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  1. Thanks Guys! Now, on to the final one - the Ice Dragon. Here he is primed up ready for some cold colours:
  2. I finished the Black Dragon yesterday by completing the base: I painted it in mossy greens followed by a yellow glaze (as it didn't look swampy enough to me). I gave the "watery" channel a blue/green wash followed by a gloss varnish & finally added some home made tufts. While I was painting this dragon, I realised that I'd actually used a similar colour scheme on another dragon a few years ago (when I'd started painting again after a long absense). Maybe I'll show that one at some point in the future along with a couple of other things I did at the time............... Just one more left to do now, thanks for looking!
  3. Thanks Guys, I'll go with the glowy eyes then! A little more progress..... Sorry the pics are a bit out of focus! I drybrushed 2 purple highlight layers onto the scales & upper wings & a final (even more) lighter one on the very edge of the spine fins, eyebrows, nostril & head spikes. The claws were painted with Reaper's "Sparkling Amethyst" (in honour of Pochi's input) initialy & I kept adding silver to it to apply as 2 further highlight layers.
  4. Very cool! Do I spy some Cadirith in there?
  5. After a short break from painting, I've done a little more with the Black Dragon. I highlighted the softer fleshy parts & wing undersides with "Incubi Darkness" followed by a final highlight of "Dark Reaper". I want to keep the overall tone of the dragon as black as possible so I'm not going too light with the highlight colours. The oval eyes were painted red followed by a smaller orange circle in the centre followed by an even smaller yellow circle inside that. I'm on the fence about adding a black slit pupil - does anyone have any thoughts on whether I should or not?
  6. I will send you a message re the strip LED's I used as I'm pretty sure posting links to shops is a "no no" on the forum. But I will say here for any interested readers that it was basically a 5 metre strip of white light LED's on a reel with a power transformer & remote control (which is not really needed for this use). The strip has a self adhesive backing so you can stick it to surfaces quite easily (it's not that strong a grab though!). This kit cost me £20 a couple of years ago. You can cut up the strips into sections (they have little markings on in the correct place) and reconnect them with various shaped (buyable) connectors to create your own lighting formations. I havn't done this so I can't elaborate too much on this. I have a "Minisun Daylight LED clamp on spotlight" which I use for painting purposes only, I don't actually use it for photos but I think it could be a quick & easy lighting option for pics. It has a GU10 max 40W bulb which has an array of 58 SMD LED's in it. It cost me £20 & £5 for a spare bulb.
  7. Nicely done - she does look very angry indeed! My photography setup is cheap & very much "Heath Robinson" (interested readers not from the UK may need to Google him! ), if you saw it you'd probably think whaaaaaat..... it comprises of a modified cardboard box, a large sheet of mid grey mounting paper from a craft shop for the background & a strip of bright white light LED's powered by it's own transformer thingy bought from Amazon. I think your photography is great but if I was to offer some advice on taking pics, I would say: 1. Use a mid tone coloured background not white. I use a large sheet of grey mounting paper, I sit the mini at the near (camera) end & let the far end curve up to a vertical position taped to a wall or something. So when you focus the camera on the mini, the background kind of fades of softly. 2. Photograph in the dark. 3. Don't use a flash. 4. Do use the camera's "macro" setting & get as close to the mini as possible without incurring any "out of focus" issues. 5. Buy an affordable white/daylight LED mini spotlight (or 2 or 3 if you can afford more) & light the mini generally from above & behind the camera taking care not to cast your own or the camera's shadows onto the mini - this should help to help hide the shadows a bit (more so with more lights from different angles!) 6. Crop your pics afterwards to remove excess around the edge of your mini using whatever software you have (I just use "Photos" on Windows). I hope this is helpful!
  8. Re Lahmian Medium; On some of GW's "Tip of the day" videos on Youtube, their painter generally explains the product is actually Citadel paint without any pigment in & it allows the painter to thin down paints without the risk of destabilising the paint as would happen if you were diluting with too much water. They seem to use it for creating thin overlapping layers of colour. With this in mind (& I'm not an expert on this) I would say LM could be classed as both an acrylic & glaze medium & is for glazing, thin layering & tinting whereas flow improver is something very different that would be more suitable for creating washes.
  9. Thanks! I seem to have painted alot of black things recently so I'm trying to think of how to do the next one without going down the usual black/grey or black/blue routes - I'll probably try & sneak some dark purple in somehow (I like purple.....a lot! ). You'll hear him coming though, squelching his big feet through the bog.
  10. I trust you asked Scrooge how the verdigris effect was achieved?
  11. The Black Dragon is now primed:
  12. Looks great. The purple is a perfect choice for the skin (& it's what I would have done too ) I like the cream & green robes with the metallic trim - great colour choices all round.
  13. Ok, I'm calling Goldie finished now. "Um'd & ahh'd" for ages over what to do with the remaining spikes & claws, I didn't want to use any more metallics or a high contrast colour so I decided on a black to red transition. I also painted the lines of the head crest in red but it's probably a bit too subtle against the gold. I havn't added a pupil to the eyes as I like how they look without them plus I didn't want her too look evil (like the previous 2 do!).
  14. This is fantastic - great job!
  15. Tidied up the body with a(nother) drybrush of "Gehenna's Gold": Then I applied a lighter highlight of "Auric Armour Gold" to finish off the body. I also tidied up the eye & finished the teeth: