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  1. And then there was the whole Data Vs. Lore .. (Lor? How the .. whatever, I can't be bothered to figure out somebody else's stupid naming pun), debacle. Soong in Enterprise was a sentimental twit (a genius. But also a flaming idiot, imo). Soong in TNG was .. iirc, a plot point, not so much of a person. I got the impression that Lore was a big chunk of why you didn't see very many more androids. Other than that one that Data built that crashed and burned around the end of the episode. She couldn't handle it? I don't remember... there were Reasons.
  2. Live

    I was wondering what the heck the problem was. But I didn't - and rarely bother to - watch the video. Without having seen that, and with no intent to see it, I can't judge the mountain prospects of what appears to be a mole hill. ^^; I'll keep an eye on it; it may be that they do some others that I have uses for.
  3. Part of that was their doctor; they got saddled with a holo-doctor, and they got a little sentimental over him... (I generally wanted to smack him one), even in the later series. His fascination with music was probably the only thing I liked about him. Voyager is one of my least-favorites in the setting; I preferred DS9 and.. yes, Enterprise, over Voyager - Enterprise had the better engineer. >.> I don't really have any kind of read on the new series; I probably won't catch up to it until it's on Prime or N'flix or something; it took me a couple of years to test Enterprise, and a couple of passes to get used to the notion.
  4. Live

    I don't know that realistic is the idea here, but I appreciate the heads-up. I honestly have no idea what Mr. Thorne has in mind for that one, other than not being redirected when I said something about painting her in Wolf colors ... *shrug*
  5. I think I've mentioned before that I don't have AC in my studio - the air handler's ducting doesn't run to the second floor, for some reason. So, last night we scored a window unit and installed it. AMG, the blessed coolness... . .. now I need to figure out where to put my nest. :/ My nest is one of those papasan chairs, with extra cushions, a sheepskin rug and a couple of extra blankets. It's very cozy for reading or napping in. But it takes up a fair amount of real estate. ^^;
  6. Live

    ... I should learn not to show things to Mr. Thorne. I was dubious. Then he decided, without prompting, that he liked the same two out of the line up that I liked (Lagertha, Maxima), and started mumbling about the Red Army girl (I sense a Wolf girl in the offing) .. and perhaps a Jaegermonster. Oops. I guess. Heh.
  7. Likewise; and I should dig through that stuff and see what I can liberate. I have already set aside some oddments; need to find where I stashed them.
  8. If I can find decent buns to start with ... but then, we discovered that we can get what Mr. Thorne defines as 'Good pretzel rolls' here. Mr. Thorne is notoriously picky about his pretzel rolls. Condiments.. yes. I generally go with mustard, ketchup, relish and whatever else is handy; sometimes that means onions, sometimes not. Cheese and chili have been known to join an unsuspecting 'dog on the plate, more often than not. I have also been known to eat them with beans; preferably baked beans, with molasses... and toast. Nomnom.. *sigh* Getting decent 'dogs is tricky; our once go-to brand started putting soy in their 'dogs and .. blech. Finding an alternative 'dog - or brat! - that doesn't include soy, or stuff that makes the meat taste off is turning into one of those, 'fraggit, I'll make the rassenfrassen things myself!' exercises. *muttergrumble* I don't really like hot dogs that much anyway; I prefer hamburgers.
  9. I find it rather interesting the number of people who don't bear that sort of thing in mind... especially playing a cleric*/medic with whatever passes for medical training in ... really, any setting. Those characters should get massive precision damage bonuses ... *does not actually have to be a cleric, but should be capable of basic healing skills, magical or otherwise, with appropriate training. In fantasy settings, this can be witches, druids, shamans or whatever you call those people this week. ... I still have no news. I can only hope that's a good thing. :/ Thanks for the sympathy, guys; I appreciate it.
  10. .. Pester.. the goblin? Are you /sure that's wise/?! The last time anybody pestered the goblin, 'Taste the Rainbow' was the wrong kind of literal! Let me check up on the dinner schedule and see what's goin' on.
  11. Captain James T. Kirk; probably the major reason the Prime Directive actually went into service. I had to laugh when that came up on Enterprise; as much as I occasionally wanted to kick Archer in the *cough*, I still chuckled when he mumbled something about it.
  12. Got one of THOSE calls last night; you know the kind, the kind nobody wants to make. My Dad is in the hospital. Heart attack. Blood clots. They airlifted him to a specialist (Ma Barb said he was all happy about that part; he got to ride in a helicopter!), but there's no information past that. And now I get to sit and #%@# wait, because there's sod all I can do else. :/ Mebbe I'll go paint. Can't play a game, phone might ring... :/
  13. BlizzCon ( ... I went in person. Once) is a FHUGE mass of too fraggin' many people. It didn't help that the con space was dark. A number of the other attendees that year were calling it LineCon, because .. really, anything you wanted to do? Stand in line. :/ On the other hand, I got to see Metallica live, and I was neither deaf nor hoarse when I came out (... I tried for hoarse, honest, I did). So, that was fun? But, holy flapjacks, alpha. That was WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE. AUGH. O.O I have this thing where I prefer smaller conventions; Paizocon is about as big as I think I can handle. So, y'know. Small convention = awesome, from my perspective, even if it isn't actually as small as it may or may not feel. ;p I am looking forward to getting to talk to people who paint better than I do, though. There may be pointers that stick! I might learn to blend skin without it looking wacky and patchy! And do freehand patterns! On anything, as opposed to on small items that might or might not be obvious. ^^;
  14. According to the update that just went through my mailbox, they shipped the early bird backers. The rest of us slow-pokes can hope for early July. ^^; Very exciting!
  15. Hm. This question reminds me, I should clear the cement expanse of the patio so we can take a crack at actually eating food out there. Grilled meat of a variety of kinds, salad (usually green; if I end up with black slaad, there was an ISSUE), and sun tea. The latter most more for Mr. Thorne than for me; I can't handle most cold teas; the tannins curl my tongue up in the back of my mouth. Watermelon. And the cure for ridiculously sized, curiously flavorless strawberries appears to be /grow your own/. With all the fun and games that results. I have strawberry plants that happily bloom and produce, and I never get any of the fruit. :/