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  1. sometimes reading is hard....
  2. That leads me to a different idea. hands of various types so that when we modify someone and need say a gauntlet or glove or bare hand we have something to use.
  3. i noticed the bones 3 ks boxes up in the preview gallery as well. are those looking at a july 'release' too?
  4. Live

    so the mini's were unpainted on this right?
  5. Maybe try on a bit of your weapons sprue. i don't use spray primers but it'd be a whole lot easier knowing i didn't ruin my graveyard if it didn't work.
  6. Fulfilling

    I got my bones 3 in today! possibly one tiny problem with it. I got two orders of the purple weapons and both had 2 (axes?) snapped off and two of the staff heads. anyone else have this problem? not too concerned about it, can't quell the excitement of getting them.
  7. I really like this sculpt. It's very understated which is awesome. Thankfully for my wallet, i've got a few minis that fit this bill at the moment so i'll survive this month (also a box full of bones is on it's way tomorrow, which helps). keep up the excellent work. I'll be anxiously waiting for the reveal of the next one.
  8. Fulfilling

    @Joe Wells remember. while they do read all the emails, there is going to be a final update concerning what to do with missing/broken/wrong orders. I think they mostly want us to wait for that.
  9. Fulfilling

    I'm hoping they just took the knife away from you, and didn't actually have to *remove* a hand or finger or something. yikes. *ETA: I used my keys when i used to open boxes all the dern time for my jiob, made accidentally cutting myself w/ a box cutter less likely (though sadly not impossible).
  10. I'd love to see hellborn of all sorts of lineages. (TIL hellborn is the generic term for them and the more appropriate use).
  11. I'd like to see the unpainted kobolds to really get an idea. Also, has anyone tried to remove the primer yet? Might clean up the details some if it was less gunked up w/ primer.
  12. so, i'm not sure if this would jive w/ the paizo timeline, but i'd love to see the new starfinder iconics in bones.
  13. where were the mini's from?
  14. Given the new villain codex that just came out, some of the villains from their would be awesome. know you don't normally consider copyrighted work, but given your pathfinder line thought the suggestion fell in a gray area.
  15. I came into this thinking that you were somehow going to use putty to model the dragon that he was before he died. Like use the model as the base and then add putty to make the original. this is not quite the same thing as what you are doing, but still just as epic. good luck.