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  1. Live

    Also, they can vary the bendiness (is that a word? autocorrect says no) of the bones material to make it more stiff now. I know they did that to several of the bones 3 models so it should be less of a problem.
  2. Live

    oh man, giant steampunk spider with a saddle..../drool....same for the scorpion.
  3. Live

    what was the 'dice tower mention' ?
  4. Live

    I just assumed that the statues were idling after killing the party.
  5. Live

    I'm not a chibi person. probably won't ever be. that being said, all the chibi vitriol being tossed around makes me sort of wish the entire rest of the kickstarter was chibi (and some hellborn and iconics if we could squeeze those in)
  6. The dwarf priestess does have that look on her face, and the Jester looks better from the back (he's nude, his beard is artfully hiding his front) where he actually has non-beard details. ETA: the metal pictures, for whatever reason, lack MUCH of the details that the bones version actually have. I'm guessing the photo just ate the details.
  7. remember. this isn't where we make requests.
  8. I think the picture doesn't do the dwarves justice. In person they don't look 'amorphous'. I think the cavalier however looks fine. Not everyone lives inside a tornado or is facing a heavy breeze.

    shipping is not going to be included this time?

    The wife. She keeps me from ordering ALL THE BONES!!!! (and also all the not bones). It's good to have checks and balances.

    i just got the go ahead to pledge tomorrow (first of many i'm sure) woohoo
  12. Not sure what you mean with the dwarves. You could always see them in the kickstarter. They look great. I'm super happy with them. Also, i didn't see the duchess concept art but the mini is something my wife will likely require me to get and paint as one of her pcs and the cavalier is probably my favorite male mini.
  13. i only find wererats in the store which don't quite work. I'd like to see some less crazed rats looking pc types specifically.

    i don't hate chibis, they just don't fit on my tabletop next to my non-chibis so they're 100% luxury (no practical use for me) and thus i pass on them. @Reaperbryan oh you tease.

    I must admit that i got the entire graveyard expansion because of the graveyard golem. well 90% because of that. I had/have almost no need for the rest of it, however, a few of the other added minis did pique my interest eventually. Most expensive mini (cost of what i wanted vs cost of what i didn't) for me. I'll find a loving home for the rest of it, but to me it was still worth it.
  16. I hit up the previews from the updates so i knew what to expect going in.
  17. i know it's probably too late for bones 4, but ratfolk. i can't seem to find any great ratfolk sculpt to fit my ratfolk needs. Mouselings are close, but the chibi style would look weird next to non-chibi pcs (also the size seems off for a small race).

    You know, i was looking at the bones 4 page, and i noticed there were an uneven number of models teased. how can my ocd compensate? now we need one to go on the right side. :P Also I made the choice, when pledging on bones 3, to not pledge for stuff I wasn't interested in (rip goremaw, i shall acquire you some day) at the time. It was easy. All i did, was pledge for what i want, then select those from the pledge manager at the end. (and then add more). I don't begrudge reaper adding in stuff i'm not interested in (aka mouselings, i just don't have a need for them) but I am nowhere near the I HATE EVERYONE BECAUSE X WAS ADDED.

    what i like most is that burning itch to go look at the KS page every 2 minutes to see if they've hit another goal or posted another update. Each one is like winning the superbowl or something.
  20. I wasn't disappointed per se, because they are still pretty good sculpts, but they weren't what i was hoping for. i was really excited about the pole arm and the position seemed much more natural in the concept art. might do some converting on this.
  21. My wife was like "why is there a milk shake in here?" I got it and for a good 5 minutes couldn't see anything but a milk shake it was so set in my head. finally she pulled it up online and was like oooooh hot poker thing.
  22. i so miss calculated my lust for this model. I need it when it hits retail.
  23. the concepts weren't 100% of what made it into the sculpt. Happens to a bunch of minis (not just reaper) in the store they'll often have the concept sketches in the preview pictures and you can see tweaks done in a ton of them.
  24. Funded

    this kickstarter came at a tough time for me, so i missed it. really hoping to pick some up once they hit the stores.
  25. I don't boil my bones. I boil the water in the microwave and drop the bones in the container afterwords. much easier, have dedicated containers to do it. ETA. this isnt quicker per se, as i've got an induction cooktop, but it does solve the burning on the bottom problem you mentioned