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  1. Live

    Add Ons! For the remainder of the campaign we will be introducing add on models as well as our free stretch goals! These add on's can be requested by simply adjusting your pledge depending on if you have an early bird slot or normal slot in both hand painted and unpainted versions! First up is the 25MM dungeon floor trap door. Painted pictures coming soon!
  2. Live

    Hey folks! It sounds like people really want the stretch goal models painted up. We can't paint them for free unfortunately, but would be happy to paint up all stretch goal models for 10$ altogether as an add-on. This has the added benefit of really giving you your money's worth if the Kickstarter goes huge, as we'd stick to the 10$ price no matter how many extra stretch goal models arrive! -Adam Old Rogue Painting
  3. Live

    We unlocked the Cauldron at 10,000 and announced the next one up! the sorcerers hat! Kevin
  4. Live

    Thanks etherial post updated and thanks ced! kevin
  5. Live

    Whoops! When you pledge it tells you $6 us flat $15 rest of the world. I'll update the campaign! kevin
  6. Live

    and were live!
  7. Live

    Thanks Darsc Zacal!
  8. Live

    Launching March 17th on kickstarter!
  9. Live

    And we're live!
  10. Live

    Those pictures are renders. nice looking though!
  11. Completed

    Woops just noticed this is still listed as fulfilling, and i never posted here when it was done :) Closed out in late December, still have a few people that never completed the pledge manager and never responded to emails or an update post about it we did. I am sure they will come back at some point :) Kevin
  12. Funded

    Nice to see Broken Egg Games here! Kevin
  13. Don't get me wrong i'm not unhappy with it, I am just hyper critical because i know enough about this to be dangerous :) I think they are solid pieces and there really is not a ton of terrain options out there, and I hope to see more from them in the future. *edit* also they delivered on time thats more then i can say for the other few kickstarters i have backed recently! Kevin
  14. My package arrived yesterday. Similar thoughts to Bathory, really not impressed with the casts at all. Looks like they are hand poured the bottoms of several pieces have that dip in the middle, and the texture is super grainy / low resolution is the best way i can describe it. Lots of air bubbles and as a bonus a ton of my pieces have the blue silicone from the mold still embedded in them :) I will say that some of the pieces are huge and solid, so the cheaper resin makes sense from the pure size and nature of the pieces vs price point. My guess is the graininess is in the master, it almost seems like these are carved from foam core maybe for the masters? I'll try and paint a few and see how they look! Kevin
  15. Completed

    We have about 60% mailed out. we took this week to try and get all remaining casting done and just started sending packages out again. All packages should be out by end of next week. I'll post here again when the last package leaves the studio! Thanks, Kevin