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  1. Trying to find a dwarf librarian/sage

    Khael Stonekindle, with the left hand from http:// Leisynn, Mercenary Mage would be a quick and easy conversion. That's the route I went when I wanted a more bookish wizard...
  2. Anyone else going up to the Cold Wars Wargaming Convention in Lancaster, PA this weekend? I'll be in the Paradise Room (the "HAWKs' room") most of the time, so stop in and say, "hi!" I'll be co-GMing a trio of off the wall games on Friday night and Saturday: 1) Santa and the Great Zeppelin Attack (Fri. 7PM) 2) Duke Morrison and the great Zeppelin Raid (Sat 9AM) 3) A Lily Pad Too Far (Sat 7PM)
  3. Ohhh, how cool would that be as part of some evil wizard’s lair.... adventures preserved in giant bottles... or maybe just skeletons in giant bottles!
  4. Wooden Watchtower

    Looking good! When faced with treasure atop a tower, a common tactic we use is to have the figure with the treasure at the top of the tower drop the treasure to the bottom, and then have somebody waiting at the bottom to pick it up. Saves the problem of taking the time to lug the treasure all the way down manually.
  5. RIP Stephen Hawking

    A sad day indeed. But what a mark he made on the world. He had a gift for making science seem accessible to everyone, instead of being some faceless name in an ivory tower.
  6. The first teaser trailer is out for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding Johnny Depp's casting as Grindewald, and the original movie had a luke warm reception (I liked it); but Jude Law sure does make a cool young Dumbledore and I'm interested to see what he does with the character.
  7. Intro and W.I.P.

    Welcome to the forum! It looks good so far.
  8. Do a Heroclix search for "Nurse". There are several varieties that might work with a little modding... "Night Nurse", "Green Lantern Nurse"; and heck, even "Nurse Chapel"!
  9. Dying to know now where your box is... still with Kieanna?
  10. Dang! So there goes any hopes of good Kickstarter deals making this more reasonable to afford...
  11. Wow, those are all great! I love the Hello Kitty and the Space Skellies!
  12. Happiness is ...

    Finding a BOGW on the doorstep. Or even better, discovering a big Reaper Kickstarter shipping box has been delivered. Then, sitting in a quiet house, with a hot beverage, and having plenty of time to paw through all the goodies from either box!
  13. Today I blended the elephant head to the body; then added some ears and tried to blend the furry back of the bugbear into a bit of hair on the elephant head. I also added the missing finger on the pointing hand. Not the greatest sculpting, but I hope serviceable enough. I also tried to blend the bugbear head into the elephant body, and then tried to blend the furry head into a bit of hair running down the spine.
  14. Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    A great read, Knabe; and as always some super pictures! I love your Potion of Alertness.
  15. Yes, the links work great now, thanks! So, who makes the plastic Russians in greatcoats? And who makes the female heads?