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  1. These little critters look great & the colour you've achieved is unusual & very vibrant. The base came out very well too.
  2. Stunning! This figure's got a lot of different detailed textures going on (feathers, scales, smooth fur body, cloth, metals etc) & you've pulled it all together beautifully.
  3. He is fantastic! As others have said, the glass transparency effects & his expression are wonderful.
  4. Cool work & lovely colours! Did you consider adding a bird of prey to his glove?
  5. Awesome job - it looks fantastic! A lot of these big GW pieces are amazing, I reckon painting one would drive me nuts though - very intimidating!
  6. Did the pinning and gluing on the Red & Green Dragons today. Will hopefully get some gap filling done tomorrow: Each Dragon had a choice of 3 head variants, I've tried to pick the best looking match for each one.
  7. Thanks! Her clothes are made from a special kind of leather, she harvests it at her weekly "wolf" barbecues..........
  8. Thanks! My inspiration was Hellboy. Thanks! I'm really pleased with how the lava turned out.
  9. Straight from the depths of hell, it's.........Devil Girl, Supervillain! (cue scary music!) For a change, instead of painting the eyes looking straight on, I painted them so that she was looking to the right as if she just spied a do-gooding superhero & was about to lob a fireball in their direction. The base was created using the Basius "Dungeon" stamp with the river part painted up as lava - I imagined that wherever she walked, the ground morphed into fiery molten goodness. Thanks for looking, comments & criticisms are always welcome.
  10. Recently, I've been looking through my collection for something old to get painted up, I came across some very old Citadel dragons (which, in my younger days, I'd either painted or half painted badly) & settled on them. They are: DRG1 - Red Dragon DRG2 - Green Dragon DRG3 - Ice Dragon DRG4 - Gold Dragon FF61 - Black Dragon The plan is to paint them sympathetically in respect of their vintage & base them up nicely but with not too elaborately. So far, I have stripped off as much of the previous paint as possible, some of it still remains & will need some extra effort to remove but I'm not going to worry too much if I cant get it all off - I'll just prime over it. Here's how they look currently..... It's gonna be a long one, I think...............
  11. Great idea! Also, for a thrifty approach, you could use ice cream lollipop sticks or large cavalry plastic bases etc to run the rolling pin along.
  12. Cool, I'm very interested to see how you get on with the rolling pin.
  13. Something's different.........

  14. This is fantastic - well done! I love the clever use of Natalia's pose for comedic effect. Is this one of the Bones III Kickstarter containers?..........