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    Hagglethorn Hollow

    <<<MOD>>> Link to the Live Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/troubadour/hagglethorn-hollow?ref=project_link The info says it's coming to Kickstarter on September 26th. I hadn't heard anything about this until this Adam Savage's "Tested" video showed up in my Youtube "recommended" section: https://youtu.be/ebQU7GipJcA The buildings are beautiful! And the living trees are inspired. (I love the Tree-ceratops and Tree-Rex!) Though it says 3D files in the video, the text under the video says they will be selling it as physical product.
  2. We kicked off this year's campaign season, with our first Ghost Archipelago game this past Saturday. Since it was the first game, and the first time with the rules for a couple of the guys, we played just a simple battle and not one of the scenarios. My Heritor's report can be found here: First Foray onto Fantastic Shores "...As the Elf leaned over to reach into the pedestal, he caught sight of the Heritor Gregorius for the first time, emerging from a patch of jungle on his left. The other Heritor clutched a grime-covered urn to his chest, and as he turned he likewise caught sight of Lord Fortrywn. Gregorius' eyes narrowed as he quickly apprised what Lord Fortrywn was doing. The old Elf could see the turmoil in his opponent's eyes as greed flashed across them. The human Heritor looked at his urn then back at the newly smashed hole in the idol's pedestal, his mind calculating..."
  3. No, he didn't win by enough to penetrate his armor. But he did leave a big dent...
  4. The goat did headbutt Lord Fortrywn once. ONCE! After which my Heritor summarily dispatched it.
  5. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Great report, Rob! However, my crew of Elves would probably not be happy with being referred to as demons! Still have a bit of work to do on my report; and still hoping Knabe will pop by with his Mines report...
  6. A new Kickstarter based on the well know comic: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/179272384/albedo-combat-patrol-the-28mm-sci-fi-miniatures-ga
  7. Chris Palmer

    Killer Rabbits: Medieval manuscript art made into miniature

    Yes, I saw that after I posted. Sad. While I certainly understand the success caught them off guard, I would have loved to have seen the rabbit-crewed trebuchet they showed on the Kickstarter page become a miniature
  8. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    In a fit of madness a friend and I decided to undertake a project to put together a wargame scenario based on the incredible Loot Train battle as featured in Season7, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. ( See: Youtube clip) Our goal is to have the game done and ready to run at next years HMGS Fall-In convention, which gives us 12 months to get it all done. We began by ordering a bunch of the Fire and Ice Lannister miniatures from ebay, that were released during the recent CMON Kickstarter. So far I have painted only one to work out a paint scheme. The miniatures are based more on the books than the TV show, so do not match the TV look exactly. I had to do some adjustment, but tried to get the color scheme as close as possible based on images of the TV armor that I googled. More to follow as things progress...
  9. Chris Palmer

    Disaster with the Flat Coat sealer

    Are the dots just discolored flat coat, or actual little bits of grit like particles? Did they appear immediately, or only after it dried? I’m wondering, if it’s just discoloration of some sort, whether another coat ( from a different can!) would help fix it. if it’s grit like particles, the only I suggest I can think of is turning it into a winter camo tank, and soray it with more white; or one with a lot of heavy mud splatter.
  10. Chris Palmer

    Killer Rabbits: Medieval manuscript art made into miniature

    Wow, they hit the $17.000 stretch goal today (which is also the last one showing)! And there's still 3 days left. It will be interesting to see if they put up another stretch goal or not. Who would have thought this project would have been so popular!
  11. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    Thanks. I don’t lean towards this kind of thing myself; as you say, it’s pretty gruesome; but since similar things were shown in scenes in the episode, I thought it was appropriate to help my players feel more like they were recreating what they saw when watching the show.
  12. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    Lol...thanks, Rat13! Hopefully all our players will be as appreciative as you when their troops get fried! Here is the finished prototype token. I have to say, I think it came out pretty well for as simple as it was to do.
  13. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    Played around today with making a dragon attack casualty marker. I took an odd sprue of ancient warriors, and assembled a suitable casualty, and glued it to a washer. I then spray primed the whole thing black, and when dry, drybrushed it with a little light grey. I then added some flames with a little hot glue. Now I just need to paint the flames and add some basing material, then give a coat of Testor's Dullcote.
  14. Chris Palmer

    Killer Rabbits: Medieval manuscript art made into miniature

    $15,000 reached today, and the next stretch goal unlocked! While I am not a fan of the monk being flayed, I like the new hunting dog set, and the wee rabbits and snail will be cute to use. I'm also liking the look of all the new greens they've posted.
  15. Chris Palmer

    Siege Accessories

    I think Rob came up with a great simple solution. For the Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord "Dark Cauldron" scenario, we made simple cauldrons out of wood bits. These were probably much bigger than what you need, as they were supposed to be big enough to be brewing up multiple Zombies inside; but if you want really massive oil cauldrons, these would do the trick.
  16. Chris Palmer

    The Art Of Strategy -Diorama (VERY picture heavy!)

    Wow! So many amazing details!
  17. Chris Palmer

    Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

    Thank you for your comments Kangaroorex! I'm so glad to hear you've been reading and enjoying the reports. You shouldn't have to wait too long... Knabe should be posting his report from the mines soon (I hope!) as our next game is on the 13th!
  18. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    This afternoon I felt inspired, so I worked on cobbling together a flight stand for a dragon. The idea is to have it camouflaged to be the dragon's fire attack. I got the styrofoam cone from the Dollar Tree, and had an old lead weight that I put inside. Not sure how will be best for us to mount the dragon, so I left lots of overhand wire to play with. Ideally I’d like to just drill a hole in its mouth and stick the wire in, but not sure we could guarantee the dragon wouldn't just flip upside down; so we may need to make some sort of cradle for it to sit in. The front flat side is 3”, as I think that will be a good size for the dragon’s attack to cover at the scale of the battle we're doing. I’m not totally happy with the angle, as I wish it were a little more sloped. I may carve the styrofoam a little to give it a more angled appearance.
  19. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    Well, Greg is my partner in crime, so my share should only be 65. There's a reason why we are giving ourselves a year to complete it. The foot troops shouldn't be too much of a problem, but neither of us are looking forward to facing the 60 cavalry figures.
  20. Sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. I certainly now what that's like. Take your time, and move at your own pace; I'm sorry if I added any undue pressure to your recovery.
  21. Chris Palmer

    GOT Loot Train Battle Project

    Thanks everyone for the supportive comments! We plan on using Feudal Patrol, so its going to be a very scaled down version of the battle. Our initial plan is for a 6 player game with the goal of eventual expansion to 8 players. Our initial order of battle (6 player version) calls for 72 for the Lannister/Tarley Force, and 60 Dothraki. Plus of course, one dragon with rider. In other news, after studying the juxtaposition of the above two photos, I realized I just wasn't happy with the bottom half of the figure. So, this morning, I redid it to include the metal strapping like on the lower portion of the TV armor. I think it looks a little better, and helps visually balance all the gold on top..
  22. I bought into the recent Terrain Crate Kickstarter; getting the Dungeon Crate, and the Battlefield Crate, along with the Dark Lord's Tower set. My Terrain Crate shipment arrived in the early Summer, and I immediately painted two of the large tents that came with the "Campsite" portion of the Battlefield Crate to use in a game I did at Historicon. Recently, I've been painting some of the "Abandoned Mine" stuff from the Dungeon Crate, as I am preparing for a game a friend and I are doing at Fall-In using our Tablescapes Dungeon Mines sets. I thought I'd start a thread to chronicle the pieces I paint, to help me keep track, and to help keep me motivated to keep plowing through. There's a lot of pieces! I hope to use a bunch of it in my Fall-In game, so have some motivation there as well. Big Tents: The Terrain Crate stuff goes great with the Tablescapes Dungeon Mines sets. Explosives: Tool Racks:
  23. Chris Palmer

    Frankenberry, Booberry, and Count Chocula

    Love it!
  24. @Kangaroorex, did you ever get the pics taken of the stuff you took from the Clearman box? Inquiring minds want to know!
  25. Chris Palmer

    Killer Rabbits: Medieval manuscript art made into miniature

    Just saw the Lion Rabbit was unlocked today!