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  1. I just attached a wolpertinger tail to the belt that goes with my goblin kit. Or at least, if anybody asks, that's what the silver-tipped black fur poof is. <.< Oh, pants. I need to get my hands on a sack of Atomic Fireballs. .. and a sack.
  2. Pre-launch

    Not interested in Zombicide and I've already decided that, as much as I would like to get into DF5, it ain't gonna happen. So, other stuff will compete with Bones IV, and we'll see what all comes out of the woodwork. ^^; Not so much of a bloodbath, considering.
  3. *eyes pile of oddments set aside* Me too?
  4. I'll be there. I may or may not camp out again, it depends on whether I got into any games this time (I remembered the game lottery!) ... really tempted to bring Mashaaf. If I have a day of nothing else, I just might.
  5. Pre .. pare? Is that like scraping mold lines? I am prepared for nothing. It'll be fine. I will just run around in circles squeeing my little girlblin head off. ..
  6. live

    Succumbed. Only a little sorry I missed on Sisuitl .. which may or may not prevent me stalking for a spot, because I like that model. <.< Er.. some of these will go to retail, right? I can get some of the ones I cannot afford after the dust has settled? *hopeful*
  7. I don't know, and I don't want to. All I /do/ know is that it's warm enough that I'm gaining stacks of Heat Stupidity. :/
  8. They too old for No Thank You, Evil! ? Steve Jackson Games put that one out, and while it looks pretty simple on the surface, it also looks like it has the possibility for Depth (TM). Granted, I've seen kids handle D&D without batting an eye, so my 'appropriate for a given age group' has some wild hiccups...
  9. Fulfilling

    I'm told we're Wave 3, so I don't expect to see us pop up on the tracker for a few days. Heck, I'm not even sure at what point we locked in (Mr. Thorne did the kicking for Bones), so I have /no idea/ when to expect to see Eatonville, WA pop up on the tracker. ... I may have to start watching the thing once Wave 3 starts, though. Eeeee! So exciting! So much SQUEE! I know it's silly, but I have this mental image, thanks to someone up-thread, of Reaper staff doing a full-spread musical number complete with dance routines while they pack, and it is entertaining as heck, even if it is wildly fictitious. *is probably far too easily entertained*
  10. Not true; I know of at least two others. There may be more, but my tolerance for vicious stupidity is not as good as it once was...
  11. I'm told rabbit manure can go on more or less raw, but generally, yes, you want to give it a chance to break down first. Horse apples are good, if you have access to a horse... ^^; My compost pile has mostly chicken manure, with a fine blend of hay in it. And anything else that goes out there...
  12. Considering that the cat 'helped' Maashaf onto the floor (finished, but not sealed or anything), earlier today and nothing came off or even chipped, I'd say it's a selling point for the Bones. ... but, dangit, I like the weight of the metal. :/ Even if I suspect that metal Maashaf would dent my floor. o.O
  13. Any tips? No pun intended. ;p
  14. Here, the 'evil' would be Scotch Broom - also blooms yellow and is rassenfrassen hard to get rid of. And grows about shoulder-high to me (I'm about five feet tall). ... I leave it in the yard because it provides some ground cover for the chooks to hide in, but honestly, I'd rather have stinging nettle (... which I only recently encountered. It stings alright).
  15. They already carry P3; they can't carry anything outta GW/Citadel because there's a GW shop across the street and down some from them and I guess there was a non-competition agreement signed. I'm good with that; Citadel largely seems to be overpriced crap and horrible paint-pots (YMMV, mine has been complete pants so far). ^^; So, they have P3, some Gale Force Nine (I think) and Blood Bowl, or whatever the heck that sports brawl miniatures thing is. And, soon, Reaper. I has a happy.