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  1. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Wow! From the original drawing, I didn’t realize it had a saddle as well as the baggage. I’m thinking these would make a really cool novelty Heavy Cavalry unit for some fantasy army....maybe my frogs need heavy cavalry mounts.... I wish they were offered separately...now I have to wait a couple years...
  2. What everyone else said! But most of all: Welcome to the forum! Make yourself to home, we're a friendly bunch.
  3. Thanks, Glitterwolf! I always enjoy your little dialogue vignettes! I whipped this up today; the next in my special Christmas Story Frostgrave treasure tokens. First, I searched online for a picture of a Red Ryder BB gun box, and shrunk it down and printed a couple copies of it. I then glued the little printed versions on to a small strip of balsa wood, leaving a little extended over one end, to make it look like the box was open. I then grabbed a plastic rifle from the bits box, and cut it down and glued it into the open end of the box. Next I'm going to make a simple base for it, and paint the gun. Don't shoot your little 28mm eye out!
  4. Thanks for the comments, malefactus and Glitterwolf! I always appreciate feedback from you guys. Today, I finished up the other dog from the Dollar Tree Zombie set. I painted his one just as some sort of old statue to use as a piece of scatter terrain. Of course, maybe it's not a statue at all.... Also, I worked a bit more on stuff for our upcoming Christmas-themed Frostgrave game. This is a treasure token. I decided I'm going to make three special treasure tokens for the game, all with a Christmas Story twist. This is the Leg Lamp, another will be a Red Ryder BB-gun, and not sure if the third will just be a "Fra-giel- lay" crate, or maybe a roast turkey... To make this I used a little wood disc-shaped bead for the base, a leg from an old Wargames Factory Female Zombie, and a wooden plug for the lampshade.
  5. My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    I just finished the next figure this morning! This is my Pearl Diver. It is an old Foundry Elf that I got in the BOGW earlier this year; and when I saw him without a shirt, I knew I'd be able to fit him into a tropical adventure somehow. . He actually came empty handed, so I added a GW Wood Elf sword. Pearl Diver: Salin- Elf. From the Southern Island Kingdoms. Found by Lord Fortrywn’s ship on their voyage south; half dead after he spent weeks adrift at sea, alone in a small wooden canoe. Apparently, the simple pearl hunter was the only survivor of a small island village wiped out in a raid. His wife and children presumed dead or taken, he vows vengance. The Southern Elf agrees to sign on for the journey as payment for saving his life, and with the understanding that he will receive expert training in combat. Lord Fortrywn can see no weakling could survive the harsh seas here alone for weeks without some skill in the water and an extreme will to live. And someone with swimming skills, who won’t give up easily, might be useful to the Lord’s purpose in the Archipelago.
  6. Reapercon BoGW?

    No apologies necessary! With a work schedule like yours, you don’t need any other pressure on you; so don’t worry about it. I was just wondering. Now that we know the situation I think no one minds waiting a bit longer.
  7. Free Fantasy City Map Generator

    I saw this posted on another forum and thought folks here might find this useful. This free generator creates a simple map of a city, in either small, medium, or large size. It also labels each sector as to what type of buildings are there (when you scroll your mouse over each sector) While it doesn't have options to customize, it would be great for folks just needing a quick city design to work with. https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator
  8. Reapercon BoGW?

    So has the box launched yet?
  9. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    Great list, Dilvish! That will be a good list to refer to as I build my bestiary. For the Giant Wasps, I used Reaper's Fly Demon figure painted like a bee. So in our campaign we'll be running across Giant Bees instead. :)
  10. Martian Terrain for Imperial Skies.

    Yeah, the movie was okay but the book is much better in my opinion. If you get a chance, you can't go wrong reading "A Princess of Mars" (which is the basis of the movie) by Edgar Rice Burroughs; it is a great action-packed pulp tale and will give you a neat view of life on Mars. Space 1889 merely throws in European colonial colonization after space flight is developed in the 1800s (think Verne's "From the Earth to the Moon" ). It also introduces the idea of liftwood which enables the airships to fly. Oh, great thought about the flat roofs! Using terrain and maneuvering the ships around it is always a problem.
  11. Martian Terrain for Imperial Skies.

    Glad to have been an inspiration! I like the idea of the greenhouse farms. And Goremaw would be insane at that scale! Those covers look like they have potential; especially with the geodesic frame painted in. Not being sure of what background on the subject you're coming from, I thought I'd mention the main inspirations for my Mars games are a hybrid mix of ideas from Space 1889 and the world of Barsoom from the novel a Princess of Mars and the other John Carter novels.
  12. Thanks for the comments, malefactus! Back on August 29th I posted some pictures of some goodies I got at my local Dollar Tree, one of which was a pack of plastic zombie figures: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65327-chriss-frostgrave-ghost-archipelago-terrain-efforts/&do=findComment&comment=1606432 Well, I finally got a round to painting a couple of the figures and I thought I'd show the results. The first is one of the zombies itself. Before I painted him, I glued a weapon into his hand (an old GW Ogre club I believe). I had trouble with the primer I used on him drying tacky, but painting over the tacky primer seems to have sealed in the problem. This was one of the few figures that didn't look distinctly modern. The other figure was one of the dogs that came in the package. This I painted to use as an Island Shade beast (looking something like a Patronus from Harry Potter, I think) for Ghost Archipelago. This one I think I must have started painting before the primer was dry or something, because it got a crackling effect on it. It doesn't bother me on the figure though, as an undead spirit animal may just have crackling on it. Who knows?
  13. Frostgrave Campaign 2017

    Thanks, Pippin! I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed my reports on my spellcasters’ expeditions It’s been fun writing them. Yes, they will return and will be making their last outing into the frozen city next month before heading back, along with Sir Cardidil, to the mundane life of the University. December’s game is going to be a double header though, and after we finish the Frostgrave game we are resetting the table and going to have our trial game of Ghost Archipelago. Glad also to hear you’re looking forward to the next Campaign! I am too.
  14. My Ghost Archipelago Crew

    Thanks, Pippin! I’m glad to finally have a chance to use her, and I’m always happy to share ideas. I’m about halfway through painting my second specialist, so should be able to post a photo sometime later this week.
  15. I saw these clear plastic Animals at Target today, and I thought I’d pass along the find thinking somebody might be able to use them for some kind of spell effect or magic animal. There were two sets at my store: a dinosaur and a safari. They were $3 each, and located in the under $5 area at the front of the store. The scale varied widely from animal to animal. Some appeared to fit with 28mm figures.