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  1. Live

    Howdy! Welcome to the thread, and the crazy fun world of Reaper Kickstarters! I have to say my my favorites so far are the Dire Crab, and the Land Terrapin and his Handler.
  2. Live

    And we have Hut!
  3. Live

    Less than $500 to The Hut unlock! Ok, sorry. Statistics aren't my thing.
  4. Live

    Like this? (not mine. It was posted on Facebook)
  5. Live

    Less than $1000 to the next stretch goal: The Hut!
  6. Congrats, Rob! Those turned out great! May the best Dean win!
  7. Live

    Less than $5000 now to next goal!
  8. Live

    And I'm hoping that as more people have time to find and watch the recording of the live stream, there will be a higher than average steady growth over the rest of the weekend.
  9. Live

    I hope so! And just wanted to let folks know we are now less than $10,000 to the next goal. So should ding this evening? (TX time)
  10. Live

    So so if we get a Roc*, it needs to have its claws sculpted so that they fit around the Dreadmere Gulper... *Legel requirements dictate that I must state that no Roc figure has been promised by Reaper, and I am merely discussing a Roc as part of the forum group's hopeful wish for one.
  11. Live

    Oh, ok; thanks! Don't they usually send out an update right after the goal is hit? I figured since there wasn't an update announcing the unlock, it hadn't been hit.
  12. Live

    Anybody been counting the hashtagged photos for the Lysette unlock?
  13. I actually took the other half of the half-a-hairnet... :) On the bag the hairnets are in (there's about a half dozen of them on the box) it says "Good for spiderwebs" so I thought that would be an interesting experiment to play with!
  14. Live

    This is just a wild theory... but it seems as if Reaper is actually trying to provoke us into giving them as much of our money as is possible! Inconceivable!
  15. Live

    Wow, we've already bumped up $5000. Folks must be liking what they're seeing!
  16. Live

    Ding ding! We have Bandits!
  17. Live

    Less than $1000 to go now...
  18. Nice picks! (And nice pics!)
  19. Live

    "Ghost Archipelago" is the title; and that's the same thought I had about that rowboat. :)
  20. Live

    Less than $10,000 to go to the next stretch goal! And almost hit 11,000 backers!
  21. Live

    Well, it's looking good that Bryan will be able to see his show in peace!
  22. Live

    Every now and then I get a notification that someone has "Liked" something I posted on this thread a day or two ago; and all I can think is, "Good, job, buddy! You can do it; you can catch up! It's only 20 pages more to go to the end!"
  23. Looks incredibly zany and fun!
  24. Live

    The live stream hasn't happened yet. Ratmaster was saying he submitted that question for when it does happen. You're going to have to twiddle for two days before we get an answer; assuming they even do answer that question... (which if I were a betting man I would say they won't).
  25. Live

    Well, that explains why something I was trying to do with some of the "clear" paint didn't work... You'd think they'd call it "pure" or something else to avoid the confusion...