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  1. You know, one of the things I love the most about this place is that this kind of thing is completely reasonable here.
  2. Hi! I love this thread already!
  3. I need to go pick up the kids but first I need to see this thread out!
  4. I hope nobody was too attached to this thread...
  5. Hi! Y'all are busy today!
  6. That sounds pretty crazy. good luck with that! Went to a 10th anniversary party for some friends last night and had fun. Today I'm likely to be going to visit a friend so we can hang out and relax for a bit. No painting the last couple days because my brain is evil but I might get a bit of relief soon and maybe get some crap done. And tomorrow is a holiday in the province I work in but not the province I live in so once I drop the kids off I'll be able to hang out and relax without needing to think about needy humans for a whole 8 hours. Should be magic.
  7. Currently an otter and a drow in the hangout!
  8. I'm sorry. That's really rough. We had some similar calls a few times when my dad had cancer but his doctor hadn't figured it out yet. My day got cut short due to a fire alarm at work... False alarm and there was still half an hour left but the fire alarm shuts off the elevator and it doesn't come back online normally for a few hours... We're on the fourth floor, so normally stairs are doable, but my knees are being really cranky lately and there is no way I can do that many stairs today... So an early exit was made.
  9. Do you know what office I'm thinking of from the vague descriptions David and I gave? I'm guessing probably yes... That's my dream office. I wish I could just go sit in there for a while. It's amazing. .. and thinking of it made me so ashamed of the current state of my own office that I just spent like 10 minutes tidying stuff up and getting it presentable again.
  10. Thank you Pingo! I have now suggested "Ignoscite Reapse" as the name of a Space Marines chapter. Not perfect but it seems like it should get the idea across, and certainly seems to capture the spirit of many of the Space Marines aficionados I've met.
  11. I have a cubicle. It's not super personalized right now but I've been seriously considering getting very enthusiastic in femming it up because right now it looks like the space is inhabited by the most stereotypically oblivious male nerd.... OK, other than a couple 8x10 photos of flowers I have tacked up on the wall. What I'd really like to do would be to totally rip off the one office I saw during the Reaper tour I went on at last year's Reapercon... I can't for the life of me remember the name of the woman whose office it was and I know I should know it ... At any rate, I walked in and looked around and thought "THIS IS HEAVEN" and took a picture or two because holy cow did I love it and some day I am totally going to use that office for inspiration in setting up my own space. It's elegant and beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have the photo on my phone any more or I'd post it up now...
  12. I know exactly how you feel, and it really is awful. No, it's a thing. I have a great place to work. It has its bad days, but overall I actually quite enjoy being here. In unrelated news, I need help translating something to latin. I'm thinking @Pingo seems likely to be able to help, but if anyone else knows enough Latin to be able to help I'd appreciate the help in perpetrating some silliness... How would one say the equivalent of "Well, actually..." in Latin? Google Translate doesn't seem to know any direct translation of the use of "well" as an exclamation... I'm assuming there isn't one. But hopefully there's something that could serve the same role... Anyway! If anyone has an answer I'd appreciate it. Totally not urgent, it's all about being silly...
  13. That's awful. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry about this too.
  14. Yes indeed! Finally caught up.
  15. Hope to be on in about an hour, maybe a bit more...