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  1. Fulfilling

    Mine was just delivered. Now I have to wait 3 hours until I am off work, then have to run some errands, and then unpack me Bones! And then out of town two days on a work trip... At least that will give my partner time to paint some stuff while I am away :D
  2. Fulfilling

    I just did the math on my order. For the number of minis I get for the money I spent (at today's conversion rate (which sucks compared to when the KS was happening)) I am paying about $2.40 CAD per mini. That means I paid $2.40 per weapon in the sprue, and $2.40 for each crusader in the set. When you think that's bad, let me tell you that Bones minis here in Canada quickly cost me $5 or more in my FLGS. But the real kicker? That price includes Ma'al and Viridius and Shub Niggurath, etc. I paid an average of $2.40 for each of them as well! Reaper, let me say again: I was very disappointed with the lack of communications at one point. But when Bones 4 is announced, I am backing it again. I now have a better understanding of what to expect and am absolutely on board again.
  3. Fulfilling

    My fellow Canucks that are waiting on a second UPS email, I received this today (and should get my box Monday): Calgary, AB, CA 05/26/2017 7:37 P.M. Origin Scan
  4. Fulfilling

    Prairies of SK here, also nothing since the 19th. This radio silence is killing me yo!
  5. Fulfilling

    We are pretty lucky in Canada in that regard. We have holidays that are not observed in every province/territory but the majority of the time we have a holiday every month.
  6. Fulfilling

    We just had Victoria Day (May long weekend). Our next holiday is Canada Day in July.
  7. Fulfilling

    I wish @Reaperbryan bought my minis for me! ;)
  8. Fulfilling

    I think the heaviest was someone who had slightly over 50 pounds, but I can't be bothered to dig all the way back to the one comment that mentioned that :p
  9. Fulfilling

    Ugh, I know right? My UPS page still just says "Label Created On: 05/19/2017" and "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated." There is *no* date listed until they receive it though... :(
  10. Fulfilling

    KS Update 42 said: "Our friends at Fat Dragon Games have generously agreed to provide Free PDFs of printable terrain for each and every one of you! We’ll also add these links to our Pledge Manager so they’ll be easy to find. We won’t be mailing these out, so if you want them you can download them there! " So no, there is no link in the email.
  11. Fulfilling

    HGGGGNNNNN! Edit: I immediately ceased all work and had to check my email and tracking number. No updates yet for this Canuck... (SK, if anyone is keeping track)
  12. Fulfilling

    Adding to that, I expect Canadian backers also are not getting the retail boxes. Based on added shipping costs et al.
  13. Fulfilling

    Because of the delays and exorbitant shipping and sometimes customs fees, I frequently choose not to purchase items from US based manufacturers/shippers. It drives me insane how much delay there can be, and nothing is worse than finally getting your box delivered only to be told you owe $$$ for duties or else you don't get your package.
  14. Fulfilling

    Same here brother/sister! I can just imagine Canada Border Security: "Sir, we should alert CSIS! This company called 'Reaper' is sending massive quantities of boxes all of a sudden to all kinds of locales in Canada. This reeks of a drug smuggling ring!" "Well, we will see about that eh?" *sips Tim Horton's coffee*
  15. Fulfilling

    All of my annoyance over the delays and the communications are starting to disappear... That is in part by the amazing communications we are now seeing and the pictures of things arriving. I am refreshing the UPS website like mad. The hype is getting back up now, and it is approaching the same levels of excitement when I was backing the KS. Also, @Reaperbryan: That autographed box is amazing and hilarious!