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  1. When scouting the local Dollar Tree this past week, I saw this sand mold of the Sydney Opera House. It's part of a collection they have along with other world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, and Leaning Tower of Pisa. I thought it looked like it might be useful as some sort of Sci-Fi industrial structure, like a large generator, pumping station, or engine of some sort. So, after glueing on some bits, and painting this was the outcome: IF you want to read more about the project, and see some more work in process photos, please see my blog:
  2. Just a quick question; what is the correct name for the ribbon like hanging that loops through the ring on this Bones 3 figure's back and then forward through the rings on each shoulder? Are they based on an historical equivalent or are they just fantasy adornments?
  3. If you truly want it to be a foot tall in relation to other standard 28mm figures, then Doug's suggestion of a 6mm figure is probably your best option scale wise. And since 6mm and 15mm have already been mentioned, I'll go ahead and round things out by suggesting you look at 10mm humanoid figures. (As lowlylowlycook mentions, Pendraken is a great source of 10mm fantasy figures, though I think their ents would be too large).
  4. Just saw that the author of Frostgrave now plans to publish a periodic Frostgrave magazine in PDF form, and thought some of you might be interested. The Spellcaster I'm interested to see the new horse rules...
  5. Doug and Inarah- Thanks for answers! It seems then that it is just fantasy shorthand to distinguish a plain old knight from a paladin. I wondered about the historicalness of it becuase it seems like, other than ceremonial dress, it would be a real hindrance in hand to hand combat. So I will take my painting cue from the actual historical clerical ones.
  6. Rob- Yes, 5x12. Are you going to be at the Frostgrave game tomorrow? We can discuss specifics then. Maybe you could come over some Friday night to set up, then we could have a game on Saturday.
  7. Enjoyed the write-up and photos, Rob! You need to schedule a NQSYW game for a club night. I would love to have a chance to deploy my North Polenburg forces again.
  8. Make one? A plank table is pretty easy to put together in miniature using balsa strips.
  9. Location: Marlyand Willing to drop a few $$ into a box to contribute to international shipping, but don't want to undertake it myself. Don't necessarily want to start a box, but if there is a desperate shortage of starters I can probably scrape together enough...
  10. Woohoo! I have my selection of Bones 3 discards ready. :) (Plus other goodies!) I think a figure without a hand is fine, it can be used for other part donations, like it's head; or used as a basis to do some hand transplant work. Running over to the sign-up sheet now!
  11. That circle is great! Nice walls too. :)
  12. I just wanted to toss this conversion idea out there for folks. If I didn't already have my own Brain in a Jar on a Big Stompy Robot, I'd definitely be doing this. This uses parts from the Bones 3 "Brain in a Jar", and the "Iron Golem", both from the Stoneskull expansion. This is just a quick mock-up, but should give you the idea. If I was doing it, I'd mount some sort of gemstone or bead in the neck socket to act as its "eye".
  13. Nothing says desert like an animal skull lying in the sand. Or a succulent plant to add a little color. Or a little more sand/gravel in diffent sizes/textures. You might also try drybrushing the sand a little with a lighter color to help make the texture pop.
  14. I did some simple Bones 3 weapon sprue swaps this past week just to have some fun with all the new weapons sprues I got. Full write up with step-by-step photos on my blog:
  15. Yesterday, we had our monthly Frostgrave game at the FLGS. It was a pretty brutal battle for my Chronomnacer's warband, with 6 member's falling during the game including the wizard himself. We had seven players, and did the Living Museum scenario from the main rulebook; so 21 Constructs in play! By the skin of my teeth I managed to claim 3 treasures.
  16. Happy birthday!
  17. Upon hearing the news today, I had to dig out my old "Charter Member Batman & Robin Society" button. Im old enough to have seen the TV show when it originally aired as a very young lad, and I think it's safe to say it was my first fandom. Like others, I ran around with a towel shoved in my collar, and for me Adam West was the real Batman. I feel one step older today, with another piece of childhood lost.
  18. In our first apartment when my wife and I got married, my painting station, (paints, light, current in the works minis, etc.) was on an old rolling tea cart. That way, when it needed to be out of view it could just be rolled into a side room.
  19. Yes, it's hollow. As Doug surmises, since it's designed to mold sand with on the beach, being hollow is it's main attribute. Yes, you could easily cast in it using any number of mediums; but the way I see it, for a buck $, it seems cheaper to buy multiples of the mold, than to expend the time and material to make castings.
  20. As David said, in this game there were a lot more rolls due to the rune stone tokens. I find it really varies by games, with some times hardly anyone rolling the required amount, and other times it seems like every other roll generates something.
  21. Just want to let folks know that we will be starting our next Frostgrave Campaign on January 14th. For those who would like to read about 2016's completed campaign, see the 2016 thread. We will use this new thread to post our After Action Reports and photos after each game of the upcoming campaign. Our plan is to start off doing the scenarios from the "Thaw of the Lich Lord" supplement book. In the meantime, I have posted on my blog a brief write-up introducing my new wizard and her apprentice: The Tale of the Wizard Quailelyn The main library of the Percensua University of Wizardly Studies, located in the capitol of Valindhoa, was an old and cavernous stone building near the center of the ancient school's campus. One of the first built on the land donated by the king some 800 years ago, it had developed it's share of drafts, groaning hinges, and uneven floors. The young students hated the place, calling it "The Tomb" for it's dark, damp and ancient nature. To Maga Librarian Quailelyn, it was home...
  22. Happy birthday!
  23. Great report and photos, David! Reading your report reminded me how brutal things got down at your end of the table. :(