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  1. Are these things that you run a line for???? You need to come hangout more, and if you are working on secret stuff, just turn off your video.....
  2. Went over the bow stave and arrows with SC75 Thar Broen The bow wrappings and right foot wrappings with SC 75 Orange Leather, and then Orange Leather and Iroku 50%.... Was busy fixing my pool robot, so didn't pick up a brush until 10 pm... Thanks for looking!
  3. Nice Job! I hope my Fractured Dimension version comes out half that good!
  4. Good for you!!!!!! did you get gouged?
  5. this what you meant?
  6. Did you call Geiko? Sorry CW... Was repairing my pool robot. ... It helps keep froggie's minions on the hop...
  7. Depends on the game... Our Battle Tech games are house ruled quite a bit...
  8. don't know how long this is on but.... USE CODE: SUNNYSAVINGS link broken due to forum rules, but they sell Reaper shirts etc....
  9. so... Tonight we had a visitor.... A person whose Icon read "Mainiac"... NOT a member of the forums, who stumbled across uss by way of searching for active hangout calls if I understood him correctly.... so we introduced ourselves, and bent his ear about how much fun we have here, and on the forums in general... Maybe he will come back.... also, sorry I kept dropping out... computer seemed to think it a good time to re boot for some reason....
  10. So out near Boston someplace. .. 3hrs 36 min for me....
  11. In any good auto parts store, look for duplicolor sandable primer. I am 99.999% sure that this is what P3 rebrands as their primer... Great stuff for metal, resin, and plastics... Liner for bones....
  12. Went over to Cmon did you?
  13. It was the VETERAN expressing his disgust with the vermin responsible for things like that And I apologize to vermin for comparing them to those miserable scum....
  14. Where is this place? Coming from NY....
  15. At least you didn't have a Manchester style show. .. Echyfhi Rd c yfhy terrorists...