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  1. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    It’s great to see you add Griffin’s report to the mix, Rob! I enjoyed reading the account of Griffin’s exploits. Love the map! I hope you continue to add your reports to the thread. I need to to start working in mine.
  2. The @Clearman box is off on it's way to the next stop, @Shadowphaze! Can't wait to see what is taken as it progresses down the line.
  3. @Clearman box is off to @Shadowphaze !
  4. Thanks! A friend and I both bought into the recent Secret Weapon “Terrainscapes Dungeon: Mines” Kickstarter; and this was the results. It represents 5 of the Core Sets, and a bunch of the add-ons. I have to say, it was a whole lot of fun to get it all on the table and play on it.
  5. I love the idea of fairies hiding in Mossbeard! I like them all “holey” looking; the idea of giant zombie frogs amuses me.
  6. I finalized my selections from the @Clearman box, and we had something of a box party here, with @Rob Dean bringing his box by for our monthly Ghost Archipelago game. The guys all rooted through the boxes, and we got so many donations back, I'm not sure I can squeeze it all in! I should be able to mail on Tuesday. (With a very very small chance I can manage it on Monday.) What I took from the two boxes: (Error Spoiler box that I can't delete for some reason)
  7. And if you zoom the camera way back, it looked like this... Another fun day in the Ghost Archipelago....full report to follow later this week.
  8. Wow, @Clearman; this is an amazing box! Spent a while going through last night, and will have to re-sort today after sleeping on my first round choices.... Perhaps the most I’ve ever taken from a single BOGW! There really is a little of everything!
  9. Woohoo... @Clearman box is on track to arrive tomorrow! Currently clearing schedule in order to press nose against front window watching mailbox all day tomorrow!
  10. Hey, Rob; why don't you bring he box by Saturday and we'll help you "organize" it! You can then go mail it at the PO up the street after the game.
  11. Chris Palmer

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Nice work, Talae! It really is a quick and easy process that gives a very nice look. It just seems to go on for a long long time when you have a few hundred pieces to get through! I still have about a dozen that are only base grey, and about a dozen more that are awaiting the wood step.
  12. The Youtube "Tested" channel visits the extraordinary exhibition "The Scale of Our War" at the Te Papa museum in New Zealand. Featuring truly larger-than-life sculptures by Weta Workshop, the exhibition tells the story of the Gallipoli campaign in World War I. Simply beautiful and emotional work... https://youtu.be/q1tL6-xCTN4
  13. Chris Palmer

    I MADE IT!!!!!!

    Welcome, your majesty! May your reign be lengthy and paint splattered!