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  1. Oh my goodness! That would be amazing! Thank you so much! And if you think things aren't strange in my head, I've got some news for you... I just can't seem to get it out as well as you can. I guess that just means I'll need to practice!
  2. There are two of them displayed front and center in my display cabinet! I'd considered moving them because people stop thinking my minis are cool once they see yours and see what REAL cool minis are but they're so great that I left them there anyway. I wonder if you could get something pretty close to those old night goblins using the current Moonclan Grots? Maybe taking another bunch of grots and using the arms from them? ... Hmm, looking at the current stuff on the site, nothing really suits unless you also want to do some weapon swaps. Might be fun to see if you could find some other arms to swap in... Welp, guess I have another project to think about... Anyway - I love the mushrooms, and I absolutely adore the Rhino and can't want to see him all finished up. Brilliant work, as always. Now I kinda want to get some cheap plastic dinosaurs and do something similar with them. Sorry for being largely absent lately... brain weasels have been particularly ferocious the last couple months. But I seem to be getting a brief respite, so I'm taking full advantage of it! And as always, visiting your creative world brings a big smile to my face! Thank you so much for sharing your vision and creativity and wackiness with us.
  3. canuckotter

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Pennies were still legal tender here for a while... Probably still are. They just aren't made any more, and cash prices are rounded off to the nearest nickel, but the existing pennies were (or are) still honoured.
  4. canuckotter

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    *Otter dashes through the thread, knocking people over left and right, and pounces on something* Hi folks! Look at this awesome rock I found! ... uh, why are you all lying down? Well, have fun with that! *Otter bounces happily away again*
  5. So much beautiful colour...
  6. I love the rhino! And all the new mushrooms! The colours of all of them together are a real feast for the eyes. And I have to agree with the others - the goblin guard adds a lot to the faerie gate and don't overwhelm it at all. ::): As always, your work is beautiful and wondrous and masterful, your imagination lively and cheerful, and your creations inspiring and welcoming and somewhat worrying. ::D:
  7. Good grief I adore that photo stage. And I'm reminded that I have one in progress I need to return to... Might just take some ideas from yours!
  8. canuckotter

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Anyone feel like joining me?
  9. I thought it was eyes too. ::): I love the new goblin! Very creepy. Should fit in wonderfully in this world of yours. ::D: Looking forward to seeing the bigger mushrooms all painted up! They already have the usual boatload of character your figures always seem to have, but they always seem to find even more character when painting happens. ::):
  10. canuckotter

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Hopping on for a while now... Probably won't be talking much because my throat is kinda sore, but it's not awful so I can visit a bit.
  11. Those gobbos are an absolute delight! Wherever they end up, they'll add some character... Which is something that's never in short supply in your creations in the first place.
  12. canuckotter

    Wooden Watchtower

    I can't wait to see how it turns out!
  13. canuckotter

    Wooden Watchtower

    One option for painting the boards might be too use the steel wool and vinegar technique... I learned it from Luke Towan, aka Boulder Creek Railroad. He used it recently on his gold mine build: https://youtu.be/b25H-5BeWvY Skip to 12:11 for that part. He normally does it by dunking the wood in the mixture, I can't remember if it works to just paint it on the boards... Just thought I'd mention it. And yeah, I like it better with the extra cross pieces, it does look more ramshackle. Also more reasonable though! It looked unstable before, now it looks like it would actually stand up to a bit of use.
  14. canuckotter

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Then why aren't you on the hangouts with me, @Crowley? This morning's hobbying so far: Cutting mouslings free from their sprues and putting brown liner on them, then gonna dump them in a pair of baggies. I already have a set of mouslings for me and for each of my kids, but now I bought a set each for my girlfriend and her daughter too, so everyone can have mouslings to paint. And at some point soon, I need to buy 4 copies of the mouslings from Bones 3 so everyone can add those too... My daughter's down to 3 unpainted mouslings!
  15. canuckotter

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    I think imma log on in a minute and do some simple hobbying for a while, if anyone feels like joining me on a Saturday morning...