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  1. Chris Palmer

    Gluing Clear Plastic Ornament Halves Together

    I have actually considered doing a "mini-in a bottle" using one of the decorative miniature bottles they selling the major craft stores. I figure I'd try a Bones mini, and I'd paint it first, then carefully slice the arms off, insert the body into the bottle, and then using long tweezers carefully insert the arms and superglue them back on. Unfortunately it's something of back-back burner idea. The ornaments i've seen don't have cap holes big enough to really make it feasible, but I have to say the one you show in the picture above is ideal!
  2. Chris Palmer

    Gluing Clear Plastic Ornament Halves Together

    Thank you for the ideas everybody! The G-S hypo cement,( being easily available at Joanns is a big plus), Gorilla Super Glue (I have that on hand!), and just plain Elmers all sounds like practical ideas! I'll test them and see what results I get.
  3. I want to try and make an ornament this year with a figure inside, and would like some advice as to the best glue to glue the two halves of the ornament together from any of you who have made such ornaments in the past. The halves are clear plastic, so i would imagine some glues will fog it. (Like superglue) Will regular plastic model glue work? Also, what do you use to affix the base the figure will be mounted on to the ornament as well? Thanks for any ornament advice!
  4. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Though it's great that we're rapidly approaching the delivery time, I can't believe how fast the clock has flown since this Kickstarter started! I'm really not ready for 2018 to be over! Heck, I'm not even sure where October just went...
  5. Not to go too off topic, but we had the same situation in my family. According to my parents, I did not start speaking at the usual time, as I had a big sister who did all the talking for us both. My mother took me to the doctor scared there was something very wrong, and he assured her that it was because of my talkative sister, and that he was sure I’d be talking just fine sooner or later.
  6. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Finally got my report written from the Saurian Breakfast game we played back on Oct.13th. For Rob Dean's tale of the battle, see his post on the previous page: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78871-our-ghost-archipelago-campaign-2018/&do=findComment&comment=1763394 My full account, and more photos, can be seen on my blog: Saurian Breakfast "...At last Lilisea felt her feet touch the sandy bottom, but as she went to stand a strong hand grabbed her tightly around the ankle and yanked her leg hard. She lost her balance, fell forward, and was pulled under the water. Trying desperately to break free, the Crew-woman kicked her leg, and, clawing the bottom with her free hand, tried to twist around so she wasn't facing the ponds floor. The man released his grip, and quickly moving alongside her punched her hard in the back. The air went out of her, as the Pearl Diver now grabbed her by the back of the head, and shoved it under the water and down to the pond's bottom..." and "...Calling on his inherited abilities once more, the Lord Fortrywn attempted to leap up and use the wall behind him as a springboard, but the wound must have weakened him worse than he thought, as he was not able to gain the momentum needed; and his attempt to Evade failed. His foot hit the wall but he was unable to propel himself upwards. His blood burned now like molten iron under his skin. (Fail my Evade attempt, another -3 HP) The enemy Crewmen were at first startled by the Elf Lord's upward movement, but quickly regained their wits, and as the Heritor landed clumsily, they struck once more..."
  7. Just checking in... Has the box gone out?
  8. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Super write-up as usual, Knabe! I should have mine ready from the October game ready either later today, or tomorrow morning.
  9. No, he didn't win by enough to penetrate his armor. But he did leave a big dent...
  10. The goat did headbutt Lord Fortrywn once. ONCE! After which my Heritor summarily dispatched it.
  11. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Great report, Rob! However, my crew of Elves would probably not be happy with being referred to as demons! Still have a bit of work to do on my report; and still hoping Knabe will pop by with his Mines report...
  12. A new Kickstarter based on the well know comic: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/179272384/albedo-combat-patrol-the-28mm-sci-fi-miniatures-ga
  13. Chris Palmer

    Killer Rabbits: Medieval manuscript art made into miniature

    Yes, I saw that after I posted. Sad. While I certainly understand the success caught them off guard, I would have loved to have seen the rabbit-crewed trebuchet they showed on the Kickstarter page become a miniature
  14. Chris Palmer

    Disaster with the Flat Coat sealer

    Are the dots just discolored flat coat, or actual little bits of grit like particles? Did they appear immediately, or only after it dried? I’m wondering, if it’s just discoloration of some sort, whether another coat ( from a different can!) would help fix it. if it’s grit like particles, the only I suggest I can think of is turning it into a winter camo tank, and soray it with more white; or one with a lot of heavy mud splatter.
  15. Chris Palmer

    Killer Rabbits: Medieval manuscript art made into miniature

    Wow, they hit the $17.000 stretch goal today (which is also the last one showing)! And there's still 3 days left. It will be interesting to see if they put up another stretch goal or not. Who would have thought this project would have been so popular!