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  1. Hopefully, the hotel computers won't glitch this year. ....
  2. Beta Ray Bill was cool!
  3. I took 6 classes last year, (none sunday) Cause that was what I went to the con for!!!! Still found plenty of time to socialize! I did miss the factory tour, but that was buglips fault.... (Actually, it was the bus companies fault....)
  4. Dang tasty....
  5. Did you try to clean it's balls????
  6. Party at the squids!!!!
  7. "Brain Weasels? ???"
  8. Yes he does! I believe that Cannuckotter entered it in the open last year..... Dagnabbitt! Both wrong and 'd....
  9. Still at work Won't be home until 11pm...
  10. It's a train. ..
  11. Everyone seems to think that I am some kind of extrovert because I talk so much on the hangouts... Nothing could be farther from the truth But, as Ub3r said, being at ReaperCon really is like being with a bunch of old long time friends that you just haven't met in person before. People will include you if you wish, and will respect your privacy if that is your desire It did help that I had known a few folks from NEMPA paint days, and even more that I new more folks from the hangouts. .. So try them out maybe?
  12. I would rather change the rotation speed of the planet...
  13. You like fluffernutters too?
  14. Let's see now... I own most, if not all the novels for: Shadowrun Battle tech 40k Warhammer Forgotten Realms Greyhawk So I guess I likes my Fluff Especially with peanut butter
  15. An M1 Abrams will do 50 mph.... Just sayin...