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  1. Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Thank you, Dilvish! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the fewer LOS blocking Spells is really a factor now. I got out of the habit to worry about checking things like that, knowing I always had Fog at my disposal. I was the only one to take the harsh missile casualties. It was a bit of both bad luck and the changed LOS dynamic. All three were one shot kills, which is unusual and pure bad luck. And this prevented me from getting any of the targets out of harms way once they’d been shot at. Plus, Herndon has a missile-heavy force; and I worried him by half joking that I was going to run down the river, and steal the Central Treasure in his zone since he was relatively unopposed. Gregorius took casualties as well, but most of those were from hand to hand. Down the far end, I think Skorri Drakenberg (aka Knabe) took hardly any casualties (I’m sure his report will be along soon); and Robin Duck took 3 or 4 , but his were mainly from really bad luck with Random Encounters entering in his area. A real life-saver halfway through the game was the Cloud Cover spell, which really cut down on the missile fire. All in all it is a much deadlier game. But I think that is one of the good things that makes it different form Frostgrave.
  2. We kicked off this year's campaign season, with our first Ghost Archipelago game this past Saturday. Since it was the first game, and the first time with the rules for a couple of the guys, we played just a simple battle and not one of the scenarios. My Heritor's report can be found here: First Foray onto Fantastic Shores "...As the Elf leaned over to reach into the pedestal, he caught sight of the Heritor Gregorius for the first time, emerging from a patch of jungle on his left. The other Heritor clutched a grime-covered urn to his chest, and as he turned he likewise caught sight of Lord Fortrywn. Gregorius' eyes narrowed as he quickly apprised what Lord Fortrywn was doing. The old Elf could see the turmoil in his opponent's eyes as greed flashed across them. The human Heritor looked at his urn then back at the newly smashed hole in the idol's pedestal, his mind calculating..."
  3. Release of Kickstarter 3 Fire Giants?

    GIven that the release schedule is a few months behind, it looks like the Spring or early Summer is when you’ll see them...
  4. Ah, I’m sorry, I misunderstood. I thought your complaint with the necklace chain was it was to small and fragile looking... the clock chain is much larger and more substantial. But, you’re right, posing would be an issue...
  5. Search Goggle, eBay, and/or Amazon for someone that sells Cookoo Clock chains.
  6. Reapercon BoGW?

    So, is the box making it's way across the Atlantic yet????
  7. Furry Russian Hat

    Look at Copplestone Castings “Bolshevik Heroines” as a possibility... Pulp Figures also has a woman in a furry hat in their Count Casamiers set And Artizan Designs’ ”Katya”
  8. Learn to Paint

    Wow, you both did great for it being your first times! And welcome to the forum!
  9. My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    Finally finished the last missing crewman today! So, here are the four Standard Crewmen that are part of my crew: Arbyn, Vilkse, Lurlin, and Bry. And here's the whole crew together. Ready to set sail aboard The Silver Sword to high adventure on Saturday!
  10. Coco, 1998 - 2018

    So sorry for your loss. 20 was a nice long life for a cat. I fear the day our two fur babies get so feeble that decisions must be made...
  11. My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    Thanks! I have to say this figure is one of my favorites too. You're comment is a revelation to me, as I didn't realize there was pinkish hue to the hair! I painted it a s blond, but there definitely is a slight reddish tinge from the brown wash, and sure enough it left a pink tone to it that I hadn't even noticed. I like it!
  12. So, with the first game of our Ghost Archipelago campaign this Saturday, I've been busy making some Brambles spell effects for my Vine Warden. I bought some 6" luffas off of eBay, and sliced them up to use the ribs as rows of bramble bushess. A quick painting, and a smattering of flock, produced some pretty nifty bramble obstacles. For the full build article, please see my blog: http://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2018/01/quick-and-easy-vine-warden-bramble.html
  13. John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying Game

    Looks like some neat character sculpts there! However, if you're in the market for some Barsoom critters, and don't want to wait, chck out Bronze Age Miniatures' Sci-Fi range...