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  1. If I sparkled last ReaperCon, I didn't notice,,,,, Some one else may have noticed, But was too afraid to bring it to my attention.... and on that note, since the Haminister just left, and I got about 3 hours sleep last night, I am also signing off.... goodnight all!
  2. We are NOT prone to bursting into "flame"....
  3. Now before you folks have visions of Wearing this stuff, be aware it is something that you spray around you pools, patios, etc that keeps the bugs far away, and depending on the weather, can last as long as 60+ days!!!! Now when I was first told about this, I looked at the person telling me about this as if he was insane.... But it really really WORKS!!!! Mix an equal amount of BEER (Cheap is fine) and BLUE mouthwash together in a bucket. Then add Epsom Salt and stir / shake the holy living heck out of it! I mix the salts a bit at a time until the solution becomes as saturated as it will get... and I know that by there being some sludge that will just not dissolve.... Dump the mix into a garden sprayer, leaving the sludge in the bucket!, and spray around the area that you wish to keep the bugs away from.... Now before you think I live in an area with n place for said bugs to breed, there is a rather extensive wetland area not 500 yards from my house, So much so that I get RIBBIT ninjas all over the place all warm season long, as well as the occasional Turtle, and Crayfish.... I tend to spray this stuff about 3 times, before Memorial Day, Before the 4th of July, and around Labour Day... Not Saying that you will see NO bugs, But you will see a lot less Mosquitoes especially.... Hope you have the same experiance that I do! George
  4. Why are your RIBBIT ninjas sneaking around SNORKLE territory again?????
  5. That is because I was cooking stuff with Alsnia, and only just got on.... we prepped a stir fry for tomorrow, baked cookies, and made taco meat for Talespinner's Potacos, as well as some other things...
  6. you could just say "Here's my credit card, have fun!"
  7. Before and after pics!
  8. And the Norwegians having to share the Oil Money...
  9. Haminister of Masonry???
  10. Um Fuzzy, that's the flag of Iceland. ..
  11. Bwahhaahahahahahahahahahaha! you should see my pile of stuff!!!!!
  12. So his armor and helmet got a mix of WC Warm Grey 4 and Blue Grey 4 50%, then WC Warm Grey 3 and Blue Grey 3 50%, then WC Warm Grey 2 and Blue Grey 2 50%. The hem of his armor got WC One Coat Red, and he also got the SC75 Pink Flesh 'monster mouth'... Thanks for having a look see!
  13. So I worked on his armoring doublet and gloves with some GW Snakebite Leather, Then Snakebite Leather and Kommando Khaki 50%, then straight Khaki. It all seems that I am going to need to do a few moar coats.... Also gave him 'monster mouth' with SC75 Pink Flesh.. Also, as last night I wasn't in a painting mood, I assembled his left arm, and de-broccolied this guy: He is Blacktongue, Gnoll Ranger (03190) and he is the Hangout mini of the Month for May... so no paint on him till May 1st... He is available in bones as well (77104) Those of you that look at both figures will see that I assembled him more like the pic of the bones mini, as that is the way his elbow fit together best on my mini... Comments and Critiques welcome!