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  1. Thanks Chaoswolf!
  2. Many thanks! The leather was done over a number of layers & the paints I used are by GW but I'm sure other companies have similar shades if you don't use GW: 1. I started with a solid black base coat. 2. When dry, I applied the first layer using "Dryad Bark". I used a kind of wet drybrushing method to apply it to the raised areas & edges of the armour. I made sure that I Ieft approximately 50% of each piece of armour black in the recesses to keep it nice & dark. 3. For the next layer, I carefully painted "Mournfang Brown" (slightly thinned) over the Dryad Bark in slightly smaller areas (making sure to leave enough Dryad Bark showing) to start building up the highlights. 4. Next, I very carefully painted "Skrag Brown" (slightly thinned) over the Mournfang Brown in even smaller areas to cary on building up the highlights. I'm using this quite sparingly on hard edges such as the tops of the boots or the edges of the rectangular sections. I'm also using it on the more pronounced raised or rounded areas where needed. 5. Finally, I used "Deathclaw Brown" very sparingly on areas such as the corners of hard edges or the belt strap ends etc. I'm just using tiny dots of paint here. I hope this info is useful to you! Thanks! Thank you! Many thanks! I've got Eli to do soon also, I'm sure that yours will look great!
  3. Thanks! I used "green stuff" for the base, other puttys such as "Milliput" would work too. After attaching her to the plastic base, I just filled out the gaps from the metal base part to the edges of the plastic base. I then added tiny dimples to the green stuff to match the detail on the metal base. This was done by lightly dabbing it all over with a cocktail stick - the end point of which was rounded off a bit so that the dimples didn't look too severe. You can achieve bigger dimples by using the end of a paintbrush or similar - this gives a kind of wet, muddy well trodden ground effect. Thank you! I tried to keep her dark & dangerous. Thanks! It's an old family recipie. Many thanks!
  4. Thanks! I'm not going to lie, painting her face was very tricky because of the hood. I painted the inside of the hood and lined the edge of the face in black so that I didn't have to poke too far in there with my brush. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Thank you, I'm very pleased with it too! Thank you! I'm trying to give my all on these 25th Anniversary minis.
  6. Thanks! I wanted it to make it look more doggy & less wolfy.
  7. Greetings! Presenting Reaper's March 25th Anniversary miniature - Tara The Silent. 3 Down 9 to go.... Thanks for looking!
  8. Just finished my first Bones 3 mini paint job from the core set - the Death Dog! I actually managed to finish it in an afternoon (which is pretty quick compared to my usual glacial speed). Thanks for looking!
  9. Indeed! Would you like a cup of tea? I've got some lovely aluminium (that's al-u-min-ee-umm!) cups to serve it in.
  10. Yes, we love what you've done with it. Oh how I love typing words into my computer & have them automaticaly changed into something called "English (US)"
  11. Great stuff - well done! Re drybrushing black - I usually go with grey or a blueygrey but you need to apply sparingly & don't go too light otherwise it won't look black anymore. Also, I recently painted a black dragon using dark purple for the highlights.
  12. Awesome - great job!
  13. Really nice work & a great choice of colours.
  14. Fantastic work - I like them both!
  15. Thanks Guys! I'm very happy with the spell effect, I don't tend paint a lot of pink but this seems to work well with the blues.