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  1. I'd fourth Girl Genius. Not sure what else ...
  2. Other than the colour (mine is black), that looks just like mine. Mine also has a kilt pin on the band, but never mind that.... No eggs yet today. Unless the hens have been laying somewhere other than where they're supposed to, which is what I suspect is going on. I should get back out there and look, but ... gnrf. blarg. *splat*
  3. Live

    AUGH! Oooh! Pack turtle! Spirit beast! Which is .. kind of wolf-dragon-y. If you painted it right. I need that. ... I need dis. And that. And those. And ... fraggit, just send me the lot. *whump* I don't know what this 'enough' is, but I'm pretty sure I'm not there yet.
  4. Live

    New paints. Baba Yaga (where was this when we were doing Reign of Winter and actually needed her and her hut-TARDIS?). Eeeeeeee! ... yes. The Hut functioned as a sort of TARDIS. The dratted thing was not only entirely larger on the inside than the outside, but jumped worlds and time. The party had things to say about that, believe me. The old witch having apparently become senile didn't help much... (this last will probably depend somewhat on your GM's whims, so .. YMMV).
  5. Live

    And now I want chicken strips. I'm not sure if I should hate you guys or love you more for this.... I've always found the lack of comprehension for 'model arrives in pieces' models to be kind of .. um.. well, inexplicable. I was momentarily baffled when I got Abysilonia, because she's a million or so tiny pieces. Then I shrugged and got out the glue and went to work, because .. what /else/ are you going to do? It's in pieces, you assemble it. But, as I must frequently remind myself, am weird. A thing is in pieces? Must be a puzzle! is my standard reaction to a freshly purchased thing does not have obviously broken parts.
  6. Live

    Oooh, yesssss. .. I need dat.
  7. ... My desk is awash in glitter and teeny glass bottles. This is not normal, but it is somewhat amusing.
  8. Live

    I have a whole lot of bags of dragon that are completely disassembled. I don't have a problem with this, in point of fact, I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what goes where, and how. But I also enjoy jigsaw puzzles and brain-teaser toys.... Oh .. I need to watch Hawk the Slayer again. And find a copy of Willow .. *mutter* You people are really terrible for my movie budget. I /own/ a copy of Legend, and Labyrinth, and have the book that the Neverending Story was based off of. Actually... because of Mr. Thorne, I have two copies. One in the original German, and one in English. Good book!
  9. ... y'know, I'm only about half smart. If I'd been thinking, I would have suggested you look into nail decorating charms; they make tiny gemstones and the like for silly girls (like me, occasionally) to decorate their nails with. Tiny gemstones, weird coin-like things, teeny pearls .. all kinds of weird stuff. Some might work for what you want. That's where the flakies I used on Opal's head came from.
  10. That's interesting. A lot of the small crystal bits that I was thinking of are only sold in small packets - usually less than twenty, occasionally as few as two - so it surprises me a little that you would have that much trouble. ... on the other hand, if your Michael's is anything like the one we have locally, they don't organize in anything I recognize as 'sane'. I usually prefer to get my beads and bits from Fire Mountain Gems (that quantity discount is /very/ shiny), but there's the wait for your order to arrive, and all the temptation to grab 'that other thing' ... As for your question.. it depends. I usually assemble as far as I can without it interfering with my ability to get the brush into tight spots or do detailed spaces. I'm not familiar with this specific dragon, so I can't offer any specific advice; but I've found that my method works for me. YMMV.
  11. I do something like this with my glasses pushed down my nose. Which ... works? But is weird for focus-shifting if I look up at a thing.
  12. That elf on a dinosaur is definitely Reaper; I have one just like it, although mine is in progress; it's the Darkrime Drake. I was and am all tickled at the notion of elves riding dinosaurs; possibly with hordes of velociraptors swarming around them like bipedal hunting hounds... *chortle*
  13. Live

    I helped! ... well. Technically.. but I did the retweeting, so blah! (don't ask how the least social media-savvy person on my team got the job of managing our social media. Just don't.)
  14. *bows* And you, my commendation for your hard work; you also, have done good! Me, I'm just stubborn, and refuse to be properly trampled. The fury of my firebombs will ... well, never mind that. No one wants to contemplate THAT aftermath. o.O Whether I am stubborn enough to plonk down funds for a second Ma'al ... that, I don't know. Perhaps the opportunity will present. Perhaps not. We'll see. Stranger things have been known to happen. Ask, and ye shall receive; not only the backs, but the insides, as well! If I don't misremember, a lot of different colours went into the backs; Burning Orange, the opal base that I used for Opal's head and neck (one part burning orange to two parts Old West Rose to three parts Maggot White) - and pretty much all of the fleshy underparts - green and purple tone (AP), Blue ink (P3) and, if I don't misremember, some Mahogany Brown was also used, albeit more on the insides of the wings. That .. I meant to do that. I totally didn't forget what paint I was using... So, we'll start with the wing backs; . .. I have no explanation for this, but a vague recollection of a mineral that goes rainbow madness when exposed to certain conditions. Mebbe @Cyradis or one of the other serious rockhounds knows which one that is. I also have a picture of the inner wing surface, which was mostly Purple Tone with dabs of Mahogany Brown over my Opal mix, with a bit of washed Burning Orange. I have no idea what I was thinking. I don't think I was thinking. It just happened. It got darker over the damaged portions, sort of like scar tissue. That much was deliberate... and some of my patch jobs were better than others. I swear, the wings are one huge example of 'I /totally meant to do that/!' ... the insides remind me more of amber, or the unflashy parts of fire-opal. Heh. Anyway. That's the wings.
  15. Pre-paints and pawns fill an important niche; the 'I haven't had a round tuit to paint that yet' niche. Tellingly, most PCs are not pre-paints, they're me - or one of the group - going, 'ooh, I need a mini for this!' and either painting it, or paying me to paint it. I don't expect pre-paints to be much good, if they got the paint slopped in more or less the right places, I'm content with them.