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  1. Well, I guess Stupid Brain wasn't so stupid after all... Glad you'll be in and out relatively quickly!
  2. Yay Pingo! Glad to hear it's nothing terribly serious! Hi all! Just stopping in for a quick visit. Still stressed and upset on my friend's behalf, although at least their departure was delayed a couple weeks so I can go visit and try to give her some more happy memories to take with her... On Monday I took her to Hog's Back Falls, which I think is a real contender for the prettiest spot in Ottawa, and now she's making plans to have a picnic there when she comes back for a visit next summer. Unfortunately she's got a bad cold right now but hopefully she'll be better soon and I'll be able to find some other similar things to do with her before she leaves. That way, even if things are as bad there as she fears, she'll at least have a lot of happy memories, and a lot of fun stuff to look forward to when she returns. Still no luck convincing her to paint minis with me though. Silly lady.
  3. My friends from Finland have given up on their refugee claim and are heading back. The cis wife is upset at leaving but excited to be going home; the trans wife (with whom I'm much closer, for reasons that are probably obvious) is upset at leaving and terrified of going "home". It's killing her, and seeing what it's doing to her is killing me. She's one of the kindest, sweetest, bravest, strongest, most generous people I've ever known, just an amazing person, and for the last few months the universe has been dangling hope in front of her and then kicking her, and then kicking her even harder when she's down. It's brutal. The only good thing is that we had a really good talk on Tuesday and while I'm still worried about the risk of suicide, it's at least a lot less of a worry than it was. Apparently a few of her friends all came up with the same basic plan of making sure that she was so convinced that we care about her that she'll never have any reason to doubt it, so now she's finally accepted that she has real friends and we really will do whatever we can to help her, come what may. So I'm glad that plan worked. Now I just need to resist the urge to kidnap her and bring her home with me and wrap her in blankets and hug her until the world stops being awful to her. ... anyway. I've been mostly absent for a bit because of this, and I'm likely to be mostly absent for a while longer. If you don't hear from me for a few weeks you'll know why.
  4. I'm on for a bit!
  5. Sympathies, @Werkrobotwerk. I had responses to other stuff typed up earlier but the forums ate my post and I'm too lazy to redo it. Sorry folks, guess you'll have to live with slightly less of my sparkling wit than you might otherwise have enjoyed.
  6. Today's discovery: I'm getting steadily less competent at painting my nails. They're pretty ridiculously bad. Like, I have nail polish past the first knuckle on the ring finger of my right hand. Also, I finally got around to starting in on the new MST3K. It's terrible and I love it.
  7. We bought my Dad an Instant Pot for his birthday but he keeps calling it a Magic Pot and we keep saying that that stuff doesn't go on sale until next July. Someday that joke will get old.
  8. I'm so sorry Flamehawke. In happier thoughts, once I'm done eating breakfast, youngest and I are planning to do some painting. Then I go to pick up her big brother, who had a random for-fun sleepover with his friend last night. Then I sleep. Would be nice to do that during the night sometime...
  9. The wording of this implies that Reaperbryan isn't a trusted personage... This seems like excellent judgement on your part.
  10. I'm on for a bit if anyone wants to join!
  11. As always: I particularly love the magician-shroom.
  12. Oh man... The skulls are amazing. This piece is turning out extraordinarily well. Great job!
  13. @kay13 is a world-champion hugger. Yes please! Randomness for @Grayfax: Spell check in Chrome doesn't know that poutine is a word. How ridiculous is that?! This came to my attention because I was talking to a friend who just got some extraordinarily good news, which almost makes up for the constant stream of bad news she's been getting lately. (Sadly, not the same friend I mentioned in my last post.) I was suggesting poutine as a form of celebration and Chrome is whining about it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CHROME?! WHY DO YOU HATE JOY?!
  14. Hippo birdie two ewe!