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  1. carp I wanted to remind her that she owes the drow a bottle of me nipple pink....
  2. This is the latest in my series of forumite inspired minis... Fuzzy 1 Fuzzy 2 Ub3rN3rd pcktlnt pcklnt 2 and there will be one more revealed at con...... Mua ha ha ha! and next years diorama, if the KS finally fullfills...., there will be more!
  3. on bookface or here?
  4. Glad you like it! You'll get to see it in person at Con....
  5. not enough time to keep writing up stuff... Due to needing to be done for Wednesday..... Showoff here thanks for looking!
  6. So, The very first mini I pulled out of the BOGW when I got it, was a Malifaux mini.... As soon as I saw it, I knew how I had to paint it! So I give you @Sylverthorne the Girlblin! Hope you like it!!!!!! George Abbreviated WIP here (Didn't have time to record everything with the need to get it done for Wednesday.....)
  7. I'm in at Love Field at 1452...
  8. well my plushie isn't my avatar, it's my familiar....
  9. @OneBoot It may have been my mike.... I had to log off and log on again before CW could hear me...
  10. going to empty my bags and double check everything....
  11. 12pm flight Leaving home at about 630am for 90 minute train ride to NYC Then bus to LGA Supposed to be a lot of construction on the way to airport so leaving extra early...
  12. Gonna try to get on tonight Maybe whilst packing...
  13. 90% packed Last mini also 90+% done
  14. What have you done with pcktlnt?