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  1. emmagine

    Z brush

    Indeed. I'm certain they are correct that it took a year for Gene to be able to do professionally in Zbrush what he could do in clay. That said, Christie says she believes by next month, she will need to be able to see how the print comes out from her 3d sculpt in order to continue to advance her skill. I'm not convinced in my ability to run a 3d printer for her in that time frame, if I don't get started soon.
  2. emmagine

    Z brush

    While christie is learning z-brush, I"m printer shopping. We've narrowed it down to two 3d printers. Both companies offered to run a test print for us. That said, Christie is still learning 3d sculpting, and 2 we would have no idea what to expect out of a printed model. Could anyone recommend a good test print for a 3d printer, to put it through the ropes of printing out heroic scale miniatures?
  3. emmagine

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I finally found someone to cover my shift for the first. (EMS is unforgiving of people trying to take off on holidays.). The rainbow sculptor (Christine) and I will be there!
  4. emmagine

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Where do people order ribbons to hand out?
  5. Christine is very excited to be teaching a couple classes this year at Reaper-Con. This is an excerpt from her "Character Design" Class. The course is designed using traditional art techniques and well established principles of character design from a variety of mediums , applied to miniature painting & miniature sculpting. The techniques taught in the class can be applied to both sculpting, and miniature painting. I've been helping her with organization of it all, and wanted to share a little of what she's compiling. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  6. emmagine

    Barbarian Sculpt

    Helping @Rainbow Sculptor Put together her PDF's for one of her classes at the upcoming Reaper Con, "Character Design". Here is an excerpt where she's referencing this step of this piece. sample barbarian.pdf Hope to see you at the Con!
  7. We know we are never going to get around to doing proper paint jobs on our Massive Darkness PC characters. The girl in green is completely finished, while others are nearly so (the barbarian needs color on his axe handle), others need a little more coloring. We'll post up pictures of the others when we finish. Each figure should chew a total of about 10-15 minutes. These are at 5-15 min each. If there is interest, we can do a quick video. Otherwise, catch us at reaper con and we can swap shop talk there! This was very very easy, anyone should be able to do it. First, it obviously needs an airbrush, but it doesn't require much airbrush skill. 1)air brush primed Synelrez black. 2)Air brushed on Reaper High pigment density Void blue. 3)Zenithal highlighted white from the top, up to about a 25 degree angle from all directions. 4) Air brush on Reaper Torch Light Yellow, from only one angle, 0 degree variation in brush angle. 5)Using Doc Martins Ink's, sticking to "Mid Tone" colors (aka no violet, and preferably not yellow as we discovered with the shaman) slop the ink onto the area you want to color. Some don't need thinning (like the green, and the blue) others do, like the browns and oranges). 6) Profit.
  8. That's exactly why we did it. They look MUCH better than they did as bare plastic, plus, the hero's should stand out well as we are painting those.
  9. We bought someones massive darkness kick starter set off ebay. The figures are pretty cool, and frankly we don't care about them as much as we do our reaper figs, so experimenting is far less painful. That said, we did find that the game is pretty fun too. We decided we likely aren't going to paint any of the full squads of figures. There are just too many. We did want to do black and white for all the bosses and lieutenants though. So here they are. All the bosses and lieutenants. Just done with a basic black and white zenithal. And then here are some group close ups.
  10. emmagine

    2018 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    Christie and I are down. She''s thinking about getting a rainbow wig this year to match the nickname she was given. Use her forum pic (The rainbow sculptor). We will be there the whole time.
  11. emmagine

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    Do you have the reference image for it Do you have the reference image(s) for the fig?
  12. emmagine

    Bathalian speed paint!

    Getting ready for some upcoming games, I had a few hours to throw down on these super fun to paint sculpts.
  13. emmagine

    01613 - 2017 reapercon sophie

    Thanks! After looking at it more I might go back and punch up some of the skin highlights. Any C&C from anyone?
  14. emmagine

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    I'm in lust with your basing on this figure.