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  1. Not yet. I have a rather important doctor's appointment later this week. Then I'm leaving. For now I'm enjoying being on vacation and having the house to myself. Of course, that mostly means that I've spent my time cleaning so when my ex gets back she won't have to, so she'll be able to rest and relax for once... Getting in some napping in between bouts of cleaning, of course.
  2. I'm not really here... You don't really see me...
  3. That is beautiful! Thanks for pointing it out to me @Glitterwolf!
  4. Haven't read one of those, but I can imagine. Ugh. And yes, it's a good metaphor. Keeping my fingers crossed for the guy.
  5. No time for hobbying tonight... I had intended to do some but I had to paint my nails and the rest of my hobby time was eaten up helping a new friend. I figure that helping someone stop feeling lost and alone and switch from fear and shame to excitement and courage is a pretty good reason to take a break from an art therapy project intended to help remind me that I make a difference in the lives of those I care about... Edit: Here, have some metal played on a shovel:
  6. I know this isn't the solution you used, but for future reference, here's an official IETF RFC: Caught up! Woo! Now back to work, because the brain weasels are circling and if I don't start concentrating on something I'm going to have a hard time keeping the stupid things at bay.
  7. I get it for some things, not for others... But I also legitimately cannot understand why anyone watches football, golf, or baseball. Basketball, I can understand (other than the last 5 minutes of game time, since it generally lasts 2 hours) and hockey and rugby, but baseball? Most boring thing in the world, aside from golf. Or Nascar. Seriously. Turn left... turn left... turn left... turn left... Nope, just cannot muster any interest in it at all. Formula 1, sure, but Nascar? Good grief. The world's full of things I don't understand. And yeah, the culture the youth of today are building is pretty weird to us. But my parents still freak out about me going and meeting a friend I know off the internet, and can't understand why I consider my friend Elizabeth one of my closest friends even though we've never met in person. My grandparents would have lost their minds over all the queer folks running around being all publicly queer, now it's just part of life here, to the point where I have very little worry about climbing into an Uber despite being very visibly trans. My parents can't grasp the idea of polyamourous relationships and yet I know a surprising number of people in that kind of situation. Etc, etc. My point is: Lots of people are going to have lots of fun doing things you don't see any appeal in, and there's whole weird cultures being built that you don't understand. But no-one's being harmed and frankly the culture we've got right now is really badly busted (in ways I can't discuss without veering wildly into buzzy territory) so the fact that the kids are doing weird new things and inventing new ways to interact isn't exactly upsetting me...
  8. This sounds like so much fun... I wish I'd done more geology in university, but I didn't have room for more science courses. That is very cool! Way to go, @ub3r_n3rd! I'm just getting ready to go out and try to find shoes... Not a lot of selection in size 11 / 12 women's shoes, but I'd really like something at least a little suitable for dancing if I can manage to find it... And then I might do some painting!
  9. Are the teeth from Bruce from Finding Nemo? Also: love the pictures. You're a genius, Guindy. A demented genius. Just killing a bit of time before I have to go get my face electrocuted... I was getting my ears pierced yesterday and the piercer looked at me and saw my tats and said "You've got ink, so I guess you won't have a problem with the needle" and I started laughing... Permanent facial hair removal -especially when it's as thick as mine used to be - isn't for the faint of heart. The needles for ear piercing barely felt like anything.
  10. Buffy for sure fits that too. Ugh the movie was awful. The show is awesome. Movie was first. Not exactly what Joss Whedon had in mind. The show came after. I love them both, for entirely different reasons. Maybe the same reason I ended up with 10 Sophies from Bones 3 - it's a single mini that you can practice different techniques on, and then come back and try again later and compare your results over time? Tell ya what, Argentee... Come visit me in January. It's a lot warmer than it used to be - we used to regularly get windchills in the range of -60C, and I haven't seen that now in a decade or two. It's practically balmy! Come for a visit and we'll skate on the Canal and then you can make fun of Canadians for complaining about heat. Just teasing, of course. I tease my ex-in-laws pretty regularly about their weather.... They're complaining about heatwaves where it hits 30C, and I'm sitting here like "It's 36C and 90+% humidity, it's not even supposed to drop below 30C overnight here..." and then in the wintertime they complain about their extreme cold at like -20C overnight and I'm going "Yeah, that's terrible... We hit -34C last night, and the high today is -26C..." From the hottest day of summer to the coldest night of winter each year is around a 65C difference. Ottawa's a fun place to live.
  11. Someone was saying in here a little while back that they describe mental health issues as brain weasels. I liked the sound of it so I shamelessly stole it. But now I've forgotten who said it so I can't give them credit.
  12. Nope, mine was just a plain Goldar. The hamster was responsible for the teddy-fied version of him. Getting paint on minis tonight! I know, I know, that's crazy talk - but nevertheless, it's happening! Painting a dwarf to represent my wife and the Strumpet to represent a friend's girlfriend. Not much exciting though, just base-coating some skin tonight. Can't really do more than that with these figures because I'm still debating how to paint the dwarf and I need input from my friend on how she wants the Strumpet painted, but she's currently unavailable on account of brain weasels. So I think I'll paint a Bones sarcophagus too. In other exciting news... I've really wanted pierced ears (so I could wear pretty earrings) since at least high school, but... yeah. Well, now I can have them! So I finally worked up the nerve to go to the tattoo/piercing place that was recommended and got my ears pierced today! Now there's a little bit of sparkle on my ears and I'm happy.
  13. Not enough energy to want to go through all 20 pages since I last kept up... Assume appropriate responses etc. Talked with a friend about the mini she wants me to use to represent her in my art project and after spending a while looking through the Bones 3 core set, she said "They have all these other monsters, do they have a unicorn too?" Somehow along the way trans folks adopted the unicorn as a symbol... I honestly don't remember why... But anyway, I guess I'll be ordering a herd of unicorns. Also, she held up one of the figures from the core set and I looked at it and said "She's gorgeous... I bet Klocke sculpted her." Sure enough, the next day, I spotted the metal version of her on the Reaper site and she was sculpted by Klocke. It amused me. I'm easily amused, obviously. Oh, and I'm not going to bother with a baby monitor. The kids are more than big enough to come get me if they need anything, and they're generally good at looking after each other anyway so if anything did happen to one, the other would come get me.
  14. Trying to decide if it's safe for me to go hobby in the basement while the kids are getting themselves settled down to sleep on the second floor... They'll behave, it's more a worry that if one of them gets sick or hurts themselves (eg by falling out of bed) then I won't hear them... But if I can't hobby when it's just me and the kids, then once my ex moves out I'll lose half my hobby time... I'm probably just being paranoid... This whole single parenting thing isn't my favourite.
  15. I'm spending the day trying to figure out code review and branching strategies using git in TFS. So far, this has been about as much fun as you'd expect.