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  1. Chris Palmer

    Happy Birthday Pochi

    happy birthday!
  2. Chris Palmer

    I Created Art in January!

    Comgrats on all the art! Everything looks great. Having painted a couple set sounds of the Tablescapes Dungeon Mines as well, I can testify to how it loves drybrushing, and the feeling of satisfaction when your done! :)
  3. Chris Palmer

    My First Minis

    Great job! And welcome to the forums! No shame in using the Liquitex stuff. There are a number of mini painters who like to use that. Use what works for you, not what you (or others) think is supposed to be "right". Personally, I like using mostly the Craft Store "cheap" acrylics for my mini painting. It's what I started with decades ago, and it's what I've grown used to and developed my style around. That all being said, I encourage you to try several different kinds of paints to find what works best for you as an artist.
  4. Chris Palmer

    Terrain items

    Another place to look in addition to the aquarium plants is the artificial flower and greenery aisles in your local craft store. The stuff seen here is mainly a mix of aquarium plants, artificial greens from the craft store, and model railroad palm trees.
  5. Sounds like a ton of fun, and great looking table! Nothing in the rules demands snow, so temperate table looks just fine.
  6. Another vote for after Bones 4.
  7. Welcome to the madhouse, Corsair! In other news, as promised, the report from my Halfling Heritor and our first game of our 2019 Ghost Archipelago campaign has been posted to my blog: An Unexpected Excursion "...Barley [the Heritor] now paused, and turning back, called to the Crossbow-woman behind her, "Lily! I'm sorry; but I need you to hold here, and buy me some more time!" The heavy-set Crossbow-woman came to a stop, and hearing the order, signed resignedly, and bravely turned to face the jungle she had just left. The Halfling Heritor turned away, and continued on with her awkward load. No sooner had Lily turned back to the jungle, then the bushes at the edge split with a shower of leaves, and a pursuing Gnome Crewman burst forth. Heaving her weapon to her shoulder, the Crossbow-woman fired, but her aim was off. So, she shouldered her weapon, and drawing her dagger, charged at her pursuer..."
  8. No, bushes are only considered "intervening terrain", as are many of the jungle patches. The only things that directly block line of sight, are hard objects (buildings, hills, outcroppings) that are tall enough to fully mask the shooter or target figure, and (by house rule) any jungle section that has a palm tree in it. Thanks, it is a group effort with a couple of the players providing the various elements. And here are a couple more photos of the game. A full report from my Halfling Heritor to be posted later the week.
  9. Chris Palmer

    Help with Pooh based ”Crooh” for Ghost Archipelago

    Thanks for all the help everybody! The idea of converting a rabbit to a kangaroo certainly seems like the best possibility.
  10. Seeing this map of the 100 Acre Wood on my Facebook feed made me think what a neat scenario map it would make. This got me thinking how cool a Pooh based Crew would be for Ghost Archipelago. I immediately thought of Reaper’s Werebear, and Wereboar for Pooh and Piglet as the Heritor and the Warden. And coming up with an anthropomorphic Tiger, Owl (Bones Black Owlbear?), and Rabbit shouldn’t be hard. For Eeyore I thought I could convert a Minotaur. Anyone actually make a Weredonkey or Werehorse? My real sticking point is Kanga and Roo. Does anyone make an anthropomorphic kangaroo?
  11. For the already paintrd dragon, how hard would it be for you to detach your standing stone from the base, move it to a position where one of the dragpn’s arms could rest on it, and then patch the base terrain? it just seems to me relocating the stone, and repairing the terrain on the base would be easier than repairing a pinning mistake on an already painted dragon...
  12. Yes, as Rob says, my blogging has really kept me on task painting Bones. I started the Blog by challenging myself to paint every figure I received in the Bones 1 Kickstarter; and though it was quite a hurdle, I'm so glad I did it as it forced me to paint a lot of figures that I wouldn't have necessarily chosen on my own. It also gave me the opportunity to try out a bunch of different techniques and skills; and I think it's fair to say I'm a better painter for it. Given all that, my number one motivator is gaming. Nothing promotes finishing a figure like wanting (or needing) to use it in a game. It really boosts my excitement for painting when I'm planning a new character/unit/warband.
  13. Chris Palmer

    Brush licking has been around a long time

    Medieval woman found with Lapis Lazlui pigment particles fossilized in her dental plaque. A cautionary tale, about 1000 years old, of why not to lick your brushes... https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46783610
  14. Chris Palmer

    Damsels, Dice, & Everything Nice-

    Youre welcome! No, I don’t think so. I suspect they’re covering themselves with it as a parody. Enjoy it while you can, it may not last...
  15. Chris Palmer

    Damsels, Dice, & Everything Nice-

    <<<MOD>>> This video is actually part of a crowdfunding project. Link below: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/damsels-dice-and-everything-nice-episode-2#/ <<<>>> Fun new webseries featuring Disney Princesses playing D&D. Bonus points for including some of the more obscure princesses from over the years... https://youtu.be/v5Ft_K492VI