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  1. Isabella Von Carstien Diorama - GW

    Many thanks! There's actually another skeleton out the back (let's call him "Igor") who does all the maintainance around the castle. He's just knocked up some new spearshafts ready for battle as the old ones were too rotten. (That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it! )
  2. Isabella Von Carstien Diorama - GW

    Thanks All! Thanks! It is indeed a goblet 'o' blood, I guess the skellies are her dolls.....
  3. Isabella Von Carstien Diorama - GW

    Greetings! I kind of finished this diorama a few years ago but have recently finished it for good with some newly aquired basing materials. I originally bought Isabella Von Carstien just to paint up as a single miniature but as her pose seemed to infer a commanding stance, I decided to expand things into a diorama by giving her an elite skeleton guard to command using a pack of GW skeletons that I had. For the actual terrain, I was inspired by a favourite old Ray Harryhausen film of mine, "The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad" where Sinbad swordfights a skeleton on a spiral staircase (which, famously, doesn't go anywhere!). It's a great scene & I wanted to create a spooky ruined spiral stone staircase for Isabella to lead from. The stonework is made from air-drying clay. I made the staircase by cutting out rolled flat wet clay "cookies" using the plastic cap off a deoderant can to create circles. I then scored lines into each wet "cookie" to create quarters & when dry, I snapped the clay into 4 quarters & tidied them up. I then glued each quarter on top of the last one leaving a eighth of the previous step showing, I repeated this until I got to the required height - I'm very pleased with how this worked out! . I then filled in all gaps between the steps to make them look like they were carved out of the stone & added some sand for texture here & there, I also pencilled in then scored some fish-scale tiles into the base. C & C are always welcome - Thanks for looking!
  4. Avatar of Sokar

    Fantastic! I think you've done an especially great job with his skin & white skirt/kilt - the gems look great too.
  5. Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

    Thanks! I seem to remember the mythology blurb saying something about how it devours warpstones, absorbs them & breathes the power out.
  6. Bill Sykes and Bullseye

    Fantastic, I love them both but especially Bullseye (as a previous owner of an English Bull Terrier)! Painting some Dullcote over the top of Bill's varnished coat will get rid of the shine.
  7. Forgeworld Warpfire Dragon

    Greetings! Presenting a favourite mini of mine, painted a few years back but not shown until now - Forgeworld's Warpfire Dragon. Thanks for looking!
  8. GW Gandalf The White & Shadowfax

    Thanks guys! Sure, its just a wash applied to the fabric folds followed by some layering. From memory, on the outer cloak & coat, I started with an off white cream colour followed by a sepia wash. I then "tidied up" the folds with the cream colour. I then mixed up a thinned version of this cream colour in a dish, added a small amount of white to it & then started working on the highlights. I kept adding a bit more white to the mix every time I painted the next highlight layer until I got to the final white highlight. The paint mix needs to be the consistency of milk throughout. For the undercloak, I used the same process but went with a light grey base & the wash was either black or blue - I can't quite remember!
  9. GW Gandalf The White & Shadowfax

    Hi All! I've just been rearranging my display shelves & have noticed that I actually have a few minis that I have never shown on these boards. They are the first ones that I painted a few years ago when I returned to the hobby after many, many years. I will show the others soon but to begin with, here's GW's Gandalf The White & Shadowfax. The actual paint job is essentialy me getting back in the swing of things by copying the image on the miniatures' packaging, I made the base terrain(s) using air drying clay, gravel & sand & added some grass clumps to finish. Gandalf on foot Gandalf mounted on Shadowfax Back soon with something "big, ferocious & wingy" - thanks for looking!
  10. Maledrakh's Bones 3 Kyphrixis the translucent

    Fantastic - you've achieved a really unique look!
  11. Goremaw . . . in SPACE!

    Nicely done!
  12. Alfyn Crowkiller Wilding Captain

    I had to use a translator - I'm not Nordmann. I'm English with a dash of Irish but I do like to think I've got some Viking DNA in my blood somewhere (does very pale skin & a red beard count? ) - after all, a lot settled in the British Isles.
  13. Frost giant cave (picture heavy)

    Wonderful work!
  14. T'Raukzul, Bones 3 Campaign

    Fantastic! I love the way you've painted the mouth & nostrils like it's about to let rip with the toasty stuff.
  15. Alfyn Crowkiller Wilding Captain

    Great stuff! I'm always happy to see a fiercesome Viking (unlike my ancestors during the dark ages )