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  1. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family in this difficult time. Draw on your happy memories to find strength.
  2. Not going either, but if I qualify as a recipient, I'd be happy to throw in some cash towards the shipping.
  3. As someone who can't go, I wholeheartedly support is idea! If there was some sort of way we could pay it back to everyone who donates that would be even better! You could treat it as a standard Box of Goodwill as soon as it leaves Reapercon with anyone donating given the chance to sign up to be on the end of the circuit, with the idea that they could then take out stuff without the requirement that they put in since they already payed it forward at the start.
  4. Funded

    Yep, thought it might mean something.... Thanks for checking and reporting your findings, so others of us don't have to!
  5. Funded

    Oops, sorry! While I knew that, I should have made it clearer in my statements. And I can only image Thanksgiving being a nightmare, since inevitably the turkey is always burnt to a crisp; as there's no temperature gauge on Hell's ovens...
  6. Funded

    Ok, this was the first reference I could locate from Bones 3 confirming that the figure from that Kickstarter was nicknamed Sophie's Mom, (I'm sure there's more references if you anyone dig's harder). From the Bones 3 Post Kickstarter thread:
  7. Funded

    Yep, that figure was christened "Sophie's Mom" in Bones 3. So this is either Sophie's Stepmom, her Aunt, or her Grandma!
  8. A few of us got together yesterday to playtest a couple of our games for the upcoming Fall-In convention in Lancaster PA. I ran a Doctor Who scenario called "Doctor Who and the Pirates of the Cyberiad Main". The set up was that the Doctor was enjoying a trip to a quiet 18th century Caribbean island when it was unexpectedly invaded by pirates who had rescued some Cybermen from their spaceship which had crashed somewhere in the ocean. The Cybermen had made a deal with the pirates, and the prates had agreed to secure victims captives for the Cyberman. So the goal of the Cybermen/Pirate players was to capture 6 Townsfolk and/or Garrison troops, and carry them back to their landing boats. Meanwhile the Doctor had to travel to three different buildings in the village to collect the equipment he would need to make special ammunition that would penetrate the Cybermen's armor (otherwise they were very hard to disable.) It was a fun and exciting game that went right down to the wire, with the Cyberman/Pirate alliance coming out on top with 6 captives in the end. The most exciting part of the game was when the Doctor and his companions (Amy, the Governor of the island, and the Governor's Daughter) attempted to get the last item the Doctor needed. It was in a warehouse that was overrun with pirates, so the only way the Doctor could get in safely was by an upper story window. So, they ended up hovering in the TARDIS outside the window as the Doctor leapt trough the window into a room full of Pirates. Amy tried to follow, but fell and was knocked unconscious when she hit the ground. After the Doctor fought the pirates ineffectually for a couple turns, the Governor decided to jump across too, and a fun multi-turn swashbuckling duel occurred. Eventually they cleared the upper floor, and the Doctor was able to secure the last item he needed, but it was a little late in the game, and the Cybermen/Pirate team were already near their victory goal. I'm really looking forward to running this again at the convention! A view of the table. A wild melee outside the warehouse with townsfolk, pirates and Cybermen The garrison also had a big fight with pirates and Cybermen. In the upper right of the photo and unfortunate trooper is being dragged away by a Cyberman.
  9. Thank you, malefactus! I'm glad you liked my creations. I never got a chance to play Mordheim, but from what I hear, Frostgrave is very close to it in some ways.
  10. Thanks,Chaoswolf! I try to stay busy so I don't get in any trouble!
  11. If I'm not mistaken, your giant chicken monster is the Jungle Titan from the Bones 3 Stoneskull expansion.
  12. Thanks, Pippin! It was a really fun game even with it just being 4.5 turns long. I'm glad you've been enjoying Quail and Bailey's adventures! There aren't many left, just three more sessions before they head back to the University. Next year we will be taking a break from Frostgrave as some of us, after two years of campaigning (and a side campaign at the FLGS), want to take a break from it. While we've enjoyed that every scenario offers new challenges the games overall do have a sameness to them. So in 2018 we will be heading to the mysterious Ghost Archipelago. We hope those rules offers enough new twists to differentiate it from Frostgrave for us. I've already started tossing some ideas around in my head for my new Heritor and his or her Warden...
  13. Ok, just came across this bizarre trailer on Youtube of Russian Fantasy Movie produced by Disney. I think it's a real thing, at least according to this Hollywood reporter article: Anyway if you want to see Baba Yaga in her flying mortar, plus a great shot of her hut running, check it out...
  14. Funded

    What mini are you most excited to paint? The pack terrapin and handler Which mini do you think will be the hardest/take you the longest to paint? The Frost Giant Raiders (Look at all the little details on those ladies!) What mini are you buying the most of (now or planned at retail)? Now, the Snakemen Cultists, Giant Apes, and the Ghost Pirates; because I know I want units of those. Retail, probably the Fan Favorite Cavalry for the same reason. What do you hope to see most in Bones 5? Terrain, and more troop types presented in goups of 3, 4, or 5, for gamers using rules requiring unit sized forces.