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  1. Good grief. Glad it turned out to be something random! I've spent the day transferring data from an old system to a new one. We've tested this process repeatedly. It worked flawlessly the last 5 times. Today it's already failed 3 times in different ways. I'm about to go reset the machine and try again. If I can't get it to work soon the entire migration will have to be postponed another 2 or 4 weeks. This is not my favourite weekend.
  2. I should invest in tights. And coloured fishnets. I rather like your style. Sorry, can't like that. I wish your friend luck. I wish you luck when you need to go get her out of there. That depends very much on the frog. If it's our Froggy, I have great confidence that he could find a way to make himself into a plague in short order, and with spectacular artistic effect. I have yet to encounter a topic on Randomness that surprises me. Random nerding out about all sorts of esoteric topics is a thing that happens here. It's one of the things I love about this place. (There's a long list.) Howdy all! I caught up! Now I'm running away again. I should paint. Don't know if I will, but I should.
  3. *also offers a high five for the rant* *debates adding her own* *remembers that there's a reason she's not in Beekeepers* Anywho... Waiting for supper, then I need to go clothes shopping (having very few pants was fine for summer but dresses and bare legs are proving problematic as the weather gets colder) and then hopefully to go visit a friend.
  4. Not gonna read 40-odd pages to catch up. Sorry not sorry. Fill me in if anything exciting happened that I really should know about. I was busy this weekend! But not with hobby stuff... mostly. I was visiting my girlfriend, and we threw her a small (but very fun) birthday party on Saturday night, and I gave her her birthday present then - a Bones 3 Sophie. Her bestie is a musician and her latest CD has a track called "Little Devil" and the ongoing joke (but not wholly a joke) is that my girlfriend is the "Little Devil". So a miniature succubus is pretty much perfect for her. Also spent a bunch of time just visiting and getting in some quality snuggling. (I seriously have no clue why I was so reluctant to snuggle before coming out. Good grief I was missing out. ) And when I got home today, I checked mail... Birth certificate finally came in! I am now legally recognised as female. And I feel like some of you (especially @Pingo) will appreciate my name: Christine Esmerelda.
  5. Wait... 87192? What kind of stuff is in the 87xxx sku range? I thought the bones stuff was all 77xxx?
  6. Quoted for truth. I'm especially not looking forward to snow this year as it's highly likely to interfere with my planned trips to visit my girlfriend. 8.5 hours of highway driving is fine in the summer, but if there's any snow on the roads, that'll balloon out to many more hours of abject misery and tension. I love my girlfriend but I'm not driving down there when there's snow. (I may change my tune if I end up not being able to see her for like 2 months.) I picked up mine at Reapercon last year with the expectation that it'd be painted by now. I don't think I've so much as opened the box. I also picked up Cthulhu, a kraken, and... something else big, can't remember who right now. Narthrax, maybe? And Khanjira. Khanjira's the only one who's gotten painted, and that's only because I did the 7 days thing.
  7. Bathalians he might go for as foot soldiers. Good idea. And the dragon tortoise definitely has potential as well. I'm pretty sure he won't want the sharkman, because it's too human, but I'll suggest it to him to see what he thinks. Thanks!
  8. It might be, but I think I'll grab it anyway and he can decide if he wants to include it. Would make a good leader for his army, I think. Thanks!
  9. For my son's Christmas present, I'm letting him pick out an army for himself for Dragon Rampant. He's going with a monster theme. He's already picked out a couple Bones Burrowing Horrors, three Beastmen, and possibly some Arachnid Warriors and Archers. Goremaw is also going to have a place in his army. In general he's trying to stay away from humanoid figures (I'll probably get him a few more beastmen just to give him some more options), and he's got no interest in undead or aberrations - he just wants monsters. I believe the plan does call for some hordes of vermin as well. I'd prefer to stick with Bones as much as possible and definitely avoid metal if possible - these are going to be thrown in a box and carted around all over the place, metal figures would be chipped and wrecked in no time. In theory he's picking out his own units but I want to be able to offer him some ideas, and I also want a couple surprises in there when he opens it up on Christmas day. So! Anyone have any suggestions? And for that matter, if you have good suggestions for other themed armies and units, feel free to toss those in... He's going to need opponents. Especially for mounted units! Thanks all!
  10. Finished this guy up as part of my son's Dragon Rampant army I'm buying and painting for him for Christmas this year. Super quick, by my standards - 2 hours, including a bunch of time spent messaging a friend. And yeah, I know things are rough and I missed a bunch of mold lines... I'm trying to paint an army, not a competition piece. Comments and criticism welcome!
  11. Caught up again! I love the death cap and the bad morels. I'm also rather in awe of the vault. And very much looking forward to seeing the new critter evolve. The down side of catching up on this thread late at night is that I don't have the brain power to properly express my admiration and enthusiasm for your work.
  12. No, that's not the point. It's just what I'd inevitably do. I do try to keep in mind my own weaknesses... As others have said, a polite request to Reaperbryan might work. I backed a Kickstarter project a little while ago that was an escape room in a box. Delivered a month or so ago... Haven't even opened it yet. I wonder if it's the same one?
  13. I really need to stay away from this idea... My budget is way too tight already for the damage that would be done if I started actually cataloguing my minis and looking for gaps... Being a responsible adult sucks sometimes.
  14. I'm having a little too much fun preparing and painting minis for Dragon Rampant armies... Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don't have anything on until mid-afternoon so I should be able to finish another batch or two of minis this weekend. Now I just need the kid to decide what he wants in his army, then I can see about ordering them in. And on Friday morning I go visit my girlfriend! Her birthday is a couple days after I'll be getting back here, so we're going to celebrate while I'm there. Going to have to make her a cake and find some candles.
  15. In some ways, it reminds me of the house my ex's father built. He found a lot of extremely creative solutions to building problems he ran into... When he started really feeling the effects of ALS, he wrote an instruction manual for the house. It was needed. Some of the secret compartments were really not obvious. It's also probably worth mentioning that this is the same man who had not one, but TWO wooden tractors. But the crazy part about all his stuff is that while it was almost all unconventional, it was all well designed and built and worked remarkably well. So in that way it's completely unlike Mad Jack's house. And I don't think I've shared my plan for my son's Christmas present! He's really interested in playing Dragon Rampant (when I asked if he was still interested he nodded so hard and fast I thought he was going to hurt himself) so I've asked him to pick out a theme for his army, figure out what units he wants, then we'll order in the appropriate minis and I'll paint them up for Christmas. And in the meantime, I'm also going to paint up a bunch of other stuff so we have a choice of other units to use for the opposing army. I'm planning an undead army, a pretty generic human army, and then I'm not sure what else. It's gonna be a bit of a rush job to get this stuff ready on time, but he's over the moon with excitement and can't make up what he wants because he's having too much fun looking at options. Which means this is going to be a pretty great Christmas present.