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  1. 2 hours ago, kitchen_wolf said:


    One of the things that I had not anticipated with the whole kitten rescue schtick was poop on the walls.  I invested in a tile floor and blankets over the nursery furnishings, but the walls came as a more or less complete surprise.


    These two weren't responsible:

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    Kitten! *grabby hands*


    . .. mind you, I already have one, he's a few months over half a year old and he's a handful, but.. kitten!

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  2. 15 hours ago, Pegazus said:

    So, given that someone mentioned that Michael’s fairy stuff was on sale (hello flock), and the wife had 12 bags of poly fill to pick up (Etsy biz; tooth fairy pillows), I was agreeable to go to that store.


    Well, besides picking up three kinds of flock (forgot the tub of brown for the pic) and some nifty stone things that can be used for bases, look at what I found in the clearance shelves:




    That there is a Badger Anthem 155 airbrush for $50! I already have an Iwata, but it’s a top feed. This one I justified by it being a jar fed. Everything seems to be there, so I think they were just getting rid of it. Sold!


    You're welcome. ^^


    I've seen airbrush stuff at my Michael's too; never purchased any. Nice find!

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  3. 7 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:


    10 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

    One thing I'm going to miss is the personalized box. ::(:

    Personalized box?  How so? 


    Depending on who, exactly, was packing at the time, if they recognised the name of the person who's box they were packing, they drew on the box, or so.

    I heard a rumour that somebody got Izzy Art on theirs, for example? 


    Guess that's less likely this go round. Ah, well. :/


    I did grab an artbook, but that's 'cause I'm a sucker, and I like Izzy's art.

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  4. So... those of you in reach of a Michael's craft shop might not need to know they seem to be having a sale on Spring Stuff. Including little faery buildings that might make decent terrain for somebody's project.


    This has been your random PSA.


    26 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

    The amount of elfhattery that occurs on places like Farcebook is one reason why I avoid them like plague.

    And one of the ones that makes me wish I could. 

    Sadly, when you're trying to attract people to specific places, you gotta go where those people /are/. And some of them are still on FB. Like that or not. >.<

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  5. I rather like those gnolls, but I have no use for them (and no interest in the game they go with), so they'd be display pieces... right now, not something I have space for. 

    Ah, well. Another day, perhaps.


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  6. 3 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    But could happen to an Atlas with no damage at all, if it fired all its weapons at once.... (One of the reasons I hate Battletech - if you have explosive overheating then you need to shoot the engineer that designed your cooling systems. He is obviously working for the enemy.)


    The Auld Grump - and a rocket/missile launcher should never have an overheating problem at all - they are supposed to vent! :grr:


    Yah, no. Atlas looks impressive as all heck, but you can keep it. If I have to have a 'Mech, I'll take a Mad Cat Timber Wolf; those don't explode for no good reason.


    *mutter* Still want a game where the 'Mechs take a back seat. Mebbe use the AGE system; the Expanse rulebook handles space travel and some of the trickier bits ... >.>

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  7. 2 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    Fair enough, let's do the longer version. (Because this is actually a really interesting subject for me):



    None of which is to say that you shouldn't have fun playing Transformers (chosen because they're even sillier), simply because they don't make sense. You should do the things that are fun for you.


    For me, the problem comes specifically from a kind of uncanny valley of military utility as regards mechs. They're not unrealistic enough to turn off the analysis part of my brain, and they don't make enough sense to satisfy that part.


    See, that's one of the reasons most of my interest in the Battletech setting involves the people.

    The 'Mechs are interesting, don't get me wrong, but ... trying to follow the logic trail for 'this works better!' for mechs vs. other vehicles is difficult for me. At best. ^^;


    The people are entirely more interesting anyway. Outside of the Inner Sphere. >_>

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  8. 7 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    More clear updates would be nice. 


    I do think it is worth noting that Kickstarters have an **estimated** fulfillment date. An estimate is not exact. We should not expect it to be exact. It isn't Amazon Prime delivery. 


    Also: I want flying cabbage minis. 


    I wouldn't mind clearer updates either. At the same time, I keep reminding myself that Reaper can't give us good information if they aren't getting good information, and ... well, everything is fine until it isn't, apparently. Like last year. :/

    I can't lay the blame for that one at Reaper's door. 


    I have no idea what I'm painting first. I might end up painting a death of Wraiths, or plotting the ever-lovin' heck out of a courting flight, or ... I'unno. Might be I paint Gauth. Going to depend on what's going down. ^^;

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  9. 13 hours ago, Zink said:


    That's it! Couldn't for the life of me remember. Did a search for the names I could think of and it wasn't them. How big is that person's house? I own a pony that's barely bigger than the neighbour's dogs. The ones I've been around were very friendly to people but their owners said they're hell on coyotes.


    Woke up with a headache and was dragging my butt about working. Spent the better part of the last 2 hours chatting about Frostgrave and different board games. Still need to go work for a few hours but it helped get rid of the headache.


    I'm about 5' even (shod), and she comes up to my hip. She is, in fact, a sweetheart who loves her some ear skritchies, but I wouldn't want to be an intruder in that house, lemme tell you. She might look like a huge fluffy marshmallow, but I'm pretty sure she's got teeth all the way back to her ears.

    And brains. She's an LGD breed... she's got brains under that fluff. 


    4 hours ago, TGP said:





    These Are Landseers






    (...Some portions of the interwebz contend that Landseers are not Newfoundland dogs but Molossers; I guess a DNA study is in order; there is also a camp that says a Newfie cannot be chocolate color...)


    ... did somebody cross cart horses and dogs somehow? That is a great big woofer. If I remember, I should look up what they do; that looks like a dog with a Job.


    I've never lived with one of those, any of the above but I've shared space with an assortment of mixed-breeds, and several Afghan Hounds (dogs with brains, gods help us all. Brains, speed and teeth all the way back to their ears. I don't CARE that they look like prissy, fluffy ornaments, I've seen them run). Of the lot, I got along better with the hounds... most of the mixed-breeds were dumb as stumps, and of the lot, the doxie-cross who decided that /we were her people, damnit/ and the pittie were probably the ones I'm going to miss most (and the latter a stray... poor beastie, never did find out what happened to her). 


    Dogs aren't a possibility, unless we find one, by some odd miracle, that doesn't eat chickens or trip Mr. Thorne's dog-fear. Eh. We'll live.

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  10. 2 hours ago, Zink said:

    #28 Shunka Warikan is the closest to me. Had to look it up because I've never heard of it. Something ate sheep and they couldn't figure out what it was. Sheep are kind of helpless and tasty. I can think of a few things around here that eat them. Can't remember the name of the breed right now but huge shaggy white dogs have become a popular thing for the sheep owners here. They mangle coyotes pretty easily which is our most common predator.


     Probably Maremmas or Great Pyranees. Good dogs. I know someone who has a Pyranees house-dog. She's super-sweet, but holy BALLS is she huge. 

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