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  1. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    They already place Reaper Auction items on several of the tables near the stage. The only change needed would be to designate one of the tables as the "silent auction" table and put a slip of paper under each item where people can write their bids. No additional space required, no additional security.
  2. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Interesting that it's Thursday through Sunday on a holiday weekend. For me, it would be easier to take just a single day off if the event ran Friday through Monday. Then again, airports/flights are probably crazy on Labor Day.
  3. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    Some piano teachers give out 5" busts of famous composers, and they sell for about $5 at themusicsource.org. (note from OneBoot: click 'Gifts' then 'Statues and Busts.')
  4. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    The person at the registration desk looked at my itinerary and gave me a giant wad of ReaperBucks cash. He even rounded up! I pointed out that it was an error and I had received too much, but was told there was a calculation mistake and they were giving out the printed amount anyway. Or at least, that's what the person processing my registration did. I'm not complaining.
  5. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    Hmm. I'm exactly on schedule as of Year 2. Looks like I better start planning for an extra night next year... and my eventual move to Dallas. Seriously though, I hope I'm able to attend again next year: these last two years, Reapercon has fallen on the exact 4-day weekend of my job's "Fall Break", which has enabled me to attend. A week in either direction (or the return to the spring) would mean I couldn't attend.
  6. Auction Action for "Low Rollers"

    I acquired a lot of Reaperbucks by taking classes. LOTS of classes. This year I ended up with more Reaperbucks than I had anticipated, however. I believe there was a math error in how the website calculated the Reaperbucks earned through signing up for events, so many people ended up with more Reaperbucks than initially suggested by the event description. I was able to pick up a paint set on my own, whereas last year I pooled my Reaperbucks together with another attendee and we split our win.
  7. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I took Matt DiPietro's (excellent!) Two-Brush Blending class last year, and I came away with the same impression: clean the second brush with water, and no saliva / licking is needed. I did the entire two-hour course without licking my brush. That said, in the year since that class I've now found myself using my lips to establish a perfect point on the end of a clean brush. I used to do the "slide it along a palette or paper towel, turn, slide again" method, but it's faster and more precise to place the end of the clean brush on my lips and pull. I've been getting into creating terrain for tabletop wargames, and I think a class on this would be fantastic. Trees, static grass, water effects, etc. There are a few challenges with such a class: TIme. A lot of the techniques require some drying time. Cost. A Reaper Bones mini for each class participant is a negligible expense, but materials for a terrain class may be cost-prohibitive. Mess. Building terrains is messy. Spray adhesives, flock boxes, static grass applicators... I'd hate to be in the classroom for the next slot following the terrain class.
  8. So, who is excited about ReaperCon 2017

    I went with gold coins: I figured that as the hardest Bingo contestant to find, people deserve a prize if they locate me. Plus, chocolate is yummy. I gave out two pounds of gold-foil chocolate coins this year! I never did find haldir, however...
  9. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    If Derek becomes a leprechaun like me, I won't have to hide my gold from him! But I think he'd look better in a little green outfit.
  10. ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    I've been hiding in the classrooms, but these forumites be stealin' me gold. Bold's Gold! Even Derek Schubert has found me!
  11. What Happened to Breakfast?

    I'm staying at the Fairfield because of the excellent free breakfast, and because the room rate is cheaper: $89 for each night (including weekdays) for a huge King Suite. I saw on the website for the HGI that their breakfast isn't free for regular guests, and I just assumed it would be the same for the ReaperCon block.
  12. The Survival Speed Painting sounds interesting! What supplies would we need to bring?
  13. 2017 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo

    Aw man, I even posted in the forum to help people find me! I said, "Just look for the middle-aged guy with a beard." Oh... Okay, I see the problem now.
  14. 2017 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo

    I'd love to be in again! But I hope to lose my infamy as the "hardest-to-find person on Forumite Bingo". Bold / avatar / I'll be there Wednesday through Sunday.
  15. DIY Name tags

    If you'd have a spare label for a forum lurker (and the hardest guy to find on ReaperCon Bingo), I'd love one!