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  1. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    No worries, there'll be lots of time to plan, to make sure I'm able to make it and it's an appropriate weekend.
  2. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Overall, things are indeed going well! Work is good, life seems to be getting back on track, still have the girlfriend in Ohio (going to visit this weekend! w00t! ), have some wonderful new friends who've planted themselves firmly in my life, even had some old friends come back out of hiding and plant themselves firmly in my life again... It's good. My life is filling up with people who not only see the real me, they genuinely like the real me... and they're wonderful people even aside from seeing me as me. I'm pretty absurdly lucky. Hi @Chaoswolf! One of these weekends I should find a way down to your area to annoy all you lot! Assuming you're still doing occasional paint days...
  3. I'm finding more and more that it's a matter of making free time. 15-30 minutes every second night isn't much but at the end of 2 weeks that's generally around 2-3 hours of painting time that wouldn't have happened... Just harder to find that time now that I'm looking after the house by myself, and looking after the kids by myself half the time. But I'm finding it where I can. I'm even painting tonight!
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Hey, so, like, I'm alive and stuff. Just really busy and kinda overloaded. But I've been painting the last couple days! And I'll probably get some more paint on some minis tonight! Just figured I'd drop in and say hello.
  5. I love the moon face! And as always I'm in awe of your talents and inspired to try my own hand at more hobby things, if I can ever find the time...
  6. No no, that's fine, I don't need to pay my mortgage...
  7. Finally caught up again! mal, as always your creations bring joy and inspiration to my life. I always find that catching up on your work makes me feel like I have fireworks going off on my brain. But in a good way. I love the photo backdrop... I've got one started that I'm now feeling really enthusiastic about getting to and seeing if I can get it finished. And mags... What a magnificent little mini world you've created around her! I love that I can never guess what's going to happen with your work and yet once I see it done I can't imagine it any other way.
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    My ex and I both had this ridiculous habit of going to sometimes remarkable lengths to sneak our acquisitions into the house... And then immediately tell the other about it. Every time. I really need a new dice bag at some point... My ex made me a lovely one, which I'm still using, but I'd prefer to put it away for a while. On the other hand, I haven't needed to pull out my dice since the start of summer.
  9. That butterfly is perfect! and with the tree being cross eyed there's a little cue for people to see that there's something else to look at.
  10. Mushroom mage.... You've outdone yourself! She's superb!
  11. Happy new year malefactus! Thank you for sharing so much amazingly creative work with us over the past year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what creepy, delightful, bizarre, and/or whimsical creations you produce in 2018.
  12. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Had grand plans to stay inside all day, since it's stupid cold out, but then my daughter got invited to a playdate at a friend's house a couple minutes' walk away. The skin on my face is all messed up from the exposure to cold... I think I might actually have gotten some light frostbite, it's that bad. But a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, so out in the cold we went, and back out in the cold I will go in a few minutes. Wish me luck! I think this afternoon's plan is to start work on a photo backdrop, or possibly to tweak the one I have... Or possibly dig through my Bones to see if I have more figures that might be suitable for my son's army... Or nap. Nap seems like the most likely, to be honest.
  13. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Not weird in the slightest. It's mature. A friend once lost a decent job because a polygraph was required for a security clearance, and every time they tried to do the test, he was so nervous that they couldn't get a meaningful baseline. On the plus side, that meant he went looking for a job and find a much better one than the one he lost. So it all worked out. (Apologies for the crude snippage, I'm on my phone and lazy.) I've had similar issues. I've painted more than 36 minis this year, but most of them were batch painting. Actual decent paint jobs... Not sure. I definitely lost some time to world issues, and lost a lot more time to personal issues. Those are settling down now, but oddly, having entire days and even weekends to myself doesn't seem to be translating into more painting time - instead I've been going out and being social. I've actually done more social things in the last year than I'd done in the previous 15 combined. So that's impacting painting productivity too... Happy new year all!
  14. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! ... And I might be pointing my eldest your way in a few years. He's in love with geology. Also, I love the idea of the science communication course! Good luck to your sister! And I'm very sorry for your loss. We lost our second at 12 weeks, and it was brutal. You have my deepest sympathies.