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  1. Ask Froggy Anything

    ...yes. Won't the cold send him hibernation like the rest of the amphibians in my area????
  2. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Hope everyone had a good holiday! Just got home from work and opened up the hangouts if any of you have awakened from your food comas....
  3. Thanks my loyal canine companions!!! Hopefully, someone will tell me WTF I'm doing wrong. ..
  4. Shambling Mound

    GW Agrax Earthshade FTW! @Pezler the Polychromaticcalls it talent in a bottle. ..
  5. Ask Froggy Anything

    S.N.O.R.K.L.E. has no fear of the amphibious minions of R.I.B.B.I.T. Or do we?????
  6. A Re-acquisition... @Grayfax was kind enough to ship the Dreadmere map that I got at the auction to me, and I finally hung it up last night.... And since I was hanging pics, I hung 2 signed Larry Elmore prints I got from him Years ago at DragonCon... "Deadlock" on the left, and "Crystal Shard" on the right... Reaper makes the fighter mini in "Deadlock", and I always thought if I could find a good mage figure, it would make a neat vignette... The "Crystal Shard" pic has an interesting story to go with it....
  7. Tonight's work.... Mane started getting highlighted with Ral Partha Mane Yellow... Disaster! Back to the drawing board, and mixed up 2 drops SC 75 Sahara Yellow with 1 drop Mojave White... Success! Then the dark parts of the mane with Inktensity Blue, to help with shading Noticed a spot on the (his) left head that should have been yello, so Ral Partha Mane yellow there... Also slid some of the Inktensity into the shade areas on the snouts.... Belt looked a bit too close to the scutes, so a diluted glaze of Inktensity Chestnut... Base got some more SC 75 Mars Orange, then GW Ryza Rust, followed by a wash of GW Typhus Corrosion... Then I converted a couple of pics to Black and White to check my contrasts and got this.... What am I doing wrong???? These make it look so flat..... Thanks for looking and commenting! G
  8. Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    wondering how many people will misread it....