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  1. I'd go with the mind flayer. Failing that.............bring on the dancing girls!
  2. I've made some progress with the Gold Gragon. Did an all over basecoat of Citadel's Balthasar Gold & painted the mouth & eye basecoats. I've gone with blue eyes this time as they should contrast with the gold better than my usual yellow. I'm hoping that she ends up looking like an organic creature rather than a big gold statue.........
  3. Thanks, they match my smouldering good looks! Oh, you mean the miniatures don't you......... Thanks! Something shiny next.....
  4. Agreed, it's a lot more chunky than it looks though.
  5. Greeny is now finished - Woohoo! Next on the production line is the Gold Dragon. Here she is, all primed up:
  6. A little bit more progress........ Drybrushed the scales & upper wings with a mid green followed by a lighter green on the more pronounced features, I also finished the eyes off.
  7. Thanks Egg - I'm really enjoying painting them!
  8. Just finished the non-scaly parts with two highlight layers. I also decided to paint the top side of the wings in line with the green scales as I wasn't happy with how it was looking, I've kept the underside as is though. I think it looks better now.
  9. Thanks! You're right, it's something Pingo mentioned earlier in the thread - each dragon got the same wings sculpt regardless of their suitability..... This one's not a flyer I'd say.
  10. Managed to get the base colours painted - dark green for the scaly areas & a brown/green for the soft bits. I've gone with yellow for the eyes again: Followed by a green wash for the scales & brown/green wash for the rest.
  11. I really like your snake effigy, the verdigris works well & the varied colourful skulls are a great thematic idea.
  12. Some more progress, nothing too exciting though - just a primed green dragon...............
  13. I just finished the base so I'm calling "Old Red" finished for now, I still have to varnish him & maybe add some sort of foliage to the base but I'll do that when they're all finished. Also, I think I'll show him in the "show off" board with all the others as a collection when they're all done rather than now. Thanks for watching - Green's up next!
  14. Finished the claws, horns & teeth - just the base to finish off now.
  15. I just glanced at the paper towel that I've been using with the red drybrushing........ It looks like a horrific painting related injury happened!