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  1. emmagine

    Bathalian speed paint!

    Getting ready for some upcoming games, I had a few hours to throw down on these super fun to paint sculpts.
  2. emmagine

    01613 - 2017 reapercon sophie

    Thanks! After looking at it more I might go back and punch up some of the skin highlights. Any C&C from anyone?
  3. emmagine

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    I'm in lust with your basing on this figure.
  4. emmagine

    Impromptu classes/ get togethers

    Christie (The rainbow sculptor) and I are always down to sit around and swap tips and tricks. We've found that to be true of most people in the couple years we have been attending.
  5. emmagine

    Figures you can only get at the factory? (For melt)

    Thanks Ladystorm!
  6. emmagine

    Figures you can only get at the factory? (For melt)

    Oh!!!! I totally misunderstood this then. I remember someone telling us that if they had time, they would even spin out older molds for melt. I guess they were ill informed.
  7. We are planning on hitting up reaper con this year with all our old figures we will never use, to turn into pretty new figures we actually want. My understanding is that they will even spin up out of print figures for us if the molds are still good? If that is true, is there a list somewhere of all the out of print figures that might still be obtainable in this fashion? There are some really obscure things we would be very interested in finding. For example, I'm told there were some sea elves that never really hit popularity wise. Thanks for the help!
  8. emmagine

    01613 - 2017 reapercon sophie

    Thanks! I was aiming for under water ish, but the blue green doesn't come across quite right in the photo
  9. emmagine

    01613 - 2017 reapercon sophie

    Ready for 2018!
  10. emmagine

    AoW - Orc Shaman

    I read the orc blending into the terrain as an intentional choice to imply he's some form of a druid or naturalist. I love how vibrant your basing colors are. I know in painting 2d, you can bring focus to a point by de-saturating your focus instead of de-saturating your background. I wonder if the same thing would work in a vignette? Something I hadn't considered before seeing this piece. Great piece, certainly much better than I could do!
  11. emmagine

    Reaper classes?

    Christie works heavily in FIMO and PRIMO. Both good products.
  12. emmagine

    Reaper classes?

    Have her find christine at the Con. She says she'd be happy to help her with whatever she's trying to do. Christine uses polymer clay, though you DO need to use green stuff too.
  13. I was hoping to see you teaching a basing class this year!   Are you going?

  14. emmagine

    Reaper classes?

    Ron, We are looking at the schedule, and notice that you have Mr. Lovejoy teaching two classes at the same time on thursday. Did you clone him? If so, good choice.
  15. I have some very out of print 2e stuff that I'd like to give to a good home, but to be used not set on a shelf (I like it on my shelf just fine lol). Does anyone still play 2e?