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  3. Like that comment made it any better?
  4. Picked this up today at the Complete Strategist in NYC... Interesting book....
  5. Posted July 30, 2015 (edited) · Report post WOW! Ninja'ed on my own post! Guess I'll start this thread: When I was running a 2nd ED AD&D campaign at UCONN in the early 90's, we used to play 5 nights a week for 3-4 hours after dinner, my party was confounded and confused by odd happenings while traveling in the forest. The Dwarf thief was pitching the tent, and when he started to pound in the pegs, THE HAMMER squealed at him to STOP HURTING ME! Needless to say, the party was wondering what in Ghu's name was going on when the Dwarf jumped up and started looking like he was being attacked! (Players actions, not mine) When the party gathered around the Dwarf, asking him if he had been at the ale again, the HAMMER asked the Dwarf to gently pick it up and clean the dust off... Needless to say the group was wondering WTF!!! Every time a party member tried to pound the pegs in with that hammer, it squealed. Finally, the Barbarian threatened to throw the hammer into the forest as far as he could, and the hammer replied, "Then what are you going to use to put the pegs in the ground?" The Barbarian, none to bright, relented, and the Hammer told the Dwarf, "If you wrap a cloth around my head so I don't get bruised, ask me NICELY, and pound GENTLY, I won't make all that noise again." (The party had to roll a D20 for a random encounter every time the thing screamed. This was to make them nervous, I had no intention of having them get attacked) Later that night, the Paladin on watch heard heavy breathing, panting, gasping, moaning, and a slight rattling noise, followed by a 'passionate scream of fulfillment'. The male players looked at the female players, and everyone wondered again, WTF, as everyone off watch had been sleeping, and no notes had been passed. This went on for a few evenings, and the party started keeping watch in pairs, as they were rolling that random encounter D20 after all the commotion. When the Ranger was checking her quiver of arrows one day thereafter, she discovered a bunch of small arrows in with the full size ones! Boy did she JUMP! All the full size ones were there, so they hadn't been shrunk.... The next evening, the party kept watch on the quiver, counting both sizes of arrows before starting their watch rotation. The Paladin and Mage heard the moaning again, went and looked at the quiver, only to find it vibrating and making all of the racket! When they dumped it out , after the noise stopped, they found more small arrows! Things of this nature continued for the duration of their journey, the cooking pots complained they were getting burned, the whetstones were being rubbed the wrong way etc. Boy were they confounded. They, and I, enjoyed every minute of that stuff, as I churned my diseased mind to find more things to do. They never did figure out what was going on. (I told them 10 years later, the ones that still game with me anyway) Anyone care to guess what was going on? The very first random encounter roll that 1st night was a Brownie. He started following them around using ventriloquism and other abilities to play pranks on the stupid 'bigguns'! Hope that gave you all a laugh! (I was snickering like Muttley as I typed this, remembering their faces) George Edited July 30, 2015 by knarthex Originally posted in this thread: The DM's Dirty Tricks Department. A place for the fun things you've done to players!
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  7. Almost done with the paint on my painters entry... Vignette moving along...
  8. Anyone going to be around tonight? ? ?
  9. When you were painting? It's 6am and I'm on my way to work. ..
  10. My favorite AD&D story.... Back in college I was running a 2nd ed game in the Forgotten Realms... We played every night after diner for 4 or 5 hours..... On of the players was "Sir Nigel Gwideon Rhyss Swansbridge" a Paladin Cavalier, who tried very hard to live up to the knightly goals and ideals from the Unearthed Arcana.... (He did a pretty good job too, until both the player and character go a little tipsy at the same time, but that's a later story...) Anyway, the party was traveling along through the mountains, and came to a large, deep, chasm, with a large bridge... Across the bridge, was a very, very large RED DRAGON, with a troll sitting on his back, wearing plate, and armed with Lance and shield.... The party was in good shape, HP wis, but were about out of spells, and had NO CLERIC... So he gets all fired up to slay the beast in mortal combat, when the Dragon walks out to the middle of the bridge, and challenges him to 3 passages at lances! (The dragon did all the speaking) So conditions were set , no breath weapons, no spells, no flying, etc just just the 3 passes,... So the the 3 passes are made, the paladin loses 75-85% of his hit points, and the dragon looks almost dead, as the paladin had crited twice.... (I did not tell people hit points of the critters, and they were forbidden to talk about hit points... They had to say I'm hurt, I'm hurt really bad etc) The dragon said "Congratulations on your Survival Sir Knight". As you did not win, you should not be able to pass. BUT as you did not lose, you should pass.... And, in salute to your bravery, YOU SHALL! Now the party is looking VERY relieved at this point, but the paladin wants the glory of killing the dragon, and looks like he is going to do something stupid, until the party hustles him across the bridge quickly.... After a minute of calming down, he starts trying to figure out how much damage he did, and then looks at me, and asks me how many hit points the dragon had left.... I smiled and held up my right index finger. He started cursing and screaming and carrying on, picked up his d20 and threw it out the open door of my dorm room. Where after hitting the hallway wall (15' from where he was sitting) and bounced back into the room, Only to hit the player right between the eyes! After a few seconds of stunned incredulity, the rest of the players completely lost it... One of my Pathfinder players was there, and we still tell the story when ever someone throws a die in anger, after almost 30 years....
  11. yes.... will be back after finishing up Civil War....