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  1. Chris Palmer

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Made a little more progress this morning. Hoping I can wrap it up tonight. And here is the rest of the Monopoly set for anyone interested.
  2. Well, sure, that’s what the players will think too at first!
  3. Chris Palmer

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Well, you should be able to find some easy enough. eBay would be your best bet. This is from the Disney Monopoly game, and there’s about a half dozen other characters too. And there’s a line of tiny plastic Disney minis called Disneykins you can search for.
  4. Yes! I agree and have been pondering the best way to do it. Part of me thinks I should assemble it on the base and paint it first then insert it up into the cage; the other part thinks I should kind of assemble it both out and inside the cage so I can have an arm or leg sticking out. Also considering whether I want it to be standing up, or mostly collapsed.
  5. As I tend to do, I veered off into something else today. A while back I saw online somewhere some neat pirate cages a guy had made out of hair curlers, so I thought I’d try and make some myself. I finally got all the pieces I needed today, so I began. Ingredients so so far are some Dollar Tree hair curlers and ornaments, and a couple washers.
  6. Chris Palmer

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Worked a little more this afternoon. Will continue again tomorrow.
  7. Chris Palmer

    A first post -

    Welcome! And, wow, you sure know how to make an entrance! That's beautiful work!
  8. Chris Palmer

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Congrats on getting yours Lidless Eye! Were they at Origins? That may be why they've been so quiet. Maybe Friday we'll hear something. Would love to know how things are going with shipping in general. I'm wasting valuable minutes everyday having to continually check the to see if there's a big box on the front stoop!
  9. Chris Palmer

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Starting painting her this morning.
  10. Chris Palmer

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Yep, you're fine. Still a lot of folks waiting here in the US, including many Wave 1 pledgers.
  11. Just going to set these here for the time being...
  12. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Six weeks later, and we finally got our June game played! We did the Blood Totems scenario from the core rulebook, and it went really well. Lord Fortrywn's report and a bunch of photos have been posted: The Blood Totems "...Marny was still in the other valley with Finil. She raised her hands to cast another Bramble spell, making sure the valley was well sealed off. As the Warden finished, there was a sharp pain above her hip that quickly turned into a hot searing fire radiating up her back and down her right leg. (-8 HP and Poisoned) She let out a cry as she stumbled forward and fell to the ground. Finil immediately saw the arrow sticking from her, and instinctively looked for the shooter. There behind them, coming up near where they had entered the valley, was another Tribal Hunter. Marny soon felt her stomach flipping over and a sourness rising in her throat. Finil helped her pull the arrow. "Some cover would be good now perhaps." he said through clenched teeth as he worked on her. From her position on the ground, she weakly raised an arm towards the Tribal, and began the chant for the Brambles spell; but halfway through the spell her stomach inverted itself, the ground beneath her heaved, and turning her head, she vomited violently onto the valley floor. "Stay here." Finil said, and rushed off to face the Tribal Hunter himself. Seeing the Elf charging him, the Hunter quickly fired another arrow, hitting Finil..."
  13. Chris Palmer

    Princess Snow, Captian of the Dwarf Miners

    Thanks! She'd make a good dent in a Wicked Witch or two as well! Exactly! I glued the figure to a washer first thing this morning, then got out to spray prime the figure about an hour ago. Now I have glued the sword in place, and put her on a painting stick. I may start applying paint this evening.
  14. As I posted over on the House Tabletop thread, last week I ran a fantasy skirmish game at the local club to playtest a game for Historicon. One of the units in the game was a group of 6 Dwarf Miners (old GW figures), and one of the players joked that there should be seven of them. To which another said, I needed to paint a figure like Snow With to be their leader. That triggered a memory that several years a go a friend had given me a baggie of Disney Monopoly pieces that they had found in a flea market. I wondered if there might actually a Snow White included. Sure enough, when I got home and checked there was a Snow White! As I studied the figure, I was immediately struck by how her hands were clutched together up by her left ear, in a classic singing pose. The realization hit me, that they were also in the perfect position to be wielding a two-handed sword. Now I just hoped the metal was soft enough to drill. Well, sure enough it was very soft metal, and my dremel cut right though it. I then grabbed a suitable Sword off one of the Bones 3 weapon sprues and gave it a test fit. Perfect! Next step, I need to prime the figure and then glue the sword into place.