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  1. Thanks! Just plucking up the courage to do the iris's next.
  2. Second round of highlights: Wings & Ears - Arctic Grey 29854 Body - Ashen Blue 09057 Belly - Concrete Grey 29832 Then a final highlight on the very edge of the belly scales using a 50/50 mix of Arctic Grey & Concrete Grey: Finally, I painted the pupils with an initial circle of Rusty Red 29804 followed by an inner circle of Fireball Orange 29806:
  3. First round of highlights: Mouth - Entrail Pink 29803 followed by a further highlight with some Tusk Ivory 29825 added Wings - tidied up with Armour Grey 29837 followed by a drybrushed highlight of Dirty Grey 29835 Body - Drybrushed Templar Blue 09056 Belly - Ash Grey 29833
  4. Anyone know this guy?

    I searched for "dwarf with pipe miniature" & found this: http://www.mengelminiatures.com/2012/09/christmas-comes-up-little-short-this.html It's definately the same mini but with a different weapon head. The blogger states that they painted him for a client who got it as a freebie with an order they placed. Frustratingly, it doesnt say where from. Perhaps yours came free with an order? The sculpting quaility doesn't look that old to me, say 1995 onwards. Maybe he never saw an actual release......
  5. Shading done using Citadel washes: Eyes - Casandora Yellow Mouth - Agrax Earthshade Everything else - Coelia Greenshade
  6. 01564, Max the Chibi Nosferatu

    Fantastic - love it!
  7. 77545 Diabolus, The Devil Dragon - Bones 3

    Thanks all!
  8. Base coats applied to Stormwing - all Reaper paints: Wings & Lug 'oles - Armour Grey 29837 Body - Breonne Blue 09055 Belly Scales - Winter Blue 29817 Chops - Brilliant Red 29802 Beadys - Golden Yellow 29808
  9. Just done some corrective surgery on Stormwing to correct his chronic stooposis. 1. Drilled base & tail, glued & pinned base: 2. Glued tail to base pin. After drying, drilled quite a long hole through the right ankle & shin & inserted a pin for some extra support: 3. Covered the ankle hole with green stuff & added some around the tail join for some extra adhesive security: 4. Post op, standing proud again. Lets hope he stays this way..........:
  10. Next up will be Stormwing. When I first assembled him a couple of months ago, he was standing tall & proud but now he seems to be looking around on the ground for some gold coins he's dropped: Has anyone dealt with the droopyness on this particular mini or got any thoughts on sorting it? What did you do & did it last? I think that if I drag the tail down then pin & glue it to the base, it could work but would I need to put pins in the ankles for extra support? Thanks!
  11. Hello! Presenting Diabolus, The Devil Dragon. I wanted this dragon to look as though it had a fiery core, I did this by starting with the lightest yellow as a base & then building up the fire colours so that the deepest parts of the dragon remained (visually) the hottest. I suppose it's the opposite of the usual way of doing things...... It was a little frustrating & counterintuitive as I couldn't really use any shading or washes. I think it turned out ok though. The WIP for this mini can be found at http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/78084-here-be-dragons-or-theoldguard-tries-to-make-a-sizable-dent-in-his-painted-bones-3-collection/ Thanks for looking, feel free to comment.
  12. To reduce stickyness & cleaning up, can I recommend a light dusting of talcum powder on the putty surface before rolling the imprint?
  13. After a brief absence, I'm back with an update to Diabolus. First, I painted the large scale plates of the underside with CD'A "Golden Yellow" leaving the "Dusky Yellow" showing in the crevices. I then painted the lower edge of each scale with "Angel Red". Next, I painted a thinned mix of "Golden Yellow" on to the last 2 thirds of each wing membrane section followed by a thinned mix of "Angel Red" to the rear wing membrane edges to add some variation & definition. I then drybrushed "Ruby Red" onto the wing membrane edges front & back followed by "Black" to the rear edge membranes. I also used these colours to paint the spines down the neck & back to create a fiery effect. Finally, I felt that the underside scales colour transitions were a little harsh so I tidied them up using "Golden Yellow". I also drybrushed the base with blue/greys.
  14. Help me fix these skeletons

    I think they look great especially the verdigris effects. In addition to what others have said, maybe they will look less homogeneous once the basing is completed?
  15. Thanks! You should smell his breath....