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  1. After completing our Rise of the Mimics Kickstarter we are now ready to bring you Adventurescape Kits! Each Kit contains everything you need from the dungeon tiles to all of the accessories either Hand Painted by our partnership with Old Rogue Studios or Unpainted your choice! Kevin
  2. Fulfilling

    Just a quick update all Unpainted early bird pledges have been mailed out! Painted early bird will be shipping in the next week or two and next week the remaining unpainted non early bird pledges are going to start shipping out! Kevin
  3. Fulfilling

    They will after were done fulfilling this KS. We are also a few months out from our first Adventurescape Kickstarter and then retail sets. We are putting together complete rooms that will be compatible with Dwarven Forge (tiles, accessories, and scenic bits) Look for a preview announcement for our first one in the next month or so! Kevin
  4. Fulfilling

    Still waiting on mine, but they should be coming soon I hope! Kevin
  5. Fulfilling

    I started making the tongues and just went with it :) just an FYI all of the tongues are bits that you add to the model and if you chose not to include them a bit of green stuff to fill in their peg hole and you can have non tongue versions :)
  6. Fulfilling

    You will never check your hair again without that cold shiver running down your spine! Hand Painted and Scale reference photos coming shortly!
  7. Fulfilling

    Hey folks! It sounds like people really want the stretch goal models painted up. We can't paint them for free unfortunately, but would be happy to paint up all stretch goal models for 10$ altogether as an add-on. This has the added benefit of really giving you your money's worth if the Kickstarter goes huge, as we'd stick to the 10$ price no matter how many extra stretch goal models arrive! -Adam Old Rogue Painting
  8. Fulfilling

    Thanks etherial post updated and thanks ced! kevin
  9. Fulfilling

    Whoops! When you pledge it tells you $6 us flat $15 rest of the world. I'll update the campaign! kevin
  10. Fulfilling

    and were live!
  11. Fulfilling

    Thanks Darsc Zacal!
  12. Fulfilling

    Launching March 17th on kickstarter!
  13. And we're live!
  14. Fulfilling

    Those pictures are renders. nice looking though!
  15. Completed

    Woops just noticed this is still listed as fulfilling, and i never posted here when it was done :) Closed out in late December, still have a few people that never completed the pledge manager and never responded to emails or an update post about it we did. I am sure they will come back at some point :) Kevin