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  1. Funded

    They cannot be bypassed. Sounds like a possible glitch
  2. Funded

    What were you hoping for that didn't come to fruition?
  3. I really thought we had an acorn shield mini in bones. I must have seen a metal variant. That's okay though. I'll just order the metal one :)
  4. I need a warrior mouseling for.... secret things. It needs to be a male mouseling, with a breast plate. Does such a mouseling exist? Does it exist in bones? If not, what is the closest we have? I only found the old metal sword and board warrior mouseling wearing a full helmet. But I do not see it in bones.
  5. Funded

    I take one thing away from all this. You coined a new phrase that get's your fans super excited, "capstone". It had far more impact than you anticipated, which isn't a bad thing. This sounds like something you can capitalize on in future kickstarters :)
  6. Funded

    I think that is the plan. If nothing else I'm sure lots of us will fire up facebook live :)
  7. Funded

    Folks had been asking for a 360 of the fungal queen. This is the best we can do being currently displaced.
  8. My mushroom sculpts made it into bones 4! Does that count?
  9. We are packing up and securing the house now. We got mandatory evacuation orders today :/ Understandable though. The center of it is pretty much aimed at my house, and I am about 20 ish miles from the coast.
  10. Christie is threatening you with unrepeatable things at reaper-con if you don't over size the heads at least a little bit.
  11. Okay I give up. Which thread does goremaw go in?
  12. Where and how?
  13. Concept art often looks good on 2d paper, but is impractical for either 3d appearance, or casting purposes. There are a variety of other possible reasons, but concept art rarely makes it to finished product completely unchanged.