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  1. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Just used my birthday money to add the Fan Favorites expansion! That completes the list of Expansions I wanted: Dreadmere, Darkreach, Lost Vally and Fan Favorites. I now just have a couple more of the Add-Ons to fund before the cut off date this summer.
  2. Bandit Bully: My first Mini

    He looks great! You don't need to worry about whether his arms are supposed to be sleeved or not, as there is no "official" way to paint a mini. It's art and open to interpretation. I painted a bunch of minis for the Frostgrave rules, which are set in a frozen city, so I did the same thing with some of the figures I painted; adding sleeves and leggings to arms and legs that were intended to be bare. I think the black and red looks really effective on him.
  3. Happy Birthday Chris Palmer !!!

    Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! I sure do appreciate them. I had a great day, and even got some Reaper minis and paint as presents!
  4. Happy Anniversary, PingosHusband

    Happy anniversary!
  5. Some advice please

    Yep, I’d cut the top part of the pole off that is above the hand, and the part remaining under the parasol. Then drill a hole in the top of the hand and another under the parasol and replace the missing section of pole with something of a suitable diameter to match the lower section of the pole. Either paperclip, sewing pin, or brass rod.
  6. Progressing as a painter

    Welcome to the forum! And congrats on your first post! I think you meant to say the one on the left is the first month... as you’ve got two “rights” now. :) It looks like you’ve made a lot of progress. My one tip to you is to increase your highlighting just a bit. For example, your skin looks good, but I think just a shade lighter highlighting would improve it.
  7. B for scale

    So went to check the preview gallery, and they have the triangles again.... Has the B and M been dropped, or are those just old photos?
  8. First Game of Ghost Archipelago

    Congrats on your first GA game! Yes, please remember pictures next time. :). You know a set of rules are good when you can get your butt kicked and still have a good time!
  9. Weekly Bones 3 road to improvment

    Welcome to the forum! And congrats on your first post! It looks like you’re off to a great start. I'm sure you will be getting a lot of good advice as folks see your thread here. The first thing that strikes me as I look at your figures is to increase your highlighting. You’ve got good colors and shadows, but you need to brighten your highlights. Not enough highlighting is a problem I’ve suffered from, and I continually battle. And good luck luck with your project! Painting your way though an entire Core Set is a great way to improve your skill. I did something similar with Bones 1 several years ago, and think it Improved my painting a lot. https://allbonesabout.blogspot.com/
  10. Bumping this back to page 1 with the report that Knarthex has shipped the box across the big blue sea...
  11. First mini that actually means something to me

    I couldnt agree more. At least 90% of the paint I use is craft-style paint. You can check out my blog, to see what results you can get with craft paint. https://allbonesabout.blogspot.com
  12. I'm looking forward to this as my wife is a big HP fan! But I haven't even finished adding all my wants to Bones IV, let alone budgeted for a new Kickstarter! Stretch you dollars! Stretch!
  13. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    The purple translucent Shadow figure (as recommended on Dilvish's list), painted up as a Souldweller...
  14. Solo Teaser/Trailer

    I like the retro paperback look of the new poster...