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  1. Martian Terrain for Imperial Skies.

    You table looks great! And thats an excellent idea to use the Elf US ships as Martian ones! They'd actually make cool martian flying ships as well as canal barges...
  2. Some kind of Golems? Ah Stitch Golems!

    They're called Stitch Golems. You did a great job on them! And where did Perf come from? He’s not Reaper is he?
  3. Lord of the Rings in 10mm (pic heavy)

    Thanks, lowlylowlycook! No, we have not done a video report. It's one of things we hope to do but haven't gotten to it. Here is a more detailed written battle report if that helps: http://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2014/01/bear-yourselves-valiantly-fantasy.html And there is more info on the rules' webpage: Bear Yourselves Valiantly
  4. Lord of the Rings in 10mm (pic heavy)

    Wow, great project! I'm a big fan of 10mm fantasy stuff. I'd say you need a little lighter green for the ghostly look. I agree with Glitterwolf, the third from the left is the best one, but I think you could still go lighter. Here's the Battle of 5 Armies that I did in 10mm. Check it out if you think it might provide some inspiration: http://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2014/05/bear-yourselves-valiantly-demo-games-at.html
  5. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Got my order in this morning for the Winter Fairy! I wanted to wait for the Winter Elf, but was really afraid the supply of stockings wouldn't hold out until the end. So I will probably cross my fingers for the Elf to return next year. (And cross the fingers on my other hand for a piece of coal! ) 10047: The Nativity Boxed Set $49.99 x189028: Arael, Half Elf Cleric $2.99 x177021: Lindir, Elf Archer $2.29 x109774: Olive Skintones $9.85 x177270: Spikeshell Warriors (2) $4.99 x1Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x Ametrine EarthlyteMerry Christmas! Your order has received a Stocking!Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Christmas Fairy!
  6. Santa's Helpers (01590)

    Even though I got these during last year's 12 Days of Reaper, I only just got around to painting them! I tried an experiment with these; painting them first with special Chrome spray paint, and then using Citadel gemstone transparent paints on them: Spiritstone Red, Soulstone Blue, and Waystone Green, in an attempt to given them that lacquered mirror look that real ornaments have. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. In the second photo, they are shown with Copplestone's "Lovely Assistant" to give a sense of scale with a normal sized human figure.
  7. I thought I would start my own Frostgrave terrain thread, since I started on my second ruin this week, and don't see my self stopping anytime soon. And, I didn't want to keep posting links in David's excellent Frostgrave terrain thread found here, http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/65272-frostgrave-terrain/ , and detract from his efforts. For those that missed it, I already posted my first ruin here in the Frostgrave thread in the Fantasy sub-forum: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63635-frostgrave/?p=1252554 This week, I thought I'd take things to another level and try my hand at a two-story ruin... Two improvements I wanted to try this week were to add more debris on to the base; and to mount the building on a squared base to help it feel more like an urban building. The main structure is made from cork tiles, and the extra details are made with balsa and bass wood. IMG_5605 by cnjpalmer IMG_5606 by cnjpalmer
  8. 01620 Cat Dragon Promo Figure

    I had that thought as well, and asked over on the 12 Days thread. Ladystorm confirmed it's one piece:
  9. 01620 Cat Dragon Promo Figure

    Thank you! The information and photos were very helpful. While I think the surgery is manageable for folks that want to save the figure from it's holiday box, and have some modeling skill; I know myself, and I don't love the figure enough to make it a high priority, so it would just sit in a box waiting for a someday that would probably not arrive for a long time. Oh, well. I'll set my hopes on the possibility of Reaper making a regular larger version some day. And I'll save my Christmas order for one of the other figures (the Winter Elf) that I like. (Here's hoping the stockings hold out!)
  10. Finished up the last two Christmas Story treasure tokens today, just in time for tomorrows Frostgrave game. (Assuming we don't get snowed out!). Here are the bunny slippers and the turkey, which I just finished. Happy to be one of the few (if not the only) to have used Reaper "Turkey Brown" holiday paint to have painted an actual turkey figure! And here is the collection of all six shown together.
  11. 01620 Cat Dragon Promo Figure

    Beautiful! Oh, how I wish they hadn't made the decision to put the cat dragon in a box... On top would have been fine. Is it fully formed in the box? Would it be possible to cut the box sides down to reveal just cat dragon with a minimum of resulting necessary? Looking at the tail I can see that might be the problem area...
  12. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Great Idea.. but probably better to use a led tea light, not one with real fire. Awww...ok.. But certainly not as much thrill and risk doing it your way... i can just seeing telling players, "You enter the tunnel and as you turn the corner you see what looks like a large glowing killer mushroom, but as you approach you realize it is in fact a large flaming killer mushroom!" And I pull out a lighter...
  13. Swapping Weapons

    If it's going to be a model used for gaming, I would go with plan A. With gluing the shovel to the hand in two pieces, there is a good chance you won't create strong enough bonds to stand up to the rigors of tabletop play, and you will constantly be having to regaleone part or the other. And if you're going to pin into the hand, you might as well just drill a little further and go right through. :) Another option C would be to file a deep narrow V into the front of the hand, glue the shovel handle into that, and then use some greenstuff to sculpt some new fingers wrapping around the front of the shovel.
  14. Thank you, malefactus! If a person is going to have a flair for something, it might as well be turkeys, right!? Thank you, KruleBear! It was a real challenge, as ideally it should have been done in two steps; first form the body and let that harden, and then form the drumsticks and wings and apply them one at a time to the hardened carcass. As it was, I did it all in one sitting so was constantly smashing one part as I tried to affix another! Thanks, Pochi! Well, if you can make an egg, you're just about half way there; just smoosh the bottom of the egg flat, pinch the top a little and apply legs and wings! I was able to prime the slippers yesterday evening, and then get a base pink coat on them this morning. So they should be done by this afternoon/evening. It probably won't be warm enough to prime the turkey until at earliest midday, so painting will have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks, Glitterwolf! Hopefully hungry for turkey, and not greenstuff!
  15. So are all the circuits done? Did Generic Fighter ever get his box back, completing that circuit?
  16. Ok, so with making the bunny slippers I realized I now had 5 special treasure tokens; but it's looking like we will be getting 6 of our players for Saturday's game. So I had the thought, that if I had 6 special treasure tokens, I could let each player place one of them. So that would mean I needed to make one more... Which led me to the Old Man's Turkey... I was pressed for time, and knew it didn't have to be perfect, but after about 15 minutes of smooshing around greenstuff, and another 15 minutes cutting a granny grating cooking rack, and making a paper drip tray, I had this... Best part is, I get to use my Reaper Holiday Color paint "Turkey Brown" for it's true intended purpose!
  17. A while back forum member Knabe, who is also in our Frostgrave Campaign, told me he had a pair of small rabbit figures that he was going to give me to turn into at treasure token that was a pair of pink rabbit slippers just like in the movie A Christmas Story; to go with the collection of Christmas Story Frostgrave pieces I had been working on... Well, last Sunday he delivered the figures to me, giving me a week to construct the slippers. They are pair of the smaller rabbits from the Mega Miniatures Rabbit Swarm pack. And while small, they are not human-slipper small; so we decided they would be Troll or Giant slippers. (Hey, maybe Giants and Trolls can get Bunny pajamas as presents from their Aunt Clara too!) I finally had some time the past two days to consider the construction and start making the slippers. I began by cutting the heads off the rabbits, which was a lot of work considering the thickness of the metal. I then constructed two soles for the slippers out of the rounded ends of coffee stirrers, which I slightly filed the sides of to make the natural indents a shoe/slipper sole has. After that, I glued thin strips of paper around the edge of the sole pieces to make the body of the slipper. It was then just a matter of gluing everything to a 1" fender washer. So that is where I am now. Hopefully today I can get the piece primed, and I can paint it tomorrow.
  18. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I also believe he is "in" the box. If you look at the picture, the lid of the box is shown beneath the box, meaning it is open, and therefore he's inside of it. So like any proper cat with an open box, "If he fits, he sits!" I asked in the 12 Days thread if perhaps the cat dragon and box were two separate pieces, but sadly it's not.
  19. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Thanks for the info! And kudos to your mold-maker! That can't have been an easy task with all those undercuts on the body, and the wings!
  20. 12 Days of Reaper Begins December 6th!

    Trying to study that cat dragon photo to determine if the cat and box are two different pieces, or are they cast as one? Those deep shadows around the cat make it hard to imagine it was cast as one... I’d like it if it was separate, but don’t have as much use for it in a gift box....
  21. Thanks, Glitterwolf! Thanks, Chaoswolf! Thanks, Pochi! Those are all great ideas! In fact, Knabe dropped of a pair of small rabbit figures (From the old Mega Minis Rabbit Swarm pack) and tasked me with making a pair of pink bunny slippers treasure token out of them...I should have initial construction photos to post later today, as i scramble to get them finished by Saturday! I was also thinking an under-cooked Turkey or even a Chinese Turkey would be other possible ones, or perhaps Ralphie's theme "What I Want For Christmas" with a big "C+" written on it... Harrocks- That looks great! I agree they work perfectly for GA. I'm happy to have provided some inspiration, and I don't mind at all that you posted it here. Good job!
  22. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    No, according to the person who posted the photo on FB , it came in addtion to the regular goodie-filled stocking.
  23. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Ha! I can’t believe I was right! I was only joking! (Edit: I just wanted to clarify, the coal did not come to me, I got the photo from the Book of Faces.)
  24. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

    Not Egyptians, but Warlord Games has a number of plastic Ancient armies available. They tend toward more Northern armies, Celt, Germanic, etc.
  25. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Thats is what’s great about the translucents; they make everybody happy. Just add a covering coat of paint and, boom, they’re no longer translucent.