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  1. No personal experience, but I know that there are video cameras that mount on the front of model trains to film them going around their layouts from POV level. I’d investigate what kind of cameras are available for model trains as a starter...
  2. Funded

    Or in my case, had absolutely EVERYTHING I didnt know I wanted!
  3. Ok, just came across this bizarre trailer on Youtube of Russian Fantasy Movie produced by Disney. I think it's a real thing, at least according to this Hollywood reporter article: Anyway if you want to see Baba Yaga in her flying mortar, plus a great shot of her hut running, check it out...
  4. Sadly, no. And no flames on the side either.
  5. Haven’t watched Discovery because I’m not going to pay for it, and I haven’t seen any particularly stellar reviews that would encourage me to. However, like Darsc Zacal, my wife and I are really starting to enjoy The Orville a lot. It started out rough, but it seems each episode is an improvement on the one before it. To me at least they are starting to find the right mix of humor and serious storyline. Sure there’s some bumps in the road still, but they seem to be on the right path.
  6. Just want to let folks know that we will be starting our next Frostgrave Campaign on January 14th. For those who would like to read about 2016's completed campaign, see the 2016 thread. We will use this new thread to post our After Action Reports and photos after each game of the upcoming campaign. Our plan is to start off doing the scenarios from the "Thaw of the Lich Lord" supplement book. In the meantime, I have posted on my blog a brief write-up introducing my new wizard and her apprentice: The Tale of the Wizard Quailelyn The main library of the Percensua University of Wizardly Studies, located in the capitol of Valindhoa, was an old and cavernous stone building near the center of the ancient school's campus. One of the first built on the land donated by the king some 800 years ago, it had developed it's share of drafts, groaning hinges, and uneven floors. The young students hated the place, calling it "The Tomb" for it's dark, damp and ancient nature. To Maga Librarian Quailelyn, it was home...
  7. VolksFest- Thanks for your comments! See my answers to your question below: 1) All of us are really in it for the fun of the game more than the competition/campaign aspect, so some disparity in the wizards levels doesn't both us that much. Folks that miss games simply fall a little behind. We have found that there is not a big difference in ability between wizards that are within 10 levels of each other. Each level only gives you a 1 modifier to one attribute or spell, or new spell learned. It takes a lot of those "1"s piling up before it really effects the balance. A level 1 Apprentice is perfectly capable of killing a level 20 Wizard, (We know because it's happened!), and a Thug has a good chance of killing a knight if the rolls are right. It's one of the great things we like about this game system! Last year towards the end of the campaign, we assigned starting spots on the table based on wizard level, with lowest on one end of the table, working up to highest at the other end. This year we didn't even bother doing that. 2) We never really counted! :) Our recommendations for the best game when folks ask, are to make the table as crowded as possible. There should be few areas where you can trace a direct line of site greater than 24". The 7-8 recommendation really depends on the terrain pieces: 7-8 statues aren't going to do it; 7-8 buildings, perhaps. Look at the photos of our tables to get an idea of the density we like. 3) Yes and no. There are some spells that are weak and some are strong, yes; but in general I think the game is balanced. We were a lot better at picking our spells this year than we were last year. :) So much depends on your game play style and what you like. It also depends on what your opponent has. I think it has more to do with experienced players having an advantage over novices, since the experienced players know the best combination of spells to select. I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask further questions if you have them. Edit: Doug's reply appeared while I was in the middle of writing mine, so I only just got to read it. I just wanted to say that I agree completely with the points he made as well. Thanks InvisibleThumb! You won't have to wait long, as our next game is this coming Saturday!
  8. Glad to see the report at last, Knabe! I didn't know if you'd manage it before next Saturday's game. We probably should have played out a few more turns just between you and me to finalize things, but that probably would have meant I ended up with 4 treasures, and you only 3, so you probably wouldn't have gone for it.
  9. Wow, you must be living right! Congrats on the haul!
  10. A Tamiya Mud Stick might help you get the clumps your looking for. It's used to gunk up model tank treads, etc. It's got the consistency of a soft putty, and doesn't shrink at all when dry.
  11. Happy birthday!
  12. Just search the word “translucent” on the Reaper online store, and you’ll find all of them. And welcome to the forum!
  13. Just released: It's going to be one heck of a year for movies!
  14. My PMs indicate I was receiving and mailing a box in January of this year, and then there was this round I received and mailed in August. There was also a UK/US box that passed my way in April it looks like. I think the January one was actually part of a round that started the prior year?
  15. They’re everywhere! The A-Porg-alypse has begun!
  16. Just praying they don’t talk like Jar-Jar, or go Nub-Nub all the time like an Ewok. If they do, I’m beaming the whole lot over to Smoke’s flagship!
  17. LOL! Oh my gosh, they're multiplying!
  18. Theyre called Porgs, and they inhabit the island where Luke trains Rey. Supposedly they are intended to be this franchises’ Ewoks. Search “Porg” on the internet and you will find more about them than you probably want to know as they’ve already become meme worthy... Edit: Speaking of...this is my favorite Porg meme I’ve seen so far...
  19. I don't know...I watched it and am just as confused as before... but that might just be me. It does give the sense that it's going to be dark, but that is par for the course with a second movie in a trilogy; everything has to go wrong, so "Our Heroes" can clean up the mess in the third installment.
  20. The new trailer went up last night. Not sure what to's looking a lot like Empire, but I also think they've put in a lot of edits to misdirect us, so who knows...
  21. I was just telling some younger gamers this past weekend that when I was a teen in the 70's and early 80's, whenever I went on a trip with my family the first thing I would do when we got to the hotel was to get the phone book and look up any hobby stores (there really weren't any "game" stores exactly back then), that were in the area and have my parents take me to them. Like jsalyers says, it really was treasure hunting back then...some hobby shops had no figures or rules, some had a lot, and some had one or two odd dusty blisters..
  22. Funded

    Shes obviously going to a Clue LARP, where she’ll be portraying Mrs Peacock.
  23. Tacky glue isn't anything like filler; it shrinks when it dries just like Elmer's does. It's just a really thick white glue, like Elmer's but thicker and tackier. It's kind of like wood glue, but still thicker. I like it because it generally stays in place where I put it, and I don't have to hold parts together for as long for them to set. Most craft stores usually sell little sample bottles for a buck or two if you want to try it out before investing in a big bottle of it.
  24. Sounds good! I certainly have been there with the use what’s at hand method! :) Since you haven’t purchased anything yet, I would suggest Aleene’s Tacky glue. It’s like Elmer’s but has a much thicker stickier consistency. It also dries with some flexibility, so is less brittle than Elmer’s when it dries.
  25. Looking great so far! Just a few thoughts I share... I like to use the black primer on the cork, and then dry brush with grey. It gives a more dimensional look like real stone in my opinion. Also, is there a reason you're using superglue on wood/cork/cardboard based materials, and not a white glue? I always thought superglue wasn't good on porous surfaces. Looking forward to seeing the progress!