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  1. As promised, I've now posted my Sigilist's report, and some photos of the game to my blog:
  2. Happy to announce that after several weeks, we finally played our 6th game of the Campaign this past Saturday. We reprised the Library scenario from the Core Rulebook, that we had originally done last December. It was an exciting close-quarters fight; and while I managed to collect 5 treasures, I only succeeded at 7 spells in all 8 turns and pregame. Quail's report and photos: Game 6: The Library "...The rock flew with magical precision down the hall, through a hole in the half collapsed door, and struck with a sharp report against the wall by Bailey's head. The young woman cried out in pain and surprise as there was a blinding flash and loud concussive explosion. Shattered stone splinters cut deep gashes in her face, and the force of the blast made her stagger backwards. (Bailey's HP reduced to 1) Almost falling, Quail's Apprentice fought to stay conscious and standing. Her insides felt like she had been kicked all over her body by a hundred angry mules. Bailey's nose bled and her ears rang, as she stumbled back to the shelter of the nearby bookcase. She went down hard on her knees, and slumping up against the nearby wall tried to think clearly and recall the simple words of a Heal spell. Blood was running down her face from the several deep cuts, and dripped from her nose and chin on to the fresh white snow on the floor around her. As the young woman tried to form the words of the spell carefully one by one, a quiet alarm went off in her head..."
  3. I still have bad dreams of having faced four of your archers on the frozen river...
  4. Glad to hear he was treated well. I figured one of you would probably be willing to store the stuff for him closer to where he actually games, now that he has hooked up with another group. He (or one of you) just needs to arrange to get down to Maryland to come get it.
  5. It was just a Frostgrave weekend all over! :) Glad to hear David has already found a new frozen home! I'll be looking forward to see what kind of wizard he chose this time. We trained him well with note taking! ;-). Looking forward to reading all the reports! That was a good idea to cut ranges. You might consider cutting further as I can see the table is still really sparse. You all should consider a terrain making day. We did one at the start of our original campaign and it was a lot of fun. That being said, David, if you're ever down this way, I'll be happy to hand over your tub of terrain for you guys to use in your games. (Even though we've been enjoying making use of it for our tables. :) )
  6. So, just to clarify. By scenario definition, the library is underground and all rooms and corridors are considered roofed and self contained. So technically even though the scroll rack is taller and than the walls around it, and it looks like the rogue is a big target up there, he actually is hidden from surrounding enemy eyes.
  7. Yesterday we played the 6th game of our Frostgrave Campaign. We did the Library scenario from the core rulebook. Twelve feet of Dwarven Forge laid out is always a beautiful sight to behold, and all the narrow passages and small rooms made for some tense close quarters fighting. My Sigilist's full reports will be posted over on the Campaign thread in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's a couple photos from the game.
  8. If you truly want it to be a foot tall in relation to other standard 28mm figures, then Doug's suggestion of a 6mm figure is probably your best option scale wise. And since 6mm and 15mm have already been mentioned, I'll go ahead and round things out by suggesting you look at 10mm humanoid figures. (As lowlylowlycook mentions, Pendraken is a great source of 10mm fantasy figures, though I think their ents would be too large).
  9. Just saw that the author of Frostgrave now plans to publish a periodic Frostgrave magazine in PDF form, and thought some of you might be interested. The Spellcaster I'm interested to see the new horse rules...
  10. Doug and Inarah- Thanks for answers! It seems then that it is just fantasy shorthand to distinguish a plain old knight from a paladin. I wondered about the historicalness of it becuase it seems like, other than ceremonial dress, it would be a real hindrance in hand to hand combat. So I will take my painting cue from the actual historical clerical ones.
  11. Just a quick question; what is the correct name for the ribbon like hanging that loops through the ring on this Bones 3 figure's back and then forward through the rings on each shoulder? Are they based on an historical equivalent or are they just fantasy adornments?
  12. Rob- Yes, 5x12. Are you going to be at the Frostgrave game tomorrow? We can discuss specifics then. Maybe you could come over some Friday night to set up, then we could have a game on Saturday.
  13. Enjoyed the write-up and photos, Rob! You need to schedule a NQSYW game for a club night. I would love to have a chance to deploy my North Polenburg forces again.
  14. Make one? A plank table is pretty easy to put together in miniature using balsa strips.