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  1. I'm in total agreement! I have a few bits boxes of their stuff that I draw from regularly!
  2. Thanks, malefactus! I'll have to go check out some GW zombie arms now. :) lol...I love that innocent face!
  3. Yes, like DixonGrfx, I just toss mine in. I found the Bones are somewhat buoyant, and as long as you have a utensil (like Dilvish's tongs) to keep them moving, resting on the bottom or against the sides wasn't an issue.
  4. I've seen many different superglued recommended, so in the end it's what works best for you. The one Chaoswolf uses is perfectly good. And I am pleased with the results I get with Gorilla superglue gel. At times I've even used the superglue from the Dollar store with good results. Today I worked on completing the figures I needed for an all-Dwarf warband for Frostgrave; turning three of the Bones 3 Dwarves into a Thief, Crossbowman, and Thug. (Used the Gorilla superglue gel)
  5. Rodents of Unusual Size. It is a well know phrase from the movie The Princess Bride, (which you need to go find and watch right now).
  6. Besides some of the ones already mentioned, I really enjoy Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether. It's a steampunk setting that has a lot of interesting ideas in it. Unfortunately, it's been on hiatus for a while, but from what I understand from reading the comments, it is expected to start back up in a few months.
  7. If I was doing it, I'd get some stiff wire (straightened paperclips, or brass wire from the hobbyshop) to be the spines. I'd then drill some small holes along the backbone of the animal, in which I'd insert the stiff wire spines, cut in length to match the shilouette of the sail I was trying to make. I'd then sandwich the wire spines between two sheets of kitchen style tinfoil and glue the foil into place. When dry, I would carefully cut the sail shape I desired.

    All kidding aside how cool would something like this be as a terrain piece... it could be like a miniature city or realm that some wizard miniaturized... or just a cool statue in a town square.

    Now I want it so big, I can use its back as a display stand for all the rest of the minis that come with Bones 4! Surely packaging for a 36" inch turtle shell shouldn't be too hard?
  10. Just thinking I would love to see some non-human pirates in Bones, especially with the Ghost Archipelago rules coming out this Fall. Just like the Townsfolk set and Undying Lords in Bones 3, it would be great to have a nice Pirate Crew set made up of an Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Orc, Skeleton, etc. (Edit: And yes, I know there was one in Bones 1, but that one was predominantly Human.)
  11. I'll just add my agreement to what the others have said; I've done both. For my current warband, I've just promoted everyone and used the same figure, except for one who I chaned from a Thug to a Barbarian who uses a different weapon type. So I felt I should reflect the new twohanded weapon. I've also reused a figure for a warband that was killed, just bringing them back as their twin. I don't think there is any rule-based significance.
  12. New behind the scenes video showing lots of cool things...

    Yeah, I was trying to gauge size as well. Assuming the barrel underneath is a standard size barrel, then it's not that big. Probably about as big as the Reaper land-based Turtle Dragon. I still think it's beautiful model though...

    Yes, please!!!
  15. fulfilling

    You can just see him poking his head around Mr Bones on the Kickstarter page illustration: