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  1. Bug guy is: 77608 Bonesylvanians - Jaques
  2. Post a quick photo of them here, and the group will have them ID'd in minutes.
  3. Chris Palmer

    Froghemoth gone from reaper lineup?

    It hasn't been released yet. But will be soon. And it underwent a name change. It's now "Mudgullet" https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/77581
  4. At last, the first trailer for the conclusion of Infinity War has been released; https://youtu.be/hA6hldpSTF8 They're certainly not giving a lot away...
  5. Chris Palmer

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Great update! Love the barge and the color choice for the passengers, etc. Is that a barrel strapped to the side, or is it supposed to be a mooring post? And all those post toppers have so many uses outside their intended one! Looking forward to playing with those.
  6. Chris Palmer

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    Thats a neat idea! It would also work as some sort of “Fairy Snare” with its scent or berries attracting Fairies who are subsequently caught on its sticky leaves. The sticky leaf coating poisons them, and they subsequently drop dead/or paralyzed to the ground where the roots consume them. Great objective for Our Heroes to free for important rewards.
  7. Chris Palmer

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    09723: Rosy Skintones $10.99 x1 77537: Grave Minions (3) $6.99 x1 02870: Familiar Pack VI $8.99 x1 02887: Evil Toys $8.99 x1 29847: HD Rich Indigo $0.99 x1 29849: HD Umber Brown $0.99 x1 29829: HD Golden Brown $0.99 x1 29804: HD Rusty Red $0.99 x1 91006: Prarie Tick Queen $2.99 x1 A real assortment of stuff... Every Christmas I pick up another skin triad. Also, was happy to still be able to get some of the HD paints for a buck...
  8. Yes, but consider the hours of joy your grandkids will have pouring over them!
  9. Chris Palmer


    Thanks, Cyradis!
  10. Chris Palmer


    Thanks again for the help everyone. Here is the result. It’s not perfect, but for a first attempt, and because it’s just a gaming figure, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. http://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/2018/12/pulp-era-professor-bones-3-figure.html?m=0
  11. Chris Palmer

    Help Finding Weapon Bits: Hand Scythe/Sickle

    Thanks for the continued ideas! Zink- Though close, those aren't exactly right. I appreciate the offer, but don't think you need to go digging. WhiteWulfe- I'll check out those sources. A futuristic handle isn't necessary a deal breaker, as the handle will be hidden by the hand. :)
  12. Chris Palmer

    Help Finding Weapon Bits: Hand Scythe/Sickle

    Thanks for the great ideas so far, everybody! Those are some good leads for me to pursue.
  13. Chris Palmer

    The Struggle is Real

    Love it!
  14. I'm going to be building a bunch of cavalry to use as Dothraki from Game of Thones, and I was wondering if anyone knew a source for their customary hand scythe/sickle weapon? Rather than bend a bunch of straight words into curves, it would be a lot better if i could just find them sold as bits. Did any plastic Warhammer figures ever come armed with such a weapon?
  15. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    I did up a sample Tarly soldier today using an Oathmark Human and the shield from an old box of Warhammer High Elves. (Note, the above image has been flipped; that’s why the spear and shield are in the wrong hands.)