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  1. Thanks for the responses. I've tried emailing a few times already with no response yet. I'm just hoping I don't get screwed out of the money.
  2. Are they still in business? I placed an order a week ago and haven't heard a thing. Every time I call Customer Service I get an answering machine, I've left messages but no return call. I've emailed a few times and no answer. They took the money for the order right away though! Has anyone dealt with them? Any experiences you wish to share?
  3. I love the Aztec theme, great attention to detail! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.
  4. How well does the Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Grass match up to the old Games Workshop Flock? I plan on using it as a base and then adding static grass. Any one have experience with it?
  5. But can you apply static grass on top of it?
  6. LOL, yeah they are wallet siphons. They have a ton of flocking but a lot of it is foam. Not sure how that matches up with GW though.
  7. I have an old container of Games Workshop flock model# 66-41 matching Static Grass 66-40. Since it's no longer available, is there a company that comes close to matching the color of the GW flock and grass as I really like the color but don't have enough for my project? I would say that it's light to medium green in color or a spring color.
  8. Can't wait for you to start!
  9. Coming along great!
  10. Looking awesome, really like the color scheme.
  11. Really like the horns.
  12. Thanks! Reaper Antique Gold. Part of it is my lighting, lights were a little too close and low. I kinda rushed the pics since I hadn't posted I a while. It's still a nice metallic paint though, only complaint I might have is that it dries quicker than other reaper paints.
  13. Finally got around to primary painting of treasure pile. I still have details to paint. I've decided to redo the base that it's going to be on, I'll get to posting some pics in the near future.
  14. Thank you all. I toyed with a single stone color or multi for a little bit. I just wanted to do something different and challenge myself a bit. I do have magnifying glasses and a visor, there's a lot of detail in the treasure pile that's going to be time consuming. Not looking forward to it. I did use two lamps with daylight bulbs on either side with the flash. My bulbs may not have been high enough wattage,they were too faraway or maybe just increase the ISO setting. I'll have to experiment more to achieve better results. But I think I will do away with the flash. I used boiling water, tongs, vegetable cans etc. to straighten it. It's not perfect, if you look at the top piece of the tower it's still a little warped. One thing I noticed is that after washing the peices the reaper paint I used didn't adhere in all spots, I had little areas of white. So I stripped it with Simple Green and used reaper wolf grey as a primer which is made specifically for bones and had perfect results. Don't know if it was operator induced or if the bones specific paint made the difference. I picked up a couple bottles of dragon white to use as a primer in the future on bones figures. Gargs - This is my first large piece and yes it can seem overwhelming. I'm still learning and I'm a relative noob at this, all I can say is go for it. It will be a learning experience and you can always strip it and start over if you're not happy with it down the road.