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  1. My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    Thanks! Well, we're still undecided on how we're going to proceed for the actual campaign as far as Heritor abilities. Some folks want to be able to pick theirs, and others (like me) like the randomness of the roll of the die. In the end we will probably do a hybrid of rolling randomly and then allowing folks to change one of two of the random rolls for something they want. I'll now start showing the Specialists in my crew. Each group is allowed up to 4 Specialists which you have to hire for gold. (As opposed to regular scurvy dog crew which comes along on the trip for free.) First is the Hunter, which is a repurposed figure I originally painted for Frostgrave use, and just repainted the base to be more jungle-friendly. Hunter: Gwynwater Lighteye- Elf. At the peak of her abilities. Served as a Captain of Archers under Lord Fortrywn for many years; now she manages the game on his main estate. Competent and Loyal. Prefers the out of doors and the company of animals to that of others of her kind. An introvert that is often mistaken for arrogant. She dreads the thought of weeks at sea, but eagerly awaits the chance to match her skills against beasts she has only heard about in legends.
  2. Mystic Theurge (89021) (Bones)

    Well, the hair is a little long... So, I just went and checked the tag words on the figure's listing and the store, and that confirmed it was a Male. But I agree he probably could be used for a female in a pinch. And yes, I did do reflection dots. Sometimes I feel a little more ambitious then others... And this was one of those times I guess. It was the perfect face for it, with no obstructions (like hats, hoods, or weapons), and nicely tilted slightly up for even easier access. In honesty, the number of human figures I've done this on can probably counted on one hand.
  3. concept art?

    I have the same problem seeing details on the bright white Bones. I would highly recommend getting some of their grey or brown liner. I apply a thin wash of the liner to my Bones before painting, and really helps outline and highlight all the details.
  4. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Thanks, Chaoshead! Though I can't imagine how high Bemis is now after killing the Lich Lord and looting his HQ of almost all it's treasure. He was higher than me going into the game. I don't think more than a handful of our soldiers died at the hands of the many Lich Lord minions. But in a situation where we have access to missile weapons (many of them magical) and they do not have them, their odds are never going to be that good. As far as the Lich Lord goes, it could have been a bit of a different story if the rolls for his Elemental Bolts had been better (we took turns rolling for him). He hit every time I think, and he got of 5 or 6 shots before we swarmed him; but none of the effect rolls did damage, except for the one that hit Bemis. I also think it would have been different if Bemis' Captain, a figure that's been honing his skills since game one, had not been there with all his special abilities. If I had it to do over again, I think we should have multiplied the number of Lich Lords x3, like we did with all the minions. If we were actually facing some sort of Lich Lord Triumvirate, it would have been a much more challenging and deadly battle. And it wouldn't have been so easy for 6 wizards and warbands to overwhelm him.
  5. Anyone else digging the new Oathmark plastics as much as I am

    Yep! Looking forward to getting a box or two to try out. I've really been liking the plastic sets Northstar has been doing for Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago. Hopefully, these will be as good.
  6. My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    With our upcoming Ghost Archipelago campaign less than two months away, I thought I would start introducing the crew I plan to use, as I get the figures painted up. I'll start with are my Heritor (Reaper 77044 Turanil, Male Elf paladin) and Warden (03415 Lanura Windsong, Elf Wizard). We decided for our initial GA test game, which we are having after our December Frostgrave campaign game, that we would roll randomly for Heritor abilities. I got an interesting assortment, and depending on how things go during the test game, I just may keep them. For the Wardens we choose whatever Branch and Spells we wanted. I've had in mind wanting to use these two figures, so I decided to go with a crew of Elves. The figures I'm using for my Heritor and Warden were already painted, so given the color scheme I had used for Warden's figure I deiced to go with a Vine Warden. Heritor: Lord Hytieral Fortrywn- Retired from a lengthy military career to enjoy his wealth and his laurels. Powerful. Landholder. Doesn’t tolerate fools. Not happy that his younger step-sister has out-maneuvered him into taking her daughter, his niece, along with him to act as his Warden. She says it will be good for the girl to have experience in the world; he finds the young magic-user barely tolerable, and the fact she isn’t a true wizard is an embarrassment. Daze- 3 Evade-5 Stand Firm- 5 Surge- 5 Disarm-5 So I think the Daze is going to be interesting as the main ability. Apparently this guy is so formidable looking as he twirls his sword around acrobatically, that enemies just kind of freeze up when they see him. The other abilities I think fall in nicely with someone who was a professional soldier. Warden: Marnilyne Dewdrisane- Young. Impetuous. Curious. Argumentative. Naïve. In awe of her uncle, and a little scared of him; but also terribly excited to be a part of the adventure ahead. Brambles Plant Walk Warp Weapon Summon Animal I chose Summon Animal as my out-of-school spell, as I've learned from Frostgrave that having an extra figure to command can make a real difference. Also, I saw this Warden as being generally loving, and being connected to, all living things, plant or animal.
  7. Mystic Theurge (89021) (Bones)

    Thanks, folks for the continued positive comments. I think it is a really cool figure, and I enjoyed painting it! It should be listed in the Reaper store by now.
  8. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    We played the final battle of the Lich Lord book this past Saturday! It as a fun game, though very frustrating, as I had one of those days that justify my Reaper God status. Quail's report has been posted: The FInal Battle "...As Bailey finished the spell, she felt a stab of excruciating fire in her side, and she cried out in shock and pain. Looking down she saw the spike of a Bone Dart protruding from just under her ribcage on the right side. Bailey felt faint, and the ground beneath her feet seemed to roll and pitch. As she tried to stay conscious, a second stab of pain shot through her left shoulder, and through blurry eyes, she turned her head to see a crossbow bolt from one of Gru's Marksmen sticking at an angle into her arm. Her eyes lost focus, the world gave a last roll beneath her feet, and her body pitched backwards into her Fog wall as all went black..."
  9. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    We've been discussing this in our group, and what we think we may do for the campaign, is have folks roll for random abilities, then let them switch one of the randomly rolled ones for one of their choosing, if they want to.
  10. Thank you, Harrocks! It’s taken a lot of practice with eyes to get where I am, and for me it’s still very hit or miss with the results; especially with figures like this one with a hat (or hood). I think a lot of the credit here probably needs to go to the sculptor; it was a great expression-filled face to begin with.
  11. Reaper Pack Reindeer with Copplestone's Lovely Assistant

    Thank you! And thanks for providing the SKU. Thanks! Yes, I was pleasantly surprised at how well her extended hand, and the tilt of the reindeer head matchup. She comes packaged with a nice looking Santa Clause figure, and is listed in their Copplestone Collection section. Thank you! The fur was mainly done with dry brushing. Thank you!
  12. I got the Reindeer during last year's 12 Days of Reaper and I looked in the Special Edition figure listing and couldn't find it listed, so don't have a stock number. I recently finished it after several months of sitting on my painting table, half finished. I also painted up the Copplestone Lovely Assistant figure this past week, as I've started queuing up some of my Christmas themed figures for some seasonal painting projects the next couple months.
  13. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    That's what I did with mine. It made the character more interesting. His main power turned out to be Daze. So apparently he does this awesome Kung-Fu acrobatic sword display as his enemies approach, and they're left kind of just standing there, mouths agape, thinking, "Awwww.....crap."
  14. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    One of the the reasons I enjoy the rules so much! It’s great being able to find direct uses for so many of my Bones figures.