. A little effort with the trains, and you could easily get from the back end of nowhere where I live to Seattle in an hour or two. Traffic? What traffic? I'unno.
  14. It's been a while, and I never felt like giving WotC money for the books, and thus, do not possess them. What I remember was a character that was, at low levels, largely capable of soloing pretty much anything if their player was half-way intelligent. This may have suffered from the usual 'gaming company makes dubious premades' issues (I got a paladin once with /no charisma bonus/. She wasn't very effective), but I wasn't impressed with any of it. Not the game play, not the character, and not what I was hearing from people who were playing. Some of them were liking it, but there were all these niggling bits... Like there not being a lot of customization options. Or the afore-mentioned lack of role-play friendliness built into the system. I still don't feel like giving WotC money for the books, but if I stumble over a copy of the PHB going for cheap (doesn't seem unlikely) I might pick it up. ;p