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  1. Have you thought of using actual egg shell? While the curve of regular chicken eggs might be too much, pieces of quail egg might work...or even wild bird eggs. Blown quail eggs are easily available on eBay, and wild bird egg shells can often be found just walking outside this time of year.
  2. Gosh I feel old now... I can't be the only one here old enough to have seen it in the theater the year it opened!
  3. Happy 40th birthday to Star Wars! Released this day, May 25th, in 1977. Wish I could say I stood in line the first day and then saw it 500 times, but that wasn't me. I can remember going to see it that summer with my big sister at the local mall's movie theater. We later took my mom & dad; and my mom, not a sci-fi-fi fan, became infamous in our family for dozing off during the big battle at the end.
  4. Thank you for the kind remarks, Lord_Byron! I'm glad to hear you found it all inspirational. It's been a while since I worked on any terrain...I guess I should get back to it.
  5. Thanks, Tjrez! The figure is 7 inches long. I guess in retrospect I should have included anther figure for scale in one of the shots. :) Thanks, Guindyloo! I actually googled "octopus eyes" to try and get the look correct. Thanks, InvisibleThumb! I never read that book. Though I think this sharktopus would only look cooler with a Cowboy Atlantean figure mounted right behind the head! Thanks, Glamberry! What I was trying to say is that it was all done for the most part with quick and simple washes and drybrushing, and minimal labor intensive blending, shading, and highlighting.
  6. This past week I painted up the Goroloth (or "Sharktopus", as I like to call it. ) from the Bones 2, Expansion Set #1. I didn't do anything fancy, just painted it to a tabletop quality.
  7. Beautiful work! Welcome to the forums! I'm mainly a solitary painter, and really like the quiet alone time to distress. That being said, I've had a great time doing group painting session, I just don't get many opportunities. Be sure to check out the Google Hangout threads In the "Of Topic Rampancy" Forum. A lot of folks here get together via Hnagouts and paint together that way.
  8. Mostly magnetic sheet lined flat cardboard boxes. All my figures are then mounted on metal fender washers or steel bases. The boxes are a mix of purchased and repurposed.
  9. So a researcher let an AI pick paint colors and names, and some of the results are quite funny. I now want to paint all my minis with Catbabel!
  10. Great report and photo coverage of the battle in your neck of the woods, Knabe! Glad to see Quail's Treasure Hunter and Warhound make a special appearance. They almost succeeded! And nice name-dropping of you old namesake wizard. Now Quail's going to have to find some "Kodak Was Were" graffiti in the library.
  11. You can easily find what the current market value of a Vampire pledge is by searching the completed sales for them on eBay. Edit: Just looked. It seems ones have sold in the past few months for between $130 and $260.
  12. I don't know why, but I really like that! I need to work that into a write-up. You're right about Elemental Bolt, and in reality I don't see Quail adopting that anytime soon. My main concern with the Explosive Cocktail is the same issue Quail had this game with the Explosive Ball scroll; It's an indiscriminate area weapon. I'm intrigued by the Bow idea... I may try that with Bailey. Unfortunately, a lot of the scenarios in Lich Lord suffer from limited visibility rules, so missile troops aren't the most useful. It might be really cool to arm a wizard with a bow, and then jack up their Shoot to the max (+5) with leveling. As I read the rules, the wiz can have a hand weapon and a bow as the extra weapon. A crossbow might be even more sneaky. Currently I have both Quail & Bail armed with the hand weapon & dagger combo for the +1 Fight bonus.
  13. Those turned out great! I really like the monochromatic look on those.
  14. You have been doing it right. The Will roll is made vs. whatever the Wizard actually rolls; so if the wizard rolls an 18 to cast the spell, the target will need to try roll an 18 or better each time it activates (adding it's Will number to the roll.) You say he casts the spell a lot, but the Wizard (and Apprentice) can only have a single figure under mind control at one time. So at most there should ever only be 2 figures the pair can control. From looking at the report, it appears it was a problem with just the one game where you opponent had the fortune to roll high a lot. Has it been a problem with every game? Do they always roll high? Also, from the photos it does look like there is not enough cover, and what cover there is is lined up in neat rows creating very long line of sights. We try to never few clear lines of sight be longer than about 12 inches. And it should be rare to find places where you can draw a straight uninterrupted line from one side of the battlefield to the other. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX In other news, I forgot to follow up from my earlier post and let folks know my report from our Frostgrave Campaign Game 5 has been posted:
  15. I agree with what Dilvish has said. It sounds like there may be too many open lanes of vision. And are you remembering the Will roll every turn the soldier activates? It takes a long time for a soldier carrying treasure to get off the edge at half speed, so there should be plenty of time from them to break the spell with their Will. Kodak had Mind Control and I don't think there was more than handful of times it actually worked to get a treasure off the table. There are several ways to defeat this. I'd buy a grimoire of either Dispel or Draining Word. Also Fog and Wall should help blind him. Another tactic I'd try is to buy a warband of entirely crossbowmen. That would teach him quickly to keep his head behind cover. Blinding Light and Furious Quill will also help make his life harder. If you are allowing all troop types, a Bard will help keep your troops' Will high, and a Crow Master can help keep the wizard distracted with his annoying bird. Also, worse comes to worse, you are allowed to kill your own warband member who has been Mind Controlled. Edit: Also, a few well placed Bones Darts or Elemental Bolts should discourage the Soothsayer as well.