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    the gm can't appear in h is own campaign. only by proxy (argent probably).
  2. So i've gotten the bones 3 yetis, but they won't fit my idea for a Heroquest replacement minis. As The heroquest yetis (and most of the monsters are roughly the size of a human (except the giant wolfs) I was wondering if the other two reaper yetis were medium (human) sized or if they were larger. Talking about http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/yeti/sku-down/02697 and http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/yeti/sku-down/03029 as http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/yeti/sku-down/50011#detail/50011_p_eb1 clearly has bryangles and does not look human sized. any clues?
  3. Saw a commenter on either here or facebook that was using reaper minis for his heroquest game w/ his kids. That reminded me that i needed heroquest in my life again so a few bids later and here i am. Now I've gotten a hold of some of the quest books from the expansions off of the Hasbro site and i should have most if not all the stuff from the original game on it's way to my house. what i'm wondering is if there are any suggestions for replacements that are close to the original minis that came w/ the expansions. goblins, orcs, skeletons, mummies, zombies are all pretty easy to get, but things like fimirs (the one eyed humanoids w/ the clubbed tail) medium sized yetis, medium sized 'ogres', etc are all something i'm not sure how to find replacements for w/o coughing up a 5 to 15 on auction sites. I'd rather use reaper minis or something similar if at all possible instead. Any suggestions? as an aside, they really ought to just sort the copyrights out and remake the game.
  4. So, at either origins or gencon last year I grabbed a handful of tiny familiar minis from a bin labeled something like $1 per lbs or something silly like that. A year goes by and i forget where i got them and started painting on them. Since about 99% of my minis are reaper i pull up the reaper site and start finding what i think are the minis and start painting away. Oh, thisi s a fox, oh this is a ferret, etc etc. I get down to the bobcat only to realize that it's not a reaper, but a ral partha. Ral Partha stamped on the bottom. I was like what the heck? Now these are tiny creatures and may be it's just super similar sculpts, but they look crazy similar if they aren't the same. Curious what info i can find about it if any.
  5. Dragon black is an HD black paint that makes pure black look like super dark charcoal grey. I use pure black as my workhorse black for shades and such, but I use dragon black when it absolutely has to be black. The Bones line of paint is not specifically formulated to work for bones (per what reaper has said previously) It is just a different branding for HD paints (and not relabeling of old HD colors that they want to make clear work on bones too. They work fine on metal.
  6. Kobolds suitable for pcs hellborn pcs pathfinder goblin pcs (somehow i've played one in two games now and didn't mean to) especially sneaky casters (and the pathfinder ones are so cute)
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    It's hard for me, the more detailed the sculpt The more perfect i try to make it when i paint it. Small things like the new kobolds (ks3) i want to look good enough to be PCs if they need to be, but the detail is so fine it won't stand out as well in the end. So, yes, most of the time i try to make them all look as good as possible, but sometimes end up having to accept less than ideal.
  8. i have nothing constructive to add except that i can't unsee your converted mini as Jamie from mythbusters and i love it.
  9. Live

    what scale are the adventurers?
  10. were they not part of the base boss kickstarter? I got some base boss samples at some point that were all yellow. some of them were flight bases
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    idea for capstone of bones 5. literal capstone. joking aside, This was an awesome kickstarter.I felt like everything in the last few hours could have been considered a capstone reveal. Each was pretty awesome.
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    i keep staring at the barge and trying to convince myself I need it somehow. I really want to see it in physical form. I get my bones mostly to 'use' ( i don't currently use them) and paint and a stygian barge just doesn't have a ton of uses except sitting on a shelf for me. That said, i want it.
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    seriously though is there an equivalent monster type to the Dark watcher?
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    What the heck is the dark watcher? I keep looking at it and all i can see is the Suezo from monster rancher.
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    I have read a few times that people say things like "i'm not interested in 4 b/c 3 just came" i'm exactly the opposite. I'm sitting here painting minis that i got in 3 that, when i first saw them, I was very disappointed with them, but now that they're in my hands they're so much cooler. It's like the minis just got better like wine while i waited for them to get to my doorstep. hobgoblins blah, now i'm waiting until my next order to probably add a few more to my collection. Tengu? yuck! now i'm modding one for my PC. I painted more minis just watching the comments scroll by than anything else and they've all (except for a detour to paint an iconic that's one of the first bones i ordered, but was too intimidating to paint back then) been from bones 3. I haven't been disappointed yet and I expect 4 to be the same way. My only two disappointments in all of KS3 was the graveyard (90% of it i don't need, like the whole church and fence, but the rest was a MUST GET NOW) and the fomian giant (great sculpt, but painting a half formed blobby giant thing doesn't excite me i guess). I guess what the TL;DR version is is that having bones 3 in a box behind me got me more driven for bones 4.
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    Also, they can vary the bendiness (is that a word? autocorrect says no) of the bones material to make it more stiff now. I know they did that to several of the bones 3 models so it should be less of a problem.
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    oh man, giant steampunk spider with a saddle..../drool....same for the scorpion.
  18. Funded

    what was the 'dice tower mention' ?
  19. Funded

    I just assumed that the statues were idling after killing the party.
  20. Funded

    I'm not a chibi person. probably won't ever be. that being said, all the chibi vitriol being tossed around makes me sort of wish the entire rest of the kickstarter was chibi (and some hellborn and iconics if we could squeeze those in)
  21. The dwarf priestess does have that look on her face, and the Jester looks better from the back (he's nude, his beard is artfully hiding his front) where he actually has non-beard details. ETA: the metal pictures, for whatever reason, lack MUCH of the details that the bones version actually have. I'm guessing the photo just ate the details.
  22. remember. this isn't where we make requests.
  23. I think the picture doesn't do the dwarves justice. In person they don't look 'amorphous'. I think the cavalier however looks fine. Not everyone lives inside a tornado or is facing a heavy breeze.

    shipping is not going to be included this time?

    The wife. She keeps me from ordering ALL THE BONES!!!! (and also all the not bones). It's good to have checks and balances.