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  1. Mr. Thorne did some math, involving flight tickets and car rentals, and apparently, other than time spent on the road, it's cheaper for us to drive to Reapercon. While we're still debating logistics, I figure... well, if anyone feels like they want to start building a caravan, now is probably a good time to discuss that. We would be starting out of WA; actual route kind of still TBA.


    Safety in groups is still a decent traveler's mantra, after all.


    (If I managed to get this in the wrong thread, move as needed; I'll find it again eventually. ^^; )

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  2. 18 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    That looks like a recipie I could easily go with...  And not have hubby die of "OMG HEAT!~" ...  Poor guy, just can't handle heat at all.


    Might have to thief that and throw it all in the slow cooker....  (and maybe throw in some carrots and celery because, well, uhm, gotta use them up soon, lol)


    Chili - like a number of other 'throw things at the pot and forget about them' meals that do so damn well in slow-cookers - shouldn't care too much if you toss some random stuff in it.

    It's … hot soup with (optionally!) beans in, for all intents and purposes. You might get your own personal regional variant out of it.


    Mr. Thorne is debating the wisdom of driving to Reapercon. I feel like I need to post something about that over in the Reapercon thread. >_>

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  3. 22 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:

    I have gingerbread cookies.


    Not sure if they're up to my standards. Too much molasses. Not enough ginger. Dammit, I doubled the ginger, too. Broccoli store-brand weak-elf ginger...


    That's not an uncommon thing, with commercial ginger. Penzeys. Who are doing a thing with gift boxes right now.

    (I made the mistake of sticking my nose in a bottle of Penzey's ginger. I didn't need to. I could smell it when I opened it. Immediate regret).


    I have been getting up at *censored* o clock. I'm not used to it. I do not approve. MEH.

    On the other hand.. we have a tree, and we're gonna get it a saucer (because it is a live tree, in a pot... about four feet tall), and I have my doubts that the cats will have any kind of luck knocking it over, because it's HEAVY. Which is good, because I have a feeling Topaz /will/ climb it.


    It has been a week. There has been a sufficiency of Monday involved in my week. *falls over*

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  4. 5 hours ago, Corsair said:

    I told my wife the other day that we will NOT be the Great Aunt and Uncle giving underwear on Christmas! She wants to get the kids PJs! I told her to put her name on those gifts, I'm going for Hot Wheels, ponies, Legos etc!


    Do both. Get the ponies, Hot Wheels, Legos, what you have, wrap them in the PJs (ideally, soft, fuzzy PJs with their favorite whatevers on them), then wrap them. Kids will be very confused. Then they will squee. They will have toys AND warm jammies. Everybody wins.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Unruly said:


    Please tell me the jerkiness of that is an artifact of streaming, and that that isn't how playing the game looks. I've played some herky-jerky shooters before, like Red Orchestra 2 back when it first came out and practically no one was getting above 25fps and server lag was terrible, but man that's some teleport jerking. That's just... wow...



    It's not usually that bad, no. I've had some bad moments, but my internet can be summed up (add profanities as needed) as 'crap'.

    Not gonna tell you it's always fantastic, but like most games, it seems to vary ...



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  6. 37 minutes ago, Unruly said:


    You're lucky it wasn't your head. Those drop bears are nasty as hell, and they've become something of an invasive species in some parts of the US. We don't have vegemite as a deterrent, so they're reproducing unchecked.


    The bear came from this vehicle....20181201_182856.thumb.jpg.4555a0a779002a497af6b690349eab33.jpg


    Town Christmas parade was tonight. ^^

    I handed the bear off to a toddler who wasn't as well positioned as I...

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  7. 30 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:


    It took a very loud majority for Paizo to even make changes to Resonance - and the general consensus was that it needed to be removed. (This fixes a problem that does not exist. So why bother having it?)


    Our collective suspicion (that's myself, Mr. Thorne and our gaming group), is that Resonance is a direct result of something happening in PFS. This strikes our group in general as being a big ol' stack of bullpies, with a side of rotgrubs, if true (note; speculation!).


    But, accounting for speculation, it seems reasonable enough. >.<




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  8. 1 hour ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

    Might not have been you. There was...er...some backlash from the ritual yesterday...the good news is most of the Workshop Elves, Keebler Elves and Skoli survived. The bad news is that Abomination Santa seems to have grown in strength and his unholy might will be bolstered by today's sales. 

    Now that the Great Pumpkin and the Happy Little Crabs are recovered from their meal, they can pitch in tonight. 


    That … actually, I'm not sure if that's a relief or not.

    That having been said, I found the fetish, so I can do the dance. *sage nod*




    56 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Nah, this one's related to surprise plumbers from late October.  Hopefully it means the actual end of things for leaks.  Would be nice to no longer have an extra hole in the ceiling... 


    You know perfectly well these things go in threes..

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  9. 5 hours ago, klarg1 said:

    Got a plumber into take a look at the water heater and attendant pipes.


    Short version: it’s all busted; we’ll have an estimate Monday. A large estimate.


    I wanna go back to bed.


    4 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I have a surprise plumber today, since the ceiling was leaking again.  They're hoping they've figured it out this time - apparently the bathroom floor in the suite above me has been so water damaged over the years that it's rather rotted in some areas. 


    Annoying part is I'm supposed to be working, not waiting on a plumber, I have a truck full of work waiting for me to get back to work >.<


    Oh crap. I started a cascade of plumbing issues...

    hang on, I have a fetish here somewhere, should settle the pipe spirits - or at least, make them laugh so they won't break stuff anymore.

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  10. Just now, SparrowMarie said:
    2 hours ago, Sylverthorne said:

    I am told - I'm not a fan of turkey, so I've never done this with a turkey - that if you spatchcock the bird it cooks faster.

    Spatchcock = hack the backbone out and lay it flat in the pan. You may break some other bones doing this, possibly including the wishbone. It works on chickens.. ^^;

    This is true. And while it is a good idea, in practice it's just a pain in the butt.


    I'm on a foodie list, and one of the other listers was griping about how to steady the bird while hacking out its spine.

     I just flip a chicken over, but I guess that must not work on a giant mutant turkey. :upside: <_<


    Although now I have this temptation to try it with something a little more modest. >.>

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