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  1. nice stuff! I have the platform / walkway box around here somewhere......
  2. Shouldn't be to hard to sculpt a few on a few bases with GS and then add the flotsam and water effect,,,,
  3. And Reaper thanks you.....
  4. It's good for your wallet, and bank balance.....
  5. I just bought new pillows, and this is throwing me as well....
  6. I'll have to do something nice for you soon....
  7. There have been multiple times since I joined the forums where people have spelled it correctly in various threads......
  8. ***Thanks for helping me empty my stomach again....***
  9. hope you can unwind and get some rest... all my sleeps were 20 to 30 minutes long, all night long....
  10. Home sick throwing up, sweating and shivering... not sure if it's something I ate or some kind of flu.... yuck
  11. They will be used as Frostgrave treasure tokens...
  12. Imagine it's the last Twinkie.....
  13. Looks AWESOME! But you spelled the name wrong......
  14. Not much done, as I am now trying to figure out WTF Imma do next, and where I want to go.... So a start on monster mouth with SC75 Pink Flesh, Sahara Yellow, and Thar Brown for the reptilian look.... Thanks for stopping by....
  15. So even though I can't (wont) start painting on this guy til 1 April, I finished cutting off the broccoli, and primed him in the eternal hunt for Mold lines... (I think if I was going to actually change my forum title, "Mold Line Hunter" would likely be it....) I did seriously consider trying to thin the cape down from the 1/8" thick that it is with my dremel tool, but decided against all that work.... So there you have him, waiting for some blue paint.....