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  1. Concept art often looks good on 2d paper, but is impractical for either 3d appearance, or casting purposes. There are a variety of other possible reasons, but concept art rarely makes it to finished product completely unchanged.
  2. Here is a link to ours. Video included.
  3. Can't wait to see!
  4. I'm at work today and don't recall the brand. I did not put a sealer on the worm, we like him shiney. For other models though, I THINK it is Krylon. I'm glad you are happy. Any models in particular you'd like to see done?
  5. yea, many of our models get a dullcoat at the end because of the shiney-ness of these paints. We liked the glossy on the worm, so we left it. And you said you weren't good! Are you happy with the results? Any questions from the process?
  6. Getting the right airbrush is key to cleanup. You want a badger top loader. You are not supposed to take it apart. If you ever have to, you send it back to the factory and they clean / fix it for you. (lifetime warranty). That said, you are correct. You can skip the moisture trap if you are painting in an moisture-lite environment, but you are still looking at $100+ for a decent set up.
  7. We plan to do a few with rattle cans. You can get okay results with them. That said, airbrushes take up less space than 6 cans of rattle paint!
  8. Then you are the perfect guinea pig! Let us know if you have any questions about our process.
  9. Naw. Anyone can do this! That's why we made the videos. Check 'em out
  10. That's the beauty of bones! For a reasonable cost you can have a large figure, that if you somehow mess up to the point you can't just restart (unlikely), you can just get another one!
  11. Step two is up! See the original post.
  12. Here he is! I've added the first half of the video tutorial, the second half is uploading now. And here is the second half! Step two complete!
  13. Sure can! Thanks for the feedback.
  14. We are doing a video tutorial series on how we have been painting figures. The past couple years we have been working out a way for those who are inept (like me) and those who are adept (like Christie) to be able to paint figures fast, and well enough that they look good in person and in a photo. We have made substantial progress incorporating and modifying techniques we have learned from others (many on these forums, classes at reaper-con, etc.) Here is out latest video, step two of our pre-shading process. Feedback and questions always welcome!
  15. Perhaps we should take two pictures, and get someone with photoshop skills to merge missing people? I'm sure my wife would be willing.